Love Zombie Update: Venus Square Neptune Was A Test

Venus Square Neptune for the last four days was a test. Did your Love Zombie inoculation work? How much emotional distance did you put between you and acute lessons of the Saturn Square Neptune era: late 2014 to early 2016?

Or was the Capricorn Convergence energy sufficient to stop you from responding to all but the most significant stimuli?

Venus Square Neptune always evokes yearnings and the ghosts of long-faded desires.

Of course, you can channel it into Art, Compassionate Deeds, Enhanced Rapport With Genuine Loved Ones, Yoga and Connecting With The Natural World.

But it can also be a slippery dip straight into toxic terrain.  Enfeebling food, mindless consumption and entranced e-stalking of phantoms through social media. Or a neural loop of hyper-obsessing over naught.

The most recent Venus Square Neptune was super-charged by Jupiter and an Eclipse. You would have either had a Love Zombie Relapse OR a series of sharp insights about past bouts with the L.Z. Virus.

So, how did you do?

Image: Gone With The Wind

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Taurus Vixen

Wow, so that is why my first love was so in my face in my memories. I was even talking about him. We ended 20+ years ago. At least I didn’t reach out like I so wanted to. Course I did have the fantasy of us getting back together and living happily ever after.


Not really Love Zombie, despite the implications of Venus square Neptune.

It was in the sixth house, so for me it brought a realization regarding work, corporate culture, and service, especially the inevitable folks who try to assert their power in the workplace. They just do that in order to overcompensate for the lack of influence they feel in their personal life.

Nobody can really help with that. You just have to avoid and focus on yourself.


Got sucked into an internet haze. Barely left the house. WAS love zombied by an old coworker who keeps messaging me even though i’ve clearly expressed lack of interest.


Fail. In theory. But a learning curve goldmine.


I think I was about 10 all week. TV. Soda. Living as if a documentary film crew were putting together a montage for me to view later.


Thinking I did ok. I passed. Yes, I passed. Loves past, present, non-aligned–recognized and put into proper perspective. Careful monitoring of boundaries in place. Awareness…and sadness. Not seeing any possibility with any of the men in my life zone, but landscapes look incredibly sexy. Wide-open vistas with outcroppings of stone in the distance. Warmth, light, and solitude. A chance to see more stars. That’s what I long for more than a lover.


Glad to know this is what was happening! I totally failed though. Have been obsessing over this thing that feels unresolved and have written a ton of texts explaining how I feel and how I can no longer be friends with this person. Haven’t sent them though and I haven’t contacted him. I nearly vomited because of a photo he posted on Instagram. Jesus! I think I might have reached a point now where I’m actually done now. At least I hope so. It’s embarrassing and a waste of energy.


oh shit, somehow i missed that this was happening. my partner was really upset with me on one of the last four days, i just tried to listen and then it was ok. we both got into the most tiring emotionally-draining day though yesterday and it was incredibly confusing, built on triggers, and neither of us really knew what it was about. today i feel exhausted and sad… this was total love zombie, not quite sure how to come through it :'(


thought I might have escaped intact but the Leo I’m Zombie-ing over (I don’t know his chart but I’m betting there’s SIGNIFICANT Neptune in him) wrote a song and posted it online and the lyrics would suggest he’s written it about me. I’ve got one foot in Capricorn tendencies where I turn off thoughts about him and think about my future (my keyword for the past few months has been LEGACY — and that’s acted as a snap back to goalstalking and my own awesomeness) and another in deep Neptunian waters where I wonder and whimper about why he’s not… Read more »


Found myself down a rabbit hole of emergency prepping after power went out in snowstorm. Deep dive into lessons from surviving Bosnia and current madness in Venezuela. Did NOT see this coming at all. Former LZ triggers were nowhere to be found as I was so intensely focused on surviving whatever apocalyptic scenario is coming…(which is probably nothing as I live in a very secure area). Strange what shapes LZ madness can take…also, this eclipse was conjunct my Venus in Leo, so was expecting v glamorous romantic/dramatic love interest scenarios. Instead, I was researching best practices for water maintenance/storage/protection etc.… Read more »


I did alright? Did not contact anyone, generally focused on myself/health/current relationship. I did obsess a little over “wonder where that arsehole is now” and “how is he still alive after doing so many drugs but I get back pain if I sit wrong” but no contact and kept stalking to a minimum. Yay!


I rocked! 1/ threw out my wedding dress from 1992! Did a Snoopy dance at the Savers bin… 2/ finally, with the help of therapy, my love zombie chemicals in my brain are flatlining (bastard love bombed me) As a reward for this my Hecate archetype rang the police… We now have in my State a Domestic violence disclosure scheme… So I advised the police the name of my exes new “soulmate” (she looks at him how I used to, he’s a cold narcissist as usual. I nearly puked at the sight, that was me 2 1/2 years ago) They… Read more »


YES! I will Snoopy dance into the new era as well.


