The Mercury Retrograde Time Out Of Mind Warp

Mercury Retrograde March 2019 is a doozie.

Now here is a cosmic puzzle for you. Just as Uranus in Taurus demands next-level sanctuary and simplicity, the weirdest Mercury Retrograde since 2013 is bringing it with barely controlled chaos.

It’s a Memory Trickster: profound thought processes and sudden-onset ‘can’t remember the PIN you’ve had for years.’

Other manifestations: Straight-forward transactions riddled with irrational hostility. Distancing from the people you’d usually share with but long, nuanced dialogue with strangers. Oscillating focus. Laser sharp clarity on life macros and mind fog on micro-tasks.

Even when Mercury turns Direct in ten days, it is in exact alignment to Neptune until April 5. So it is not only the most prolonged time Mercury has been in Pisces in the last six years, it’s going to be the lengthiest time the Messenger God has been so cozy with Shamanic Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.

You sleep through your alarm but warp the space-time continuum. Attain transcendental insight flow and crack your cosmic life code but can’t be stuffed doing the laundry.

We have days of this to go. Maximize the Virgo Moon Vibe (see the Moon Calendar for the time that this 50-hour Efficiency Miracle starts in your time zone) to roar through the outstanding everything.

And accept that the most concise communication is more likely to come from the astral realms than 90% of the people you’re dealing with.

So how are you doing with this? Share your personal experience of the Chaos-Clarity equation here!

Image: Jack Gaughan

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Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

OMG, this Mercury Rx has been intense! A lot of little pieces of perception had been floating around me all along, but I finally was able to label what was what! This was done not by analyzing it to death (I’m a Virgo with Gemini Rising for goodness sakes), but listening to my inner beacon. The messages made sense but didn’t make sense at the same time! Once Mercury stationed, I suddenly got the glue needed to put the pieces together, and everything seemed crystal clear! I can then thank Gemini going into Mars for giving me the moxie to… Read more »


For me, I feel like I”ve been relatively unscathed by this retro, until this week. It is LITERALLY like I can email someone at work with explicit instructions on how to do something and yet they respond a few minutes later with the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I said. I’m in finance and this is my year end so it’s been extremely frustrating and time consuming. Literally am not getting anything done that I need to for actual year end…but….I have faith this will pass in the next few days but in the meantime I am trying not to cry… Read more »


My summary: I Don’t Like It, But I Am Making The Best Of A Bad Situation. • I got my DBA published. It is in circulation now. I will have the Proof of Publication by 4/11. • I received my new office key. • I received my photo designs and am very happy. • I completed the text for my site launch, and have my Business Social Media ready… I will be delegating this to a consultant. • No Personal Social Media, and I like it that way! • I have to delay my official site launch. Even though everything… Read more »


Please goddess make it STOP! Everyone has lost their freakin’ mind and calling me to fix it. I just cannot handle this.


My natal Mercury is in Pisces, so in case of a chaos I will sit back and relax, write everything down, do some magic, clearance. In case of confusion, sleep on it, take an alchemy bath and watch everything just turn around in time or shady people reveal their thoughts without my intrusion just like that. it is ultimately very simple. as long as you do not go and try to sort every mess out, it sorts itself. just inner work, emotional cleansing, meditation, writing. and if you want to sort some relationship out, just do it in your mind,… Read more »


I used rose quarts to meditate on after a particularly bad breakup. This week I saw myself meeting him on a boat bridge. He was somehow semi transperant, flickering in the pink light from the lake. He was trying to say sorry but I cut him off and said “You can take your shoddy apology elsewhere, I am done with this!” and then I proceeded to the boat, but then the sun/white light came suddenly from the sky and put its laserlike focus on me, lifting me up, adding a white dress and wings (?!) to my attire, while the… Read more »


Thank you to the generous sharers. Got me a few giggles 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

Amongst all this mystery and magic I am finding my voice and the real me again. A lot of guilt and confusion was previously holding me back. I am finding my confidence and assertiveness yet again. A lot of shouting down (in my mind) fuckwits who tried to dominate me with their beliefs, spiritual dogma with agenda. The most important thing I have learnt is not to get reeled in in the first place. As soon as my gut feels annoyed, I just deflect or walk away. I am not wasting any energy on Morons anymore. I want to concentrate… Read more »


First time visitor to your website i am so impressed reading your blog.

