Updates From The Frontline Of Mercury Retrograde


Two hours after Mercury went Retrograde yesterday, I watched aghast as emails spontaneously purged themselves from their folders on the email client and webmail. As they included a bunch of emails with passwords and admin info, it felt very Mercury in Sagittarius: clean-slated by the universe, wind in the hair, what is ‘identity’ anyway?

But still, it’s infuriating for a Mars in Virgo person. Upside: I am getting multi-Aquarius in to declutter the unwieldy, ghost-ridden Gmail. Why do folders full of emails from 2016 suddenly reappear? Folders with no longer pertinent names on them re-emerge like D-list alien movie zombies while the emails I want to keep auto-purge. So the Mercury Retrograde is forcing a higher level of organization. Probably as it’s Mercury squaring my Mars in Virgo, mysterious ways and all that.

When something happens virtually straight after Mercury goes Retro, it means that the Mercury Retrograde means business. Like when a storm starts up by just blowing tennis ball sized hailstones through the front window or up-ending your neighbor’s tree.

This thing has weeks to run (until December 7), and it’s already, well, thought-provoking. And hands up who’s felt compelled to transmit some truth-zaps? The Mercury Retrograde questions and anecdotes are already whizzing in. Here are a few posts here with my answers f.y.i.  The Horoscopes will also feature alerts and cautions as we move through this strange part of Astro-Town.

Hi Mystic,

Between the cracks of Venus and Mercury retrograde – a revelation. 

 Mercury retro or whatever, this morning I opened my laptop to discover that my GMAIL wasn’t functioning, having surpassed my storage limit. Enter a massive, joyful 2-hour email purge and thus re-discovery of my old self via photos, emails, and chats with ex-colleagues and ex-boyfriends, etc. 

Along with a much leaner inbox, I am now left with an epic realization of how far I’ve come, how radically my life has changed over the last three years, and how hard I fought for this new chapter. Awesome! AND, ultra helpfully, that there’s no way in hell I can allow my current zombie crush to ruin my new life  – I simply worked too hard for it. Much needed solace, gained. 



I think Gmail is doing something funky with their storage limit, maybe to force payment or something. It’s purging what you want and keeps what you want to be gone. But I am happy you had this experience, and I completely get it. A la the previous post, the Electrical Spirit Guides have ways of bringing your attention to what you are meant to be seeing or understanding afresh.  When trying to sort out what the hell had happened to my Gmail, I found some s**t in the Sent folder that did not read as if I had written it. It was straining to be witty and nonchalant to some guy, and the contemporary me would not have written it. So yes, a  Zombie Crush is only going to take away your hard-fought-for strength and coherence. Fuq that.

Dear Mystic,

Mercury retrograde is upon us, typically a trying time for many regarding communication. I also often see warnings of “don’t sign anything!” during this period. So I’m wondering – what can you do if you’re stuck in a period of Mercury retrograde and unavoidably have to do non-stop work presentations AND sign contracts? In my area, it’s “conference season” until mid-December, and there’s no getting out of it! I can imagine that as the year draws to close many others might be in the same boat. I for one also need to sign documents relating to my house and my car before the month is up. What timing! What is a girl to do during this retro communication period?

Yours faithfully,

Double Gemini 

P.S. Mercury retrograde has me so jumpy I’m not even sure I’ve communicated everything properly in this message! 

Dear Double Gemini,

First, don’t freak. Jupiter in Sagittarius goes a long way to down-tuning the Mercury Retrograde in the same sign. Secondly, if you have to sign something, you have to sign. Not signing during Mercury Retro applies way more to situations where you – say – go into a store and are all like “I want that” and you sign up for some ridiculous payment plan on the spot. Or impulse commit to a gym with a contract that may as well be signed off with your ancestor’s blood and some dragon venom; it’s so hard to get out of.

But your scenarios sound as if you’ve already done the cool-headed negotiation part of them and this is just a formality. Not signing during Mercury Retrograde is an ideal. And the caveat is always “if you can avoid it.”  And if you can’t avoid it, all you need to do is be more diligent with the terms and conditions than you would typically be.


Image: Julia Fullerton Batten

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A_J_MM Member

I also have Mars in Virgo, but I’m a Sadge. Was supposed to spontaneously get on a plane and get out of dodge this holiday weekend, but plans fell through. I counted at least 7 miscommunications. Mindboggling. Good thing I tried to do early check-in before I packed my bags. Should have known better, but sometimes I do so love to test the gods (Uranus on Asc?).

prowlncrabMM Member

I decided to enquire into a worker’s compensation claim after speaking to a wise sage who said “your previous employer fucked you up right royally”. It never occurred to me that all the negligence of senior management in my previous workplace could have caused such significant mental trauma that I’ve been unable to work for three years ………. I spun the Oracle to clarify the issue (for myself at least). It said “be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” So I called up a workers compensation lawyer specialist agency and spoke to a lovely woman who was… Read more »

CentaurusMM Member

Love it and as she’s (Venus – Aphrodite) opposite Uranus … well you just never know 😉

prowlncrabMM Member

Aphrodite bailed on me … but I do have another lead. 🙂

tamara73MM Member

In true Mercury Retrograde form, I updated my Mac to Mojave and now can’t log in. And I was about to write a job application for my dream job today – aargh!!

PiMM Member

Although some old friends and acquaintances have popped up which is nice! I’ve missed my ppl… Maybe my Libra north node is stronger than I thought

IncenseMM Member

I am thankful to read that last bit; my car lease is up soon and instead of doing another as I’d hoped, I am having to look for a used car. I just found what looks like a great one online, but I am SUPER gunshy about buying a used car. Mercury Retro isn’t helping me feel comfortable.

