This Is Relevant For Every Pluto Transit Ever

Haute Leo Poet Andrea Gibson* is always relevant but this concept is some sort of meta-relevant.  It could be fenced off with hazard lights as the top-secret Ground Zero of the Pluto Zone.

My theory is that the “people we once were” become “shadow selves” that exist alongside us, like ghost code in a machine that occasionally inserts itself into the official and contemporary operating system.  And with a Pluto Transit, you have to de-frag that code. Or stop running and turn to face your Shadow Selves.

Just as rogue code in a computer context can cause all sorts of havoc – incorrect input makes for crazy algorithms – our Shadow Selves can live whole phantom lives of their own, shopping, eating and zombie-crushing or shadow-dating ghosts. It’s dodgy terrain and Pluto transits force a confrontation with them.

But what do you do? You can’t just go scorched-earth on parts of yourself or you would not exist. But you can’t let them be either. At least, not if you want to be whole. You can’t forget them. You have to integrate and forgive. And, as Gibson says, it’s the hardest task. The process involves accountability, painful self-admissions and the feeling of unpleasant emotions that are noticeably not instagrammable or diminished by rose quartz crystal spray and some airy affirmations.


*If your birth-chart contains a heap of square aspects in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) you will resonate with Gibson’s work. She has a Jupiter-Uranus-Saturn T-Square. Don’t ever buy into any of the s**t talked about these. Once you know how to ‘drive’ them, they’re all smooth power and momentum. 






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Just seen this for the first time.. wow


Late to this post but I’m a 1980 born Taurus and Pluto is squaring my natal Pluto rn for the THIRD TIME since it went retro right on those degrees. Astrodeinst says this is not a good transit for doing magic lest unconscious forces take over entirely. I feel tough, sharp and stable af since he also just happens to be in a trine with my Sun/Mercury conjunction and Saturn over in Virgo. Hoping this transit is a real game-changer for me. I’ve been facing shadow for the entirely of my adult life! Any other third decal Taureans sharing this… Read more »

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

This has been one of the more exceptional posts. Like many of the comments, I deeply resonate with this. I have an extremely challenging Cardinal (Almost) T-Square: Saturn (1h Cancer) square Moon-Pluto (5h Libra), and Saturn also opposes my North Node (7h Capricorn). It has taken me years of discipline, self-compassion, and brutal self awareness to integrate these difficult energies. My beginnings were very difficult, but most people are amazed by the intuition, resilience and adaptability I’ve been able to utilize. I still have my 1h Saturn/ T-Square moments, but at least I live a mostly full life!


I am resonating with a LOT of the recent posts..more than usual. this quote is basically where I am at as I am releasing my previous 5th house sun dreams/plans/ Complete Identity and going forward/ reinventing myself focusing on my 6th house North Node Uranus conjunction. A health/science path(not my comfort zone at all) is mysteriously energetically aligning with me more than forcing myself to paint. Lol and a sigh of relief. That eureka flash is thanks to Mystic’s post on the photographer from the 1800s who she referenced also had Uranus conj North node. Something was sparked and I… Read more »


A most helpful post. My shadow selves always grab me during the sun in Scorpio season, and this year its power was boosted by a Pluto square native Sun transit which is about to end, but wanted to go out with a bang. It was dogging me to the extreme, and after my family obligations were over this past American Thanksgiving, I lay on the couch and followed the dark lord of the underworld to the precipice. It was indeed a dark place full of negative self worth quotients vying for supremacy. But instead of turning away by finding up… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I have recurrent dreams of being in different mazes, I hate them. But as time moves on I feel less claustrophobic and the surroundings are more surreal and interesting.

Wish Upon a Star

The hardest people to forgive were the ones we were once. So true, no amount of rationalisation or elequoence can make this passage easy. Leave it to Time and she will let you have a compassionate affectionate laugh at yourself.

But in the meantime it sucks big time.

The only thing you can do is try not to overthink it, that will drive you mad.

Just see yourself as a 2 year old having a tantrum. Feel the pain and move on.

It is easy for me to say I have a progressed moon in Aries and sun in Leo.


Er … message received. Jupiter – Saturn – Uranus T-square here in Aries, Cancer, Libra. And Leo sun. Off to download everything she’s ever written. /whistles


How timely, just last night out of nowhere, unbidden, remembered an incident of incredibly bad behavior over 30 years ago toward my mother. Berated myself, felt her presence forgiving me. Was once told by Bernadette Brady astrologer du jour in 80’s, that Moon midheaven can indicate strong mother connections.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh the mother connection is so strong.


Didion also says something similar..

“…I think we are well-advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind’s door at 4 a.m. of a bad night and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends. We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. We forget the loves and the betrayals alike, forget what we whispered and what we screamed, forget who we were.”

Love Merkuri

Yes! I know all to well the shadow selves I have. I’m the sort who, when they break, I let the pieces falls, when ready I’ll examine each piece of myself and rearrange what goes, what stays.


