Mercury Retrograde And The Orphaned Tags

Mercury Retrograde has multiple manifestations, as you know. That is particularly the case when it’s in Sagittarius, approaching the Mercury of Jimi Hendrix FYI. Psychedelia incoming. Anyway, Tarik and I are doing a site sweep – it is like a digital declutter – and just “evoked” over 1000 “orphaned tags.” They were attached to posts that merged with other posts, were deleted or they are still only drafts.  Here, as a kind of astro-tangent, that may inspire oblique strategies, they are. This is exactly as they were spewed up the digital sweeping thing.

Anti-Leo – Prince – Bob Dylan – Diana Vreeland – Transition Couch – Nancy Mitford – Barbie Doll – Cosmos & Psyche – Biodynamic – The Wrestler – Academy Award – sprouting – Lindsay Lohan – Vogue Italia – Love In A Cold Climate – Rudolph Steiner – drinking – Steffano Gabbana – Global Financial Crisis – Marvel Comics – Jake Fury Zodiac Key – Debbie Harry 2012 – end of the world – Marvin the Martian-  Mercury stationing – Snow Leopard – Aquarian Octuplets – life after death – Confused Crab –  the Hag Transit – Friday 13th – Nude Chic – Nylon – Mars in Gemini rising – forgiveness – tequila texting – astrological love – Druid Priestess – Vultures rats cockroaches crows – long gray pony tails – pigtails over a certain age – Naff Cravings – C.S. Lewis – Remedios Varo – Pluto South Node in Aries – weird love orgasm phobia – National Geographic – what Virgos want what Virgos hate -Pluto-Moon – fennel – teen astrology -casino Nevada-  ultra-Pisces – surreal astrology of Dr Seuss – Mercury Saturn Aquarius – sunflowers – Walt Whitman – astrology of change – Gemini ski instructor. 

English Leos – Virgo Fashionistas – Lord Of The Rings – Zodiac Egg Box – diet bi-polar tampons – Venus exalted- Leo looks – Astrology phobias – 11th House astrology 12th House astrology – Meryl Streep astrology – astrology mood – Uranus rules Aquarius –  Peachblossom Remedy – Venus Rituals – Brendan Fraser – cosmic consciousness – William Blake –  Bombay astrology – Hooray Henry Hooray Henrietta – Leo birthstones spiral astrology -golden angle paper clips – Moon Exalted – Cleopatra an Aquarius – January 69BC astrology – Asteroid 42 Isis – asteroid 2436 Hatshepsut – Qi-Gong – Virgo Pisces opposition – shoes – Taurus Ex – Wicca astrology essential oils patchwork -Extinct Aquarian Stoned Sagittarian – Mercury myth – Saturn dreaming of being a Mercury – Hermes Mercury Thoth –  Bend Over Essence –  Follow Me Boy – malefic astrology – Valkyrie astrology -Scorpio neuro-toxins – Ancient Maya astrology – Age of Aquarius astrology – U.F.Os astrology – mixed messaging Freudian slips – astrology graphic novels – Moon Waxing in Aries  – Vanadium – astrology purists – Venus square Pluto – astrology afterlife. 

Babylonian Snake Goddess – Adam’s First Wife –  Kocku Von Stockard – patriarchy astrology – Moon Girl – flak jackets dating – Bratz dolls astrology – Shukra astrology – extra-marital-
triple Aquarian – The Thoth Deck – Mercury retrograde into Aquarius – Cancerians ancestor worship Virgos organisation skills – Libra scent Sagittarians travel – Capricorns parents -astrology trophy wife – Aquarius future – Pisces psychedelic – Forced Growth – two degrees of Capricorn – Pluto credit crunch – Neptune drugs artists – Sagittarius man advice – Asteroids – Sagittarius self-help books – Wherever You Go There You Are – monoi oil capsules – Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway- Pluto Trine Pluto – Weirdest Love Affair – Venus Zero Degrees Leo – Absinthe – Men With Venus Square Saturn – Punctuation and Virgos, Benevolent Victim Astrology, Saturn Longevity, Transcendental Taurus, Buddha Was Not An Aries, Astrology of Rock Stars, Apocalypse, Dark Goddess, Horned Moon, Grudge Astrology, Carbohydrates Astrology, Pluto Power. 


