Power Moons Are Here

Power Moons is now live & available as a fast turnaround (48 Hours) PDF of your personalized (done off your individual birth chart) most vital lunar vibe.

It’s like the Power Moons in the 2018 Year Ahead books but with the New & Full Moons for the year ahead shown as they fall in your birth chart and their time in your current location.

And, Power Moons will also tell you if a New or Full Moon is conjunct an important point in your chart.

They’re $22 AUD/$16 USD.

Go here for more info or to get one! 

And, there will be no 2019 books but instead, there will be 2019 Year Ahead Reports, with the same fast-turnaround as Power Moons + Astral DNA.

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Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Oh my God, this is so spot on. According to your reading Mystic the lead up to this full moon bodes well for messages from Ancestors. Well as I awoke today I was visited by my dear, sweet , beautiful Auntie Rosie. my dad’s sister. As I was laying on my pillow I felt like I was nestled on her soft belly. She is encouraging me to write and imbibing me with the rich feelings I had with her back in the day. She lived far away, I saw her maybe once a year if I was lucky. But when… Read more »

Redlipstick VirgoMM Member
Redlipstick Virgo

This is amazing – love it!


I utterly ADORE this idea and can’t wait to receive this!!! as a practicing witch, knowing the energetics of each moon is crucial, and to have each personalized like this, 2019 is going to be an awesome year for magick!! i can’t thank you enough for this amazing idea!!!

AriesPiscesLibraMM Member

side note, I went to the Oracle tonight and asked what my next move should be: “Something ambitious fuelled by a surreal lust-crush scenario.”
Guess who’s going to a Surrealist Ball this weekend with a lady friend crush?

SoVeryGeminiMM Member

This is sooo great! Got one for myself and the spouse — I now feel 110% more equipped to plan and tackle 2019 like a boss.

tw:leoMM Member

power moons is fuqing rad!! thank you, mystic! xoxo

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love love love power moons! The best!


Love! As a moon ruled chart (Crab rising), seems like this would be vital for me! Aside: WHY is this the worst Mercury retrograde ever?! I know it’s over on Thursday, but every minute and every aspect of last week and this week so far has been excruciatingly EFFED up! I also have NO patience, and everything has been moving slow as molasses. Please tell me it will get better after Thursday and not stay like this through the shadow zone.. 🙁

amazonalisonMM Member

Wildly brilliant, as per usual! I love how practical it is!!!

galadarlingMM Member

Year Ahead reports? You’re a fucking BOSS.

elizmalcMM Member

Mine arrived quickly – it’s super and starts with Friday’s New Moon. It’s incredibly helpful already. I especially love the practical magic advice for working with each moon, and how I can see ways to build from one moon to another. Also love that it clearly reminds me what houses the moons hit – for example, although Cancer rules my 7th, the full moon in Cancer 12/22 hits my 6th. Glad to have that on my radar! Thank you thank you Mystic – this is a great tool!

MissDeeMM Member

I am so buying both these and the Yearly personal scopes as soon as Mercury Retro is out of shade.

SojMM Member

Might need this. Whatever is zinging right now is making me sleepless….no more caffeine than usual today and I’m still buzzing. Could be after effects of radical candour at work today.

SMM Member

I’m the same. Nervous optimism or is it shit scared for my appointment tomorrow? Either way I’m relieved it’s an easing up and a new focus. Decluttering and purging unnecessary or suddenly very relevant paper I need to action ASAP. Yes, I’m looking forward to getting this as an option to help me cope with my future direction.

emgMM Member

Oh god me too ! Just antsy and can’t settle. Sleep two hours wake, Toss turn read then another hour sleep then wake. It’s driving me nuts.

SMM Member

Actually I’m also Dr Chiron physically churn unwell too. Oh the blessings of being female and an empathetic soul in my currently location. Bring on Friday so I can feel better.

SojMM Member

I hope your appointment went well. After the non-sleep Wednesday night, last night I slept solidly from 9-5.30! I feel a bit wrung out but still buzzing. Work has ramped up another notch. I’ve gone from existential crisis, old insecurities pinging to confident (I hope not strident!) speaking up about ridiculous work practices and culture. Underlying this I feel some female hormonal issues also. I really need to housewitch my body right now.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Power to you for embarking on outing work culture. It’s the right climate to do so. You are very brave.

SMM Member

Chiron is still in play and it’s taking it’s time. I’ll take a recalibrated mind, body and spirit, thank you Doctor.
For me it’s like getting high on your own hormonal variations and then the collective synthetic location. It’s no wonder I’m reaching for anti nausea medication, ginger, a banana or no wait it’s something shiny no it’s just Saturn.

SMM Member

Best wishes with this launch MM. There is a little correction “or” as it vibes cool New Order Full Moon. I love a typo but I know your Virgo Moon.

SMM Member

Thank you for correcting the “or” MM.
My bad it’s Virgo Mars not Moon.

I’m so glad to have followed your weekly section in The Weekend Aussie and then to here. Every so often I still grab a copy just to get that tactile ink experience going again. While I will miss getting my Year Ahead through Target, knowing you have this Moon option available is so amazing. My goal is to book one on Friday (Dr Chiron permitting).

SMM Member

I’ve ordered both Astral DNA and Power Moons – considering I’ve heard some massive health news about my beloved Aunt. Would appear Dr Chiron is very much in play. I need this to help me through this period of time and into 2019.

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