Full Moon Eclipse In Leo Hair Alert And More

full moon eclipse in leo hair

It’s about to be a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo! Could this be the antidote to Saturn in Capricorn and all the soul-mining of Chiron at the end of the Zodiac?

Will it link up with Jupiter in go-go Sagittarius for some weird hybrid date of tacos, moonlight, conceptual art, and motivational lecture-ranting?

Is it possible that you’ve already done all the work on yourself and that the only missing ingredient is massive confidence?

And that this Full Moon Eclipse in Leo could deliver it?

Could it also be a good opportunity for a theatrical romance ritual? You could invite it in again or banish someone from your energy field, with thunderclap sound effects?

Fresh Vibe Make-Up? Or Cosmic Hair Therapy?

It’s a huge yes to all the above. Cue the culturally credible dramatic soundtrack and go.

If you can’t parade in full regalia making scenes, art, love or rituals on a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo than when the hell are you going to do it?

The world can be as weird as it wants. You will maintain fabulousness. If that includes a gold kaftan or being ‘loud’, then so be it.


full moon eclipse in leo hairstyle
Image: from Liquid Sky

Andy Warhol – Nico 
Liquid Sky 

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Wish Upon a Star

So I tried on all the three wigs I bought then I took them off and realised my own hairstyle was beautiful.

The wigs didn’t suit me nor did they fit my large head. Ha ha.

There’s nothing like the natural thing.


If the full-moon/eclipse is in play until Tuesday, does that mean I might get my stolen motorbike back?? LOL. The moon was hanging LOW over West Belfast as I talked to the police about my poor GPZ, Charlie Watts. I’d bought a new, totally audacious helmet in honor of the LEO-ness of it all. .


Tarot deck question. I’d greatly appreciate any input from tarot experts and otherwise experienced… I’m looking for a deck that represents difficult cards more helpfully. i am also interested in abstract designs more than those with illustrations that are overly literal or figurative, and I’d love something visually beautiful: refined and delicate, and hope-giving, rather than heavy lines and dark colours for those cards that can convey complexity or the more difficult tasks that we might be facing. This is motivated by my unhappiness at getting the five of cups which I get all the time and would like it… Read more »


Hello Dear Pi – I agree that the 5 of cups can be alarming, esp in EVERY reading. I would pull two other cards to help modify and ask, what do I need to know about my 5 of cups experience? I follow this lady, she’s in Oz: https://www.biddytarot.com/selecting-a-tarot-deck/ and I like her deck and her book on meanings — very comprehensive. As for a new deck, maybe this would be more up your alley: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/voyager/ as it is no words and each card is a beautiful collage jam-packed with symbolism. It bypasses my conscious mind and goes straight to… Read more »


THANK YOU soverymuch, soveryGemini. xo

wow, the voyager tarot is fascinating to look at!! much appeal to my pisces mercury. x


Left my lush Hermitude last night for one of the selected few social gatherings of this Winter Season. A Melanka celebration which is basically orthodox New Years in Eastern Europe. Lots of eating, imbibing (mostly contact highs cos I don’t drink much…because I get contact highs ahaha), singing, folk dancing, but for me mostly oodles of people watching for my Aqua sun with pockets of firey, playful and heartfelt one-on-one interconnections that buzzed under the hub bub radar. I’m filled up for another few months. Today I’ve got a head full of bentonite clay all over my scalp and follicles,… Read more »


This Leo is good on the hair but eye makeup is driving me nuts. I have Scorpio rising so I love vamping up my eyes but the removal is a pain in the ass. I’d rather just not wear any but I know it makes me look tired and non glamorous. Any good removal products or tips? I’m up for a routine change.


Coconut oil?


I do that currently! Maybe it’s the make-up itself that needs to be changed.


Clarins eyemakup remover is pretty good to dissolve “long-lasting” cosmetics as they’re so pigmented and kind of set in place. Ella bache does a gentle cream-based remover. What goes on must come off, I guess.


this is bang on my saturn @2 leo…in my power moons reading mystic says ouch…its been a difficult week but feel like ive cone thru…may dye my hair that grey lilac colour that was trendy…not sure!


Daughter and I attending a concert in 8°F weather. Dressed to the nines in fancy handbag, recycled designer boots and recycled mink* coat…thrifting well…no one needs to know our real income (meh) but wearing amazing duds does make one feel a bit….powerful? Pretty much entire wardrobe is via consignment shops yet holy hannah.the look! Feels great!


What a novel temperature!


Thisnis normal for January in Minnesota. What is not normal is 44° F Jan 5. Usually its -10° F …we has Spring temps during our normal sub zero time. Wonky. Now its “normal” and we are a little more relieved actually.


Yep. Woke to -6°F/-21°C, also in Mpls. The tiny dog is having NONE of this!


No wonder. What a freezing place. I know this state from reading Dylan.
I have had friends go through days of 48°C (120° F). Heat records broken everywhere.

Year of the Phoenix

Ritual! Hair! Got it!


Probably this: “Is it possible that you’ve already done all the work on yourself and that the only missing ingredient is massive confidence?”






Hmmmmm went to my hairdressers to get re blonded and got propositioned. Two birds with one stone here I feel.


I’m all ears !!


Since the haircut?


Haha. I nearly wrote that. Great minds…


I decided to revisit the Friday night Mexican favourite of tacos and I was told it was delicious. What’s a Girl to do with these leftovers tho? Hardly sleep a wink freaking out about some bloke trying to erect a wall around my refrigerator. (Tis true this joke sounds better in my head).

Andy Warhol I do declare my love of that conceptual master. Ultra Violet dying her hair with beetroot juice.

It sure does feel like a Zap Zone only more honest and brazen.

Neptunian Aries

I had forgotten about the full moon eclipse! A whole lot of things change for me at midnight on the 21st, that’s just fantastic! And I went out today and booked my first haircut in more than two years (don’t ask) for Tuesday! Perfect timing! I might be back in flow with the universe!


This Full Moon Eclipse in Leo resonates as you wrote here. I have been bearing up with the bludger flatmate who has not paid rent for 6 weeks and have been doing paperwork to get rid of him. The hardest thing is doing everything by the books but I managed it. Tue 22nd is Tribunal hearing to evict the guy so fingers cross! Not sure confidence helps as I am scared of being disappointed… Will take onboard ur tips


Also had a haircut a few days ago. Was inspired to go back to where I used to go to last back in 2004! and I got a great haircut that I have not had before but it’s one that I realise I have been trying to get it for decades and missed. How weird is that? I thought it is partly I didn’t quite imagine the right look for me and then finally I articulated to the stylist who got me straight away. It took years off me!


Daughter has “gone vivid red” and i was imagining a bob (lame). Making art tomorrow though. Oddly I have just discovered that my husband’s curly silver fox mane, is Leo in my 7th house.

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