Image: Matt LyonJimi Hendrix 





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Scorpio_RisingMM Member

Someone posted a book about Jungian Shadows this week, and now, I cannot find the comment! I wanted to check out that book. Anyone remember what book was discussed this past week that fits that description?


Cocktail name goldmine.

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

How did you get the exact thematic outline of my dream world?

HilarygherkinMM Member

Love that this was posted on Jimi’s birthday.


Just this week the chaos and insanity of this Mercury retro exploded into my life. It was fine up until now.. Amidst the crazy, I was offered a job, which I badly need, but it turns out it’s only 6 hours per week and I might have to pay for my own practice insurance with it as well as, you guessed it, it’s underpaid. What the hell, universe?! I think I need to accept and ramp up being self-employed again and just go all in on my private practice. Jupiter is just getting into my 6th house, and Mercury will… Read more »

Aqua-cap-GeminiMM Member

Jimi Hendrix is my ALL TIME fuqing favourite guitarist. I have every copy of everything, bootlegs and all. Live gigs, studio versions.. Every nuance. Music is a language, and either you can speak it, or you’re just a metronome playing the ‘right’ thing at the ‘right’ time. It’s like the difference between knowing a foreign language, or knowing the slang of that foreign language. I believe if Hendrix hadn’t died, what we know as ‘Jazz Guitar’ poxy plastic ding-ting, would have been completely revolutionised. Hendrix was Jazz Guitar, we just tagged him as rock or blues. His Drummer – Mitch… Read more »

CentaurusMM Member

skarabMM Member
skarabMM Member

<3 <3 !!

(I shared 5 yrs with a dog called Hendrix who'd howl to Star Spangled Banner …… and a cat named Carlos….)

MissDeeMM Member

On the other hand: Mercury Retro is sometimes the “second chance player”.
I am currently re-living (literally, as if it was a movie scene re played again) some situations at my work place that I had been overthinking for month. I
t feels like a way to rewatch thing and focus on what you could do differently and, after MR is over, start acting on it or better device the plan to act on it when MR shadow is over.

leoleoMM Member

Umm…… why on earth would anyone be anti Leo?


Aquarian Egalitarians are suspect. I know, I’m a Uraniac.

rachellionMM Member

Jokerman Omg yes. My moon is in leo while my partner’s is in aquarius…it can definitely feel very “anti” to me!

emgMM Member

My poor Aqua man is leo rising. I don’t know how he lives with himself

UniversaliMM Member

Lol I’m an Aquarian with a Leo Moon… it’s a never ending battle of banish thy ego vs ego rise up 😉
Or more often.. ‘I don’t need a fancy expensive haircut, chill and get over the vanity biz…either 2 days later I’m at the salon or the aqua stubborn wins and 6 months later I’m an ‘authentic’ bedraggled, split ended mess.

faithfrandelunaMM Member

I want to see blog posts about these:

Transition Couch
Cosmos & Psyche
Zodiac Key
astrological love
11th House astrology 12th House astrology
Extinct Aquarian Stoned Sagittarian
Mercury myth
Saturn dreaming of being a Mercury
Hermes Mercury Thoth
malefic astrology
Valkyrie astrology
Scorpio neuro-toxins
astrology afterlife
Horned Moon
Grudge Astrology
Carbohydrates Astrology

But Transition Couch really caught me eye. Such an oxymoron!

FireTryin'MM Member

Seconding “Grudge Astrology”.


I would love you to do Bob. You said you would ages ago.

I think the planned July 12th Hyde Park shindig, with Neil, would be a great date. 2 of the 5 greatest songwriters of all time, in my NOT-so humble opinion, at the one concert would be astrologically something. I haven’t done the data but it’d be big I imagine.

And yes he’s still alive and touring constantly since 1988.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

As a virgo I remember some of the posts these tags were linked to.

