Dark Moon In Capricorn Truths

dark moon in capricorn

Dark Moon in Capricorn

First, the Dark Moon in Capricorn springs the Status Anxiety and Limitations Consciousness – Time + Money being a favorite existential freak-out topic for any Capricorn Low. The Runner Up? Rueful recognition of past hubris.

But then, once you’re done with that dirge, you get the Dark Moon pay-off.

Also, perhaps a more powerful awareness that the workarounds you developed to overcome a disadvantage became assets. Weapons, if you want to take a more Mars angle on this.

Or some shockingly simple solutions to chronic problems and the self-discipline to pursue them immediately.

And, the quiet serenity – beyond meditation – of having confidence in your instincts.

Capricorn Moons naturally cross Saturn and subsequently Pluto and they’re never going to be light energy. But there is no better Moon for appreciating the gains you made through time or work. None.

It is also a lunar low that you can work your way through. Whoever coined the term “workaholic” clearly had not felt the transcendental bliss upon completing a task in a Moon like this. Or met a Capricorn in mission mode.

So how is your Dark Moon in Capricorn going?


Image: Snow White And The Seven Dwarves – 1937 

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Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

I had to look up Dark Moon protocol! I am wrapping up what has been an exhausting 5 year job and transitioning to another (a promotion in the same organization). In the 5 years, I managed to accomplish a lot despite haters, little support, and quite a bit of disrespect. I realized I didn’t change jobs because my issues were systemic in my career and to move on would had guaranteed the same merde or worse. I am preparing an outline for my successor (who was one of my haters), and I already know she’s going to have a tough… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Good on you. Nothing beats persistence and determination.


It was good to know beforehand that i would be hard. I wrote a note on the kitchen counter for myself, to remind me, again and again ( i drink a lot of tea) that if i am pissed off, or feeling really bad, it might be astrology. Not any of the other bizzare, or dark ideas i might come up with. It has helped. Just to know that there is an end to the darkness helps. So Thank you Mystic for warning me/ us in advance. This morning i felt good again!


Fell twice down stairs on Friday. So much pain, but nothing broken. Came to the realisation that therapy is a good idea again to work through past trauma and pains so as to be a better me. ROUGH weekend, y’all.


It’s helpful to realize I’m better than I was.

Wish Upon a Star

Is it a veil, is it a shroud? What is this film that covers my eyes?

No. It’s a cocoon, and I’m breaking out.

My blood is rushing and my wings inflate.

I fly away.


I take back my previous bright eyed and bushy tailed comment. I haven’t gotten any quality sleep since Saturday night and my back is so bad my chiropractor is having me go in 3x this week to fix what my manic decluttering bender did to my back. But at least the homeless shelter got a new microwave/clothes/ton of canned foods.

*nods off*


What a nightmare.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot



Realising capacity and integrity are not the intertwined; that my capacity can be hurtful when I expect others to match it. I feel light years ahead in some ways and the grief of momentum and change hit this morning, over a coffee. There really is no turning back now, which feels exciting and also really, really sad. Not everyone can come on the journey with us x


Quiet serenity?! More like fear & loathing. Just as the worst ever flu abides & my lower back spasms give way to just plain pain, all i have to look forward to in the NM is root canal surgery. Not to mention that this Dark Moon has been particularly brutal – hijacking my psyche & dragging it through self loathing tower blocks in guilt city.
Hadn’t realised that this DM in Cap coincided with Saturn being opposite my Sun, but now i do.


Positive Neptune aspect to your Sun, Skarab? One hopes! Good luck with the root canal surgery. xx


Thank you, IC xx The root canal is giving me a lot of anxiety as it’s a second go because the first go almost 5 yrs ago was botched. And yes, Neptune’s been trine my Sun for a couple of yrs almost – like an intravenous drip of hooch joy – but not enough to mask this round of Cap/Sat/DarkMoon anxiety it seems.



Abit of Australiana forya




Watch ‘Root Cause’ on Netflix. I’m in the process of having my root canal assessed by a biological dentist for removal. Have had mysterious illness issues since it was done 9/10 years ago… only now realising it is possibly the primary culprit making everything else worse! Best of Luck for you.


Thanks AcG. I’ve been avoiding that doco coz anything to do with dentistry freaks the fuq out of me. But i will watch it. Luckily i have no weird or mysterious chronic illnesses – yet. This is precisely why i want to sort it out now. I guess it has taken this Dark Moon/Cap/Sat to make me pull finger and sort it out before it evolves into something bigger….. still, the horror…


Havng root canal treatment caused me to be the first person to go on an un-vehicled space flight.


Aah yes don’t remind me.

