No Ordinary New Moon In Sagittarius

Why is this New Moon In Sagittarius so strange? Blame it on astrophysics, Dark Matter and the recent Mercury Retrograde.

There are Mercury Retrogrades that slow things down, and there are Mercury Retrogrades that catalyze progress.

This most recent bit of tricky mercurial business has been the latter.  The last three weeks have felt like non-stop fixing things and then having to fix the fix. Or sudden recognition of the limits of a person/ paradigm via some truly surreal batshit scenarios.

As stress-inducing as it has been, the vibe is so Mutable that changes you’d never otherwise have made are getting made, at Warp Speed and with dazzling conviction.

It’s all climaxed these last 24 hours: Mercury turned Direct on the Dark Moon right before the New Moon. And it’s no ordinary New Moon. It is conjunct the Great Attractor, square Mars in a shamanic warrior hook-up with Neptune and aligned with asteroid Circe – the Sorceress.

Who knew you could have such expanded consciousness while doing basic task-wrangling?  The Mars-Neptune alignment is still happening; perfecting over the weekend and inspiring lucid awareness. The streetscape and general ambiance will be of cinematic or theatrical intensity. People who don’t know what’s up will be far more inclined to conjure up fibs, lapse back into addiction or try to advance a delusional seductive agenda.

But it is not the energy to fuq with. It’s Quintessence; the fabled 5th Element of the Ancients. Scientists know it as Dark Matter.  And it’s powering this New Moon in Sagittarius.



Image: Tom Adams 

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Wish Upon a Star

Feeling great today. I learnt a lesson from my past healing. Just rise above the fray.


my instinct is telling me soumething I really am too fearful to do. I imigain that is quite synonymous with this vibe? its not a great feeling. I know I will be too scared and miss opportunities


Speaking of saggitarius. Out of curiosity I did a composite midpoint chart with a… friend of mine. The chart is a perfect kite, there is no planet outside the kite. It’s an air trine with a mars-neptune-north node conjunction in Sadge on my descendant and his Venus. The composite chart – although I don’t know if midpoints really make sense as an energy? E.g. how would our venuses in Sadge and Aries become Venus in aqua, from a vibe perspective? Etc – anyway, there are conjunctions to our nodes and mars/Venus all over the chart. Fun to think about. Irl… Read more »


About twenty minutes ago I was sent the business card of a pitch writer with a meeting set for tomorrow morning. It’s coming from ether. I’m moving with it, no time for questions. I just know everything I need is within me or picked up along the journey.
Also, my car hasn’t been working for the past week, which has seriously disrupted/stalled life.


“People who don’t know what’s up will be far more inclined to conjure up fibs, lapse back into addiction or try to advance a delusional seductive agenda.”

Bang on. The texts from Old Bitch Judge Virgo (as opposed to Drunk Virgo) are pitching woo par excellence. (Hint: He broke up with me two Saturdays ago).


Totally feeling it. The universe is aligning my weekend as a catalyst for progress.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh boy, massive healing grieving dream last night thanks to reading a past post about someone’s Pluto experience. Stuck grief in a neck vertebrae fracturing like a rock and beginning to come out, silently crying through smaller rocks but enough through my throat. Me before a major trauma. Depressed but very strong on gut instincts. I was at a work place that frankly was beneath me. But in the dream I was so appreciative of the person I was pre trauma. So steady, so intuitive. Intense powerful feelings I had, so much richness of emotion. When I was that person… Read more »


Lovely lovely dream. <3 It's such a gift when we have a moment to love our former selves, to see our beauty and vulnerability.

Wish Upon a Star

Yes the moment in the dream was magical and compassionate. Last night another dream with crying that flowed better. I was feeling irritated in a shopping mall. I went to Medicare and was sitting behind a lady at the counter with red hair. her bub on on the counter term. And a toddler holding her hand. The sales assistant was chirpy and said “so you have Cancer and asked the toddler like isn’t that great”, the toddler smiled like yes. But the toddler was an old soul and understood everything profoundly. The mother was beaming, her red her was significant… Read more »


Oh yes yes yes!! I’ve had to ring the Ombudsman twice in the last few weeks to sort out two seperate crazy incidents and put my foot down so as not to get totally taken for a ride! One of these incidents has been ongoing for 2 years! Such a relief to finally have it resolved. And it freed up the energy to set me on track for projects I’ve been wanting to get off the ground for several years too. I’m feeling the flow starting to move in a big way! Just in time for my solar return next… Read more »


It has been total chaos, really crazy-making….the last week of the Merc retro and intensifying right up until the new moon. New moon happened in my 6th, and Merc forward will be going through my 6th, along with Jupiter already being there, so I hope this brings me a good job, finally! Mars and Neptune together in Pisces, close to my natal Mars in Pisces conjunct MC……I feel like I should be worried about something with this, but what is it? Everything feels and IS very, VERY, unsettled, uneasy….feels awful.


