Venus Trine Mars Has Peculiar Magic


venus trine mars artwork

Venus Trine Mars – for the next four days – has peculiar magic.

It’s the sorcery of endorphins and life-lust, the triumph of hormonal audacity over mediocrity.

Venus Trine Mars is occurring between the Fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries, during a transitional era*.

It wants sensation, art, fashion, orgasm, culture, music, intimacy, to dazzle, invent and zoom along in spite of everything.

It is particularly strong for Taurus, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius people but anyone can tap this quantum jetstream of momentum.

Thwart other peeps soggy thinking or attempt to wet-blanket your enterprising zeal by burning off your own version of it.

Tell the truth. Stay in motion. Take this opportunity to reset your relationship consciousness. Or to consign outmoded romantic ideals to oblivion during Venus Trine Mars.

Hot: Cheerfully pragmatic and high-frequency candor based attractions, love affairs, and arrangements. Not: Turgid nostalgia, cryptic complaining, Extend + Pretend strategies and neediness.

*Feb and March feature Chiron and then Uranus changing signs, settling into their new groove of Aries and Taurus respectively. It’s a saga unto itself that is being dealt with in the Horoscopes.


Image: Tradd Moore

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catharticcreationLiliemgStella PolarisGeminian Recent comment authors
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Venus/jupiter transiting my 7th while mars trines it from the 11th= running into my ex….lol

LiliMM Member

Found a superb gyno healer/MD for my Mergirl- wise, kind, brilliant. Very positive encounter- and a cool med student- Med schools new paradigm- be human first-

emgMM Member

Can’t say I’m picking this up yet. Feeling a bit more content with Aqua man but no bells and whistles.

GeminianMM Member

Conjunct and trine my natal Mars respectively in my 6th House. Healing from endometrial surgery right now and hoping this might be the push I need to really get on top of things.

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

wishing you a speedy recovery, my fellow Gemini. Being free from pain will make a difference.

LiliMM Member

All healing and renewal to you, dear Gem!

Alex E
Alex E

Did you really say “a triumph of hormonal audacity..” on the same day I found out I have a hormonal imbalance in my lady parts? Feels like my body is actually a map of the heavens… and it’s straying off course!

BlancaMM Member

Wow. I have this aspect in my natal chart — also with Mars in Aries and Venus in Sag. Is this considered a trine return? Thinking about how to maximize the vibe this weekend… hmm.

libraquarianMM Member

i’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. great life lust over here. *rolls eyes*

AlouettaMM Member

Aries rising dating Taurus sun. Ommfg It’s like I opened the door to a long closed room and instead of dusty furniture I found a jungle.

emgMM Member

Woooooo weee. Fabulous. Get into that wild place without fear.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Zomg feeling this

scorpiodawnMM Member

life lust? i need a bit more life lust

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