I’m sure you will appreciate this: My dentist is from Brazil & the surgeon doing the op has a very heavy German accent …..


Siegfried: “Ve hav our orderz from der Vaterland…..Sud-Amerika”


I love how we are thinking of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn as permanent, monolithic, unavoidable truths instead of just transits, lol. I am guilty of it too! Yes, Pluto is a long transit, but we are nearing the end, relatively speaking. And Saturn will move on next year. All things must pass.


Yes – you do have a point here. Something about the nature of some transits I suppose. I am well Pluto seasoned and have enjoyed many of his conjunctions – and maybe that’s just because I have had to hehe, actually on Mars in Cap a while back was like being given a gift of energy. Moon Venus is a different vibe. It’s felt ok for me until the exact conjunctions came into play. Collectively I think it’s the bigger season (which has an even bigger season and can’t all be understood in mortal minds) of some of the transits… Read more »


PlutoMoon, I agree somewhat. But from the perspective that we’re dealing here with a new Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle (~33/38 years), I’d say this IS a “permanent, monolithic, unavoidable truth”. It is, to me, catabolic, shaping a generation.


Oddly for the first time in months I’m beginning to feel lighter and optimistic! I think my two year Chiron return is finally over and I feel renewed and liberated. Sure I still haven’t a clue where all the bits of my life will land but I know it’s not going to be here and it’s not going to be the same career or the same people. I don’t care where it is but it ain’t here !

Wish Upon a Star

Saturn is squaringy my Mars now. It’s great. The dream I had last night was like the final pshyhic rinse cycle on me being too nice at the cost of my detriment to getting my balls back.


I don’t know if it’s related – but it’s fuqin tense out there. Pages that once seemed like respites and safe havens are now on the block list for being pass-ag and full of propaganda nazis. It’s crazy!
People that once gave solid advice now can’t even comprehend a basic question, and assumptions galore. No reading, just assumptions.

Even mr 7yr old has turned into an argument waiting to happen… over nothing.

Something is going down, and I’m cutting the tethers that might drag me under.


Amidst a ton of real shit that has shown up to be dealt with I am also gathering back to myself joy in my being…vague…ok…clearer–I am feeling lovely in my bones in a way that seems to echo back to my teen years. Like all the self-hatred I had for what I thought was an awful ugly unwilling body is now breaking apart and I’m feeling how alive I was, that I might have been just lovely and ok…even then, but especially now. The particular circumstances of my childhood did not give me a lot of ability to experience feeling… Read more »


I realize how my 12h Virgo Saturn squaring my Toro sun (9h) has played out. To my concious mind my body ideal has been healthy. The butter the better has been one of my mottos, And food has been one of my passions. With a Virgo rising ( progressed i into libra) i have been blissed with a beautiful, healthy body. I have allways loved my body, it gives me so much pleasure, and it has been the Seat of all my higher wisdom as well as a trusted companion. What i do see on this dark moon is that… Read more »


On the positive side, i might have that Saturn square to thank for getting very fit at times. Being able to run and Swim fast and far. It has been good to let that go a bit, but i kind of miss it too. That feeling of purity and strength after running 12 km, then jumping in the cold lake before heading home for hot shower and dinner.


I LOVE that feeling.


Tee hee. I like the 12 k run the quick dip then home shower and a couple of hours in bed with the fit guy you’ve just done that with. Now that’s the feeling I like ! Uber fitness


That sounds amazing!…but i would never skip dinner. I am a taurus after all 😉


Oh yes food. That is taken after workout ! Never work out on a full stomach. Sharpens the appetite I’ve found !

Sweet sanity

Updated my phone software, when my phone turned on again photos of my ex I had long ago deleted were in my phone again. Horrible shock and I looked at them all before re deleting. Past hubris indeed!


had a moment of HYPER and tore through all of my house witchery in full throttle today, weird!!!


Ohhhh Mars on my Moon

aqua kat

Same! Mars on my Moon and I had a completely EPIC clean and organization, the scope of which had totally not been planned, and oh my it feels amazing!


Time. Always the restriction of time on my mind. Everything is a now or when mentality. If it’s not now, then it feels like never.


Time of review. If one’s parents were tyrants one spends a lifetime recalibrating inner authority in cycles.


Yes, damn it! This has been one of those.


Mmm, yep. Here’s a new one for me to try on: “I am not my mother. My mother is not me.” The physical reactions to this are interesting and have been freeing. Then I tried it with “I am not my father. My father is not me.” Woo. Intense. And they are both of an age where they are needing checking in on and possibly assistance.


I returned to the Church of my childhood and cried so deeply and even grab the mic to say a prayer for those I live with and their children.