Astrologer in hyderabad


So for me.. dreams of Gaia personified, half hour lunch convo with complete stranger (and potentially new mom friend), work tensions running high and passive aggressive for no apparent reason, while every technology tool I’m managing (I work in tech) is broken and taking weeks longer to fix than usual- it doesn’t matter though because client put project on hold indefinitely- Gemini husband went feom ignoring me for 48 hours while I was sick with worst food poisoning in life last week to deciding he’d like to be “married” and now I can’t get rid of him this week.. yea..… Read more »


My mom, the natal Mercury in Pisces lady, brings me an obituary of someone I loathe this morning. Not only does it take me back to being about 19 (not good times) but it solidifies the truth of just how out of touch with me she is.


Out of synch out of order out of civility out of everything. I try not to think about mine too much !

Wish Upon a Star

Wow, just asked the oracle what aspect of astro I should be looking into.

Aries she said. And bang on. My progressed Aries Moon is imminent on my Mars opp Saturn. Will reread.

Wish Upon a Star

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.

If this Mercury retro was a chocolate cookie today would be the bit where I’m munching on the gooey chocolate centre and staring aimlessly.

Have a Sparkling day! Love your work. x.


Annoying 14 August 1974 Leo ‘boss’ has stopped petty messaging me outside of work about his high standards of workplace thank god. Pity hes about to give me my contract for work. Will try putting it off, but shit. Same with the Aries boss on the other side of the street. Hahahaha. Oh man, where is the popcorn


badly. walking along a quiet country road and attacked – bitten even – by a huge mastiff dog usually safely contained by gates. me, at 6.30 am, yelling at the owners in a blind rage, i was so shocked. still am. a little later my elderly mother rings and screams down the phone at me for being “angry” – she who never answers her phone has finally worked out how to retrieve voicemails and finds one from january in which i left a terse “mum, please turn your phone on” message and gets fuqing histronic. later i go to a… Read more »


I have noticed extremely verbally abusive people everywhere! wth…hiding at home until this blows over.


I’m scared to say it, lest I curse myself, but I’m loving the heightened inspiration of this Merc Retrograde. Really feeling it, and feel like a lot of important shifts are going on. 8th house! Of course, I’m getting my usual issues with overflowing sinks – happens without fail every MR! There’s some of that irritation Mystic speaks of going on too, but it’s way better than the usual MR for me. MR in Dec 2017 was such a rough one for me that it was actually the catalyst for me getting more into astrology. I realised I just couldn’t… Read more »


Was it when it was Stationary Direct or Retrograde? The energy can be as strong as a planet conjuncting an angle.


No idea, Jokerman! I’m just not astro-nerdy enough yet. Interesting to know. I guess I’d check it out with an Ephemeris?


I only 2 months ago found out I had Merc Stationary Retrograde. About 4 years I found I had both of Pisces’ rulers Stationary Direct in Scorpio in the house Cancer landladies.

I can just blab on about any subject (it’s also conjunct my Uranus, which is already highly aspected) and sound like l know about it, even if I don’t.


Not doing very well at all. I am lost and sad and falling to pieces. Relationship is suddenly topsy-turvy, a person who I completely changed my life for (I was planning on moving back home after school but decided to move with him instead) is now accusing me of the most vile lies, showing insane schizophrenic jealousy, all after a whole year of being together in great happiness. He wavers dramatically between wanting to maintain the relationship and acting out of pain and fear. He did recently begin a psych drug (stimulant for attention issues) and the timeline of events… Read more »


Run away


It’s…not that easy. Running away would be a snap decision, and the only place I have to run away to is a 3rd world country where I come from, smack in the middle of nowhere, which experienced devastating natural disasters in 2017 and have yet to recover. I would not have a job. I cannot afford housing in my current city.


Call his doctor/friends and discuss his sudden mood swings/personality changes.


