Ask Mystic: Is There An Esoteric Reason Why Spiders Like Me?

Dearest Mystic,

I was hoping you would help me. I am unable to settle my query scientifically, so I was wondering if this was more a question for the esoteric arts. I frequently, from childhood, have been attractive to spiders. I get bitten often. The worst was a necrotizing bite on my forehead that sent me to the Emergency Department.  My Nanna, God rest her soul, often told me they were warnings. Of what I’m not sure.

In the last month, I’ve been bitten, dropped on from a great height while bathing, awoken to one about to crawl on my face, all culminating in last night’s 20c piece size female Redback waiting outside my bedroom door. Which I killed, and feel awful about. Normally I just catch and release.

Thank you for existing. So many of us are buoyed by your skills.

Sincerely, Kirralea

Dear Kirralea,

Thank you for this elevating validation, I appreciate it!  So, my first thought regarding your situation was that this is a homeopathic constitution type – that a consultation with a gifted homeopath would be enormously rewarding for you.

Aside from that, maybe Spider is your Totem or Spirit Animal?  I know that some people are phobic about them, and I get that, but there is also a rich mythopoetic tradition of spiders as sacred creatures, perhaps even with extra-terrestrial origins.

My other thought is the myth of Arachne, also an asteroid and indeed, I did take a quick peek at your chart, and you have asteroid Arachne opposite your Capricorn Ascendant, on the South Node and trine your Moon in Pisces.

Ignore the annoying patriarchal versions of the myth – “she was too uppity so got turned into a spider” – and go straight to read something like Tracing Arachne’s Web. It’s dense and written for academia but super-rewarding.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Susan Seddon Boulet – Spider Goddess

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Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

I accidentally walked into a spiders web tonite. Auspicious I hope !

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

It was healing. Something happened over night. I feel free.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Oh Susan Seddon.

I intuitively bought a Pisces print of hers many moons ago. I wasn’t drawn to the Gemini poster. This caused unrest as I am Gemini Sun and had no idea about astro.

Watching that poster was like eating manna from heaven. I later found out I was Pisces Rising.

But I accidentally left it behind in a cute little house in Confederate Street in Brisbane.

Wouldn’t it be great if it found it’s way back to mee. I can dream can’t I ?

StarinspiredMM Member

Oh FUQ, she’s conjunct my NN to the minute; both NN & Arachne at EXACTLY 12.17 Aquarius each, like EXACTLY and the MOON is exactly conjunct both now, which may explain why I woke up with two huge spider bites on exactly the same spot on both hands, between index and middle fingers AND woke up to see the HUGE HUNTSMAN walking across the floor of the room, minus a couple of appendages. It seems there’d been a stouch of some kind in the delivery of that message or messages… WHATEVER THE FUQ THEY WERE ABOUT… This is NOT how… Read more »

StarinspiredMM Member

That was transiting moon at 12 aqua now also


Probably late to the party but I believe this is one of the cases you already have the answer but because you don’t believe it you feel the need to ask again. They are your Spirit animal, your Guardian on this beautiful planet, so as your grandmother told you they warn you about stuff, like a friend would do. Talk to them. The message is not always negative but when they appear it is important, this from someone who found a rare tarântula in my bathroom the other night, then had a Spider in the shower, on another day one… Read more »

AriesMoonMM Member

My take.. Spider symbolises the mother archetype. Specifically the dark mother- fate, being bound (think the web), even the kali aspect of the feminine that can devour as well as give life. There is an awesome book called the book of symbols, I use it for dreams but think it would apply here 🙂

Ms JeminiMM Member
Ms Jemini

Spiders give me the heebee jeebees but I respect them. Especially, when my boyfriends house is full of them and reading this explains a lot. Thank you for sharing!

skarabMM Member

Dear Kirralea, i’m a bit late with this, but i had to respond because i do relate to your story somewhat. I have tried all my life to not be freaked out by spiders, but there’s just something about the way they move that just creeps me out so much that i involuntarily shudder & shake when i see them move. Yet they seek me out & I do have a few absolute horror inducing anecdotes regarding them. I do respect them though, and have studied up on all their mythology and i get that they are omens when they… Read more »

skarabMM Member

You may also enjoy this FASCINATING short doco.


bowieslefteyeMM Member

Thank you so much for kindly sharing your knowledge with me. I’m so glad I sent this question out, this is exactly the sort of information I was struggling to find :)))


Thank you for sharing ❤️

Ellie MMM Member
Ellie M

I have asteroid Arachne tightly conjunct my Venus mars BML conjunction in Aries in the 10th house. I’ve always been a defender of the spider. It really angers me how they’re so often hated and feared by society, i also feel the same about rats and other marginalized creatures! And that’s no disrespect to kirralea and her dilemma!