Couldn’t agree more! I swear that’s been my entire existence. Fracturing, trying to integrate, backpedaling, possessing myself, tricking myself with my past selves, moving on… and hell it is tiring.


Spooky that you post about this Mystic — I wrote a post on the Full Moon (which was on my Sun) a few days ago which talks about shadows of our fomer selves!

I have a Moon-Mars-Neptune cardinal t-square 😀 It’s rather difficult but I’m getting there, & practicing astrology & learning to trust my intuition is a huge part of it.

Wish Upon a Star

I read that post and it made me cry. Reminded me of my Gemini dad after he had a major stroke. He lost certain inhibititions and could fully laugh at life when most people wouldn’t, it taught me allot.


Your theory definitely is resonating over here!

Ms. Vervain

So interesting!!!! I’ve become nearly obsessed with tapping/EFT, I adore Gala Darling’s tapping videos…..have been doing several every morning for the past four months or so. It seems like the main idea there is to move into new ‘code’ while very lovingly acknowledging the old outdated versions of Self. Fascinating stuff!!!! Xoxo from your resident Sun/Pluto Virgoan……


A teacher of mine once explained centring our lives (integrating ourselves) as a spiral. We are flung out of alignment as we travel upwards, through ourselves, healing and integrating as we go. sometimes we are flung out very far, before returning to centre – the ‘Aha momen’t of, “I get this/me/it” and or, lessons learnt. Integrating shadow maybe journal’d, counselled, facilitated by others but my god, if Obsidean doesn’t half uncover the layers with gusto. (I always have rose quartz on stand-by afterward) but I know these things aren’t always linear, there is a forwards and backwards, as well as… Read more »

Unicorn Sparkles

Feeling like this last week Mystic has been mining stuff going on in my head. Super tuned in. Spooky. More so than usual.

dark star

Fuq up, feel the feels, mine the depths, ask the questions, look for the connecting threads, be open, integrate, forgive <3

Wish Upon a Star

Mine the depths, yes.


ooooo…speaking of GHOSTS. Just had a dream I was living in the house I shared with my ex husband looking out on the backyard. In the dream I was living there with my current husband, and I was missing my ex husband. I went into this dark basement room and was putting up partitions all over the walls to keep out the GHOSTS. Now I don’t have the journal I should to write this down. So I came back to the Pluto post, because this all feels very Pluto. I am married to another version of my first husband, and… Read more »


Self-compassion. Have kindness for your pain, the pain of making a mistake or being inadequate. When we make a mistake the first thing we need is kindness for how crappy it feels.


Have to follow on from Pluto post with another nod to your intuitive sensitivities Mystic, in particular, a former handle gone but not forgot and certainly integrated and… useful if/where required. In fact it’s nearly emerged as a handle again this year several times but I’ve elected to stoke the fires in different ways. It always elicits a wee smile when I see it appear here randomly and actually quite appropriately as I for one can completely appreciate – I recall the Pluto in Saggo era in an old familiar way that is now oddly so foreign but also near.… Read more »


PS – Andrea Gibson nailed it but the typesetter immortalised it.

Kim S

Forgiveness reverses the polarity that would perpetuate the misdemeanors of the former self. Followed on by gratitude such as a heart-felt thank you for bringing this aspect of growth or capability into focus, tres for the mistakes qua experiments that were the grist for the creative evolution I now enjoy. Hindsight thus becomes the transformative means of insight, turned inside out as the foresight of a higher self with prescience to further awakening and illumination, the former self therefore becomes welcome at the table of inner wisdom as an integral catalyst to the metamorphosis the adept seeks to manifest–lest another… Read more »


I quite like my older other selves. It’s the person I am right now that is puzzling me. In the I Ching, the hexagram ‘return’ no.24 talks about our ability to return to the seed state, the original us, and start again. Its a powerful idea that doesn’t so much talk about coming to terms with the past, it’s more like being that germinating seed once more on a new cycle with no reference to the past. Nature does this through the seasonal cycle and we can tap into that cycle. It makes more sense to me to work in… Read more »


We start out as novices with all our power good and the more challenging. By Saturn return we have been through a cycle and seen ourselves through the 12 houses. If we can make friends with our every attribute and understand the way we function being deeply honest life gets way more comfortable. But it was a human design reading that ultimately allowed me to ‘see’. Since then I have nothing to forgive. I am who I am and there are no apologies.


I came across this a few years back as well. Have had a reading and it is a very interesting approach I’ll explore more at some stage but design or not I hold the view that there are no requirements to apologise for who we are. We oftentimes confuse ourselves (our essence) and our behaviours and they aren’t actually the same thing – at all.