Is it adderall? There are studies out now that show that adderall has the same chemistry as crystal meth. I had a relationship years ago with a similar issue. The guy I was seeing had a heart attack at a very young age (39) and had to take a litany of heart medications (though not adderall) for a year afterwards. They changed his personality completely. He too became both insanely jealous and distant at the same time. He also was acting out and projecting his issues onto me. His anger intensified. It didn’t last because things were done and said… Read more »


You are correct. He had taken it for years, then lost his job and health insurance for a year, now is back on it at his old high dose with no scaling up – just his old high dose again. He’s had blood pressure readings of 160+ in the past few weeks. I am currently sitting at work printing research article after research article hoping I can show him how harmful it is…


Smart strategy! I really hope this works. xo


I had a friend who was diagnosed with ADHD and at first, the Adderall improved her moods, but when she drank she’d become a belligerent and cruel drunk. I had to keep my distance from her. She hasn’t improved and has only become more violent and hostile over the years.
Good luck hopefully he can get a new prescription.


Hi libraquarian, Sorry to hear of your sadness there – it’s not an easy situation at all. I’ve been in a somewhat similar situation where a partner’s behaviour has suddenly changed. And you’re there thinking wtf? and waiting for the good times to return. But you feel reluctant to take big action because it’s “health issue” afterall… maybe they can’t help it etc etc. The fact is though that his behaviour (accusing you of lies and jealousy etc), whether intentional or not, is abusive AND it’s getting you down in a big way. He needs to take responsibility for it,… Read more »


Sorry to harp on, but just concerned for you and wanted to say that when you’ve uprooted from your hometown or decided to be in a location for a particular person (as it seems you did, same as I), it can be especially hard to leave a relationship because of what it requires logistically… and you can also feel quite foolish too for having changed your life for that person, and, if you’re like me, it can be embarrassing to admit it to your closest family and friends. But reach out to them, swallow your pride and make sure they… Read more »


He doesn’t use the medications as a “card” – he genuinely believes that his concern is warranted. It is killing him that he can’t decide whether I am actually a huge cheat, or it’s the fears in his head telling him that. I can recognize the symptoms and behavior because I have also experienced psychosis. I am suspecting the med and trying to see how I can bring it up while remaining sane. I’m also being fair in not just running at the first sign of a problem, and in admitting that I too have lied in the past. I… Read more »

Joan Bartlett

Any point in reading up on attachment avoidance? I studied psychology a lot in the past, but only just caught up on it. It’s more uncommon in women I think- but can be both people in partnership. I read it too late…


…yeeeees….I’m avoidant to the point where I avoid reading up on this, but I’ve pulled up a few tabs on my browser to peek at 🙂


But if you aren’t cheating then his concerns are just that his concerns not based in reality. Please be careful. Women have been violently abused over partner’s paranoia!


In my mind, I’m inventing a karmic cleaning dishwasher for various items & internal organs; first to go in is my brain. May throw my wallet, car & work diary in there for good measure .. oh yes and all bills.

Stop this Retrograde, I wanna get off.


Mostly this Mercury Retro so far has been me putting my foot in my mouth … which, now that I think of it, is a very Mercury in Pisces metaphor


First of all, happy (early?) solar return, Mystic!!! Hope the year ahead is filled with blessings. And thank you for providing us with such a badass service all year!!! So… this is happening in my 6th house. Lots of rescheduling happening in my calendar. Lots of random food and snacks in the house (i’m pregnant and still trying to get my bearings after weeks of food aversions). Spending mercury retro eating the random food before potentially subscribing to a meal planning service (but won’t commit until mercury goes direct obvs). And, right as mercury went retro I was at a… Read more »


Yes, it must be Mystic’s birthday! Happy solar return! Love the people born around this time of the year.


And it was MN’s bday yday. Gday

Wish Upon a Star

Gee your growing a baby inside you and experiencing a very mystic merc retro. That must be special. Enjoy.

The food situation sounds interesting.

You might like Spanish Tapas.


This feels like the longest Merc Retro ever. 10 days still to go? Plus the shadow zone? There’s definitely a time warp going on. What a long, strange trip it’s been.


