Is This My Neptune Rising Or Is It CBD Oil?

Neptune Rising

Dear Mystic,

Neptune in Capricorn Rising here – the past day or so I’ve suddenly felt all my typical Saturnine heaviness lift off into outer space and I’m curious if this is due to Chiron into Aries, Sun moving into Pisces, Mercury in Pisces, or the copious amount of CBD oil I’ve swallowed over the past twenty-four hours?

I’m curious about your thoughts on the CBD for my astro. Even before astrology, I had this innate sense that ANY substance and I did not mix. I have an almost laughably Neptunian-with-a-side-of-Saturn-suck health history – born with rare skull deformity that required major operation at six months old (eerie to discover Saturn rules bones), celiac, milk allergy, tomato allergy, legume allergy, autoimmune stomach issues, antibiotic allergy, beet allergy… I’m probably forgetting some of my allergies… “serious mental illness,” psych ward, always the person who experienced the “rare side effects” from the psych meds…

I’m actually alive and thriving, off all drugs, thanks to functional medicine/OWNING the Pluto in the 12th transit but I have to live the most Saturnian regimented existence to even be alive. My sleep schedule is a deity I worship.

Safe to say with my oh-so-perceptive body that instantly and violently rejects anything that isn’t the purest-of-the-pure, I do not drink alcohol – have never been drunk actually – and have never considered going near illicit drugs. But yesterday I was having a terrible period and stole some CBD oil from my mom’s medicine cabinet. I have taken it in teeny tiny doses before for such pain and not experienced any adverse reactions. I took a whole dropper this time, though. Immediately got rid of the pain. In like two minutes.

For some reason, I kept taking it. And today I took more. Put it in my coffee, tea, water. I’m running out of it. But it’s all worth it. For the first time since I was sub-ten-years-old, I feel free and happy and not like I’ve got concrete bearing down on my chest. I was able to relax today. My skin looks better. I was able to watch TV without making to-do lists on my napkin. Then I read books outside of my preordained personal reading list and I felt joy. I am a professional creative and I got so much unexpectedly done, but not in a burnout way – I remembered how the best art does not come from an obsessive focus on $$$ (Toro Sun) and productivity.

Is this the planets – the Sun finally moving out of Saturn territory – or CBD??

Should I take a half-bottle of CBD oil every day? I love feeling this way. I could just take this much during my period – do that Red Tent – and cut it out otherwise. But part of me wants to just keep guzzling down the oil like juice. I feel like I’m living on a cloud. So light and happy. Leaping about with childlike joy.

But am I becoming addicted to a substance?? Is this the beginning of the Slippery Slope?

Thank you,

Saturn in Pisces

Dear Saturn in Pisces,

Well, we are heading into the weirdest Mercury Retrograde since 2013*, in Pisces and with repeat connections to Neptune. So maybe it’s that or, as you say, maybe it ‘s the CBD Oil?  Astrologically, you’re a Neptunian woman – super-sensitive to all substances and quite finely wired, from the sounds of it.

So, of course, you are going to respond to Mercury conjunct Neptune + Chiron leaving the Pisces turf to be purely reigned over by Shamanic Neptune. And by respond, I mean that you’re going to open up like an alien rose under the rays of an only just-discovered new Moon.

I have never had CBD and am obviously not your doctor so can’t comment on how it might affect you but it sounds like you’ve got that “wow – magic potion!” reaction which often goes with Neptunian highs, Zombie crushes, big-deal dopamine downloads and well, getting out of it.  If you’re already upping the dose and presumably not telling your mother you took it, it sounds suss. The situation has morphed swiftly from “try this for period pain” to “new essential must-have” and indeed, “the whole bottle.”

Or maybe it’s bridged some disparate regions in your brain that needed to be bought together and you’re now functioning fantastically? A lot of people attest to the benefits of CBD, as you know. But what if this is just some neural transmission fuqery that could mess with your dopamine, hormones, serotonin, gut and so forth after a few weeks of high?