My friend had a lump develop on the side of his neck. The Doc lanced it. Out jumped a gazillion tiny spiders racing all over his body. The end.



Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

Pheramones maybe?

JacquiMM Member

from Tosha Silver “Some years ago in India I was at a special fire ceremony for Lakshmi, the revered Goddess of beauty and wealth. At one point, a spider the size of a kumquat scurried over my hand. I gasped and swatted it away. One of the Hindu priests nearly boxed my ears off. “What are you doing?” he yelled. “Mahalakshmi Herself was giving you Her darshan, Her private blessing. Are you insane?” Then he turned to another monk and muttered, “I told you we should never let the idiot Americans come to this stuff.” Well, this got me thinking.… Read more »

JacsterMM Member

How interesting – just this morning as I made my way to the car I noticed a full spider’s web across the path. I found the little spider on it and chided her by telling her that was a silly place to spin, I popped her on a nearby plant, chatting away to her like an old friend. Afterwards I realised what an odd person I must be, chatting to the spiders in my garden…. alas I am not the only one! Thanks for sharing. I might look up the homeopathic constitutions – it sounds like a silky thread worth… Read more »

Aqua-cap-GeminiMM Member

My personal experience with Spiders, is that they are messages from the Maternal ancestors – the grandmothers of eons past. I grew up in a small town called Marrar, place of many huntsman. I’ve since come to learn that this is more likely hunting people, but the huntsman spiders I saw there were fuqing dinner plate sized. No exaggeration. DINNER PLATE SIZED. Cue extreme fear of spiders. I would feel followed by them through life, and on the night that I met the father of my child, one fuqing manifested on the ceiling and started running toward me. I got… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

There is an olde (scottish?) proverb: “If ye wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive”.

OMG this is so cool tho (but getting bitten doesn’t sound like fun).

WizarDoraMM Member

Also, I like the ones that spin and dance- I have one in my bathroom and I sing to her when I am in the shower. tmi? 😉

WizarDoraMM Member

There is always reactionary opinion re: spider friends. I mean, look, shear magic actually comes out of their ass. They are incredible *goesallgooeyforthepattern (-virgo rising). My personal favourite; they eat mosquitos, who LOVE to eat me and not in a totemic way… The shamanic, not reactionary part of me says journey to the spirit of Spider. That this has is a deep feminine connection and holds within it, power. Which is often seated at the bottom of any repetitive message for our souls and inner work. At the end of the day, it is your association re: spider that counts,… Read more »

MutatisMutandisMM Member

I notice that I get a lot more spiders in my home when I started catching and releasing. I used to be a killer and they seemed to stay away, now they’re sociable? I feel like they can sense my friendly energy or something, which is a shame because I am not sure I’m cool with them living in my home. I only get dangerous ones in the fall though, so I’ve made peace with them.

PlutoMoonMM Member

I respect spiders and find them, and their webs, beautiful. If I find them in the house, I do my best to catch and release them outside. However, I do NOT wish to find them in my shoes, in my bedding, in my hair, in my bath, or basically in my immediate area at any time. If you are having that much of a problem with spiders, perhaps it would be wise to call pest control. Yes, use natural pest control if possible. But dang, girl, how many spiders can one live with? Totem/spirit animal? OK sure – but even… Read more »


I agree!
Good point – messengers, guides or what have you shouldn’t have automatic access to your space. This lot sound invasive.

GwendolynMM Member

I think that there is a relationship between you and Spiders.
Totemic possibly.
Perhaps you should cultivate your “spider sense” and as you become more spider in nature the spider in turn will acknowledge your simpatico and not be in your face so much…literally lol

So what’s dropping on you from above, what’s in your face, what’s poison outside your door?
These are the questions I would be asking…

RubentMM Member

Totem, but not just in terms of power (like perhaps you have the ability weave the most robust, supportive, caring relationships), but that they’d come to you also to remind you when you’re not doing such weaving. Coming as a warning to suggest perhaps there are parts of your life or relationships where you’re in someone else’s web and you’re there as prey not as family or kindred.
Thinking in terms of relationships because Mystic mentioned the asteroid is opposite your cap rising – 1/7 axis and on your south node.