Wow – I can feel your resolve and personal power through the screen Gwendolyn! Maybe you’re a Saggo? (bow reference) and if so sounds like the brilliant harvest that is revealing itself post Saturn and some serious Pluto power….that cackle combined with an ability to stare down an unworthy opponent was a giveaway – at least to me anyway. It ain’t fun but I do love those moments when we see former versions of ourselves even if it makes us want to puke or reel. It’s very powerful transformational juju. As an aside – and in my personal experience, narcissists… Read more »


Thank you Centaurus
Actually I am a pissed off quad Virgo settling into her second Saturn return…in obviously Capricorn…and also a newly minted Crone (hence cackle!)

He was my change of life baby lol

Thanks for the reminder about narcissists…

Rise Sister rise

Yes transformational indeed, to see another woman whose life will be temporarily ruined, like mine was…

Trust someone absolutely and one of two things will happen:

A partner for life OR a lesson for life


*2nd attempt* For some reason my earlier comment just disappeared. so… um… The important things were: Your last 2 sentences – yes, so succinct Virgo quad – ok so you’ve had/got Pluto and Saturn in trine somewhere for sure and Uranus into Taurus should be a beneficial transit for your I imagine. Change of life baby – I just wish this one was a f2f response because it was personally very funny. Initially blank because, well.. I’m a little distracted or wanted to run an old Neputne7 program that failed upon launch… then a sort of recognition and reflection followed… Read more »


I am considering a name change – Neptune7

Idk – given what it is I’d need some feedback right….. 🙂


Love it…voluntary adoption lol
Perfect echoist correct
wish I was a fkn duck!
Said baby had a temper tantrum the first date!
Red flag much, never stopped same tantrum all relationship…
Never met a male narc before…

Space analogy perfect

Take that shot of truth too

Failure to launch, delete the programme..

Thank you Centaurus
There are so so many amazing people here that MM has drawn to her, and us to each other.
Provides sanity everyday


It’s too mystifying why early warning signals get overlooked or downplayed right. Benefits of hindsight eh…

And it IS the same tantrum… cloaked to fit ALL scenarios and amplified if there be the slightest hint that it’s an invalid response.

The community here is pretty great. A diverse bunch for all the common experiences there’s loads of differences between us but it’s inherently respectful and supporting. Very Aquarian community I think and a testament to not only MM but to everyone here.


I am avoiding any further thoughts about this matter by not contributing to the comments, lol.



This page has been left intentionally blank






Yep – I went minimalist here too. Spot on x


This comment might be one of your best….


Exactly right Jokerman


Ahhh so that’s what was happening I didn’t actually respond to anything or make any contact but did find myself in thought loops about all the things I would like to say in regards to how the dust has settled but more bizarrely in my dreams last few nights really going through it. Last night I slapped him repeatedly whilst listing off his lies etc. then I jumped in the ocean.
I think I’ve past my LZ days. Fact is we share a child so there’s no escaping living with his BS

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

innoculated. Must have channeled it into Marie-Kondoing the house.


I had really positive failure manifestations! First was a coworker who had a sudden-onset LZ crush with ME as the target – we were on a biz trip and I had to gently decline and disengage myself without any feelings hurt. I know in this day and age this shouldn’t be a ‘positive’ but he is a gentle soul and I was on high alert for getting neptoon’d myself so no harm no foul. The second failure was me admitting long-gone LZ feels for a near-miss from almost 20 years ago that I recently reconnected with. Rather than a full… Read more »


Let go of a Piscean I was seriously in Love Zombie mode over. Big win. 🙂


The latter for me. The mutable square manifested as my Saggo rising husband taking off on an impromptu snowboarding trip in the middle of a snowstorm. Just found out i’m pregnant (after 4 1/2 years of trying, woooo!) and I definitely feel fatigued, achey and nauseous. “Don’t worry I’ll shovel when I get back” says Saggo husband, which would be 2 days later. Meanwhile, it starts sleeting on top of like 2 feet of snow and i’m Like fuck this is going to turn into a frozen lake if this doesn’t get shoveled right now. So I spent 2 hours… Read more »


Hey congrats on your new family member! 🙂


Thank you Centaurus ❤️


Love zombie in literature:

Lawrence Durrell, “The Alexandria Quartet”


I should have been paying attention! Totally makes sense why I went off the zombie cliff. So the zombie itself is the dead love on legs, which then turns me into a defacto zombie cause all my emotional and mental energies are focused on a nothing. The best I can do is observe this phenomenon since fighting it doesn’t work for me. I learned this weekend that Lilith is in my Pisces at 10 * could that be why I was so full out zombified?


