Grand Water Trine Reading Is Not Like The Others


Got my Grand Water Trine reading sorted!

So apt.  This mystery tour is why the Horoscopes have had a more surreal tone to them of late.

Also, fast turnaround, personal birth chart 2019 Transit readings are going up soon!  They are legit the best thing I have ever offered on here. I think Jupiter trine my Mercury is working.

You will be able to find them here or add yourself to this list if you would like to be notified the moment they are up.

Like Astral DNA and Power Moons, they will be 48 hours turnaround and cost $22AUD/about $18USD.

And, you may have noticed a bit slow of late – apologies. Tarik and I have been changing the members’ system so that if you update your email in your member dashboard, it automatically and instantly updates in the Daily Mystic list. It sounds really simple and easy but, as anyone in digital will understand, it can be tricky to integrate for various tech reasons.

Finally, soon Gift Cards will be available. They’ll be for any $, go forever (no expiry) and most brilliantly, be able to be set for whatever date you want them sent on. So you could technically order one for a Virgo birthday and be able to tick that off your list.

So, back to the beautiful Grand Water Trine (please re-read your Monthly Horoscopes if you have honestly no idea of what I am on about) – what are you drawn to read, watch or listen to during it?

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davidlMM Member

Sat with friends all night playing all the No. 1 hits of the 80s. Songs are like scents, they can time travel you back to events, emotions, people that you’d forgotten. The interesting thing is how you forget the details of the people and events but you remember nearly all the words to pop songs you may not of heard for 20 years ?
Quick Quiz.
Michael Jackson had 9 no.1s in the 80s top 100. Who was second with 4 ?

dark starMM Member
dark star

The purple one, or Madonna? Or u2

davidlMM Member

Thanks for taking the quiz. Though It was a rhetorical quiz ? I gave you the answer. George Michael ?
The link takes you to George at 21 with Wham. It’s a pop song written for 14 year old girls, but if you look deeper into George’s eyes you’ll notice that he’s a man now and he’s been hurt deeply.,
I’m in an early 80s memory warp right now, Thats the only excuse I have 😉

dark starMM Member
dark star

Hahah. But I wanted to guess! No peeking. It was before my time but nothing wrong with a little George Michael

SMM Member

I had guessed Madonna. Actually that was more wishful thinking on my part.

I have now click on the link and seen the second song listed “Last Christmas” – now that song is a retail festive nightmare.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good pop tune but that song is some kinda torture for me. I recently left a Sephora store because they were playing NSYNC…Bye Bye indeed.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra
Song : Djelem Djelem on you tube

Feels like another life.

GwendolynMM Member

I’m reading

Meeting the madwoman
Empowering the feminine spirit
Breaking through fear and destructive patterns to a balanced and creative life

By Linda Schierse Leonard

The madwoman (old bag lady in my case ) was my first spirit guide I met.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Hi Gwendolyn,

Whenever I want to meet the madwoman I just look in the mirror. Being normal is so overrated. It’s all about wasting energy on placating people. Better to channel that energy into something you want.

There is so much freedom and creativity in madness.

Thanks for the reference book, good timing.

GwendolynMM Member

Thank you “wish”
I agree
Patriarchy and psychiatry (not Jungian) have a lot to mansplain about the treatment of our potential Shamans!

Love your rawness Sister
I am now a crone and embrace my madness with a gleeful cackle lol

emgMM Member

I’m beginning to understand this more as I hit my hag phase.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Hey they don’t teach us these things in school.

I’m lucky that I had an open.minded and slightly eccentric Aquarius mum with a Cap moon for stability.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Gwendolyn.