The Mercury Retrograde/Neptune Influence of the coming weeks is super-strength, deluxe surreal. As the Horoscopes + Daily Mystic have been alerting, it has an undertow. So it is a prime time to up defense systems against anything addictive or which you know you might be prone to amp right up. And I think if you’re thinking a la ‘slippery slope’ – it’s because you’re aware that your foothold with this may not be quite secure.

So, my suggestion is this, get a good functional medicine/nutritionist/naturopath/holistic doctor to talk to about the CBD oil. Neptune Rising or not, you know it’s decent self-care to have a legit plan with this.

And, as you’re Neptune Rising and the next nine weeks are Neptune City, devise an haute Neptune ritual for yourself. You’re going to be super open so it’s good to stay grounded, tune into your dream-scape, write-compose-create and perhaps up the yoga or meditation?

What does everyone else think?

*This is from the Daily Mystic email (to Mega Mystic members) a few days ago, FYI

We are moving into the Shadow-Zone of the weirdest Mercury Retrograde since 2013 so let’s take some basic precautions. 

From Now Until April 20 – yes that is the correct date, I am including the entire “shadow-zone” with this one. 

It’s NO to Love Zombie escapades like impulse belting halfway across the planet/continent/galaxy for a flaky or nebulous potential mate/date. Hell, don’t even go across town unless it’s legit during Neptune Rising.

It’s also a NO to idealistic but loosie-goosie joint ventures, particularly the ones where you need to put down your signature, spend $$$ or commit time. 

But it’s YES to inspired transformation quests, answered prayers and heightening your connection to Source Vibe, Quintessence, Gods/God/Goddesses and Spirit Guides Et al. 

Be extra careful with any person or thing that could even vaguely categorize as addictive or potentially compulsive in your case. 

Enjoy the enhanced dreaming, creativity, and psychic perception! 


Image: Harry Barton

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sorry for my terrible grammar.. its been a long day already! lol


My mega Neptune take away- 12th H Libra-Scorp stellium- Moon/Neptune/Jupiter too- Be your own guru.

Antidote to Neptune, grounded, intuitive food, health, exercise, ritual.

Maybe explore what eases the über Saturn without enslaving you- liberated from belief that heaviness/critique/guilt is not permanent-everyday-normal.

Do Haute Neptune with you at the wheel-

Humbly, may I suggest Havening and EFT- to rewrite inner scripts. Jessica Snow’s meditations transform.

Visit the ocean, a lake river, and offer a gift.

Blessings on the journey!

dark star

CBD Rising


Central Bong District.

Saturn in Pisces

Update: horrible melancholy and depression like I haven’t had in three years (back when I was an ultra-medicated psych and autoimmune patient) yesterday upon suddenly stopping the CBD. Support group quite concerned. Last night I was literally stuck on the floor – I could not get up, I was that depressed – and the CBD was within reach on my nightstand so I took a few drops, to see if “tapering” off was better than just stopping cold turkey. I feel better this morning and am committing to stricter nutritional regimen/sleep schedule/etc. to ensure this doesn’t turn into an episode. Re: BLISS… Read more »


I’m pretty sure Neptune in Pisces is legit magic. I’m a solar Leo with my 5th house starting at 15 Pisces and a light has been turned on in another dimension. I also have Moon conjunct Neptune.


While I’ve never tried CBD oil, I’ve had similar experiences with herbal tinctures, remedies for adrenal fatigue, bitters for digestion, even just vitamins. In the beginning, there is a surge of elation and just overall well being which eventually tapers off into, I can’t tell the difference between when I take it or when I don’t. I’ve personally chalked it up to my body/cells being quenched of something it had been lacking, whether that be a deficiency or a hormonal imbalance correcting itself. And then once the balance has been restored, that wonderful buzz (I always refer to it as… Read more »


Is that your Doc Mystic? Fuq me – what a concoction. I’d try Ayahuasca instead of naltrexone. Have you seen a good iridologist lately? that and a biological dentist that has a nutrition focus also beneficial. It is a jungle out there.