What witchercraftery is good for keeping a Love Zombie/stalker away?
One resurfaced again in my life and is an extremely persistent pest.
Any advice or humor is appreciated. Thanks!


As a zombie-stalker, the best is to acknowledge the zombie’s existence and then be absolutely fierce and even cruel – NO and GO. Don’t leave room for interpretation or any sliver of light a zombie might creep it’s way into. Be cruel to be kind and don’t you look back.


I did 20 years ago with a restraining order. DID NOT work. In fact, it became a challenge for him to work around it. A sane person takes no as an answer and backs off, not him. Stalkers stalk that’s what they do.
I ignored him for years and that seemed to work until he started befriending mutuals and reinserting himself back into my life. Narcissists hate to be ignored and it set him off but eventually backed off until now.


Ohhh. Oh. This is a different category of stalker. Forget my advice. What you’re going through is serious business- Especially given that years go by and he still violates all the boundaries he can find to violate. I hope others here might know some good psychic self-defense strategies. I’m sorry this is happening to you.


Put him in a freezer…I mean his name. lol!


I read on here recently that putting someone’s name on paper in a bottle, filling it with water then freezing the bottle is effective. An extra layer of psychic defence than just the paper in the back of the freezer! 🙂


still dangling on the fence.


trying to finish sthing i know is unsuitable…but ill probs b crawlin back at the weekend…so 50/50


I contacted the barber but didnt get a hair cut. Is it a relapse?


In order to move on with no regrets I Told him I loved him after 3.5 years making a point of not telling him
Burnt /deleted everything and haven’t contacted him since

Honestly not sure if that’s a pass or a fail


Thankfully I didn’t rehash anyone from that era. Danger zone avoided.


*marking myself safe* 🙂 Welcomed many insights, but did not entertain reveries.


I’d say I was about 50/50. No relapses from the era of the hard core crush, but I was hella emotional. About everything. Venus on my moon Neptune and Neptune in my fifth during the eclipse conjunct my Fn sun. Good lord. I still have work to do to take care of myself properly.


If there’s a 50/50 chance, presenting, 90% of the time it’ll turn out wrong


Yeah – it definitely had that 2014-16 vibe to it! A-Ok here.

Calli G

>Venus Square Neptune always evokes yearnings and the ghosts of long-faded desires.

I’ll say. My libido roared back last week for the first time since menopause. I didn’t reach out to share the results with ghosts from my past, so I’m calling it a win. Still, I thought I wouldn’t have to factor this aspect of life into my future plans. We’ll see if it’s a blip in my personal biome or if the past month’s chaga infusions unblocked something on a more ongoing basis. Bodies—so weird.


I wish mine would come back. It has flatlined the past six months or so as I try various big pharma hormone combos to prop up other aspects of my health and symptoms.

Calli G

Yeah, I didn’t know how much I missed mine until it came back. After years of helping my parents through extended, terminal health issues, a few years of antidepressants to help me get through that, and menopause, it was totally off my radar.


TOTAL(?) relapse…completely considered actually letting Judge Virgo move to my new city with me to set up house. I put the question mark there because I didn’t actually TELL him I was seriously considering it.

Sweet Sanity

Godammit, I contacted a past lover, now I feel awkward. Luckily he’s an Aries so he took the surprising attention well.


I didn’t even know there was Venus square Neptune! This is unheard of for me, particularly as I have it natally (does 7 degrees count? Astrodienst says it does). No yearnings, no inklings, no relapses, nothing. I am all business at the mo. Oh wait a minute – maybe Saturday. Ah yes Saturday I put on some music and had a little cry. But that’s all. A lame effort compared to my usual stellar LZ escapades. I’m calling it a solid credit pass.


Nah, its a Distinction.
I think I got one too.


Thanks it kind of felt Distinction-esque but Cap moon won’t praise itself that much lol. Glad you got one too!

Triple Air Gem

I’m with you, Chrysalis
Some minor reminiscing with a bit of poignant ‘what ifs’ promptly quashed by ‘Fuk no, I’m way happier now’.

A friend saw my ex b/f today and relayed that he looked so shrivelled and horrible. Funny synchronicity that made me realise the chapter is well and truly closed.


That must have felt so good to hear that about your ex. Confirms your choice of right path x


The above gif series but dry eyed last night. No regrets, no guilt, no remorse. He’s just gone. Fuq it’s liberating, took awhile but this aspect really helped.


Like, scraped a pass. I’m sad, hurt and angry by a recent breakup. I didn’t contact him. I said what I needed to say in an email when he broke up with me and cut all contact. I acknowledge that he was not the person for me. I do not want him back. It came to light that he isn’t the person he said he was, not even his name, in the last few days. The only slight stumble I had was when I was criticised by his friend/business partner for not wanting to stay friends with him. I pretty… Read more »

Sweet Sanity

Sorry you went through that, good on you for not contacting him!