Everything is breaking down dishwashers, pool pump, wi-fi, electricity keeps going out due to storms, sm not working everything that was fine no longer is. Stressful is an understatement.
When do we expect this to change? I hope soon!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

It is totes magical. So many people I know are having the same insights.


Yes! Totally loving it.


You would think after Mercury turned direct and the New Moon things would get better… but they’ve mainly gotten worse


I have been struggling with an infection in an awkward place in my posterior for the last five weeks and so frustrated that I cant exercise, dance or see my lover.. It’s like I am forced to process.
So I don’t know if its the cycle but am making plans to be free (husband) and find a way to live alone without losing my home is my big dream at the moment.. Love to know why this infection is so persistent.

Anyway this fish Sag rising is hanging to be free at the moment.


Sometimes we try to pursue the big new life, before or without clearing the way first (of the old) properly, so the new can flourish. Sag rising can be prone to seeing the bright new horizon and making a run for it, without taking or using that all important pause first, doing the de-constructing of the old, in order to lay the right new foundation, without being tripped up later.. Good ol’ Louise says infections are irritation, anger and annoyance… & well, it sounds like you already know that, given your whole situation seems to be a pain in your… Read more »


Thanks.. This is actually really helpful and yes it’s me..

Wish Upon a Star

The infection thing is right on. I had a weird left ear infection that felt like it was making my brain crazy. I caught it in the sea. Needed antibiotics and drops to clear.

Now realised it was symbolising my verbally abusive neighbor. My intuitive left ear was absorbing his crap and I thought I was indeed crazy (this is the past).

I must remedy this fuqwit with some clean legal action.

Thanks for your advice SI, yes we do need to clear the old before bringing in the big new.


Oh gawd this has been beyond stressy. I’m great with change I’m great with juggling, I’m almost superhuman withsituations that floor most folk but this has been beyond and has nearly floored me. I think it’s due to the fact that everything is on the brink of tumbling into my tomorrow after being utterly stuck for 12 years It’s almost like the prisoner who nearly upon release loses it and does something daft. It has to happen, it really has to happen and I’m almost scared most about ‘what if it doesn’t ?’ I’m still waiting for the offer on… Read more »


Oh and there’s the matter of the operations on both eyes ! Question for everyone, the first eye is due to be done absolutely bang on to the minute when mars conjuncts my asc ??? Which is sandwiched between Chiron on my Chiron in my first and Neptune in the last few degrees of my 12th with the sun at my MC and moon on my NN ?!?!?


Def grain of salt with this, but afaik mars is also associated with ‘cutting’. Chiron is deep healing of sorts, and Neptune, cosmically speaking, might be associated with “vision” … sun on MC, ‘being seen’ … maybe this operation will have a more profound affect & effect (moon / node) than it seems on paper? Moon … a change in your relationship with your anima? it is also an illumination of sorts, like the sun but different. Are you Cancerian? Maybe this process harbours a very real return to You-ness.


I’m a massive cancer yes. It’s bizarre as I fractured my skull with mars Bang on my asc with Uranus mind you! This was March 2011
It just seems a lot of angles and quite dynamic planets involved

Wish Upon a Star

For me this new moon is very serious, at first I thought it would knock me over, but at the last straw it abated, and my resolve and courage was fortified. Strange financial things were happening which at the time was stressful to the point where I thought I didn’t have enough money to eat. But it was a blessing in disguise, forced me to have smaller food portions and make better choices. I am losing weight and I feel happier. I was forced to change my approach to food. This never would have happened otherwise, my bad eating habits… Read more »


I did try to watch the same movie. As my half brother used to deliver food to the cast and crew during filming in FNQ. I ended up crying out this late afternoon and evening it was a necessary release. After reconnected with family and I was hit with further family crisis information. So glad I gave what I gave to the family unit and left. It was distress tolerance, disassociate self awareness of the highest order. I’ve come along way and to know that this is where I stay is safe to a point. I physically can’t run away… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Yes give yourself a lot of credit. You are indeed very self aware. This quality is vital in moving forward.

Thanks for your kind wishes.

I wish you the best with love. x


Thank you and wishing you all the very best too.


Being a Taurus the GA and my Sun/NN are inconjunct. I learn something new from this blog everyday.

Robin Angel Wolf

data, systems, workflows, spreadsheets, gamification, resurfaced gems of my own creation. Compiling dream data into a Google doc as blog material. This Aries with Leo rising is READY for Mars Direct.

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