The Dark Moon In Virgo Miracle

Over the years, I have come to revere the Moon in Virgo. It’s always restorative. Virgo Moons bring facts and motivation to tackle even the most massive of problems via some simple first moves.

They are always a lunar reminder of the old witches wisdom that if a task seems daunting, start with one small aspect of it. Do that with total focus and for a pre-set phase of time. If over-whelmed by a house to tidy and sort, just do one drawer.

Or when you have a huge essay to write, tell yourself that you will give it two hours stat and that then you can stop if you want to. Virgo Moon is transcendental moments while doing the laundry and macro breakthroughs during micro-tasks.

It’s  not classically ‘romantic’ as such but there clearly situations where an astute grasp of nuance is productive. And remember that Virgos are every bit as mercurial as Gemini – the other Mercury ruled sign – it is just Mercury energy expressing through the element of Earth – not Air.

I legit love Virgo Moons. So what are your Virgo Moon plans?

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Over the years, following your work, I have come to realise to totally get more shit done on a Virgo moon than most others. It’s like fluidity suddenly appears, and everything glides into place. I just do, instead of thinking or avoiding. Sometimes, too.. virgo moon has me doing NOTHING, a total eject, which is often the needed catalyst for getting everything done a few days later. Love Virgo Moons too. Perhaps because my Marz is in Virgo?

Stella Polaris

I spent this time updating my calendar for the next year with New Moons and Full moons and I noticed that there will be a succession of lunar events at or near 15 degrees. Am pondering what it means to have a series of such events given I’ve a number of factors at 15 degrees in my own chart. Starts this week with NM conjunct Neptune and MC.


Didn’t have plans as such just clear my head and get my energy level up. Found myself bingeing (weirdly did not fee like it) on whole first season of Netflix Chilling adventures of Sabrina which everyone said is good and sort of Harry Potter without the GA rating (it was MA15+)! weirdly found it entertaining and sufficiently creepy in a cartoonish way but I enjoyed it. Aunt Hilda is a scream! Zelda on the other hand… Then Sunday went to a Street Spring market and bought expensive trinkets and cotton t shirts that are adorable… Consumerism when you are not… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

An Ode to Virgo Moon, At the 11th hour you finally pulled me out of my rut like no other sign could. I was in denial, I was dissociating. Till you revealed the truth. Fungus. The fridge that died last week. Oh yes I turned it off and took out the perishable stuff but forgot about the other stuff. And why clean it, if it was to be thrown away. So there it sat festering, till I watched beautiful man cleaning his abode and he silently saying if I can do it so can you. So I started on the… Read more »


I am super wondering how this New Moon in Scorpio is gonna play for me. So far the Dark Moon in Virgo has somehow been restorative for my house (still in process, tho, i have a big freshening season plan) and my psyche. Just sort of realising there must be a friendly aspect bw one Dark Moon and the sign of the next New Moon. This one is my own personal Moon-Pluto psyche purge by transit. Noting with interest the “elimination” theme in next blog post, and the Virgo/Scorpio elimination themes 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

I’ll have what he’s having.

Is it a Sun Square Uranus thing to be mostly messy.

I don’t know if it’s his groundedness or gorgegeusness that is motivating today’s Clean up.

Probably both.


In light of your Sun square Uranus, may i ask: Would you actually take a pill that induced this? (Astro-curious, not judgy rhetorical q.)

Wish Upon a Star

Yes I would as long as there were no side effects.


I have Moon in Virgo…so can I get extra benefits out of Virgo moons?


Moon in Virgo is transiting my 10th House and I’m organizing all my projects, revamping my website(s). and organize my office/recording studio! I get busy and creative and now I’m surrounded by stacks of books, clutter piling up! It’s satisfying to reign in all my side projects, unfinished songs, videos, and projects and review them at least once a month. Do I finish now or later? Scrap or put on a back burner for later. I hate deleting song ideas, you never know the right time is to finish them. I just recorded a song that was stuck in my… Read more »


Cleaning/Feng Shui, making art and jewelry, gym and yoga, ritual bathing


Yessssssss, please!


I got a good set of Virgo waves to tackle a more confusing tax return imbroglio conundrum miasma this year. Even though I have a Virgo Stellium when it comes to bookkeeping I def am a Cancer. Printing shit off, making sense of dockets (YTF do they make dockets where the ink disappears?), collating lines, numbers, words, etc. Who’d wanna be an accountant?


Cranking out more of my master’s thesis. 45 days left!


I love Virgo Moons too! They are the best for crystal cleansing and healing type work. I am doing a 3 day quantum healing type course – perfect Astro for it!

dark star

Went to the perfect dark moon show: Low. dramatic waves of interlocking harmonies and minimal instrumentation. no extraneous elements. Very virgo


We have curb side collection so have been throwing away all that big stuff that has been accumulating over the year. It feels great to get rid of things you don’t use. It’s just perfect timing with the virgo moon.


i’m cleaning the documents out on my hard drive, AND back up drive. now i know why.


Good timing for mercury retro coming, think I’ll do a back up too


me too, very satisfying!