Thanks! It’s over now. That chapter of my life is closed, time to fill up the other pages of my book of life with good stuff!


Well, I settled into a part of me that is completely uninterested in dating. I was surprised it existed, and continue to be surprised by how solid it feels.

But I binge watched ridiculous YouTube videos and ate terrible food and basically blasted myself to anywhere but here in whatever way I could (I mean, luckily I’m not a substance person, but the internet is its own potent vice), so… still losing to Neptune, I think.


Virgo rising here. Very similar weekends plus the uber sad ucknoledgmebt that at 46 I am officially into the “dead zone”: same age guys want the younger ones – especially if they are good looking – and younger guys, well they are young and they must focus on their future which cannot be with me. So I ate practically everything from my fridge and yes, look for some cheese YouTube videos.


Similar experience, Virgo rising and sun. Completely over indulged on food and drink. Had a past guy show up but also came to some firm realization about current Scorpio (aka. Waste of Time) and decided to stop rose-color glasses that situation.


Miss Dee, you are not Dead!! There are younger men out there that might not want to have children etc (I am in that kind of relationship) and same-age men that would like to be with someone who has similar life experience and he can relate to.

you seem like a lovely person…now is the time to shift into a new zone xx


I was dating a sexy (aren’t they always) qi vampire who ghosted me just before Christmas (hey at least he posted my runners in the mail with socks neatly folded inside). I’m still kinda hoping he’s going to want to revisit but I know this guy is not dating material. At least I haven’t fired off any mushy texts or resorted to eating every product in the Haig’s chocolate shop. I’m on the edge of love zombie-ing but have so far been able to keep the straight jacket on


After 10 days of building my strength, I dove into the flames Friday, got enough encouragement to continue to make a fool of myself Saturday, and got to the point of no return. It’s so bad, I might as well blow it up, it can’t get any worse. I don’t even care in some odd way, I guess I’m numb, but compelled to burn it down. I feel like I’m on a course of annihilatin and won’t stop until it’s destroyed beyond hope. ( I’m an Aries.)


Been here before

natalie le

lol, literally about to break up with my boyfriend of 9 years, that I got back together with in 2014. stellium cap. he’s my zombie I can never quite pull out of the swamp.


I’m not great at conquering my LZ tendencies but I got to the bottom of a few things these past few days. I’ve had a crush on the same guy for a couple years now and we finally made out in the beginning of January…I decided not to sleep with him because I have feelings (THAT alone was a first for me). Then he started getting really awkward wand distant with me and rather than try to talk to him or do more emotional labor I just nursed my wounds alone and decided it sucks to be bummed out. Still… Read more »

Sweet Sanity

Omg “committing oracle abuse”, love it. Sometimes I wish I could cut myself off.


Yeah oracle addiction is a legit problem for this impatient mercury in scorp. I need to know the answers NOW. I do realize it’s illogical as the oracle becomes less accurate the more you consult. Decided to give up the Oracle for post Mardi Gras lent (I live in New Orleans) just to get things back in balance.


Passed A + or possibly distinction. Got propositioned by a chap 20 years my junior. But it’s just not on my agenda. No relapses or pangs. Just focus on where I’m going. It is as though I’ve been vaccinated or maybe just had my windscreen cleared !


Ended a 2 month down-dating FWB attempt..amicably, thankfully. Grateful for some fun times but don’t miss his political views or $$ issues. Not sure about managing temptations to re-connect..


Passed with flying colors. Which was a relief, since I miserably failed the Saturn/Neptune square test.


Woohoo, passed with flying colours! (For a welcome change of pace)
Definitely thanks to the Capricorn convergence around the Cap Asc.
A most awesome feeling, even replacing the icecream with celery.
Not that the path is easy, but continuing the mountain ascent, thanks to the eclipse and all planets direct, giving that extra little boost in fwd momentum, even while standing still.
It’s all of a sudden like every boulder/block on the path has a gift under it.
When did that shift happen ?
Grateful regardless


I was consumed by the loss of him. LZ MF.


Passsed, by boy oh boy oh boy did I ever come close to willingly failing.


LOL. I’ve just had a revelation that should I find an appropriate researcher, I could be the subject of a book.


Failed. Maybe a D, if you’re grading kindly. Had some insights, but also relapsed. It’s a serious addiction.


Ahh well. The beauty of the sun rising every 24 hours is that you always have more opportunities to kick a habit. Give it another go! You have it in you.


Thank you for this!! I actually do feel a bit more clear. Hopefully it will last.


Trying to let a past life love go, even though it’s painful and unresolved and then I crossed paths with him four(!) times yesterday in different locations. I was trying to figure out why he keeps crossing my path.


Wow!…I feel you. Four times! That is a lot!

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