Ask Mystic: A New Year House Witchery Question

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Dear Mystic,

This is more of a Feng Shui Bedroom consult, but the astrology and house witchery is super relevant.  I (with my Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon and Aqua Ascendant) live with my partner (a delightful Gemini Sun, Libra Moon).  We live in a spacious 1940s pier-and-beam house, which means it’s elevated with only air and the occasional opossum underneath. There is another roommate who is moving out at the end of the month, and we’re excited to move into his room due to it being the largest in the house.
However, I’ve been on a Feng Shui Bedroom kick as of late, wanting to freshen everything up for the New Year. I’ve got House Witchery on repeat, and I walk around with a cloth drenched in lemon and baking soda solution.  I’ve recently learned our bed directions are all messed up.  In our current configuration, the bed is placed with two sides against the wall, which I have heard ruins communication between partners.  I am perennially tired (which I often blame on the quality of our mattress but could perhaps be an energy issue?) and have been having the wonkiest dreams about crappy relationship situations even though we’re super happy and doing well.  Is it like astral poison or something?  Absolutely awful.
In the new bedroom, we have the choice of placing the bed against the wall, facing an auspicious direction for both of us, or placing it centered (balanced!), facing an inauspicious direction and with an a/c and heating vent right over our chests.  A choice I am obviously agonizing over – do I want my bed properly “balanced” with space on each side (my Libra senses are tingling), or do I prefer not to have gross recirculated air blowing at our upper bodies all night long?
I’m sure you’ve noticed an air situation already – well there’s more!  The bedroom has two doors on opposing sides that face each other, creating what’s essentially an artificial draft – although one of these doors will likely remain closed most of the time.  If we place the bed in any other way than the ones described above, it will be in between these doors.  Our bed is also made of metal bars which are apparently terrible as well.
So all in all, my question is: is there such a thing as too much air? And, is it detrimental to two very very airy people? Should we spend our evenings in the yard with our bare feet planted in soil?
Thank you, as always, for making your house witchery insights so accessible,
Gassed Libra

Dear Gassed Libra,

I love these sorts of questions! I have also asked my fabulous Feng Shui woman to comment on this question. So, yes Air People need Air, and anyone needs a high-quality mattress. Sleep is Saturn In Capricorn Strategy Number One. It is vital and a process that was afforded its deities and temples in ancient days, for a good reason. It is when you clear out or recalibrate your psyche, reboot the brain and manufacture vital hormones and disease-fighters. It’s also when you access realms that you cannot reach in the waking hours. So before you even think about bed placement, upgrade the bed situation!

Elementally, I think that you ideally have the right balance of elements and I would go for whatever provided optimal air flow. I am not sure the ‘auspicious direction’ school of thought is that accurate. Anyone can look up the generic auspicious directions for their Feng Shui online, but that’s like – say – knowing you are a Gemini but nothing else about your birth chart energies at all. The Feng Shui version of this is that you get the Flying Stars for your house/office done and then worry about directions. Sleeping in a good energy Flying-Star wise, on a quality bed is the priority.

It’s financially impractical to stay stop everything, get a new bed, hire a Feng Shui Bedroom person and get your Flying Stars. But ultimately, that’s the optimal solution. And if you’re having shit dreams, don’t stay in that position! Also, as an Aquarius Rising person, you’ve got Uranus blasting toward your Home Zone! So, you likely won’t feel grounded until Uranus gets back into Taurus. And, depending on when Uranus crosses into your fourth house (check it with my transits report, if you don’t know), you’re going to be innovating your power lair like crazy!

Congrats on having such strong House Witchery consciousness!  We are living in geopolitically stressful times with – in many cases – out of touch leadership. We can’t control dystopian societal syndromes but we can (1) do good where we can and spend our $$ wisely. (2) reign over our home domain and turn it into a witched up supportive and tranquil sanctuary. Or if you also work there, a humming along hive of 21st Century health and industry. Both?

What does everyone else think? And who’s got Kondo Fever? I am already an extreme minimalist but I find her super inspirational. She is Libra: Sun conjunct Mercury!


Image: Atelier Aveus

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Kim S

Hi Gassed Libra and Mystic
If you are inclined to Kondo your life a supplement to this would be reading Bet Kempton Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for perfectly imperfect life. Also on instagram and her blog dowhatyoulove cheers


Was interested in inspiring tips for further streamlining my life but i just could not get any further than p1 of the blog stuff to explore a bit (none of the page forward buttons worked) so…maybe the site itself needs a good refresh and cleanse on the basic functional tech 🙁 Mars in Cap says, sorry, next!