Maybe I’m a health naturist and prefer a natural high (Sadge rules my 6th house and Neptune lives there), but I’d hesitate to put even more manufactured medicine into my body to feel good.. naltrexone is designed for alcohol and opioid addictions? I also know I’d be a leeeetle too happy to rely on insta-good pills.. if I was a 1950s film star, I’d probably have a painkiller addiction lol. I know if I start to think, “oh I’ll just pop a *thing of choice* and I’ll feel better, my cap moon knows I need a nap and a long… Read more »


I’m there with you Pi – i’m not an advocate of taking manufactured medicine – & that includes isolated chemical compounds from natural sources – into my body to feel good either. I see too many clients taking all sorts of meds to feel good & they still end up feeling shitty after some time – jumping from one groovy new drug to another. I would only recommend whole herbs for stress busting (adaptogens & calming). And even then not for long periods of time as i really believe that the body gets used to them and they start to… Read more »


Skarab (this might go against what I was just writing, so be it) what do you think of the companies that manufacture supplements like fish oil (enviro issues aside for now), st John’s wort in evidence-based doses compressed into tablets, that kind of thing? Bit tired, hope that makes sense


I don’t a have a prob with st John’s Wort oil/tincture/tablets or any other herbal remedy because at least they’re using the whole flower/leaf/root/oil constituents not just one component of it like hypericin (in st john’s wort) for instance which scientists thought was the chemical responsible for the plant’s benefits. This also then opens the door to create it artificially for big pharma patenting etc. Later of course they discovered that it was the synergistic combination of the whole flower’s constituents which makes it work more harmoniously with our body and not creating some other sort of imbalances by just… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

very interested in this answer as well!


Lol, maybe the answer is to move to a real jungle. I thought i’d copy this from “The Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology & its Applications” for a peek into the daily life of the Amazonian Indians: “After rising, a typical Amazonian Indian will drink guarana, cacao or maté (and sometimes all three together). After breakfast, he will place the first pinch of coca in his mouth, where, periodically renewed, it will remain until evening. In the afternoon, he will shift to a fermented beverage made of maize or manioc. In late afternoon, some powder that contains tryptamines may be… Read more »


Hahaha maybe mystic has a point then 🙂
Because now my mercury is saying “hey well you could always try it and keep the option in your back pocket for *those* kinds of days”

Mystic also your Gemini doc sounds a bit like my Cap friend with moon mars in gemini , definitely an advocate of um off-piste research for medication of all kinds!


And then you die of Dengue Fever. Not a cute look.


This whole conversation is fascinating. Thanks Pi & skarab!


I would also look at joining Saturn + Neptune in other constructive ways. Being serious about structuring your mystical studies is one: building [Saturn] a spiritual practice [Neptune].

Swimming, especially in salt water or clean fresh water I also find to be a good balance of Neptune and Saturn.

Jungian analysis. Dream work. Anything that merges the divine with the everyday.


If something makes me the slightest bit euphoric I am all over it.


OMG. My shrink keeps on at me about CBD oil as do many friends with debilitating chronic pain issues (I only have anxiety and PTSD, debilitating-ish but I can freakin’ walk) and I’ve been just lazy investigating, and a little dubious. This changes it. MUST TRY SOME NOW.


Get that book. It’s clicked in my head. PTSD is covered v well.


Loved this so much. I am of a similar sensitivity – literally the person that has the one in million reaction to a med, and can basically have a psyche reaction to a lavender tea bag lol. I won’t even dare take cbd.
Totally agree that you probably felt the high from having loads! and maybe it would feel worse after or with long use, but maybe you could have a teeny amount here and there in some sort of experiment to see if it helps in general?

Caterina senang

yes agreed – microdosing is the way to go


Lovely Saturn in Pisces – CBD oil is a miracle, and I did that too. I started using a balm for a shoulder injury and discovered the anti-inflammatory effects of a CBD tincture. I’ve become something of an expert on it (ahem, Mars in Virgo – ha) since my journey began. CBD isn’t said to be an addictive substance, but I’m also not a doctor. If you happen to be in the state of California, check out Papa & Barkley products. I highly recommend the Releaf tincture with 30CBD: 1 THC – it’s good for inflammation and anxiety (which is… Read more »


I have a question if you’re comfortable – what’s the “normal” dose for the average person to start experiencing SOMETHING? I’ve tried quite a few tinctures and feel nothing. I’m extremely sensitive to the herb itself (medicinal is legal where I come from), alcohol, medications and pretty much any substance but CBD is like drinking water. I’m using one by cbdMD which I understand is a very good brand. There’s about 10 mg per dropperful – the most I’ve taken is 3 dropperfuls at a time for back pain, headaches or stress/tension anxiety and feel nothing.


