Ask Mystic: How Do You Know When A Libra Likes You?

Dear Mystic,

I’m hoping the Librans out there in your blog world might be able to help with this one….

 How do you know when a Libran genuinely likes you – is attracted to you – as opposed to you just being citizen X and the Mask Of Politesse is simply doing its job?

And particularly when that Libran is already very socially active and always seems to be surrounded by friends and, um, *friends*?

What if you’ve already tangled and you can’t perceive if you’re one pretty flower among many or the Libran secretly has you down as Partner Material?

At the other end of the scale, how do you know if they don’t want you in their orbit any more? 

yours in triplicate,

Shy and Socially Challenged Moon in Capricorn

Dear Shy and Socially Challenged Moon in Capricorn,

This is a fantastic question. My theory is that you can tell a Libra is genuinely attracted to you when they ignore you or tone down the hyper-gush. It’s the converse of how Libras treat people they dislike; they up their charm and hyper-gush, like the protective and concealing black ink of an octopus.

Other signs: super-oblique questions to stealthily suss you out, asking what you think of their scent and initiating a political debate.  The trick is to sense beyond their words and perceive whether or not their psychic antennae are perked up and probing you for signs of simpatico consciousness.

Or you could wait till Jupiter in Sagittarius, don a garish kaftan or unicorn onesie and hit up the Libra in question with some radical candor.

Transparency is the new “Mysterious.”


Image: Nadia Lee Cohen

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Libran clues to heightened interest-Quietly researched courtesies. Arcane riruals with au courant twist. Flowers given- research their meaning.


Beats the fuq out of me; you have no idea how many times basic manners or simple pleasant chitchat has gotten me in trouble. :-/ I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not actually about *me* at all, but that – generally speaking – men just tend to truly be *that* full of themselves. Yeah, #NotAllMen, I know. But a good chunk of them at least, in my experience. When simply talking to someone results in “Dude, she *wants* me!” (Not kidding; this was a friend of a friend and I had zero romantic interest in him whatsoever), I’m pretty… Read more »


“As to distinguishing “friend zone” from “something more”, just shoot your shot and see what happens.” I loved this!


Creating perfect situations – perfectly suited to YOU. We will think through every detail – temperature, music, scents, to suit you. We listen intently and save the information on your preferences for just this use. Don’t think dramatic declarations of adoration. More you just happen to find yourself enjoying everything and being perfectly at ease. That’s a libra work of interest.


That is my work style! Nice to see it written up.


Yes to all this and also receiving a gift that is so perfect and custom that you might feel an exhilarating magic. This is when a Libra is quite pleased with you.


Thank you , thank you, thank you! Sag with Cap rising who has been wondering the same thing…….


I have been adored long term by a Libra for many years and as a sun Cancer, Virgo rising I simply DID NOT GET the flakiness. At its lightest, it felt confusing and it’s worst, derailing. When he utterly ignored me, I knew there was something happening but it broke my extremely crabby, emotional heart failing to anchor any assurance. Finally, last year we were able to evaluate if any of our (15 year) friendship and connection was left, (he had finally agreed to ‘secretly marry’ his long term partner) and he told me, I was ‘his muse’. I still… Read more »


Thank you for sharing. This really helped me understand my own similar situation with a Libra man.


I’m a Libra Sun and rising (and Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto), and I would say that I’m very friendly, asking the “normal” questions – what do you do?, where are you from? when I’m NOT romantically interested. It’s just general people interest – not fake, but not deep either. When I fancy someone, I want to skip all the normal chat and talk more intimate/on a topic I’m passionate about – plus proper eye contact. I’ll definitely also ask about someone’s perfume, if I can smell it. Perfume is very important! If I’m going out to meet someone I fancy, my… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

Actually what Mystic said “they ignore you”. You can get a sense of them feeling uncomfortable being around you. They will smile if you talk to them but they may look down to have you avoid their blushing response that you are talking to them. Libra Rising in me and my Libra shows up a lot when I am out being social with men and I am attracted. Hence I get very shy.


I worked with a Libran man a few years ago. Gee, he loved himself. He’d glide across the school oval with silicone hips a la fluid. When he left I was passed on his keys. One of the three office ladies said, “Can you walk like him?”. So l re-enacted his glide and, as I passed the mirror, I said “G’day” to myself going by. They cacked themselves. As kids, I regularly had to punch my two Libran brothers. Eight and a half minutes of sport was enough for them and they could only play in the temperature range of… Read more »


I was married to a Libra actor who is narcissistic and duplicitous. He came on strong… charming, adoring… until he had me completely controlled and demoralized. Beware of the Libra ego under all the charm.