Go Well. x


Grand water trine… I’ve been drawn back to playing guitar after I put it down for the better part of the last couple years. I’ve got Crab rising, Moon and Mars, MC and Chiron in Pisces, and Neptune in Scorp, as well as most asteroids, and an 8th house Sun, so I’ve got the Water covered, natally. Right now, transiting Mars and Neptune are on my natal Mars/MC conjunction. I was a dancer growing up and music has always been important and intrinsic to me. I’ve been getting back in touch with my own creativity as a way to heal… Read more »

flashfireMM Member

Reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, listening to Circe by Madeline Miller as read by Perdita Weeks who has this darkling voice that slinks and sulks around your ear whorls in the most seductive way. Loving both. Have also become addicted to the song I Would Hurt a Fly { Built to Spill ) and have been playing it on repeat. Also Metal Guru by T.Rex. Feeling ultra drifty these days and having a hard time staying present. I blame Sagittarian/Pisces mutability which is batting me hither and yon. Wouldn’t mind so much as this is my… Read more »

ponycatMM Member

Been reading a book on the artist Francis Bacon by John Russell (after thinking about “bacon” for days) and it’s brought about some fascinating ideas and pinging off all kinds of self-guided research paths. Actually, it’s kinda like Bacon himself is the guide and I’m just opening the doors he brings me to.

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

I came here crawling to say, Pluto moved out of my fourth house.


Pluto is out.

(I typed this with nubbed singed fingers, will resubscribe when I’m not a burnt marshmallow)

Thank you to everyone on this site.

VenusRulesMM Member

I understand! It’s just moved finally a full degree beyond my cap moon in the 9th, never to return. Next Pluto transit: squaring my mars, then conjoining my Midheaven. It’s been a lifetime of Pluto transits – conjunctions to every planet except Uranus – this moon conjunction (knock on wood) was less crunchy than most, maybe age makes it a little easier, or at least less surprising.

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

Just for kicks I looked up when he’d hit my moon.
The year 2070, conjunct chiron and the south node,

If I make it to 97, I’ll be sainted that year.

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

Square Neptune on my south node.


KayMM Member

Reading my mentor’s dissertation on the Chinese pulse classics. He’s a magician so his views are satisfyingly otherworldly and beautiful… +new moon sag crossed over my 9th house

GwendolynMM Member

Hi Kay
What’s a pulse classic?

Kim SMM Member
Kim S

Himalayan sound revelations-frank perry The dreamlife of families-edward bynum Watching the Hawaiian Triple Crown up to the Pipemasters. Heard the old hip hop classic Lovesick in a cafe about wek ago and its still resonant

scorpiodawnMM Member

watching page &plant dvd…no quarter…some of it filmed in marrakesh…’the rain song’ reduces me to tears, its so bloody beautiful


I cannot get enough of Zeppelin!

IncenseMM Member

Love Zeppelin, but their Rain Song is my favorite of theirs.

kriblackMM Member

Reading everything about my North Node and Ayurvedic eating and making Plans. Watching ridiculous Christmas rom-coms about princesses on Netflix and feeling no shame. Listening to Ramstein, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy and anything else that would appeal to an angry white teen boy. I think that pretty much covers all three points of the trine. I’m a Pisces with a natal grand water trine so this just feels like life as usual.

HellaHekaMM Member

Are you watching the Christmas Prince?

kriblackMM Member

Lol, yes! And the royal wedding sequel. And the Princess Switch. It’s my new Christmas tradition. Ridiculous Christmas rom-coms, but ONLY if they involve becoming a princess. 🙂

HellaHekaMM Member

I also have a grand water trine in my chart. Trying to figure out how the right now is different/same for me

kriblackMM Member

I find it the same in the sense that I’m always flowing back and forth between seemingly disparate versions of myself (I also have nearly all of my planets in Mutable signs, so that’s part of it too). As a Virgo Rising, I’m always trying to define a specific, detailed sense of self but with all the mutability and water in my chart I’ve learned that my interests and tastes and aesthetics ebb and flow and I will probably always change my “shape” to fit whatever container my life is forming at the moment. It’s a superpower for sure. But… Read more »


Mystic – once you’ve finished the “Dancing in the Flames” book I would be interested on your take. Would you write a post if it’s relevant?