Carolyn McCallum

Love the question and Mystic as always has come up with some great advice. Big Yes to the energy you sleep in within your bedroom is so much more important than the direction you sleep. I tell clients that sleeping with your head pointing in one of your 4 favourable directions is like the icing on the cake but the energy you sleep in is the cake itself and so much more important. The other issues for couples, is often you have different favourable directions. For instance one of you could belong to the East group of people whose favourable… Read more »


Love your insights, thank you!


Super tired and wonky dreams is usually Neptune. Maybe due to the current Jupiter Neptune square, maybe some Neptune transit in the natal chart.


My Mr Libra has gone full Kondo. I love it!


Bed against the wall in the new room sounds like it’s gonna be your jam!! But what’s the issue with a metal bed? Have had one for nearly 10 years … It may actually be time for a new one, but have never really had bad sleep on it. (I got a plush new mattress about 2 years ago).


Spit polished/house witched the farm cottage. Left the BIG huntsman to keep an eye (or many) on the place.


I would go with the “auspicious” postion you described, or the good mutual air flow thing, that seemed to the description after that. Without pictures or directions for us to go off of, I would also recommend you go with the your gut instinct on this. In your very own description, you seem to prefer one direction to another, but feel guilty about it’s placement due to feng shui. You do you.


Great question! Libra rising and Gemini everything else here. Hi, I am big on changing pillows every year: – go for the natural fiber, like bamboo (not feathers, or wool – you dont know how they got there) It sounds to me your circadian rhythm is out: – switch off your Wi-fi at night – remove phones, laptops, etc from the bedroom (charge them in other room) – buy an old fashioned clock for alarm Someone suggested to check iron levels. I would go for a full check up with a naturopath to see deficiencies. However Epsom salt baths are… Read more »

Della c C

hiya, maybe they could move the bed into the middle of the current bedroom, away from the wall – and simply move all the bedroom furniture into the new room. Have 2 bedrooms, one for simply bed activities with only a fab new bed (make your own bedhead with recycled/natural items/totems) and then the 2nd bedroom (with bedroom furniture and perhaps comfy chaise or day bed) can be for reading, lounging, dressing, cocktails, being fabulous?


Really love my natural rubber latex mattress!!!!!


Dear Bliss Witch, may I enquire on which one you purchased? I’m currently shopping around for one..


Everyone I know has Kondo Fever… I’ve got so much stuff to get rid of!


Yes to the Kondo love – I haven’t done the full dump everything of one kind in one room method she uses but I’ve been steadily decluttering for over two years now (was feeling pretty good on my own and then moved in with my boyfriend and had to do it again amidst settling in together, then inherited my dad’s stuff and had to sort through his stuff all summer before returning to my own stuff) and it’s so worth the effort, my paper situation is not scary, I know where my important documents all are, my closet is mostly… Read more »

Unicorn Sparkles

Get rid of metal bed
Don’t sleep under the yuck air blowing thing
Check your iron levels.

And full Respect for the Kondo feng fabulousness


Oh yes, me too! i have to say, sleeping on metal was never very practical for me.. but sleeping on a wood frame was much more supporting and grounding generally. Having a good mattress is absolutely essential and turning it, a really good way to even out any imbalances. Natural fibres too are so, so important. Once you feel the change, its hard to ever go back. Don’t forget to clear (sage or, whatever you choose to cleanse with) any new items that come in and thank the items that go out. Good grace is also good kharma 😉 Good… Read more »


me too with the Kondo fever. such a great awareness to feel what energy each object has, whether to keep or let go. Currently doing another clean-out/purge that has been ongoing for the 6 years that we have been living in this small house…And the house now feels really good but I was shifting things to my studio, so these holiday I have put my whole attention toward sorting/organising/releasing all my creative stuff. There are paintings, fabrics, beads miniatures, vintage collections etc etc It can feel quite heavy so I am doing it slowly, in the patient company of the… Read more »

Redlipstick Virgo

Yes have Kondo fever – have always been very observant about what I own and ruthless at getting rid of things for many years. BUT … what started as fixing up T-shirt active wear and underwear drawer became epic hour long folding and origamsing of whole bedroom, make up, accessories, book shelves etc. Now it all looks amazing and feels even better than before. Did this the day before the eclipse – so powerful.

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