I wonder if he had a planet like Mars or Pluto involved with his Sun/Moon? Or Mercury with those as well? I was married to a guy like that as well, a secret witch who knew exactly what he was doing. He was a multi-Cancer though.


I dated a libra once… He was full on stalkerish (but so nice I was confused if it was stalking or adoration). We lived in different towns so a call to say good morning then numerous phone calls throughout the day. Full on predator but with smiley eyes and the nice warm voice… Anyways there was no question about his intentions however he was ascending Sag so not sure if that’s why? First and last libra/Sag I’ve ever been with. Later read in an Astro blog that libra Decan 2 is an iron fist in a velvet glove, seems sweet… Read more »


‘Transparency is the new Mysterious’. How a Sagg loves transparency. LIke in ‘are you interested or not. How simple is that though not very subtle, but saves a lot of time wondering. Have often thought that if you really enjoy a person, like who they are, what they do, then it is naturally reciprocated or you wouldn’t be interested in the first place. Perhaps that is idealism, but time is too short to bother with those not worthy of you. One charms a LIbran via the senses, all six of them and sometimes seven if they are super evolved. Ask… Read more »


Says my Libran Moon, so that makes me Emotionally Libran 🙂


Libra moon here too


Yep. We become suddenly socially awkward around the person, even shy!


Yes have witnessed this, so my direct approach would be shattering then.


Unless they are aries rising, cause I like non subtlety, straight to the point bedroom eyes and discussion. Like you there, I like you, lets do this, lets end the world with our romance. I mean.. lets make a world. Of course. High grade extreme fashion from them is a total bonus. Confidence, growl. Spy candor has no place in my heart, men who are nice and friendly with more in mind who I like as friends are also deeply disappointing when they partner up and stop being friendly. Do not spy candor. Could be scorpio venus house 8. Who… Read more »


I dated a venus in Libra guy followed by a Libra-rising Saggy guy followed by a one night stand with a Libra followed by my boyfriend who is Saggy-rising with Libra sun and a ton of Libra (and very close birthday to the one night stand) so here is my experience. Yes they can be a bit shy when you see them out and about, but they will be looking at you and or open to talk to you if they like you at least a bit, if they’re not interested in you you won’t see them and they won’t… Read more »


I’m a Libra Sun. If a Libra likes you, they will find a way to be in your orbit, in an unassuming way, on a near-constant basis. They will find the commonalities and insert themselves there in your line of sight. If they do not like you, you will not see them – they will avoid you. If you run into each other anyway, you will surely get the nice/polite act, but rest assured, if you are unliked, you will be avoided if not downright ghosted.


Can confirm. This is how my 300 planets in Libra like me to do it. Also- uncover their bday. If they are into dudes, look at their Mars sign. Myself- Mars in Virgo- I like to ‘hunt’ for clean-smelling, well-mannered men who can use punctuation properly. If they’re into ladies, look at their Venus and Lilith (I think Moon sign is more like women who feel like home to them) and if those signs vibe with your general persona (e.g. Venus in Sag and you happen to be a politically engaged & sporty loudmouth) You Are In with a massive… Read more »


Something to consider with Librans is that while they are oblique, beats about the bush, their social capacity (more like a compulsion, really) drives them to be constantly around you. They are pleasant and never makes the first move or articulate anything direct, but they should always be around!


Agree, my current partner and I courted. I came over watched movies and video clips. Gosh I was so so interested but he was so so hard to read. Made for quite an intrigue on my behalf. Found out he was interviewing ladies for the role and I won. My aries rising satisfied I deeply loved that I came out on top despite constant intrigue for 4 weeks and then he came out with it, are you here as a friend or do you want to be my girl friend. Well. Could a woman want anything more but a choice?… Read more »


OMG. Speaking about timing!!! Thank you so much for this post I am a double Leo with the moon in Capricorn and have a “situation” with my Libra best friend whom I liked since forever (he is a Leo moon and has a lot Scorpio and Leon in his chart) He’s been “hiding” since and “weird” since we got tangled on the sheets for the first time ever in the eclipse season (July-Aug) and admitted I had a massive crush on him. Our communication has been awkward and intermittent when before we used to talk all the time…. and I’ve… Read more »


A gift and a quiet hand in theirs. Gently does it. Libra bloody loves Leo as a cat instead of a lioness in one on one, but is proud in social situations if the cat shares their mane and their passions loudly and beams ear to ear.