But please, Gemini Ski Instructor I want to know more! Golden angle paper clips! Aquarian Octuplets!

IncenseMM Member

Things I am dying to know more about:
Diana Vreeland
Barbie Doll
Marvel Comics
Debbie Harry 2012
Nude Chic
long gray pony tails
pigtails over a certain age
Naff Craving
what Virgos want what Virgos hate
teen astrology
English Leos
Virgo Fashionistas
Leo looks
Peachblossom Remedy Venus Rituals
Brendan Fraser
Hooray Henry Hooray Henrietta
Leo birthstones spiral astrology
essential oils patchwork
Bend Over Essence
Follow Me Boy
Age of Aquarius astrology
astrology graphic novels
astrology afterlife
Bratz dolls astrology
Pisces psychedelic
monoi oil capsules
Punctuation and Virgos
Benevolent Victim Astrology
Saturn Longevity
Astrology of Rock Stars
Grudge Astrology

galadarlingMM Member

Oh, and here’s what I’d like more of…

Diana Vreeland
the Hag Transit
Friday 13th
tequila texting
long gray pony tails
pigtails over a certain age
Naff Cravings
what Virgos want what Virgos hate
astrology of change
Gemini ski instructor.
Virgo Fashionistas
Venus exalted- Leo looks
Venus Rituals
Cleopatra an Aquarius
Bend Over Essence
Follow Me Boy
astrology trophy wife
Sagittarius self-help books
Buddha Was Not An Aries
Astrology of Rock Stars
Carbohydrates Astrology

galadarlingMM Member

This is exactly how my mind works. Reading those clusters was soothing as fuck!

emgMM Member

Really ? I had to have three runs at it. One block at a time. Breath. Cuppa phone call. Next block. Following day. Third block.

emgMM Member

I think it’s because each heading brings up visuals, emotions, links, time lines etc. So it was exhausting. I like a subject at a time that I can fathom fully. Then I move on.

VirgonatorMM Member

I so want to read Buddha was not an Aries.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

He was a Pisces if I recall the post…

skarabMM Member

Sorry for digressing but Hendrix would be 76 on this day (27th). You never miss his birthday, Mystic. Both Sun & Mercury are ON his Sun-Merc conjunction. Plus Jimi Hendrix asteroid is ON his MC. 🙂 And Neptune is crossing over our composite chart’s IC…. Woke up with this on my brain: Waterfall Nothing can harm me at all My worries seem so very small With my waterfall I can see my rainbow calling me Through the misty breeze of my waterfall Some people say day-dreaming is For all the lazy minded fools with nothing else to do So let… Read more »

scorpiodawnMM Member

thanks Skarab, dont think i know this one. what abt Little Wing? oh!

skarabMM Member

Yes, love that too. Love how he uses the elements in his music like the shaman he is.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

<3 <3 <3

davidlMM Member

A meditating man may appear, at a glance, to be doing nothing. But as with Buddha seated under his Bohdi tree, this apparent physical inaction hid the cosmic activity of inner illumination.
Z.B.S. Halevi — An Introduction to the Cabala

CentaurusMM Member

As is Jupiter this year. Share a day and those conjunctions as well as south paw guitar style. Only thing my South node conj had let me down on is not being able to channel him through the strings but dug him from the first listen. Yes….every year – well spotted.

dark starMM Member
dark star

I’m interested in all these tags to be frank. They read like a news ticker in the uranian version of cnn or daily mails sidebar. Maybe in Vanadium’s world?

JacquiMM Member

hehe you know those stupid Facebook images called “what you notice first is typical of you!” Fennel ! ewwww no!

GwendolynMM Member

Astrological stream of consciousness
Random chaotic but a Neptune arrangement almost slipped between dimensions

redondo.bleachMM Member

would love to hear more about babylonian snake goddesses

Sweet SanityMM Member
Sweet Sanity

Sacred code

Calli GMM Member
Calli G

Set these up in a database and hook a randomizer of some sort to it—instant Uranian Oracle.

davidlMM Member

I blame my weird love orgasm phobia on the over use of bend over essence.

