Epic Validation From My Fave Harry Potter Actor

Power Moons

I am so thrilled to see this from Evanna Lynch!  I loved her Luna Lovegood character in Harry Potter, follow her on Instagram and admire her animal rights activism.

In that light, it’s nice to think that she – along with her kindred fantastic Mega Mystic members are supporting our rescued racehorse, Pluto.

The fact she likes Power Moons and the Horoscopes is a fabulous Mercury Retro surprise.

I can’t screenshot the whole Instagram post on here but you can see it here if you’re interested.

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SMM Member

Her instagram account includes “aspiring cat”…hello I’m on board. It’s footy season #gocats.

I’ve been an MM follower through the broadsheet of The Weekend Australian, back when it included The Bulletin. Great reading for train commuting.

I might be a paper loving dinosaur at heart but I sure do love my MM subscription. Power Moons is delightful and the members here are an amazing community.

Sure I might currently have limited coverage to the cyber world. I’m so blessed to be apart of this wonderful community of generous souls.


I’m waiting for the instalment where an English prince is caught smoking weed. The working title, so I’m told, is
“Harry Pothead and the Philosophically Stoned”

ChrysalisMM Member

You just described my high school years

SMM Member

My brain enjoyed many an altered states. Explains so much.


I wanted to go to the Altered States but Border Security wouldn’t let me in.

SMM Member

You have proved many times over you do hold an all access pass to Altered States. Jokerman, you know it’s the journey of empathetic energy.
For me music and doing a creative activity gets me into that altered state without any substance being involved.

SMM Member

Aka dude slow ya roll


Mystic is increasingly enmeshed in the zeitgeist of our times, inspiring and merging her thought energies with other writers, thinkers and artists. Luna is the character I always wanted to see more of in the Potter series!

quintileMM Member

fantastic M!!

flashfireMM Member

Your star is ultra luminous these days Mystic! I was delighted to hear the “cosmic comic” artist Yumi Sakugawa (whose exuberant work you have featured on the blog) give you a glowing mention as a prime source of inspiration on the most recent episode of Pam Grossman’s fantastic Witch Wave podcast So happy to see your particular brand of magic beaming across the universe.

pollydartonMM Member

This is so great! Always love to find out about new Mystic fans x

StarshineMM Member

Way to go Mystic!!! What a beautiful and thoroughly awesome connection to make – true magic. You’ll be knocking Emma Thompson off her Divination perch next lol 😉 xx

CatMM Member

Thank you for sharing this. I loved her as Luna Lovegood too. I didn’t think to follow her on Instagram!

msrod1029MM Member

Yay you!!!!

PlutoMoonMM Member

Congrats! What an amazing recommendation! I’ll have to check out her Instagram. I definitely identified with Luna Lovegood the most out of all the female characters in HP.

GemyogiMM Member

Love this! Luna was my favourite too!

crisannmMM Member

That’s so wonderful! I love her Instagram feed. Very, very cool <3

SyrenaMM Member

I’m about 90% sure a tweet of hers recommending you is what got me to check out your site maybe two or three years ago. If it wasn’t, it doesn’t surprise me, haha. SO glad I did. Evanna’s got taste!

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Happy Mabon everyone and Wine (or Harvest for you Northerners). Moon.

May you rest, and gather strength in peace. 3 fold. XXX. Blessings.

PegasusMM Member

Tickled pink for you Myst. Fell in love with your writing style circa ’98 or 99 in the Weekend Australian glossy magazine. Cutting out the weekly stars and blue-tac-ing them close by me.They always made me smile the shooting from the hip style. Then a while later your website was listed. Was amazed at the accessibility. At my fingertips, and discovered cyber friends. Always there always supportive and simpatico. The aqua colour background was so soothing and the bloggers so welcoming. You created a beautiful safe space and then made it better and safer, kept evolving it. I found you… Read more »

CentaurusMM Member

I bet that feels magic. You bet you’re worth it x

so_danceMM Member


JaneyMM Member

Well done, Mystic!! X

ChrysalisMM Member

That’s so cool. I love that she’s a Leo and calls herself an ‘aspiring cat’ .

BlancaMM Member

This is awesome! Luna is one of my fave characters and Evanna Lynch really embodies her spirit in the films. Currently on my first reread of the series as an adult and am loving how careful JK was to honor the characters and ensured they were true to their sun signs. (Well, I’m convinced JK knew what she was doing).

baristagemMM Member

I saw this! Loved it so much! ✨

GeminianMM Member

A legend in your living room Mystic! Amazing!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


birdMM Member

And Happy Birthday, solar return sister! May your day be full of fun adventure, insight and deep peaceful relaxation. xxx

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

Love this.

ScorpleocapMM Member

That’s awesome! Totally deserved recognition too. Looks like your likes have suddenly shot up by more than a thousand too! Woo hoo!

Scorpio_RisingMM Member

that’s cool.

GreenWitchMM Member

No that we need redeeming …………………….

GreenWitchMM Member

And I love the fact that in one of her pics she is reading ‘The Cat: a tale of feminine redemption by Marie Louise Von Franz.

RubentMM Member

Ahahah Trelawney was the half witch teacher of divination. The kooky, coke-bottle glasses teacher who had a brief bout of prophetic channeling for Harry. Possibly her only true divination moment aside from her tea leave dregs.

Yaaaaay MM!

Raven faSwanMM Member
Raven faSwan

Love her… Congrats Dearest! Mystic Medusa✨✨You R all that N more. Thank U, for Being.
And having an amazing (visible & invisible ) team… Much Love & BlessingS ✨✨

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