A Field Guide To The Next Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
Image credit: Mike Hinge

What can we expect from Mercury Retrograde in Pisces over March? The possibilities include…

Love Zombie Relapses due to an object of phantom desire returning or weirdly reanimating in your digital realm.

Cinematic Karmic Aversion Syndrome.

Time Slips – Deja Vu and Past Life Nostalgia.

Addiction Awareness Polarity – compassion for your previous self inspires spontaneous relinquishment of a health-damaging substance or even food. Alternatively, people power up into hyperbolic Party Beast mode.

Shamanic Consciousness while you clean out the fridge or do your taxes but an inability to relax during officially mindful pursuits.

Friendly House Ghosts.

Heightened empathy with children, animals, and plants.

Successfully investing in creativity/creative enterprises.

The Dead Dreams Laboratory

And, remember the Dead Dreams Laboratory?

What happens to the tired old fantasies that don’t get zapped in the Dead Dreams Laboratory? You don’t wanna know. Oh all right, they turn into zombie-mind-entities that sap all your energy from the future and feed it back into the past, which then haunts you, only casually and without any real commitment. Like a stalkery ex who mispronounces your name all the time.

Deal with the Dead Dreams, so you clear out the psyche ready for fresh input. They come up only so you can zap them.

It’s a potent Mercury Retrograde with the Messenger God in more or less constant alignment to Neptune – the ruling planet of Pisces – and the North Node of the Moon.

Maverick Money & Surreal Romance

Yes to creating, no to signatures.  As in it’s a fabulous mini-era for art and spiritual consciousness. It’s got potential for maverick money generation and surreal romance. But it’s not a strong vibe for commitments or decisions it would be hard to reverse. It’s a prequel to the Neptune-North Node synergy of June 2019, the most magical and fate-infused energy of this year.

So pay attention to attractions, destinations, and concepts that float up over March – they’re essential.

And yes, you know it, keep a dream diary or create time on awakening to contemplate your nocturnal dreamings. Mercury and Neptune this connected makes Dream Witchery simple. The strange, liminal consciousness that inspires the recall of ancient days or receptivity to guides is very Mercury-Neptune.

To give you a concept of this energy, here is the Mercury Conjunction Neptune delineation from Astral DNA. It’s for a natal placement but gives you the gist of this particular Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

Mercury Conjunction Neptune

Purveyors of phantom goods, spinners of deluxe narratives that have their origin story in another dimension, lucid dreamers and transcendental comedians. Mercury-Conjunct-Neptune people are tapped straight into Source Vibe. They can have difficulty detecting the granite of reality from their ethereal embellishments. Pet Peeves: That people look to them for redemption or validation without even asking. That Unrequited Love inspires them more than the returned variety. That they can’t turn off their “seeing Ghosts” function. The photographer Annie Leibovitz, actress/writer/director/producer Issa Rae, and writer Neil Gaiman have Mercury-Neptune Conjunctions. Rudolph Steiner was also a Mercury-Neptune person, as was Ray Bradbury: “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

Mercury Retrograde Dates – Gods, Ghosts, And Pluto On The South Node

The relevant dates are:

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Shadow Zone: February 20 to April 16. It is the entirety of the time Mercury spends in the 16° to 29° zone of Pisces. Those are the “it” degrees. If you are a Mercury Retrograde purist, you consider Mercury Retrograde as soon as it reaches the degree (16° in this case) to which it will later Retrograde. And you deem it properly Direct when it gets back to 29° Pisces, the degree it first went Retrograde.

Mercury Officially Retrograde:  March 5/6 – Just as Uranus gets into Taurus, making that a particularly whack few days.
Mercury Officially Direct: March 28/29. It is also the date that Pluto is on the South Node, making it ultra profound. What majestic secrets will be unearthed around the end of March?

Mercury Conjunct Neptune – it’s in orb the whole time but exact on Feb 19, March 25 and April 2.
Mercury Trine The North Node – Feb 26, March 16 and April 10.

So, thoughts?


Image: Mike Hinge 

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It will be over my Midheaven at 24 degrees Pisces. I am launching a photography project – but based on horoscopes, creative projects are very good for this time, no?

And I had been thinking of this for a long time. Maybe over a year now. I just had to wait to mentally Declutter before I was ready.


I am sure certain folks will be batty.

As for me, I will be staying clear of any drama and preserving my inner peace. My art and my goals are #1.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

As soon as I start house hunting merc gores Rx…hoping June will be a good month for it.


Fuuuuuuck. I just realized my ex set our divorce court date during Mercury Retro. Fantastic. Well at least I have lots of time to prepare how to work with it…..


