The Uranian Front-Runner: Mars In Taurus Takes Stock

Mars in Taurus
Image credit: Guy Bourdin

Mars in Taurus is the front runner to Uranus in Taurus, here from March 6/7. If you’re astute, you can read the upcoming Uranus in Taurus themes between the lines of the news stories.

Of course, the conversation is about boundaries and borders. It’s Taurus. Turf is important.

You can’t have a planetary shift as significant as this one without geopolitical restructuring to some degree.

As in the post about global financial astrology, the ethos of the Uranus in Aries era of the last decade is evolving: debt-hyped bubbles are bursting, and people are assessing the ideals versus reality ratio of globalism.

It is jarring to be drinking your morning espresso, swamp juice or electrolytes and scanning the media; a trade war there, a species extinct there, Caligula and cyber hacks.

We Were Already Living In Weird Times – They’re Are Just Becoming More Apparent In Mars in Taurus

But think about this: we were already living in weird times, they are just becoming more apparent. None of this is new, it’s only more exposed now. That’s healthy!

On a personal level, the sign that Mars is in at any time is always a useful cue to tactics and your most resilient stance. Mars in Taurus takes stock and resets to basics.

Remind yourself of what’s going right in your world, even as you take practical steps to mitigate the wrongs that are within your control.

It’s also an excellent grounding for the next several weeks of the weirdest Mercury Retrograde on record.

Mars in Taurus excels at steady gains via properly paced initiatives.

Find your strongest turf and hold that ground.

Image: Guy Bourdin

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Wish Upon a Star

Wow , as I awoke today I heard the lyrics “Happiness is just around the corner”, so I felt grounded and nice.

I can’t get my emails at the moment Mystic so I missed that email about ghosts. But I get the gist of it.


We are living in a Twilight Zone/Black Mirror Episode…gets weirder every day.


Mars in Taurus for me right now is square my MC – I want to get on with my game but it’s all stalled as i’m dependent on other people to pull finger, but they all seem to be stuck & not responding. So i’m in this sort of limbo. I also live in a place which has been torn apart by nationalism – the ugly side of territorial Taurus – it’s consuming everyone which makes for tense interchanges. The more rabid ones want to know where you stand so they sprinkle their conversations with barbed hooks. It’s really tough… Read more »


Thank you Myst! Funny, tonight we have an AGM at the arts organisation I’m a member of, and myself and two friends/committee members are trying to oust a very difficult, obstructive office bearer. It’s so frustrating trying to win against a dirty tricks campaign, someone who baffles ppl with bullshit and invokes bureaucratic rules to get their own way/bully and intimidate. Basically he’s got away with it because noone had stood up to him and said cut the bullcrap, and had a fair voting process among the committee. I really think our preferred candidate is going to win fair and… Read more »


He is so typical of the old era, a middle aged man with a big chip on his shoulder whose MO is secrecy, intimidation, and unhinged ranting, then when anyone challenges him, claiming they’re aggressive and ‘bullying’ him.


He does it because it works. I noticed why bullies bully because they get what they want and rarely anyone will stop them.
Yes, and they project point and accuse others of their own tactics, so sick of it also.

Wish Upon a Star

Typical of the old era!

I’m a generation X, who lived thru the old era like it was normality. Then watched the new era challenge the old. Cheering on the new era but so envious of their detachment and energy.

Slowly clawing back my Sovereignty.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

mars in toro=men get more stubborn (my interp)


And more committed.


I am a North node taurus in my 2nd. I am looking forward to seeing where this is leading. Yachts and Europe are on the cards. whoooppeeeeeee


No shit!


This full moon is on my NN/SN axis, and the mercury/neptune thingy is opposite my Merc/Mars, pinging all sorts of stuff. Mars in Taurus (sextile the full moon) is definitely welcome ground. I’m definitely feeling the Merc/Neptune ethereal energy, it’s re-energized my writing which was stuck in a boring rut for a long time and now its taking on a life of its own, thank the gods. I do sense the undertow too – LZ/dream weed use is a strong hazard right now. Glad I have this book to focus on. I bet I can get a lot written in… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I read this and I took it as a cue to find grounding in firstly my beautiful aromatic cooking, nice conversations with people today. Sensuality. Then the lamp that I thought died just flipped on spontaneously. Who is this lovely ghost?

Wish Upon a Star

You are my Sunshine my only Sunshine, You make me happy when skies are grey.

You’ll never know dear how much I love you don’t take my Sunshine Away. x


Yes. The veil lifts, is how myself and my dear activist friends put it. Also the night before last I had a Lucid Dream that I was fighting off the worst of the world with many others, defending to exhaustion for ‘the return of the once and future Queen’. As the phrase dropped like a stone into my dreaming mind, I saw her, a Demeter, all fierce grace, clear, and rising. I woke and thought of that post of yours Mystic, the Age of Queens. I’m alright with that. Exactly Mars/Taurus.


This gave me chills! Gaia/Demeter, please come back… the earth needs you! <3
or should I say — rise up and show your face


thankyou mystic x


As a native Mars Taurus that old aphorism applies….hope for the best, prepare for the worst (includes the unexpected) via plan a,b,c,d etc. …and not necessarily in that order!


It’s all weird right now. I dont think it’ll settle til.. well perhaps only a fool would call it…til never. This is just the new vibe in our evolutionary path. So yes – we were already there. I think it has been apparent to some extent but when it gets/feels personal or more real and where we can start to see a mass wake up or mass voice experience that affects us or our sensibilities then it can feel like sudden onset. I think it’s been weird (as in by my loose standards) since the Pluto Uranus square pings. I… Read more »


Yes, swallows and summer.

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