When The Moon Is In Pisces Near Neptune and Asteroid Pandora

When The Moon Is In Pisces

When the Moon is in Pisces, align with the Vibe by acting like a natal Moon in Pisces person.

See below, from my Astral DNA natal report.

Moon in Pisces

They fantasize way more than is obvious from their outer demeanour, are adept lucid dreamers and custodians of lurid secrets. They can sometimes hear literal music in water, so strongly are they attuned to that element. Their intuitive powers are second to none but often so strong that Moon in Pisces longs to drown them with some Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and/or withdrawal from the world at large. They adore the crush-lust phase of a relationship a million times more than the actual romance itself and tend to love fixating on unavailable lovers, just to spike the yearning with an extra pang of poignancy. Their ability to morph between existential fragility and hardcore strategizing is seductive to some, scary to others. Only their closest friends realize the extent to which they use magical thinking to solve even the most mundane of issues.

Astral DNA 


There are Moons in Pisces that you can waft through, like a lithe sprite in an indigo dimension, sustained by caffeine, fantasy, cinema, and glimpses of ghosts.

And then there are Pisces Moons like this one: turbo-hyped by Jupiter square Neptune and conjunct asteroid Pandora.

When it’s this kind of Moon, your energy tangibly drops with dynamics that don’t inspire you.

Creativity And Seances

You can’t even lie about it or plaster on a polite look of faux attention. It’s fab for creativity and seances, shocking for meetings with Muggle-Bots or stale scenarios.

You’d be a revolutionary if you could hold one concept in your head for longer than a few milliseconds.

And, of course, if you are a natal Neptunian or strongly Piscean person, you’re gliding around on a weird natural high.

The caution? If you’re feeling all this, you’re also super-sensitized. A mere grain of sugar or Space Dust could send you tripping.

When the Moon is in Pisces near Neptune, you fortify your aura and avoid Space Dust Shamans.

Image: Ellen Von Unwerth 


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I’d been having a break from screens so only just found this post now, but omg was I feeling the Neptune in the astral! I was noticing that music felt mega-potent and at the risk of sounding like I’m on space dust, I found myself entering transcendental states VERY quickly with, like the music was 10 times more powerful than usual. Anyone with similar experiences?


Oh man no wonder I’ve been feeling spacey. Last night I had a dream that this guy was trying to mess with the wires in my basement, and since he walked by me without noticing me I had to make weird noises and arm gestures to scare him away. Then hubs wakes me up to ask me if I’m okay because I’m doing this IRL. Jupes is currently on my Moon Neptune conjunction.


Ha ha! Firstly, I thought this said “Fatal” Moon instead of natal. And this sounds so much like me, but my natal moon is in Libra.




“When the Moon is in Pisces, align with the Vibe by acting like a natal Moon in Pisces person.”…Does this also apply to progressed moon in Pisces? Trying to fall asleep last night it was like belly flopping into water every time I closed my eyes, such a rush or visions and distractions alike. One particular vision, after seeing it, I promised (in a cross my heart hope to die mantra) that I’d write it down in the morning as if it were a dream (cos I really didn’t want to open the gates by turning the lights on and… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Don’t worry, your subconscious recorded the dream.


Progressed moon is a big deal imo. I feel mine for sure, it does shape things.


My dads a Libra w a Pisces moon, exactly opposite to his mars in Virgo. Growing up I would often hear him talking in his sleep and/or frantically acting out his work in his sleep. Alternates between being crazy intense workaholic and just passing out on the couch bingeing Star Trek or the Twilight Zone lol. My moon in Cancer (which is conjunct my MC) is exactly trine my Jupiter in Pisces and I relate to Neptunian qualities a lot (my sun-pluto conjunction is also sextile neptune in Capricorn) . Moon and Jupiter at 13 degrees so this jupiter Neptune… Read more »


i really relate to the pisces moon descrip. but im aries moon. in early degrees tho…and its in my 12th hse so its an aries moon with pisces undertones i guess….?


The woman in the image could be me. Bleach blonde, suited and dripping in fabulous stones. She’s also in a most perculiar position to be in this attire. Hanging onto a harbour wall whilst the sea crashes around her. Yup it’s me. Being a very strong neptunian but with strong Saturn I can really relate. I’m a juxtaposition, an oddity, an enigma.

Stella Polaris

Moon in Pisces: yes to the above, especially re fantasizing and also using magical thinking to solve most life questions, from macros to micro. Feeling this current vibe strongly. Don’t do Space Dust. Try to minimise sugar. Dry January. Have been doing daily yoga since 23 December last year and am about to finish up what has been a fabulous evening intensive yoga course. AM intensive yoga course (intensive just means daily) next week, then decide on whether am or pm yoga is best for daily schedule. Gotta work wisely with this energy, otherwise it’s like the sea fog we… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

It’s interesting what you say about finding out which is better: am or pm yoga. Does that depend on your work schedule or what works with your body rhythms.

