Why The Jupiter Spin Frequency Money Meditation?

money frequency vibration

The Jupiter Spin Frequency Money Meditation is predominantly a power-chill, featuring my new fave Binaural Beats  – the Jupiter Spin Frequency. Whether you’re a scientist or a shaman, all planets have frequencies. And there is the money frequency vibration.

The Jupiter frequency zings up the thrusting and abundance mindset that some call luck. Listening to the money frequency vibration in this meditation accentuates the Jovial or Jupiterian aspect of your consciousness. It’s not that you hear it and money flies in the window. Instead, it lowers the volume of the “you can’t” voice within, so you can hear more of the “you have the means” section of the symphony.

Circumstances and economies are what they are, but regardless of such factors, many of us operate beneath our level of financial intelligence or enterprise because of strange baggage from the past, our parents and upbringing. That “you’re not worthy” conditioning comes as a ‘factory setting,’ along with the concept that it’s vulgar to discuss money.

Recall, btw, that the very name money comes from Mrs. Jupiter, Juno-Moneta, Queen Juno in her role as Prosperity Goddess.

The Money Meditation Blends Theta Beats And Jupiter Frequency

The Jupiter Frequency Money Meditation also features Theta beats, proven to boost creativity and problem-solving. It is underscored by the Schumann Resonance – the Earth Frequency – which is the mainstay of the Uranus in Taurus meditation – for grounding. It includes glimmers of the iconic Rhapsody in Blue, an audacious experimental fusion of Jazz and Symphony, that could have flopped but became the epitome of Thrust.

George Gershwin was Jupiter ruled. His Jupiter was in a power alignment of a Grand Air Trine to Pluto, Neptune and the Moon in Aquarius.  Rhapsody in Blue was an instant surprise hit and made a star out of the 26-year-old composer, the son of refugees from Russia. He’d written it on trains, over the month before. That night in February 1924, Jupiter was in its home sign of Saggo, and conjunct Mars, with both square Uranus.

Finally, it is 33.33 minutes long, for extra numerological oomph, as Three is the number of King Jupiter!

money frequency vibration


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I just got it yesterday. And WOW! Weirdly-good and intense doesn’t even touch it. I had visions of me running inside of my brain -space was lit up with a luminous bright light. Past life’s and this life money related situations/visions came alive. Followed by beautiful scenes of lush fields, rain-forests and waterfalls. Followed by me swimming in a sea of green banknotes, turned into liquid gold…. I had to listen to it twice. The quality of the sound is awesome!
Thank you so much Mystic.
I will let you know what will eventuate in the material 3D for me.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Just got this. I think it will be v. helpful with my community-type vocations as I have Jupiter in Aqua in the 11th.


Holy sheet Mystic. I listened to my download late at night laying in bed. Talk about a mind fuq- it was such an intense experience visually, like multiple past life regressions one after another, and another and another starting with a snippet of me digging; I’m a grave robber pausing to stare into the egyptian night sky. Seriously, through those 33 minutes, there was a chronological reveal-release of multiple old poverty mindset lives. Oh, and let’s throw in the electrified skin feeliings, it was almost a bit too intense. Aiyiyi! Sleep didn’t come quickly, but the budget planning is coming… Read more »


I LOVE Gershwin and in particular Rhapsody in Blue. So perfect and yes I totally picked up on that thrust Jupiter energy when I first had my Gershwin obsession in the late 1980s. I moved to NYC listening to that and drinking in Dorothy Parker and Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd audacity and energy…and it marked a time of NOW newness and future all at once. I met my husband then. 30 years later reacquainting myself of this era and now this. My husband is dying…the long goodbye of Motor Neuron Disease..I just said goodbye to my 94 year old… Read more »

Love Merkuri

I love it, thank you! I have been working on very deep seeded negative thoughts and attitude towards money. I want to remove those blocks once and for all. Keep up the amazing work Mystic!


LOVE this!!! Went to sleep with it last night, woke up throwing forward thinking ideas all over the place, paused, and remembered how I went to sleep. Listened again today while I showered. Then went to a music studio I’d been invited too, the collaborative energy was zinging!!! Brilliant piece AND I’m on a total 3 frenzy at the moment, like it’s ridiculous, so cool. Thank U!!!


This answers all of my questions about it. Love knowing all of this detail. Thanks Mystic


I have listened to this twice (already!) and I love it. Perfect for a rejuvenating siesta in the late afternoon. The Gershwin in general really does it for me. I have already felt the “lowering of the ‘you can’t'” effects… Love you Mystic and Electric Sound Bath for making such a thing. xoxo

Saturn in Pisces

Great timing with this, Mystic – in addition to all the CBD and Neptune issues re: the last post, I realized a major source of the CRAZY energy that has seized me could be the insane concentration of planetary energy in my 2nd house right now? I have natal Saturn, Venus, and Moon already there – now I’ve got transiting Mercury and Neptune, the Sun coming up soon, and then there’s going to be the Moon in Pisces/Aries… and it’s a New Moon… and this is all coming at a rather major juncture in my career with real potential for $$$…… Read more »


I’m NN in Taurus 2nd house and money making is my life time agenda. I feel fabulous when I’m pulling in the notes. And thankfully my family have all been business too so money doesn’t carry any dirt with it. I always find jupiter as it hits first, brings discontent or problems and can even strip away but he seems to pave the way to betterment and increase. Not like Saturn but in a joyous way. And luck seems to turn good for a brief while. I find real good luck and money comes with Venus ! She’s amazing. It… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

totally agree re: Jupiter – Jupiter in Scorpio last year in my 9th and 10th stripped everything away in the beginning of the year to deliver the greater advancement of my career, a “huge” thing I’d been working on my whole life when it hit my MC the final time as well as natal Pluto – I agree with Venus too. With Venus it’s best not to think about “the amount” so much as “what I want,” to put it out there that you want it, and then to just receive it joyfully.


Exactly. Don’t expect just wait for it to land. It’s a bit like xmas !

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