LaFemmaMM Member

My sister loves moths and spiders and bugs of all kinds (she is a Cancer rising/moon and just loves nature so much but mostly cats and bugs), no special thing going on with Arachne although it’s square her moon and in the 11th house (so maybe spiders connect her to the world?). I was always impressed at her ability to let daddy long leg spiders crawl on her when we were kids. I am indifferent to them, I will catch and release big ones, ignore little ones if they’re living peacefully in my plants or unused corner. Traveling in the… Read more »


Yeah, IMO it’s a power animal for you. And even if this wasn’t a lifelong thing or it’s just now ramping up even more than usual, it may be situation-specific for the time you’re going through ATM. I have a super strong connection to the Animal Kingdom – I dream of animals most nights and it took me until my 30’s to realize this was “weird”. What I’ve come to understand is all these real-life or dream appearances from fauna are actually symbolic messages from The Universe; animals are archetypes, just like the planets. So is Spider is a Frequent… Read more »

bowieslefteyeMM Member

Thank you, really fascinating insight.


Ermagerrrrrd- how are you so calm about this??I know they’re a useful part of nature but their place is outside and definitely no where near beds, clothes, chairs etc! My last encounter with one resulted in me being frozen in the corner refusing to take my eyes off the “enormous” ( probably 3cm) spider on the opposite wall until I got brave enough to back out of the room to find the vacuum cleaner to suck it up with… Just in case you’re interested though, in my background a spider in the house is supposed to signify malintent being directed… Read more »

Lotus AMM Member
Lotus A

I am usually compelled to rescue spiders. Most little crawling/flying things actually. (White tails are gone) Once apon a time in a place I lived in for a very long time, an orb spider made its way into the kitchen and proceeded to make egg sacs from the ceiling. We named her Maria. We finally put her outside after a month or so. On another occasion I was relocating a harmless variety mummy spider with an egg sac when a skink came out from nowhere and ate her so I took the egg sac and put it with a previously… Read more »

Calli GMM Member
Calli G

If you’re sure spiders aren’t messengers or representatives of another, helpful, power, this is a place where housewitchery might come into play. On the mundane, physical realm, spiders may be following prey into your home. So a deep cleanse that removes anything that could bring in spiders’ meals could be helpful. Make sure windows and doors seal properly, check around dryer vents and the like for possible entrances. Maybe put some diatomaceous earth across the outside of your doorway(s). At the same time, set or reinforce wards on your home’s boundaries to help with possible non-mundane intrusions. None of this… Read more »

VeronicaMM Member

Not sure about spiders, but I had a friend who was bitten by wasps a couple times of times and the third time it nearly happened again, I asked her what it was trying to tell her…and what she came up with was about making her face the harsh reality of an issue at a very deep level ….that she had to pack up and move on from a long term relationship she had been really loyal to, but he most certainly had not. And actually it all turned out great for her later on but very hard for her… Read more »

JacquiMM Member

Just white tails bite the dust around here. I even feed them with moths. Yes totemic

SSSScorpMM Member

I was bitten by a funnel web spider when I was eight years old- pre anti-venom days.
Rushed to hospital it all felt very dramatic. I was kept there under observation for 48 hours. Sadly, the spider in a bottle died, and i lived to proudly tell the tale.
With a healthy dose of Scorpio in my chart (natal sun ,moon ,mercury and neptune) I am aware there is definitely some raw power at my disposal !

AstroGeekMM Member

Spiders also represent transition and the web between your self and your “shadow” self in shamanic traditions … so I wonder if they pop up in moments when you’re about to cross over a threshhold or are not paying attention to subconscious drives/urges that could be leading you somewhere you don’t want to be?


Ohhhh yes! I came here to say that in my experience they always try to come closer to me (like in my house, outside their normal environs – bed spiders, anyone?!) when I’m about to experience a big life shift. I had a feeling they were related to the Wyrd and that I need to let what is going to happen happen.

A_J_MM Member

I also have an usual relationship with spiders. I evaluate whether to kill them or not on a case-by-case basis. Two days ago I caught one coming straight towards me (practically the same color as my bedroom carpet) and scraped his ass into the sidewalk. I knew it was no ordinary spider by the thin issue of smoke that curled out of the remains. It left an unusual skid mark shape too, a little creature with horns. That one was not a friend.

AstroGeekMM Member

Same. I try very hard not to kill them on instinct, but most of the time they’re just sooooo creepy.

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