Hermetic Holiday Mystic

Happy Saturnalia!  This is just a quick post to affirm that the next Daily Mystic email will be sent on January 3.

Meanwhile, the Horoscopes are happening, you can get an instant Tarot reading or consult the Oracle, download the Uranus in Taurus Re-Grounding Hypno-Beats or pop in an order for Astral DNA/Power Moons/2019 Year Ahead consults.

It’s a mystical Xmas-Saturnalia: layered with insight and spiritual intrigue. Mercury is square Shamanic Neptune and Warrior Mars moving toward Quantum-Healer Chiron.  It feels Hermetic. Contemplate that if you’re not in the mood for more tinsel, food and to explain your life to people.


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magnoliaMM Member

I’’ve been bunckered down since Boxing Day..couldn’t wait to be alone…..

SMM Member

I sure do love that cat paw image.

magnoliaMM Member

Same same…just awesome

SMM Member

It was particularly impressed as I’d written something on Thursday about my life from 9 years ago: “What will be said to me is not scripted, it is an evolutionary tale. Each one is unique and complex or quick like a cat.”

JacquiMM Member

As always your writing leads me down a merry path. Hermetic>golden dawn>book depository>wiki>MM>Eleanor of Aquitaine>wiki>Google movies>YouTube trailer the Lion in winter>MM>Lilith in Libra bitchez(auto correct wanted Lolita)>astrodienst my transit chart -lilith in 2nd Pisces >Artist Rebecca Yanovskaya…Husband asks, “are you on your ph again? What are you doing?” “Reading!” 😉
ps when are they remaking a girl power/Eleanor movie?

GeminianMM Member

Thank you for all your insights and guidance. Stay rad. Here’s to the Earth energy incoming. My garden is booming right now and I feel as though I could become one with the plants and dirt––I even dream of plants and nature and burying myself in the ground. Anyone else experiencing this? Have not felt this level of spiritual connection for a long time. 🙂


I’m having a hermetically hidden hermit hiveaway in the hills of Hermione.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Wow, I.just read about the Golden Dawn.

It has really piqued my interest and has brought together many concepts I like.

As above so below.

There is a lot of reading material that will help me.

Thanks Mystic you are a marvel.

Scorpio_RisingMM Member

Happy Holidaze everyone!

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

I love the pic. Who is the cheeky soxy?
Are they lollies in the bowl?

Thank you mystic for your wisdom, it has helped me through hard times and is preparing me for an optimistic future.

And all you like minded souls: thanks for your comradarie.

Happy New Year!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I feel the radness. Thankyou for another year of amazingness!!

SojMM Member

Thank you for your insight and wisdom again this year and to everyone in this wonderful community. I always find guidance and inspiration.


Happy is Good , Merry yes

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