Can you let me know please?

Stella Polaris

both of these issues are relevant for my decision, Wish. Sometimes I find that pm yoga initially relaxes me but then I get a kick of energy two-three hours later, so end up having a later night than I want to (should be bed time but I want to disco). For AM yoga, the trick is how early (before breakfast so 6am start) or say 8.30-9am start (so I can do a light breakfast first). I guess the key is to be going regularly to gain the benefits. Could be a mix of these. Trying to practice MM’s advise for… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star


Wish Upon a Star

Thank you, your post has stopped my procrastination about starting yoga at home.

Your Star has lit me up.

As I type I am watching a DVD yoga for beginners with am and pm sessions.

I am acclimatising myself with baby steps.

Next time I will start with one session.

Simplicity is the root to Growth for me.

Namaste Stella Polaris.

Stella Polaris

If you can do so, I strongly recommend going to classes at a yoga shala (yoga school). This is because the teacher will be able to observe you, how you move, and to suggest modifications to the postures that will assist you. Often the schools will have a new student special offering a period for a reduced (often substantially reduced) price. OR else they will offer a beginner’s course. Yoga’s a journey, so it helps to have guides along the way. Good teachers are this. You also get the benefit of a community of like minded people. The energy in… Read more »


This whole shebang is on my natal Pars Fortune. Incidentally my Pandora is exactly conjunct Pluto and Uranus (all 15 30′-50′). So I am guessing emotional delusion around financial control? Lots of conjunctions today


My life 86.62% of the time. And most times with Pluto and Uran doing their thing too.

Wish Upon a Star

It sound like fun minus the Pluto and Uranus.


Like, wtf did I do in a previous life to have all 3 OPs lit up like they are?
I’m the guy in the corner wearing the bookcase.


Jokerman. You would not have been set this outer planet challenge in this life if you were not up for it / capable of engaging with it. And here you are, transmuting some of the most visceral challenges that life can throw at us. You’re already here, now doing this important work.
As a Cancerian you have the emotional latitude to dive in, and deeply wrangle with what comes up, history and all. Aqua moon offers the respite of cool-headed psychological freedom, for analysis from an outer-space distance perspective. All the virgo emphasis helps you sort, refine, categorise.

Wish Upon a Star

Pi you said it so well. And it is a timely reminder for me. I am coming out of a 5 year Neptune transit, and Chiron return and can feel the weight lifting from my shoulders. The relief is visceral. I am feeling like a giddy teenage girl even though I’m 51. So your comments stop me in my steps and ask me to please ground and integrate my learning’s about trauma, compassion, light and dark. Instead of reverting to dissociating flippancy and cavalierly. Thanks Pi x. And thank you Jokerman for your depth and amazing sense of humour. When… Read more »


I have a doppelganger, my youngest granddaughter, an Aquarian. She is magnetised to my leg fr the get-to and is prised out of my arms when I leave.

I’m often asked if I’m from the Zirconia Quadrant..


ThanX Pi. OP transits go for soooooo loooong. And they’ve been activating my natal OPs ever since.
I’ve been doing readings for people, mostly women, and they are loving it. That’s been good. But I feel so flat pushing diarrhea uphill with a paddle-pop stick. Thanks for your encouragement.


Remember that Neptune is not just alcohol, delusion and fog. It’s also transcendence of the highest order. Pi x

Wish Upon a Star

J please read the end of my comment below, it is for you.

Wish Upon a Star

I mean above.

Wish Upon a Star

Ahem, I spontaneously ordered 3 wigs this morning. 2 Paige bobs and a Fringe bob in different colours. It felt so good and so right. So now I have 4 hairstyles. You can change your outfits and makeup so why can’t I change my hair. I have naturally curly hair, which I love, but I also like a straight do. Then I read this post. Like wow. My Pandora is in Sag, in my 5th house with a trine in Jupiter in Leo.( I think I got that right.) Oh and I’m totally feeling the Moon in Pisces. Oh well,… Read more »


I’ve been wanting a long wig for ages as I keep my hair short. Where did you find your wigs?

Wish Upon a Star

I’m in Australia and they are on the shopping channel TVSN, the brand is Hair Do, they also have beautiful extensions but no really long wigs.

It is their last day on air today. Check it out.

They look real, quality is excellent, quite affordable and if you don’t like you can return and refund no questions asked.

I hope I don’t get in trouble wit Mystic with this plug.

Good Luck

Wish Upon a Star

I found the original website for this hair stuff : hairuwear.com, and yes they do have beautiful long wigs. Just not sure whether you can return and refund so check with them.


It’s me… and I’m teary and preoccupied with love… but able to be super present with the elements. But I’m struggling with a broken heart. Pisces moon. Sad.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh Lovey. Can you go for a swim, maybe?

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