Sky Diamonds

Im a Lib and freak out a bit when someone declares a crush and either I’m not into them in that way or haven’t yet felt/seen them in that way. I feel awkward around them, distance a bit/lot, I perceive it as a pressure – of expectation or something and avoid cos I think I’m being scanned for signs of interest and become self conscious of how and what I say. As for what shifts that… if I start feeling a mind heart connection- mostly seems to happens through them being totally themselves/in their own skin without any reference to… Read more »


And this post is why I cannot date Libras.
I am way to Kataka in love (venus and mars) to scheme like this in love realms. 😀


If I decide I don’t like you I’ll withdraw, gone, vamoosh. Once its decided I think you’ll know – it’s pretty bloody cold.

The beginning bit is harder because it looks quite like that too. I’ll dial down all my Libra-ness and try not to be so full on and friendly. Contrary huh?
If its serious ‘liking’ then I think it feels less flirty. I’ll also be prepared to stay in /hang out and not be in the ‘crowd’ or out doing stuff.

BTW I have pluto, sun, mercury, lilith, uranus and venus in Libra so… I’m pretty Libran.


people I like = lots
people I’m actually ‘attracted’ to = seemingly infinitesimally small number
I don’t know if that’s Libran or just me


Super Libran. Pick of the pack of cards, only the best will do. Huge romantic judgement.


Massive chart!!

I also get shy if its from my end, but also move fast if I’m sure about it. Like, your with me kiddo hows that sound? #ariesrising makes no mistakes


As a Libra Sun (but I feel my Aqua Rising more, so maybe that skews things…); if you feel like they are bathing you in warm rays of sunshine in every encounter, because that’s how they feel about you and it kinds of explodes out of our hopelessly romantic Libra hearts.


So very timely. I am a Libra interested in another Libra and we are both being very hands off … minimal contact … what a relief 🙂


Will yourself to push through. Take their hand and whisper in their ear. Yes we will be flummoxed but oh oh so flattered.


Qualifications: Me = Libra Sun & Rising + Mars in Libra, was with a Libra boyfriend for 5 years and had at least a couple Libra crushes. I’d say if they get a bit shy or seem to have difficulty flirting with you, or blurt out smth uncharacteristically stupid and get self-conscious – that is a sure Sign. I seem to be able to flirt with all the animate and inanimate objects, especially when I don’t mean to (and I know it’s often the case for other Librans too) BUT the men I like. Also, as someone else already pointed… Read more »

dark star

i vote super oblique questions, scheming behind the eyes, certain choice “outfits” deployed. re: libra rising sis


“scheming behind the eyes”
I think about this.

Stella Polaris

Also that is such a great photo: woman on right has that ‘going within’ look about her.

Stella Polaris

“…how Libras treat people they dislike; they up their charm and hyper-gush, like the protective and concealing black ink of an octopus.”
Thanks for this ‘tell’ on Libran behaviour…I’m thinking of three of these; two are Known Libran suns, the other is an Aqua Sun but I’m now suspecting she might also be Libra Rising.


I have a Libra Mercury and will sometimes discover I don’t like something by hearing myself complimenting it.




Libra sun here… ahhh, it’s hard to tell with a Libran sometimes… I say, they like you if they dont try to avoid your orbit – I for one hate anything unpleasant, they like being nice and feeling good, so if you are nice to be around with, especially if you’re niceness is directed to them then I don’t think you’ll have much problem being friends.


Libra Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Lilith, here. Mystic nailed us. Also, playlists, clever Instagram comments and flirtatious texts are a sure sign.
But remember, catching your Libra’s attention and keeping it are very different things.


I’m Cap Moon and was with a Libra Sun for a while. He was infuriatingly nice to literally everyone, including going out of his way to befriend his friends’ exes, which definitely raised the eyebrows of my boundaries-r-us Cap parts! I don’t think he ever saw long-term potential, so I can’t help you there, and he changed his mind a lot about whether he wanted me around, but it was clear enough when he didn’t – niceties were withdrawn!


I’m a sun Libra but have lots of Libra in my chart. I used to be nice and friendly to everybody but I would have to say that has changed quite a bit over the past year. The man I’m with now, which has been for the past two years gets all of my undivided attention and support, but he is a really good guy. When it comes to friends, I don’t do the fake friend thing. You are either a real friend and you get me as a very loyal friend or if you are a fake one I… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

He he lol. I love it.
I’d say if you are married to the Libra, they probably like you 🙂

Feathered Fish

I agree!!


The only way to tell!
Though they may still have moments of doubt in privacy, like *did I do the right thing marrying them?..*

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