Flashback – The Astrology Of Your Past

past astrology

Everyone wants to know about the future or to find about something you want to happen now.  To be completely vulgar about it, many people want to know when they’re going to get laid or get paid. But one of the best ways to understand yourself and learn how you respond to astrological influences is to look at the transits you were experiencing in the past. You get a better grip on how you go with – say – Pluto transits. Or understand the intent of the year things turned screw.

I love this overview of past astrology. I did it for a fantastically intense year in my life, one redolent with significant encounters and life-altering, plot-twisting relationships. Really, I was only doing it to test that everything was working correctly. But got the freshest perspective! I knew that Pluto was on my South Node that year, but there were other factors I had not integrated. Seeing them all together prompted the best aha moment.

So I am thrilled to bring you Flashback past astrology. I hope you like it!  It covers any eight years in your past. Just select your start year and off you go!

If you have any questions, please email assistant@mysticmedusa.com or reach out via the socials.

Image: Jens Langkjaer

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January 16, 2019 1:44 pm

Actually right now seems to be the biggest culmination of all the turning points i have wver struggled through and made it through, imperfectly i thought, but i. Am. Here

Wow. Life events happening in quick succession at present.

A few of you here have witnessed and supported my winding, partly lost path trek. Mystic you have to know how important u are in a soul-traveller’s heart.

January 16, 2019 8:38 am

I think one of the horoscopes told me to look back at winter 2015, when I had Pluto sq. Saturn, a very difficult time for me.

A lot has changed now, but I feel like the sentiments are the same, and I wonder why, because I am not going through any major hardships like I was previously.

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto
Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto
January 16, 2019 1:40 am

I’ve done some of that, and Saturn is almost always signals the big turning points! I’ve heard the saying, “if you take care of Saturn, then it will take care of you.” Very true, but for the painful stuff, it sometimes had more to do with just plain changing something that didn’t work as opposed to changing a bad habit, relationship or behavior. I then read something about Moon families and New Moon cycles on Astrotabletalk. The big changes I often had were in 3-year cycles that didn’t coincide with any planets, but it also made good sense!

January 16, 2019 3:46 am

In my opinion Uranus can be a big player too. In my BC Uranus is not in a good position (square mars) so every time it moves I kinda feel it a lot.

January 17, 2019 1:39 am
Reply to  Mystic

I’m definitely the second type and the few I’ve ordered already have been illuminating to say the least! Love them, thank you Mystic!

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto
Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto
January 16, 2019 2:44 pm
Reply to  MissDee

Uranus were very stimulating and spirited transits!

January 15, 2019 7:14 pm

I was brushing my teeth this morning (not more than 1 hour ago) and thinking: should I be checking my astro passages of 2012-2013 to see if there are any similarities in my next future.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot
January 15, 2019 9:18 am

OMG I feel like this is EXACTLY what I need right now….except…which year to choose???

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