One thing to consider with the CBD is the anti-inflammatory effects. These are real and why people use it. Having inflammation reduced makes whole levels of brain fog and body pain disappear. That’s a damn good feeling. Is the “thirst for more” coming from the sense of how well it is helping systems that have not been functioning well? On the other hand, a sensitive body like yours would probably be better off to take things slowly. Too much of a good feeling can create a pendulum response in the other direction. All things in moderation as the Saturn things… Read more »


It’s Neptune. And CBD oil has very little, if any, THC, so you’re guzzling it to get the THC levels that are giving you the high feeling, which is kind of silly and very expensive. Not to mention it’s your mom’s and she’d probably be upset that all her expensive CBD oil is being guzzled by her kid who is looking for a high when I doubt that’s what she bought it for, lol. If it’s legal in your area, find you a strain of weed that works for you – I recently read an article about the five best… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

Should mention I bought the CBD for my mom for Xmas and she never used it – she is aware I borrowed it, just not how much I took haha – good advice re: owning the desire to actually get high. I stopped the CBD yesterday as my period is over and the “productivity” effects wore off (Saturn won’t let me take any substance that doesn’t enable me to work faster/longer/etc), but if I ever decide to experiment with actual marijuana, I will keep this in mind!


Amazing advice, PlutoMoon. SaturninPisces, there are low-level Edibles available (or make your own) that can help you when you’re having a bad body day. Sometimes we all need a bit of help to get over the hump. All the best to you going forward!


(I have my Nep hat on)

I’ve just read “The Body Keeps the Score”. (ThanX Chrys)
If you have Nep kid issues.

Get it.

Read it.

ReRead it.

Its a very profound book. You’ll laugh at this community for the shit we’ve said. Of course I’ve never embarrassed myself by doing that.


That’s a great read, I recommend it to everyone I know too.


OMG amazing book. Brilliant.


Really glad it spoke to you – it’s a dense read but so worth it x


Excellent read.
I’ve been those descriptions. Like the one where you a cool in a crisis but crawling the walls, with anxiety, at a party.


God yes that is me too. The crises always seem to pile up at my door. Someone once told me that I am a ‘fixer’ and that’s why I attract the situs that need fixing. That book explained a LOT and my ongoing challenge is to opt out of the fixing that isn’t my mess to begin with.


Also being transported back into time. This has happened to me where someone abused someone, in the now, and it brought me back to the paralysis I felt when a similar thing happened to me. And a couple of seconds can feel like an hour. There was a very vivid occurrence of this to me at around the time of my Chiron return. Its only been jolted by this book. I was reduced to a 9yr old boy again. I felt cowered as if all the raining punches were happening to me again. (There was no physical violence at recall… Read more »


Thankyou both for sharing such richness with us. Gorgeous. Love you Mystic and you Saturn in Pisces.
From a 5th house sun/Lilith/Ceres/Neptune in scorp 🙂


Ah! Now I get why I’ve suddenly taken up meditation in the last couple of days. It’s Neptune, baby!


Mystic makes some good observations. What is this stuff, liquid spliff? Sounds amazing lol. Like all substances, plant derived or not, I would take it easy if you’re thinking long term, and adopt a measured scientific approach to how you dose yourself. Calibration, of sorts.. From what you wrote, It sounds like your brain runs at 1000 miles per hour normally? Did I read that right? This stuff seems to have forced the accelerator to ease off, with the resulting associated biochemistry also altering (Rancho relaxo, happy skin etc). Like someone else mentioned, acupuncture is another good way to get… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

