Astral D.N.A. Fast Turnaround Birth Chart Reports AND 2019

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Even though I had to (temporarily) take the Astral DNA birth chart readings from being an instant offering to a rapid turnaround (within 24 hours) product*, I am still thrilled with how much people are liking it.

See two ‘testimonials’ below.  And, while not (yet) instant, they’re still fulfilling the objective of being unique, super-fast and affordable.  Finally, good news: There are no 2019 books this year but there will be fast-turnaround 2019 personalized reports – my opinion on all your vital transits, automated & delivered fast. That’s going to be in December and in the same style as the Astral DNA.

Hi Mystic,

Quick note of praise for the Astral DNA consult. It’s phenomenal. I’ve known my chart (or so I thought) for years and attempts to decipher other astrologers takes on signs/aspects/houses etc has always been a bit fruitless for me. Nothing ever really felt like it truly fit. Either I was going to bring shame on my whole family as an outspoken harlot (from the old-timey guys) or some super new age claptrap about twin souls and karmic relationships.

As always your takes have opened my eyes and helped me think about my self in new and more productive ways.

It also alerted me to the news that the ascendant I had thought I’d had for a long time, is actually not correct! When I first did my chart many years ago, I didn’t know my birth time and thought I was Aries Asc, and when I found my birth time it became Pisces. Now it’s back to Aries again, which honestly, feels more like it. I’ve had a number of scar causing incidents to the forehead region over the years, and suffered from quite bad acne as a teenager so that’s a persuading factor. Plus, it does explain how my ‘direct conversations’ tend to be perceived as sharper than anything I had intended.

Great consult, would recommend to any and everyone. 

All the best, Bríd

* The version did not work under load or across multiple platforms – for various tech and developer-preference reasons too tedious to enumerate here so Tarik and I are working with a new company to do it immaculately and that is in development.


Image: Norman Duenas

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ScorpleocapMM Member

Yay – yes please to personalised 2019 reports!

emgMM Member

I’m having a 2019 !

hermesloveMM Member

The best chart reading and analysis Love You Mystic .

MedicatrixMM Member

Love my birth chart! It’s so much better than any other ones. I like how you often have a haute/low interpretation- gives a person room to grow.

I’ve gotten 3 of my friends to get them (so far) and they are all really impressed too, despite not being astrology lovers.

MissDeeMM Member

I was going all “meh” with the “no 2019 book” but the personalized transits?! I love it. 🙂

IncenseMM Member

Yeah, I just bought my book last year for the first time and LOVED the “what to do on this particular full/new moon” feature. So, sad about not having that this year. But transits are something I have NO idea how to figure on my own, so having that will be great!

MissDeeMM Member

I’ll be missing the Moon calendar check list style too. I think it’s truly helpful.

scorpiodawnMM Member

hooray! cant wait for december

PorkchopMM Member

I have ordered three Astral DNA reports and will be getting more as Christmas presents.

SOOOOO excited about the transit reports!!!

Ms JeminiMM Member
Ms Jemini

I have been buying your yearly books for years! But I am looking forward to the 2019 personalised reports! Oh my.

galadarlingMM Member

PERSONALIZED 2019 REPORTS HOLY SHIZBALLS!!! Ugh!! You just get better and better!


Thanks. I can see the work in what you have done. Fellow Mars in Virgo, (in the first degree.)

LotusFlowerMM Member

Eyes peeled for the 2019 reports – I like the idea of them being automated. Is this a spirit in the machine thing too?


Are you considering doing synastry charts as well? Especially ones where you don’t know the fella’s birth time lol

Feel like those would be super popular round these parts. I’m having flashbacks to 2007 when I was heavily abusing Linda Lovegood (shit that’s not her name)’s Relationship Aspects when I was obsessed with my now husband. Last time Jupiter was in Sag!

LotusFlowerMM Member

Linda Lovelace? Oh no, hang on that’s an 80s soft porn star.. Hmm.

I was about to suggest the same – instantly generated (or you know, thereabouts) synastry charts, as your Astral DNA is so good. And the Soul Mating book – don’t even get me started. Absorbing but not LZ-y, however you pulled that one off! Deft touch.


Linda Goodman!

sooshyMM Member

Lovelace sounded more intriguing 🙂