Maybe that’s not a bad thing. I like letting go of things that don’t serve me during Mercury retrograde. Best of luck. I hope it goes smoothly for you.


Am I cray for hoping to be connected to a certain Pisces again?


There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot


I am very excited about this. Mercury in Pisces is my natal placement, 18 degrees. I am traveling to the pyramids in Mexico at the end of March as a gift to myself (this was set in motion back in Libra season).

Natally I have a Capricorn ruled 8th house, also home to my Neptune. Saturn and I are simpatico after my Saturn return. A helpful vibe when dealing with Neptune on your Mercury!

To be quite honest, I have come to the realization my Saturn return was preparing me for whatever this new venture is.


Born Mercury Pisces R 5/6th inconjunct Neptune R /Saturn R 12th/1st, 25th March. To be or not to be that is the question. Requited love? They try to control you. Only create. You got it Mystic.


Our lease is up at the end of April We’re moving from north to south, and will choose an apartment online, taking it sight unseen.

This retrograde is soooo inconvenient for this whole arrangement.
My Aries rising says I’ll make it work, but the nervousness is horrid. Natal Mercury in Virgo is going overboard on the detail-analness to try to avoid signing away a year in a place we don’t like.

Wish Upon a Star

I signed a lease on my current place by seeing it online. It’s beautiful. This is my 5th year here and the rent has never gone up.

It felt like an adventure signing the lease.
And then seeing it for the first time was like opening a present.

Good Luck !


Aaah, thank you for this. Here’s to apartments that feel like presents <3


March the 5th is the birthdate of the Pisces who dropped me when Venus went Rx on her birthdate.

If she wiggled her fishtail walk at me I’d be hooked.

But I’m stronger than that now.


Really feeling this right now. A person has entered my life and unleashed my experiences of being stalked. I spoke up and confronted this person and their disrespectful behaviour towards personal space and boundaries.
Thank you so much for this timely post and guidance as always MM x

Wish Upon a Star

Have you got a big brother to beat him up.

God I miss mine, 5 planets in Aquarious.

There at a heart beat.

I wish him well now even though we are astranged.


It’s a women this time and it’s a very difficult situation.
The man that stalked served prison time of 8 years for his serial offences. He recontacted me after I spoke out about it on social media. It’s a difficult situation because the evidence is there and my courage not, to go through that again is something I’m not equipped to do at this stage.
Thank You for you advice for many reasons I’m estranged from my family. x

Wish Upon a Star



How did it turn out when you confronted her? Did she respect your boundaries? I often fear confrontation because some people do not like to be told no and will see it as a challenge and become violent. I wish you all the luck dealing with her. I feel ya! I have a few that refuse to move on. I do not know what they want except to see me squirm or suffer. I had a guy follow me to the restroom taking photos, then mocking me on Instagram same guy who stalked me over 20 years ago and he’s… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Sorry. I’m not encouraging violence.

My Taurus Moon got a bit out of hand.

I’m just so sick of people overstepping the line.


Square my natal Mercury Rets and let’s just say 7/11 but no you can’t get what you want whenever the whim strikes here… not anymore. The shop is shut. Well it isn’t but it is shut to anyone seeking quick gratification or strictly their own agenda whether they realise it or not. The shop is shut. The sign is there, pay attention or keep banging on the door seeking your quick fix or band aid at your own peril or frustration – up to you. I will not be moved on this irrespective of Uranus into Toro. This IS Uranus… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Forewarned is forearmed, thanks Mystic.

I hope you get rest and space during this time.

Threefold to us all.

Blessed returns to us all.

Love oxo


my Sun / Mercury are at Pisces 4deg / 10deg, let’s see


It starts on March the 6th with Mercury at 29° Pisces and it ends on March the 29th with Mercury at 16° Pisces. So first half of Pisces degrees peeps are safe.


Oh Mystic,
How many thousand times..years maybe.. have I needed this. Thank you


The Virgo Rising Scope of February incipit is: “Resolve this minute not to make any impulse decisions around romance or partnerships in March.” And I swear I had just done something stupid around romance. Nothing major but plain stupid. So as a Gemini with Virgo Rising I believe march with MR in my 7th is gonna be very interesting. Oh and the North Node – Neptune “magic” is gonna be with NN conjunct my Mars in Kataka and Neptune Trine to it (and square the Sun because where would the fun be when having only trines and conjuctions?) so I… Read more »


Can we crowdsource practical advice for zapping dead dreams?


March 5/6 feels like a lot! A new moon on Neptune with Mercury retro at the end of the Zodiac & Chiron at 0 degrees Aries. Phew!!


Oh god, I’m launching an online course and it’s going retrograde on my birthday along with neptune! This will be wacky…

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