It definitely eased the “accelerator” better than any doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical I’ve ever taken… I’m blessed to have made massive strides on my health journey with functional medicine, and I have an inherent distrust of any substance/supplement/therapy used in place of sound nutrition/exercise/sleep, but the easing of the “pressure” was so fantastic… I seriously have not felt that kind of ease and “joy” since I was a child… I could try acupuncture to promote more lasting change, definitely. What concerns me about the CBD usage in the long-term is that, when I do stop taking it, my Saturn default returns with… Read more »


It’s guilt. You’re feeling the Saturn “shoulds” (or shouldn’ts). Allow yourself the luxury of indulging once in a while, like you would a delicious French pastry, and give yourself permission to feel that ease and joy. And with meditation you can learn to open your heart without the substances. But when you’re in chronic pain or having a flare up of whatever ails you, then there’s no harm in helping yourself along if your mind won’t let you rest. I know I sound like a pusher-man (woman) somewhat, lol, and I personally have Neptune opposite Saturn in my chart so… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

Fabulous metaphor – Saturn is the ship but I need to go swimming sometimes. And my Catholic school upbringing blinds me to how guilty I feel all the damn time. Great points.


I am reading Natalie Goldberg’s book ‘The True Secret to Writing’ and she talks about spiritual practice in ways that are very relevant to this Sat-Nep discussion… ie sometimes, practice involves skipping the practice. So perhaps the occasional jumping overboard is key to keeping the balance long-term?


Ahh I love this analogy of the ship and the swimming, really illuminates my own Saturn-Neptune balance


I can relate to your Saturn internal messaging and the amazing happiness that comes from somehow letting yourself off the hook sometimes 🙂 I’m wondering if Jupiter is also doing things in the past week.. your 12th house, making a nice aspect somewhere? There was definitely a sense of renewed buoyancy in the air, and I’d consider that really yummy, open, expansive vibe to be more personal Jupiter than Chiron & Uranus changing signs maybe, haha. Maybe consider that your holiday from saturn criticism is a handy way to start (or continue) discovering the pathway to that place as a… Read more »


Wondering too, if Saturn in pisces as a life thing is essentially about spiritual challenges and kind hearted mastery of your personal soul path, . I’m sorry if that sounds a bit 90s, I’m actually really fascinated by Saturn in the signs a signifier for our life challenges, (alongside Pluto lol but more manageable?) I’m thinking of how you mentioned that you totally drive yourself – pisces is about relinquishing (a need to) control, ceding agency to a greater power, let go and let God(dess) … That kind of thing. Maybe sometimes that is helped medicinally, other times through -sorry… Read more »


Saturn in Pisces is definitely a thing. I’m on this scale with the ‘have to do’ and the ‘can’t haves’ I’m not anal as I’ve been accused, it definitely imperative for me to eat utterly clean or I break, live clean or I break and with stand trauma without breaking. Had my DNA codes done and it was an eye opener. I’ve got CRP and IL6 gene which means inflammation is me! Plus I don’t detox via my liver at all well hence no alcohol and only one coffee a day. I need vast amounts of greens and onions to… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

Pi, congratulations on summing up my life themes and issues better than all the therapists I worked with for years!! Saturn’s way is not the only way, true. But hard to convince yourself of that. Definitely agree that Saturn in Pisces is about relinquishing control karmically – Cap Neptune rising making that theme all the more urgent. I’ve really gotten away from “feeling sorry for myself” the past couple of years, with great results, but I’ve experienced a lot of frustrations related to trying SO hard, harder than others in the same situations (not in a “I am the hardest… Read more »


Well I do love the way you have answered this email MM.
Personally I’m add a new label to myself after 9 years of benzodiazepines and using other substances over the years, I realise I need to do rehab and this should be during this time. I’m ready to do this, because I’ve felt myself slipping back down the rabbit hole with all the old connections.


Well done S…

Only rabbits down that hole

Brave, strong, resilient, indomitable, powerful and full of self love to get a guide for the journey of healing

I applaud you, recently got a guide myself to address my orphan hood…


Thank you Gwendolyn I have made the step in the right direction. I just meet someone while having a glass of wine (moderation) and we ending up going for dinner and had a lovely time. He has a cat too (which is like gold in my eyes) and we went to the same high school. His a cusp Gemini/Cancer Sun with moon in Cancer and it was so lovely to meet him.


