Jupiter Square Neptune Is Coming

Jupiter square Neptune inspires genius and slippery people. It’s scatty, surreal and psychic. Avoid the ghosts and con-artists and you’ll thrive. It’s the super-Mutable and scatty but highly adaptive counterpoint to the other big theme of 2019; the new Earth Era.

If the words ‘square Neptune’ almost brings you out in hives, it’s probably post-Saturn-square-Neptune syndrome. Do you recall the delusion smashing festival of late 2014 until December 2017? Compose yourself. Jupiter squares are not like the austere winds of Saturn.

Jupiter Square Neptune Means Pisceans And Sagittarians Are Plotting Something Rad

They amplify Neptune Vibe. Sagittarius and Pisces people are already plotting something. Just ask one of them and watch the sly smile spread across their face. Everyone is restless at the moment, but the Mutables are nearly unhinged because of it.

Anyway, the Neptune Vibe being so amped means that decadent escapist thrills to avoid dystopian news flows, art, and compassionate causes are all In. Think also: Love Zombie as a legit lifestyle and fashion trend. Not ever having to develop ‘the thing’ into any sort of a ‘real’ relationship will become the point, not an unfortunate side effect.

Seriously, if you did the hard grind embracing reality and looking at your part in delusional or addictive behavior patterns over that interminable Saturn-Neptune square, you’re good with Jupiter square Neptune.

Possibility: Love Zombie As A Legit Lifestyle And Fashion Trend

Also, to answer an FAQ: the 2019 Year ahead are done off your personal birth chart, so they are not a horoscope or talking about next year’s ‘cosmic weather’, like this Jupiter Neptune square. But if, for example, Jupiter was on your Venus or opposing your natal Saturn, that would be covered.

This year’s Xmas treat is a Mercury-Neptune square. It’s going to be brilliant for (1) deranged political arguments, (2) excess in eating, getting out of it and recreational astral traveling during conversations with people you do not normally spend much one-on-one time with, (3) creating your own meaningful Christmas ritual and (4) precognitively picking up on the upcoming Jupiter square Neptune energy.


Image: Hugh Lippe 

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Profound ( for me ) realization moment today. I started thinking of myself as a love zombie, almost in the same way I took on a psychiatrist diagnosis, and took the never ending “you’re too sensitive badge. I have loved in a deep and profound way. I have given of myself, not myself, I have felt betrayal when in open relationships because the freedom I offered was too much and they snuck around anyway, I have felt shame because I DIDN’T hook up with a married man who said he loved me in return so his marriage and children would… Read more »


Any shame I carried was letting others revise my truth. That’s over. I release it all back from whence it came.


Feel as though I’ve underestimated the importance of Neptune- despite having been the poster girl for Saturn square Neptune or whatever the Neptune transit was between late 2014 and late 2017. Have Neptune conjunct Sun and conjunct Pallas (yes.. back away slowly) but always thought I should be more wary (as a Scorp) of Pluto transits.


So Mystic, what happens to the folks that DIDN’T do the hard yards and face the gritty reality of the vicious Saturn-Neptune square? I learned lots of big lessons and upped my game, but there are some that continue to behave in the same way despite the pummelling. Does Jupiter just turn the volume up on all of it or does it take on another twist?


Uranus sq. North node making me anxious…


Jupiter’s parked in my 10th house all year long – do we really need a hazy Neptunian vibe to go along with it? I want success now! 🙂


Some body dyed my coat chartreuse of all the colours they could have chosen.is this what Jupiter squared Neptune does to colours? We know that coat can’t be anything but cream. Alas this squaring is annoying my inherent jovianousity. Shall throw the coins, imagine i’m walking on a Chinese wall, see what the lines say if any and then probably take no notice…lol. Actually involves knowing how to phrase the question, that’s the key, then loads of conzentration on the answer and bring it to the 21st century. Turning Buddhist at Christmas time is my way of ignoring.. Vibe me… Read more »


THAT Saturn square Neptune time-line relates exactly to the diagnosis and management, within and without, of a chronic condition for me. I did the work, I broke my heart a hundred times fighting it but I am so happy to say, I did it. I can see my wrists, brush my hair and I am let go of the ego that says I must clean everything myself by the hiring of someone else to help me. Not as easy as it sounds, especially when I look back and remember I could do less than any of that during those years… Read more »


I’m well aware Neptune moves at a snail’s pace, and it’s been heightened since I occasionally check to see if my Neptune square Neptune is still going on. The answer is yes every time. I can palpably feel Jupiter getting closer. Gas + fire. Boom goes my moon. As far as rituals go, I highly recommend a morning hike on every holiday as well as saying ‘no’ to anything you can’t fit on your soul spoon. Some days you have a ladle and others you have a teaspoon. Work with what you have available and don’t offer explanations. It’s your… Read more »


Sometimes the ladle is a fork

Wish Upon a Star

Sometimes the fork is a needle, the pointy end.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I FORGED A RING with the Neptune and Saturn glyphs to get through the grind of 2014-17!

Can’t wait for this! It’s going to be totes rad, creative and lucky I CAN JUST FEELZ IT.


You forged a ring? How very Saturnian of you. Never thought of gettin’ a ring-y metal thing to protect from / ally to Saturn. I just wish Jup/Nept square was more romantic and good.


