Astrology Flashback Perspective V.s Multi-Year Planning

Astrology Flashback Readings (reassessing your past with contemporary astro-info) and multi-year astro-planning both have value.

I am beyond thrilled with the new consult offerings – they’re my words but automated and so super-fast 48 hours at-the-max turnaround. Robo-Mystic means I can meet demand and keep costs low for people as we zoom into G.F.F.* (a post on that is coming up shortly btw).  In dev: Some funky Love Consults and making these all instant on demand. It is more complicated than you might think, but it is happening.

Your Seven Years Ahead is your transits for – yes – the next seven years, and it is a perfect aid in mission creation. I used mine as the basis to create a Situation Room and draw vast, indecipherable to normal people mind maps on a giant whiteboard. But I have Mars in Virgo, so that’s our version of leisure. Flashback is when you choose a significant 12-month phase of your life – like the year of a divorce or when you moved country – and read up on what was going on to improve understanding. It’s like Astro-Therapy and it also informs your understanding of the present.

Flashback Is LIke Astro-Therapy

Because you can recall so exquisitely what was going on at a certain point, realizing that it was (for example) Pluto Square Your Moon, you get an aha moment. Via Flashback, I better understood my year of wine witching – anything bottle with a goddess or a bird on the label and obsessively listening to Maria Callas. The stream of consciousness severely shit-house poetry. Taking my Love Zombie practice from being an occasional side-hustle to turning pro with it. Crying over Jungian mythology books. It was Neptune Central.

It was also weirdly satisfying to see that I met every single significant person in my life during an Outer Planet aspect exact to the South Node. Flashback is written in the past tense to aid insight.

Astrology Flashback Examples

Neptune Opposition Saturn

Neptune introduced a new chord to your familiar Saturn tune and, consequently, a more harmonious you. It dissolved self-protective barriers, erected long ago for reasons valid at the time. This transit had the feeling of a rigid position on something softening and becoming more fluid. It could have reflected the psychic shift of becoming a parent. Alternatively, you could have slowly developed a spiritually significant relationship. Possibility?  You emerged from a time of stress with a new set of beliefs. 

Pluto Conjunct Neptune

Pluto conjunct Neptune is the classic mid-20s crisis. It was a strip-down of delusions and naivety, which could have felt quite raw until you adjusted. Your super-young adulthood done with and sniffing Saturn Return on the breeze, you integrated some challenging life experiences, replacing flimsy fantasy ideals with hard-won Plutonic authenticity. It could have come with a painful lesson or two about human nature and romance. Or the intersection of your talents/ambitions with a broader economy and society in hyper-flux. You prevailed, of course.

Pluto-Moon Trines Are A Gentle, Yin Catharsis

Pluto Trine Moon

Pluto Trine Moon was the transit that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe’s desert move, a cathartic decision which initiated a spiritual and creative renaissance. This transit was when you were better able to interpret and act upon the language of your psyche. If you desired a new habitat, you were able to exert Pluto-hyped strength of will to attain it.

Both consults are useful in different ways. The weird thing is that it is predominantly Earth and Air signs ordering the Seven Years ahead and Fire + Water signs doing the Astrology Flashback Readings.


*Global Financial Fuqery.

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January 28, 2019 11:33 pm

What a fantastic idea Astrology Flashback is. Especially for someone who has used the conventional therapeutic models and failed to explain various circumstances. Thank you MM for delivering this new insight that I’ve longed for.

Saoirse Kirke
Saoirse Kirke
January 27, 2019 2:49 am

Julian assange’s year looks like other people will be having a very bad year.

Lotus A
Lotus A
January 26, 2019 6:39 pm

I feel like I am wearing magic dancing shoes. Can’t stop. Not dancing but the urge to get shit done like I am going to self combust.

Saoirse Kirke
Saoirse Kirke
January 26, 2019 3:20 pm

That’s so brilliant. I’m noticing the transits coming up are repitions of some things in the past, like this year’s mercury retrograde is the same degrees as the year I was born.

Reviewing the tapes beforehand can help the game plan. Round and around and around we go.

January 26, 2019 7:15 am

It may be Saturn doing somersaults across my chart but I didn’t feel inspired when I saw the Flashback – more like “ew, why?”. I did appreciate the Chiron discount code and got my 7 years ahead because I’ll be damned if my Saturn return in the 12th catches me off guard.

January 26, 2019 5:34 am

Haha so funny. Virgo Sun, Sag Moon, Aqua Rising = GIMME THE FUTURE, the past is dead!!!

January 25, 2019 10:56 pm

I was actually thinking to buy the 7 years ahead. I might be about to do a big “follow your Gemini quadruplet” work change, so my air part does NOT want to know what’s the next 7years ahead. On the other hand I am Virgo rising (with Pluto in the first house, so hello obsession) and Moon in Taurus so my work change is creating “oh no, how about all that external structure I clung to in the past 5 years” kinda anxiety and this parts of my BC would want the 7years ahead report and would actually think of… Read more »

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