I went on a cleaning spree laundry, floors, dog, … also did yoga and sweat everything out


sounds like a perfect weekend to purge the closet and clean the laundry room woooo


Virgo Rising here: I went crazy shopping for cleaning products, did home made granola because well, the commercial ones have way too much salt and sugar, went to the swimming pool and did all of the clothe washing of the week.
On the other hand I’ve felt so lonely that I cried when I got back home: I had a date with a girl friend, one I had been really waiting both because I really wanted to see her and also beacuse it was a nice break to the routine, but it got cancelled because she has the flue.


I’m sorry you’re so lonely, and that your social thing got cancelled. I’ve been there, and it’s so hard. Hang in there <3


So amazing. I finally have the energy and space to do some massive decluttering and cleaning. Been feeling overwhelmed and weighed down for weeks at the prospect but something shifted 2 days ago and this morning I woke up feeling determined and ready to stir up the qi in this house. The wind is blowing a gale outside and that is always stirring, I feel the winds of change are coming, need to clear the path. Hopped on here with my morning coffee and found this post so it seems I am in flow.


I LIVE FOR VIRGO MOONS!!! Cleaning, so much cleaning, even cleaning things that are already clean. It feels exceptionally satisfying during Virgo moons. I even have a huge pile of clothes to take to consignment because #venusretrograde. I always feel like it’s a “Get my shit together reset” during Virgo moons, and I’m always extra happy when they happen on the weekend because I get so much done personally.


I feel the same way about Moon in Capricorn! I LIVE for that stuff. I.e. being productive, efficient, organised and basically on top of one’s s..t


For me (Virgo rising*), its about not having things left ‘half done’ eg:
clean clothes? – put them away
washing up done – put it away
change sheets before you get into bed – ahhhhhhhhhh

Beauty and clarity is to be found in completeness. Even just one of these done, is a joy after buzz. Remember its an extension of self care too… looking after any one of the small deets, is a reflection of caring for ourselves.

*Cancer sun, gimme a reward after and I will stay with this ‘doing’ shit allllllllll week 🙂 x


I’m cataloguing my tea cupboard
Pretty little tins with magnetic labels
Camomile, peppermint and all my other lovely herb teas in alphabetical order
Order out of chaos
Very satisfying


I’m going to an art walk and a movie with my triple virgo boyfriend. He has Sag rising so that may explain the leisure activities. Cleaning my house of course before hand. This is what my other pisces BFF calls virgo-fuqing.


I have had a plan for a week or more to take everything out of the kitchen cabinets and completely reorganize what goes where for maximum efficiency. (I even made a map!!) Usually, my days are “get the work done then do the fun stuff.” This weekend, it’s “get the fun stuff done first, then you can finally launch into the work!!”

Lotus A

My kitchen looked like that this morn and I finally made a bit of headway with it this afternoon. Then cooked a proper dinner with dessert and all. Thinking about all the other things I can chip away at.

Sweet Sanity

With natal Saturn in Virgo I feel the Virgo moons like anstringent tonic.


Every day is a Virgo Moon for me! What movie is that clip at the top of the blog from???




2011 film. Super interesting, and i imagine a Virgo Moon would really appreciate it.

Virgo Ellie

I did this cleanup step when I was notified that the Fire Department was coming in to inspect my fire system on 10/25 & 10/26. I was so happy after I could see how organized my place can be if I am motivated Now to keep it that way. Oh boy.. I am a Virgo Sun. I sometimes think my Libra Rising calms me down. But then again I have a Leo Moon.. don’t I want to look pretty in my neat organized pretty home. lol!


Haha and being BOTH of those things take time and detail.


I see virgo moon as systematic analytics and discernment, not vacuuming and sock-rolling as such. But yes yes, matching ones socks and taking to the Venetian blinds with a damp cloth scented with eucalyptus oil is a thing, I guess
the majority of virgo suns I know are Not the “tidying” type. But If a virgo was a thing, they’d be a flow chart. All options accounted for.


It’s Mars in Capricorn that does this to the mm-m-m-m-maximum!


What, the flow chart thing?
My sis and father have mars in cap. To me, it signifies (signified) a titanic work ethic, as in the time-immemorial Cap nature meshed with the mars horsepower. Very strong willpower. Mind you they were also both Aquarians so fixed signs I guess.


Definitely not the tidying type! But super aware that it needs to be done and with a flow chart of how/where/what/why it should be done. Walking personification of a flow chart 🙂


Throwing the windows open and spring cleaning part 2. (Part 1 was Monday to help smooth out existential crisis mode) Fresh sheets and throwing out clothes for vinnie bin. Maybe a big dose of probiotics! Then marking tests for 3 classes :/

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Major declutter (or decoagulate as I now call it thanks to House Witching)


Ash <3


I got sent home early from work (not enough women delivering at the moment) and I should take this opportunity to sleep, as I’m back to normal sleep schedule from nights starting tomorrow.

But I’m weirdly energized for 2am and wanting to clean things.


Writing school reports 😀

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