I had to forgive myself for all the contrived stuff I had been battling for. And what was more difficult was giving up to what I knew to be real. I am a servant. And to be told do not every get into a relationship for what you want or what you will gain or what they can do for you. You are there to serve and as soon as you ask for them to serve you it will end. Boy oh boy. Did that sting and leave a mark and make me pretty bloody depressed it has to be… Read more »


Ok, I’m not sure if Mercury is playing trickster here so I’m going to do my usual thing and expand thus failing at short statements again – lol. The underlying thing I meant, I suppose, is that we need to know ourselves and our essence which isn’t always reflected in what we do and what we experience – but sure, sometimes it is, absolutely as we’ve created an experiential platform to evolve from or at least attempt to. We’re all flawed in that human element and we’re all perfect in our essence and when one equals the other in a… Read more »


Oh I’m never justifying or questioning your take on things I was just happy to speak to my experience. Relationships. I get into many and I really enjoy them all and so much more now I don’t ask for anything other than what I can give and the experience. Feels right and my gods it’s working for me. From seven or eight years old I’ve looked beyond sought the occult and quietly watched and learned. HD made the lights finally illuminate my life. I’m so contented now and realise there was nothing to forgive apart from my initial ignorance of… Read more »


Ah… great – wonderfully stated and ty for clarifying. I’m very happy you’re in that space. Well done. The work pays off yes, but boy some of it’s not what you’d like to think was one of your ‘electives’ initially but sometimes retrospect with wisdom clears that up – for me at least xx

Jane Austin

How amazing. I e been listening to an audible book Dreaming Through Darkenss the whole weekend and it’s about facing and integrating the shadow self. It’s a great read and has lots of exercises. I usually never bother to do tasks set out in books but I’ve done every one so far and they have provided profound turning points and ah ha moments. Written by Charlie Morley.

Fire and Ice

Just want to add my two cents worth here. I do not have a problem with integration. I do with forgiveness. Not with forgiving ourselves but where others are involved. I do believe that we can truly only forgive ourselves. The act of forgiving and how it is used and understood within both Christianity and new age, alternative thinking is too close to “letting of the hook” as it currently stands to me. However, if we understand it as to “unhook, abandon, divorce, separate from”those people and situations which have done us harm, them we can have some peace and… Read more »


Forgiveness is more about the benefits to you than those you forgive. To me the most beneficial form of forgiveness for both parties is when the initial grief is based on the expectations we had of that person. When we feel let down that people haven’t behaved in the way we would have in a situation. That forgiveness is just allowing people to be who they are without judgement. It also releases us from policing the behavior of others. The application of forgiveness in situations of gross criminality is better left to Jesus in my book. I agree in those… Read more »


THIS is the opposite of what I experience. Since my 20’s I actively bring up a situation from my old self, I try to hyper-visualise/feel that situation and then I send healing and comfort to me at my lost/angry/confused/distraught. It’s got to the stage now, in a bad situation, where I feel the warmth and send a thank you to future Laurel for the comfort. If it sounds confusing, I decided when I was a teenager that time was a moebius strip waving around and that, with active thought, I could cross paths with my younger self and send a… Read more »


Yes to this!!


Ugggggh, keeping the tears and outrageous grins of agreement to a minimum while reading this in a public library.
Thank you

Lotus A

This former self stuff is difficult. One popped up at work last week. Impulse contol – no. Boss wan’t impressed and my confidence has taken a hit. Adding to that I sometimes have to work with someone who is somewhat like former self with a self righteous mouth and I really don’t know how to respond. It is now occurring to me just how much of a pain in the arse I may have been at times.


But you can rejoice you now see yourself for what you are and did or do. Maybe it’s still in there and needs a better outlet or could you be the one to guide the other who is yet to see their novice use of a power source ?


Boom! That poem! On point for today and pretty much every day. Not sure how this relates to my upcoming date of birth 12/2 yet it feels especially relevant today.


I agree about the overcoming any bad aspect. However they do cause shit, esp early in life, and without any knowledge of what is happening they can be somewhat debilitating. I have 5 and they are powered by 2 focalisers and both are Stationary Direct. My SD Jupiter squares my Merc cj Uran AND my Mars cj Pluto which is opp Chiron in the 8th. My life has been like a Corvette Stingray, uncontrollable brute power, with no fuqn idea how to stop or go around a corner. I am becoming more Porsche-like everyday. Astrology has given me insight. Brought… Read more »


Know thyself.




T-square power


So many thoughts. The holiday is over and I saw the one person from my family of origin I still keep in contact with only to see things a little better from a higher plane. My refuge as a child was not a safe place and caused just as much damage as my mother’s house. He’s a sad sack, a true tragic Lear or Saturn. My family of origin is so damaged and deranged and I thank God I survived that but did it leave scars? You bet. Did I, acting blindly in shadow selves of the past, bring more… Read more »


This should be turned into some sort of gospel song and sung with the utmost love and respect at the graves of the aforementioned selves.


But mebbe also doing a jig.


Every word So on point, even the cardinal square is a problem zone, saturn-moon square across aries-cancer. I think one of the most destructive things is unacknowledged selves (emotional in this case) that somehow transmit and run amok even without any actual action taking place. Like my very own pandoras box and there is just no undoing any of it. It is like the more I try to live this quiet unobtrusive life, the worse things get. That’s prob a bit of uranian energy too I guess.


I legit feel that. Trying to live a quiet life. Meanwhile, the worse things get…

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