It’s like I am trying to remember every method I had implemented to manage work before MR started and I can’t. It’s all insane and foggy and try to focus and then the fog comes up again. The Full Moon on thursday (from my Power Moon report) suggest – being conjunct Pluto and in my first house – to get a talismanic jewel or a tattoo. Is it wise to get a tattoo during Mercury Retro? Should I be doing it? I would be getting it on Saturday the 23rd, the only free day I have to do it. I… Read more »


This is conjunct MY Mercury.
On MY descendant.


I saw a bumper sticker that said “you don’t exist” when I was young.

I remember everything from multiple perspectives

I’m tired.

Still typing “I”

Squared Virgo

WILD dreams. All of them featuring Plutonic people of the past (Hello, South Node) and me finding closure/saying Goodbye/understanding WHY they are of the past. I am totally into this.


I’m still working the fact that I’m a native Mercury retro and this transit links to a few other things so I’m full steam ahead on things I’d normally shy away from. Mars is also fuelling this and that became abundantly clear once he moved into a separating conjunction to my Asc and when I reflected back 2 years prior. Taking a long view forward and back. Fck it feels good to fire off an arrow whilst I feel the wind blowing the past away across open plains and spot a spec in the distance that might be kinda interesting.… Read more »


I don’t know if you will see this but when Mercury goes direct by progression – zowwie! 🙂


And he is actually! I need to check when for a bit more insight…


this energy is bats but I love it! I have been having genius coding-related ideas (and actually nerding out and expanding on them instead of letting them disappear back into the ether because I’m ‘too busy’ or whatever) that feel deeply powerful but I was kicked into that state by a series of nerd-fights at work that felt a little too hostile. Which made me feel sensitive and angry and driven to do better, so here we are. Can’t seem to get the laundry sorted even tho i tried 4 different times today.


I have Merc in Pisces trine Neptune natally so this is my life. Right now times a zillion. Right in the middle of big ugly practical earthbound deadline.


yes. chaos for weeks and have been simultaneously wired, problems sleeping, visionary, and procrastinating over tedious crap, like day to day money earning work, etc. extremely low boredom threshold along with grandiose schemes about future political activism, art, and money making ideas that require $ and time investment. GAH
But *inspired* and excited


also managed to get my feng shui water feature operational, hide from muggle trolls, and plan my bill paying and budget and apply for a loan, and put salt across my threshold and clean and smudge house, so maybe I have achieved stuff.


No maybes…
~ Low boredom threshold = clarity about what stimulates and vitalises
~ Procrastinating over tedious crap = assessing it’s value and priority
~ Schemes = dreaming, planning and visiting future self (Neptune in this too)
~ Wired, sleep probs etc = Uranus in Taurus I reckon 😉
~ Vision = well… I don’t want to call it but maybe it’s linked to seeing future self and schemes or filtering out things that you don’t need to focus on right now?


Thanks Centaurus. I’ve got a Taurus stellium so Uranus changing signs is affecting me a lot… also my native Uranus and Neptune are retro but not my Mercury


Urgh! Working with a control freak who is writing the proposals in an Apple based platform I can’t use as I’m on PC. Yes, yes, have explained that it’s not practical. I should be able to edit the stuff as I’m selling the stuff. So will throw this one away shortly.


Can’t quite seem to find the energy to clean the house? Yet spent days listening to enlightnnng podcasts and reading informative downloads xx Also had a profound flashback to how I felt energetically when I was a child. That lasted 12 hours.

Wish Upon a Star

Yes I can relate.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

God this is soooo true. I’ve postponed all serious decision making till late April–everyone seems to be living in wishy-washy fairy land.


I’ve postponed thinking. High overrated.
Look at the mess its got us into!!!

Wish Upon a Star

Yes it is highly overrated. Have a good rest J.


“Time Out of Mind”, the Mercurial Jester’s best album of the 90s.


I must have a listen in


I easily put it in his Top 10 albums in his 58 years of recording. His recording career may even get a 2nd Saturn Return! How many get to do that?


Easily in his Top 10 albums of 58 year recording career. His recording career may even get a 2nd Saturn Return. Not many do that.

I thought the first hadn’t got thru. Somethn going backwards apparently.


One of my ALL TIME favourite BAWB albums.
My Hearts in the Highlands…

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