sphinxMM Member

Reading “Dissolving Illusions” – Dr. Suzanne Humphries (#mooninscorpio) Listening/playing: Family sing alongs to the guitar. We were singing “Shallow, Shallow” (lady Gaga version) and my auditory challenged autie 8 year old burst out in song and joined us in the chorus, with full eye contact. Normally he runs to the furthest room with hands over ears. Yay! Watching: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Rami was good but Freddie was so damn beautiful, alive and charismatic it is hard to hold a candle to him. Plus! Music healing with Suntara and Christian de Marco at the Convent the other week was amazing with didgeridoo,… Read more »


yes to musical healing Sphinx!
Sufian Stevens, from the soundtrack of ‘Call me by your name’ is so shimmeringly beautiful…

dark starMM Member
dark star

Remedios love! My pick is a new Michael Ondaatje. He’s triney for sure

RubentMM Member

OMG, just need to add – two films that I recently watched in an unconscious but highly effective mean of crying joy, laughter and general heartfelt empathy
Man in the Moon (91) and the this years’ Dumplin’ – lush tears man and hearty laughter in the latter particularly.

kriblackMM Member

Thoroughly enjoyed Dumplin’ as well. SO fun and who doesn’t love a Dolly Parton soundtrack?

RubentMM Member

Yaaas, Dolly Parton for lyyyyyyyyfe! and the soundtrack win

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

I watched it a couple of days ago 🙂
Had me immediately inspired to start a revolution … well, at least agitate.

SojMM Member

Dumplin was an absolute joy. I watched it with my 11 yr old son who also loved it. This is the second film of Jennifer Aniston’s that I really enjoyed. Other was Friends with Money. Made me think about buying a Dolly Best of Cd for our upcoming road trip.

RubentMM Member

I have you to thank Mystic for turning me on to Carson Mccullers…perfect timing, had no idea she existed, but southern gothic is my absolute favourite style (flannery o’connor, be still mai beatin’ hawrt.) Thank you. Started in on ‘The heart is a lonely hunter’ last night and am in lurve. Aside from that I’m into a morning ritual of reading appropriate pages out of ‘Numerology & The Divine Trianlge’ – Faith Javane. It’s an amazing comprehensive book that combines Numerology, Tarot and astrology in a really fluid and in-depth way. Part of my morning ritual (literally only added this… Read more »

RubentMM Member

In case it needs to be stated….That gift for my friend will also include a list of all sources! Would not dream of passing anything off as my own that wasn’t!

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

Just read The New Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan – probably NOT very Grand Water Trine but a good read none the less.

SusanEMM Member

Just started reading Captain Fantastic- a book about Elton John in the 70s and a film I’ve not seen for YEARS came to mind earlier today, I’ve a crazy urge to watch Angel Heart (De Niro & Rourke). Not sure what that is saying other than I’m living vicariously through books and films featuring drug use (and more) and abstaining from anything similar myself

MissDeeMM Member

Unfortunately there’s no mention of this GWT in my Virgo rising scope.
I’m sure Neptune and I guess Venus in Scorpio is in it, but what is the 3rd point? I fail to see it.

LaurelMM Member

Me either. Unless it’s some minor asteroid. Venus and Neptune at 13 deg Scorp/Pisces on the full moon but the moon at zero Cancer and Nodes at 29 Cancer doesn’t make a Trine. Odd.

dark starMM Member
dark star

North node in cancer I’m assuming

MissDeeMM Member

Yeah but the degrees don’t match. Chiron is at the end of pisces too. So maybe it’s Chiron in Pisces + NN in Kataka + Venus in Scorpio?
Or Chiron + NN + SN? That is actually on now and it’s gonna be so until the end of the month,

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

Mercury only just got to sag.

metaMarcyMM Member

I’ve felt the urge to rewatch Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs. Is it unusual to want to watch movies about deviance and murder during a grand water tribe?

PiMM Member

I feel like it would be normal tbh x

Suddenly LeoMM Member
Suddenly Leo

Listening. I love your audiofiles because I can listen to them while I clean and declutter. Your voice energizes the space.

Aqua-cap-GeminiMM Member

Magical Egypt series one and two

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