Know Your Vital Venusian Transits + Talismans With Love Warp 9

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Love Warp 9 is back – faster turnaround and more affordable. Done off your personal birth chart, it suggests colors, scents, and gemstones for your Venus Sign (You won’t believe the Venus in Aquarius one). Love Warp 9 also details your most vital Venusian transits for the next 12 months:

* The enchanted Venus Return
* Transit Mars Conjunct Venus – if you’re getting this pheromone fest in the next 12 months, as it only occurs every two years.
* Venus through the 5th and the 7th Houses – they’re both excellent for relationships but in entirely different styles.
* Venus conjunct your Ascendant – the best shopping and styling zone of the year.
* Venus on the Moon – this is such a right moment for healing, nurturing and aligning with your romantic intuition.
* The New Moon in your Seventh House. It is infringing on Power Moons a little, but it’s an essential factor in Love Warp 9.

An essential for the avid daters among you, Love Warp 9 also contains fabulous info for artists, beauty addicts and anyone seeking to enhance their Venusian Vibe. It’s $11 AUD/$8 USD and whizzes into your inbox within 48 hours of being ordered. If you are after a more nuanced take or seek a one-on-one, there is limited availability for my Skypes at the moment.

And, happy Venus in Capricorn, always a sedate, grounding and empowering influence.

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Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

When I read “suggests colours. gemstones and scents” going off your Venus sign I said ” WOW” and simultaneously pictured soft pastel colours for my Venus in Cancer. I stumbled on these colours as a teenager and they were amazing. But I haven’t worn them since. I also have a lot of silver jewellery and I’m turning into a streaked silver fox. I love Oscar de La Renta perfume in winter, it is so comforting. I am.waiting with bated breath to find what’s on the list and how my hunches rate. Will organise new email address quick smart and order… Read more »

LiliMM Member

Love my Venus reading- as it reinforces a cycle of planned reward and travel- transit Nodes in 9th/3rd- While definitely not mate hunting- affirms quest to manifest beauty/justice/awesome in every realm. Thank you Magical Mystic! xx

PiMM Member

Speaking of Venus and aspects. I’ve also just realised that I kind of need a lot of space in my relationships, lol. Even the digital ones. I’m messaging literally just two guys from a dating app and if I hear from them two days in a row I start to freak out. Like, dude don’t you have a life? Maybe I simply need to adjust to other people in my orbit again.. My Sadge / Venus in Scorpio friend is completely different. She’ll be totally consumed by some guy , I love her passion and the deep-dive and I’m learning… Read more »


Mystic, does this apply to males or do we need a Mars one?

JokermanMM Member

Also your Venus tells you, in part, what type of partner you like.
Check its aspects to Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto for indicators of how well you get on with partnerial energy.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I am SO keen for this.

PiMM Member

Can anyone offer advice for a piscean with Venus in aries square moon in Capricorn who has an inherent and abiding mistrust in Venusian matters? There are exceptions and half of what I do is Venus ish (dressing table covered in jewellery, love of music & fashion, creative practice, can’t deal with scratchy disharmony) but I also overwhelmingly see ultra Venus as fake, shallow, kind of basic, materialistic, manipulative, etc? Like, a bit of a thot? I’m not trying to be a bitch – oh well maybe it seems that way – what’s going on with my worldview here?

escapistMM Member

Pisces with Venus in Aries . My moon is in Aquarius tho. My Aries Venus squares my Capricorn Saturn . I love jewelry , Nars cosmetics and I think that deep down in my consciousness is the belief that no one can romance me better than myself. I am my own Venus !

PiMM Member

Oh maybe that’s it. Thanks, escapist. I also relate to the aqua with my mars there. A fire Venus with Saturnian aspects is certainly a challenge 🙂

PiMM Member

You know I’m going to just make Venus a research project for myself, same way as I have done in the past for Leo (Saturn) and libra (Pluto, node, square moon). Or maybe stop worrying about it lol

JokermanMM Member

Your Moon in the 7th in intercepted Cap is an issue. Sag ruling your 7th conspires with Aqua ruling your 8th to wet blanket your 7th Moon. Serious Cap squeezed by the Joker and the Savant if you like. Moon in Cap is naturally not a sanguine outlook as you’d full well know.
Cap and Cancer would also have small radians meaning planets have a shorter teaching brief.

JokermanMM Member

Last line should’ve read Cap and Cancer don’t occupy as much of the house and they’d normally would. 700kms of running around will frazzle ya brain

PiMM Member

Hmm, I see Sadge as quester for knowledge and freedom, not as a joker, but spontaneous and loud laugh definitely. Aqua as cool head and detachment. Cap would have the seriousness though that Sadge lol’s at, true. These houses are bigger not smaller though – planets transiting my 7th/1st go the full distance through cap/cancer.

JokermanMM Member

I didn’t articulate well, I was on the fly. Anyway what I meant was that the transiting planet will have a bigger lesson for the house, in your 1/7 Houses than the signs.
Well Sag is the Joker- outrageously flash entity. (B Becker, J Hendrix, KR, Steven Wright types). MTC.

PiMM Member

Oh right. Yes, def. Well, Sadge is the life of the party. For sure. Alongside Gemini 🙂

HelMM Member

You have a pair of glasses on that are not able to see haute Venus ( yet). I am a Taurus Sun, with taurus Venus, and haute Venus is all i see. Women in general love me, and are so kind to me, and i dont think i have come across ( or noticed) low Venus in my life. My gogles s dont permit it. To me, all women are goddesses that can do nothing wrong. Mars on the other hand….I think my Mars goggles are like your Venusian goggles. Everywhere i look there is low Mars. I read Herland… Read more »

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

Sigh. Any Venus return I have coincides with direct opposition to Pluto ☹️.

MissDeeMM Member

What will Pluto oppose? I find Pluto oppositions challenging, but they are not squares so I would not rule out something romantic. I remember the deepest crush with Pluto opposes to Venus.

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

Pluto opposition to Venus in my chart, which happens to be conjunction sun, Chiron, and Saturn in my 8th house. Conjunct to Pluto in my 2nd is Uranus and Mars!! I seem to blow up a partners perception of themselves!

SojMM Member

Venus in Aqua! Can’t wait!! Will I laugh knowingly or cringe and resign myself to a permanent state of singledom. Actually it probably would not be a bad thing.

scorpiodawnMM Member

done and done. said the venusian

MissDeeMM Member

So this is an entirely brand new consult, compared to the LW9 I purchased almost 2 years ago. I must say I am very much interested also in the knowing more about colors/scents/gems of my BC Venus as I always come off VERY Virgo rising and never ever work my Venus in Kataka mojo, mostly because I know zero about it.
And yes happy Venus in Capricorn: is gonna be trining my rising soon and from my 5th house too, so I have booked a hair make over session after 5 months of barely trimming bangs.