The realisation that I need to enter rehab for addictions that I’ve left without finding the skills to overcome them properly. They are back and I know and it’s time to direction my attention to that.


Where do you go for help when ya addicted to rehab centres?

The Charlie Sheen Nevada Atrium?


Ah that’s Gold. I realised that my relationship patterns have to do with the addiction history in my family. Alcoholism, gambling, prescription medication and illegal substances. Seeing as I have been around a lot of addictions, I never accepted that I too have a problem. I’d go cold turkey but then choose sobriety then find a different addiction to replace the previous one. Today I actually walked through the door, then got so overwhelmed and I left. I returned with some required paperwork and then left with a plan for the next two days. Serious progress and it’s going to… Read more »


Esp with the Dk Cap Moon recencies.


Yeah it’s a truth serum for sure.


They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Good luck and sending strength for this journey S. And be really kind to yourself, don’t forget xx


Being born with a dark moon in cap I often forget that people *don’t* actually normally think like this haha But then again it’s the different people who bring the so-vital perspectives and fresh approaches too. We sort of just crush the current difficulties into a brick and just lay it on the ground as a tile to on the path on the way to something new that makes sense now. Like a light bulb goes on and suddenly you’re sick of your own (or other people’s) sh-t and once that happens, almost overnight – sometimes on the spot lol… Read more »


Ditto that’s exactly what it’s like having a Cap Moon x


I think that’s a general thing – the crushing bricks. Stomped on, hammered, chewed into small enough pieces, melded together with the intensity of the excessive though/feels that can bond even the most resistant substance into something workable. However this can come at the cost of stoicism and sucking up crap for a while because this crushing the new path up (via any method) is slow and considered and the Moon won’t rush outward with assumptions before making a move but it will have a range of assumptions going on internally. Tick, discard, give more thought, justify, weigh up, counter… Read more »


There is so much in this.


Chiron 29 is huge.. all of my immediate family and closest friends + me are going through enormous life changes. I’ve taken a more permanent job with the libran virgo boss. is this what stability feels like in the modern era? Necessary /useful but kind of empty? Or have I missed a vital step in the last 7 years, fraught as they’ve been with endless personal and circumstantial change? I guess I just use the regularity to help me make other things happen? Is this my progressed Taurus sun, choose stability above all else? Ergh? I might run it past… Read more »


There is so much in this too 😉 We take as little or as much as we need and some how that seems to work out alright even if there are moments of reflection that suggest we could have done something better. That’s a trap for disappointment and regret. So – stability in the modern era might be a bit boring or feel a bit empty but speaking as someone who has pulled off numerous re-invents (and that this last one go any way but what was anticipated ala Uranus 12th) there is something to be said for having something… Read more »

Penelope Darling

Oh feeling so sad and out of sync with my extended family. Weird and exhausting loneliness.


As you say Mystic, appreciating how he workaround becomes the strength. Triggered by a conversation with my Aries sun partner, where I was explaining the strategies I’ve put in place over the past 25 years to manage anxious tendencies. He was offhand, dismissing my years of mental discipline, discernment and decision making as ‘coping strategies’., which I felt devalued the extent to which I have completely altered and strengthened my mental health and resilience. So yes, cheers to the Capricorn moon.


Maybe his offhand dismissiveness is HIS coping strategy for his Pathetic Inability To Deal With Someone Else’s Vulnerability


I am feeling super strategic & working out schemes for ensuring anti-fragility, so clearly have reached the 2nd stage. Super tired though – I slept 10 hours last night!


Me too! Nearly 11 hours Friday night, 10 hours last night. Dreams have been vivid and full of archetypes and symbolism, too. Amazing nights. I’m so glad this dark moon has draped itself across the weekend.


yes ive had my freak out abt money. im trying to deal with it, put certain things in place.
realised i dont think its gonna work with the blonde keith richards-we share a mutual attraction and a love of outdoor fires…(him aries sun, me aries moon ) and thats abt it….i dunno!
sthing always happens in my re/ships either on the new or full moon


“And, the quiet serenity – beyond meditation – of having confidence in your instincts” – true, yes. I found it so hard to access those instincts before and would meditate and consult I Ching ad nauseam seeking to avoid hubris at all costs but still of course ending up down every dead end avenue that I was meant to explore..

Time, time – heals all ills


I’m seasoning my cast-iron pans, and pretending I’m at Vulcan’s forge (after the Polar Vortex hit). I like Capricorn Moons – they train us, Cancer Moons, to not tolerate nonsense. Right now, Mars conjunct Sun/Pluto square Sun – life is life!


I fell asleep and woke up at reasonable hours, and woke up to the time anxiety of “will I have time to de clutter?”

Still somewhat disoriented.

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