TLEMM Member

How did I miss the diet bi-polar tampons post?


He could make a story encompassing all of the above.

currentMM Member

I need to know more about the “hag transit”!!!!

PandoraMM Member

Unless I am greatly mistaken this was Saturn through your first house or on your Sun – suddenly you feel and notice your ageing in a way that your inner sense of identity had up until then managed to blur over, a la vaseline on a camera lens. Or maybe it was Saturn return? Nah – having been through Saturn through 1st house which also contains my Sun between 2014-mid 2017, I’m sure it was the former.

CentaurusMM Member

Nothing like direct experience – across my sun same period and there were definitely elements in line with what you describe. Saturn won’t cross my ascendant unti I’m. … a-hem, an elder

makingmeaningMM Member

Oh Mystic, you are priceless. This reads like an ode to your genius. What a wild world you help us inhabit.


Personally, I am seeing Mystic Medusa magnetic word poetry, for the fridge..

emgMM Member

Bend Over Essence ? Errrrrr words fail me.

SMM Member

Considering yesterday the fax of 19 pages was sent successfully to our nation’s capital.
This is a massive shift (as a voice called: Leo spelt my email address incorrectly and actually didn’t datamatch my name on file with his typography). A typo is not living in the past when it has shocking ramifications to a person’s right to dignity and a home.

amazonalisonMM Member

Please let me know where to buy the diet bi-polar tampons. There’s a market for these.

natalie leMM Member
natalie le

If someone can rap to this, can they win a prize?

KarenMagpieMM Member

Possibly the foundation of the best Mad Libs ever? I’m imagining combining this with the Oracle into….something.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

diet bipolar tampons?

Reminds me the other day. I listened to the Uranus regrounding meditation. I was really chilled then words that were totally unrelated just bounced out of my brain into my consciousness. Like they were absorbed from TV, radio, conversations etc, we’re stuck then popped out like easily popped juicy pimples. I attached no significance too them.

If only I could do this with my thoughts and feelings. This is something that well practised Buddhists aspire to is it not?

MissDeeMM Member

LOL. Within the same day my Mac did a humongous update that stopped it for a couple of hours and the thermostat – that has always run manually – is running on programs that I had set some 3 (maybe 5) years ago and that had NEVER worked. They do work, but on a crazy time-schedule since the hour set on the thermostat is 8 hours behind, it was some sort of jet-lag.
If this is not Mercury retro in Saggo (in my 4th house) I don’t know what that is.

amaranthismeMM Member

Let it spew forth, a new well will surely get tapped.

LibrariusMM Member

Aquarian Octuplets? Carbohydrate Astrology? Enough internet for today Though I do wish I could see the posts these tags were supposed to accompany.

PiMM Member

Holy fuq, thislooks a lot like the notes on the drifts of post-it notes that inhabit my bag /wallet / dresser / important paper-based things. Also I love that you , mystic , heavy on the fish virgo mutable things, and Tariq, a multi Sadge, are rampantly cleaning up the site. I feel that mutable cleaning, when it eventually happens, is somehow more…existentially thorough?* With your powers combined does the missing mutable (gemini) just sort of conjure itself out of the void? *In that the actual job of mutable signs is not to initiate, or sustain, but to discern, dissolve,… Read more »

dark starMM Member
dark star

I had someone comment on my scattered post it note vibes as very Piscean. I was slightly offended but you know, only because it’s true ha

syrynxMM Member

“In that the actual job of mutable signs is not to initiate, or sustain, but to discern, dissolve, forget, and then recombobulate the things. ”

That is beautiful Pi. I like ‘recombobulate’.

FireTryin'MM Member

Voted up for the footnote: In that the actual job of mutable signs is not to initiate, or sustain, but to discern, dissolve, forget, and then recombobulate the things. Imho.

AquaSunMoonMM Member

MercurySquareSaturn and I just caught myself out typing an email to my printer to flag poor print quality of a thing I design, which I received today. I typed ‘please phonemail me about this tomorrow so we can discuss in detail – I find that emailing about this kind of situation can lead to misunderstandings’… wait, what? DELETE.

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