So it appears that Merc sq Nep will give me an insight into Jup sq Nep which will denoueify the Sat sq Nep from 14-17. I think I get it. I think I’m hopeful. Esp as Nep is yawing away from it’s opposition to my Venus

Crystallised future

Hmmfff. I thought Jupiter squaring my 7 planets in Pisces (8th house) and Virgo (2nd house) would be stirring up a hornets nest and it’s already started. When Pluto and Saturn were squaring these, the best and the worst of everything came to the fore – work, money, love, lust, personality power struggles, ego, friends – the whole lot underwent a changing of the guards. Neptune has been busily blowing up all that I know since 2015 and it’s continuing there! Well Jupiter as always bigs it up and I’m terrified and excited at the same time. I’ve been diagnosed… Read more »


Thank you for sharing your story. I can say that we share similar experiences as in the battles with agencies to fight for our rights and to feel heard and understood. I’ve had to fight for every step forward and my physical and psychological health has been compromised along the way. My diagnosis was acute 9 years ago, I now have chronic or complex PTSD and other physical health concerns. I’m learning to cope all the time with these conditions and my limitations. I do understand the idea of craving peace and a sense of stability in the day to… Read more »


oh gawd do I hear you. All the fights and the battle. I wish you so well with your treatment and here’s to all this settling into a wonderful new life filled with genuine interest and joy.


Like I need more excuses to overeat this Christmas! Oh gods.
Is Neptune-square-Jupiter actually better/worse /stronger/whatever for those who have the same natal square?


Over eat???? Over Eat???? All I can say is pass the chocolates!


Boss has Jupiter square Neptune. Ugh. I ask direct questions (Venus aries cap moon) and he answers in a riddle (libra mercury mars), with some patronising bullshit thrown in. There are a few things starting to stink around here.


Thank you Mystic for putting the brakes on me entertaining the idea of “The Pickle Part 2”. After a day in BrisVegas, its only natural for me to wonder considering the pedigree ex-navy guy former co-Worker. While he is not the man that stalked me for 5 years he did return this year via Facebook chitchat. The issue is he was still caught up in that one night. Astrologically placing The Pickle a Libran and that’s some kinda North Node action, this moment was written about by my ex- Aries cycle boyfriend on full moon loaded Saturnalia. What both failed… Read more »

dark star

Plotting? Who me

dark star

acc to report this is going to square my Neptuned sun moon. Will I turn into peak shirtless Elton John glitter and rose colored glasses? Channel Billy Joel flipping Yamaha mid stage USSR rant? Open up a midwestern mushroom powder emporium? Stay tuned


I can’t wait to see! xoxo

Love Merkuri

My Capricorn Moon keeps me from becoming too unhinged…in public. At home, while different story. I do have big secret hopes for 2019, but keeping those to myself, don’t want anyone to poo poo over my plans/goals/ideas or steal them like they always have in the past.


Well I can hope my Cap Moon stops me from becoming too unhinged…retailers, doctors appointments and trying to access essential services.

Love Merkuri

Be unhinged later after all your appointments lol


I’m feeling more unhinged by the second, something has got to give. It’s tough hanging in there sometimes.


“Sagittarius and Pisces people are already plotting something. Just ask one of them and watch the sly smile spread across their face.”

Burst out laughing because of this… Sun & Moon in Pisces and Sagittarius Rising and I MOST certainly am plotting something!


Pisces rising with Saturn Chiron conj all in the final four degrees! Plotting ha! I have burned the bridges, I have stuck a finger in the air at so many and I am marching off with a hankie on a stick. Oh hang on there goes the fool again! Driven to do it. Can’t not and am willing to do practically anything. Sly smile? Errrrr more like an hysterical cackle !!


Lmao this is hitting my mutable Venus, I wonder how I will ever get any work done in 2019?!?!


Well, the entire last paragraph sounds like an even worse and more despairing Christmas than I was expecting, terrific.


Another unhinged mutable…
Restless doesn’t cover it…
Walking the house at night like in Zen meditation
Can’t concentrate to read
Can’t stand loud noise
Had so many baths I squish when I walk!
Roll on 2019


you too? I have been wanting to bath. Showers do not cut it. I need to be in a deep warm bath. With Salt


My meaningful Christmas ritual will be inviting friends who are flying solo, to a Christmas lunch drinks thing. Why not bring a group of strangers together for festive times, crates of bubbly, and sunshine? Sadge descendant and Jupiter in Taurus 11th house At Yr Service kthx #corecompetency


The “but the Mutables are nearly unhinged because of it” had me going all A-HA!. I don’t know if it’s the Sun/Chiron/Uranus aspect coming up soon or this actual square, but I am tired and emotional and – yes – kinda indulging on my crush for the younger colleague that I thought I had under control or better left behind. It’s not gonna go anywhere but it has that tad of LZ I would really love to avoid. Saturn has just entered my 5th house though, so I am pretty sure nothing is going to happen but yesterday I was… Read more »


I second this almost to the specifics. I’m just so tired of the loneliness.


unhinged mutable here, delving into speaking with the ancestors so i can move forward more coherently. last night’s dreamscape was a robert altman style introduction to several facets of the ancestor story–inspired child education, horse betting, baking, journaling and multicolored succulents.

and yes, saturn vs neptune WAS a hard grind. thank you very much.


Unhinged mutable here too.

Saturn sq Neptune was an Absolute F*qing Shocker. I had some serious towers that needed tearing down! Thank you very much indeed. I’m glad it’s over. I like the results but the journey was HIDEOUS!


I’m glad you made it through. Fist bump! High five! or any other preferred method of sharing acknowledgment!!


The paragraph that.begins “Actually to be serious for a moment” says Jupiter square Saturn when it should say Jupiter square Neptune


Give it a ticket MM lol

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