Ava VelaMM Member
Ava Vela

Dont know where you are in the world, but usually you can get a mechanic to check it over for you for less than $100 – well worth the money so you dont end up with any nasty surprises. Also note that if you’re buying off a personal seller make sure to check for liens. Had that issue after I totalled a car and they held the insurance payout back until the lien expired. Having no payments tho…golden.

Sweet SanityMM Member
Sweet Sanity

I’m just so shocked and pretty impressed that someone would get in a multiple Aquarian in to fix something. Couldn’t really read past that bit.

PiMM Member

Refreshing candour is much preferred for this Venus in Aries, Sadge dsc and “I need this to be crystal clear” moon in cap… Zen unknowability aside, Hazy boundaries and ‘but where do I stand’ makes me go a bit postal (see: most of this year, but I am very much seeing where my responsibility was there… Sigh pi)
Anyway, we’ll see.
My phone has stopped sending messages, but that was well before the retro started. My rxn is “oh well, phone’s not really working, will figure it out somehow” rather than some kind of endocrinal cortisol flip-out.. there’s always something.

PandoraMM Member

Goddess, this one is indeed a doozy – Merc station on my Sun, while stationing Neptune in my 4th (squaring my Sun and merc station) is also helpfully opposite my natal Pluto on MC (yes, I have Sun square Pluto natally)….So I wake up this morning, having gone to bed Saturday night after a productive domestics day, to find to my horror that somehow – WTF – it is MONDAY MORNING. ie I have lost a WHOLE DAY. How do I know this? Because oh Christ, it’s Virginia and Michael on News Breakfast.

redondo.bleachMM Member

I usually find mercrograde to be a relief (I have it natal) and enjoy the influx of communiques from friends and love interests but this time I’d be lucky if anything was working to receive those messages…

VeronicaMM Member

Me too! I have natal mercy retro, and I find writing easier somehow during retro phases

so_danceMM Member

I’ve been upgrading my website this past weekend in preparation for a new job search, digging for evidence through long forgotten archived digital files and emails has been great. I remembered that I am actually awesome at my job when I found resources that I don’t remember creating, I’ve been in contact with one of my first students who has written a gorgeous endorsement, revisited my son’s early childhood and I found evidence of my ex-husband’s mind fuq games. All in all, I have started the mercury retrograde with gratitude for the multiple kinds of communication that technology allows and… Read more »

socialgraffitiMM Member

I am in California. The air quality here is awful because of the recent fires – everyone is wearing gas masks because they reported the smoke levels were toxic for the average person. Work was cancelled on Friday and class is cancelled for the next two days.

SheRatMM Member

Take care, SG! My entire chosen family and community is out there and it is worrisome and hellish. Esp. the stark contrast between the people who can afford to get away and those who can’t.

CentaurusMM Member

They have been so so bad – we’re not seeing as much reported here now – yes take care and be safe.

SamMM Member

this retrograde is no joke! I too have had my freak out moments because I am needing to sign contracts and make major decisions…but it’s all related to finalizing my divorce…so I am just thinking things through, double and triple checking wording, numbers and hell…even comma placement! I am viewing all of these major decisions as a good thing during retrograde because it is the end of something that needed to end years ago!

Aqua-cap-GeminiMM Member

The Daily Mystic today had this as the parting thought – “But it’s a cheery, upbeat style of candor. It’s enriching and liberating, not some stark bluntness.”… I was in ‘send zap of stark bluntness’ mode when I read the DM, and now I don’t know whether I should continue with my candor, or if I should just ignore the idea of replying. The love-zombie-qi-vamp needs a truth zap, and because I’m a ‘tell it like it is’ Aquarian – it will register as stark and blunt. I loathe starting my day with other people’s ‘drama’.

IncenseMM Member

“I’m a ‘tell it like it is’ Aquarian – it will register as stark and blunt.” … Mom, is that you? 🙂

Aqua-cap-GeminiMM Member

From a different life darling, yes. 😉

dark starMM Member
dark star

I chose the wrong grocery line and while I was waiting accidentally accessed gmail notes from 2015. Ha. Lol. Mixed assortment of drafts – apologies for behavior, love zombie notes to others and self, some good writing and interesting ideas, others terrible. Mercury retro never fails to deliver.

LibrariusMM Member

I was looking for an old email from a zombie-love interest to reread on impulse. one I believed I had saved even during the previous dark moon inbox purge. I couldn’t find it, and thank the friendly spamgods and botspirits of the internet who look over me for that.

AriesMoonMM Member

Just before mercury retrograde I am faced with- signing a new rental and signing a new work contract. Both of which I am confused about re: direction & options. My old job i loved is available but there are red tape issues around hiring me.. I could renew my current job contract, but I am not enjoying it. However do I want to be potentially unemployed if possible job offer goes under? If I re new contract, I am then bound to said place & unable to take beloved job if it does work out- retrograde and all. Lol. Rental… Read more »

SheRatMM Member

Saturn and Pluto in my 4th too, AM. I’ve moved country twice and got rid of three apts. in the last three months. It’s a trip, no? We will land on our feet, yes we will!

SheRatMM Member

you know, I had an entire mailbox disappear — shit I’d been saving since 2001, for the precise purpose of using them as material in creative projects. Of course, the minute I got the green light for the main creative project, the mailbox emptied itself. I’ve been fighting with MS about it on and off for two years almost…and I’m totally willing to pay for reinstatement of the data. Would Merc Retro be a good time to take up the torch again?

CentaurusMM Member

Mercury retrograde centaur native – exhales – grins – gets on with it. He’s my air pocket for my Pluto/Moon-Venus transit and yeah…. I’ll take it. Jupiter as short/long term wingman is also making his influence felt.

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