Applause applause
Sure MM also said something about strange mystical karmic hook ups…
I too think a man with a cat is gold…
At least the man is then used to not being obeyed!
And we all know cats train their slaves…
Enjoy the company


His nothing at all like my type but his company is great and the conversation is easy. This cat is incredibly spoilt, eats only chicken breast. He inherited this cat as he was such a good cat sitter, that speaks volumes about his kindness.


That cat has no taste!
Everyone knows thighs are juicier.


I like cats but l can only eat one at a time.

Saturn in Pisces

Wishing you the best on the courageous next step of your journey, S!


Thank you very much Saturn in Pisces it will be an invaluable process, uncomfortable and strengthening of my spirit and character.


Thank you it meant after my first meeting I just slept all afternoon.


Fantastic. You got this S. We’re here to support you and cheer you on. It’s not easy giving up stuff either. I’m proud of you.


Thank Gemyogi, I went to my first meeting today and spoke.


Easy way to decide if “ it rules you, or you rule it” Is if you can’t reduce the amount you use, or the frequency of use you have an addiction By looking at the words you use I think you know that already… I think you should attempt by the methods suggested here or find one for yourself to feel that “ concrete on your chest “ Yes THC can take away the physical tension one carries which is what I think it’s doing for you All that neck and shoulders and chest tension I suggest you use it… Read more »


CBD oil for human consumption has a small amount of THC in it (CBD oil for dogs it has no THC because they are allergic). If you are taking anywhere from about a half to a full droppers worth at a time you are quite likely to feel the effects of the THC, which is what creates the cannabis high. If you have taken an entire bottle within 24 hours I would think you’d feel, uh, *quite* nice. If it agrees with you and your doctors support your use of it I’d say what the hell, do what helps you… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

Thank you firecloud for your thoughtful comment and the TCM suggestion (and all others who have recommended it)! I have considered visiting a practitioner in the past – will definitely explore it!


First – wow, congratulations on your insightful and nuanced understanding of how your Cap and Pisces energies can work together in your life! Hard-won wisdom no doubt, with Saturn involved. Loads here that I can apply to my own situ. I have sun-Saturn conj in Pisces along with moon-Lilith in Cap currently under Saturn, so it’s super relevant. Thank you for sharing your story. Now re the CBD oil…. as one Neptunian to another: when I find myself thinking about a thing – substance, distracting activity, person (7th house Pisces stellium sq Neptune, ouch) – and it makes everything suddenly… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

Hope you’re doing well with the Moon-Saturn transit – sending solidarity your way. Perfect description of those “discovering the meaning of life” moments that crop up every so often, particularly with strong Neptune. I had about fifty of those moments when I took half the bottle of CBD… I don’t even remember what I realized, at this point. “If you suspect something could be a problem, it probably is…” – excellent advice!


Dear Saturn in Pisces, You say you keep taking it. I think you’ve answered your own question. Saturn is the planet of self discipline. Where is you Pluto?…..your choice…enslavement or self mastery.

Wish Upon a Star

Talking of Neptune. Check out the image of OMA cyclone on the Aussie Bom website.

She looks like some kind of creature with long flowing hair and a strong underbite.

Wish Upon a Star

Dear Saturn in Pisces,

Please wean yourself of the CBC oil and stop altogether.

As a high Neptunian I found really good lasting results with a good acupuncturist and Chinese herbs. The feeling after a good session is amazing. And it builds your well being, doesn’t destroy it.

Find what alt therapy works for you. Mindfulness meditation helps with pain relief also.

All the best!


Kind of real LIFE stuff. Dig it!


Sounds like your brain took some much needed time off. It’s challenging to be laden with so much Saturn and Neptune. In my experience, Neptune needs some indulgence now and again so Saturn doesn’t run your life. It has to be balance though, that’s a lot of CBD to go through plus it’s probably expensive.


Great post! I’m upping my protections with zombie crush and Pinot Grigio moon in Piscis Neptune on 12th… I need all the will I can possibly find and self care.. RE:CBD I think finishing a bottle so fast is not a good sign

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