Are You As Super-Uranian As Freddie Mercury?

Are you as Super-Uranian as the proto-radical, super-Zeitgeist compliant performer Freddie Mercury?  It’s unlikely. As these extracts from his Astral DNA (my new fast turnaround birth chart reading) attest, Mr. Mercury was fabulously Uranian.

Mars trine Uranus

Mars-Trine-Uranus people find it particularly easy to channel the Uranian ingenuity into their everyday life. They’re always in reinvention mode. Steven Covey, author of the cult-in-its day ” The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People,” was Mars trine Uranus. “Live out of your imagination, not your history.” That was a revolutionary message in the mid-20th Century. The activist, feminist and scholar Ayaan Hirsi Ali is another Mars-Uranian; brave, new-era and eloquent. Like any alignment involving these two, if the Mars-Trine-Uranus person gets angry, they tend to fire up real fast and initiate swift innovation or space-clearing. Having to work alongside people they think are not with the Zeitgeist scrambles their Qi to a ridiculous extent.

Jupiter trine Uranus

Jupiter-Trine-Uranus people have a smooth relationship between their most profitable impulses and their wilder dimensions. They are gifted at monetizing their weirdness and successfully pulling stunts that most people would find it hard to get away with. Their hustle is invention and reinvention, again and again. Their days are one long lightbulb moment, their nights are often sleepless, as the Uranian Vibe tends to insomnia due to a supernaturally active brain.


Uranus conjunction North Node

They run on strange cycles of outer-galaxy time and off secret endorphins that may never be discovered by scientists. They’re bona-fide magical realists who respond to cosmic cues and strange, synchronized signals that are imperceptible to others. They invent themselves without need for outside validation and others glide along in their wake. They often have a unique or singular destiny that they feel at an early age. Weird Fact: The four most recent U.S.A. presidents have this — Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Whether you like their politics or not, they’re future-brokers.



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Jes Bro

Sure am! Uranus conjunct NN and MC, Uranus trine Mars; Square Chiron, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn. HELP!


God, Freddie Mercury was talented.

My nephew is an all-out Uranian, too. He has Uranus conjunct Mars conjunct the Ascendant (in Aquarius no less), all square the Moon. And Uranus is trine his North Node. He doesn’t try to be different, he just is. He no more could fit into a conventional job or life than a leopard could type out a text message on a cellphone. I love the zing-y, buzz-y, outrageous, goofy energy of Uranians.

acqua hair

mmm I like Freddie but some of us channel Uranus in different ways, but still adventurous. I have aquarian sun 6th house. But my libra Uranus is first house conjunct my pluto , jupiter and south node opposite my chiron, north node and venus. all sitting nicely in my 7th house Then there is this lovely sextile to my moon, mars and neptune. I just thought that my relationships were interesting and a nice side hobby. I have always thought if your not sitting on the edge then you are taking up too much room. I guess some of us… Read more »


I would not compare myself to Freddie but I’ve always loved him. I have sun-square uranus, venus and mars trine uranus, jupiter conjunct uranus in the 11th, mercury in aqua with lots of aspects there too. I love mystic’s take on these aspects from my reports too, spot on and gave me some new insights. I consider myself a weirdo and a friend/lover to weirdos, a safe haven to weirdos but identify as more of a plutonian/neptunian with the uranus providing some spice, friends though tell me I’m weird and a free spirit and I do trust them. My boyfriend… Read more »


Freddie — my Uranus spirit animal!! I’m a bit of a Uranian weirdo myself. If I’m not changing, I’m bored. Sometimes it feels like a curse amongst the “normal”. Uranus in my natal chart:

Venus square Uranus
Uranus sextile N Node
Saturn trine Uranus
Sun trine Uranus
Jupiter trine Uranus
Uranus conjunct Ascendant
Moon septile Uranus


Do you ever try to be normal when first starting at a job but inevitably your Uraniac persona just bubbles out?


With Pluto cj Uranus in the 10th house, I think I’ll be remembered for making everyone uncomfortable. Add in a Neptune sextile, a Sun semi-sextile, an out-of-sign opposition from Chiron–I pulse at deep space rates that even I can’t monitor. (I think…)


Also, Freddie was just so amazing–all that energy. I haven’t seen the movie. I’m not interested in sobbing my guts out. I did end up reading about him more and then following a thought trail that led to Rock Hudson. That was a painful trip down memory lane, made even more so with life experience. I was a teen when Hudson died and lived in a world of really small-minded mean people.


When I saw the biopic I cried like a baby the last twenty minutes without stopping. All I could think was, “the world was not ready for you, Freddie.” But thank God/dess he came on his rocketship and dazzled and shocked. He was such a beautiful soul and a genius.


moon trine Uranus,
Mercury square Uranus,

It’s fine dressing as a lion when you are five.. at 41 there are sometimes issues..


I rode my BMWR100S 76kms wearing a Pink Panther onesie (that or a nudie run- I hadn’t scored a goal all year).


I nearly picked my ‘space mackere’l outfit as my profile picture (thanks for help mystic). Light-up cape.. drove a BMS 1 series in a rural back-lane so lit up, I didn’t need headlights! 😀


Uranus opposite Jupiter…thoughts anyone?


What houses are they in ? That might tell us if you’re a rebel without a cause or one with one. The shadow would be ‘party girl on space dust’ 😉 Not that there’s anything wrong with that !


My only aspect to Uranus is Mercury – squaring off Uranus. So no! I imagine it would feel freeing to be Uranian. Or maybe it feels less free as you notice the cage more?


I do
Moon conjunction Uranus at less than a degree
Next to Jupiter
All in Aquarius


That fits your name!


Uranus is the only planet in my birth chart unaspected. Is anyone aware of an astrology report based on your birth time with the place of birth being another planet ? Eg Uranus. Maybe from that perspective I have earth aspects ? I have always had a strong feeling that I know Uranus, that I’ve been there. That it has a parallel reality to earth in some way.


My son has no aspects with this planet either but he’s such an inventive weirdo I am shocked – he has tons of Gemini though and Uranus is in the 4th. Tonight he was saying “I wish I was an android” while we watched a show about one.


I was incredibly inventive in my younger years but never took advantage of that financially. I just gave those ideas to others. Uranus in my second house has it’s own ideas of how money works for me and it’s odd to say the least. I’m also gem rising and moon so ideas and thoughts are fulfilling enough. Putting things into actual practice and earthing those ideas can be just plain boring. 🙂


That’s some heavy Uranian flow right there. My Uranian energy is made up of conjunctions and squares so it’s been a bumpy road rather than a direct ride to space on the party jet.


This post has me thinking about the harder aspects of Uranus, quite apt for me since I am coming up to my Uranus opposition right on my 7th house cusp. If all the easy aspects turn you into a rock star or president, that energy must be hella hard to express with the difficult aspects (looking through a different lens here as I do have direct experience). Uranus conjunct ascendant is supposed to signify something ‘shocking’ about your birth, and I shocked everyone by being a female rather than a male like they thought. I’m also quite different than my… Read more »

dark star

Is anyone lol? Maybe Bowie


Jimi Hendrix


Sun Trine Uran, Moon Conjunct Uran, Mars oppo Uran, along with sun/merc/nn in Aqua. So, yep!

Who coined the term, Jokerman or Mille? I’m a Uraniac!


Wow!! I’ve dated 2 men with the Uranus trine Mars. They embraced their creativity and always had a knack for seeing things differently. They also had a very steady connection with that energy. One was a renown scientist and the other was an esteemed home craftsman. Both also had their Mars on in… intimate ways quite nicely!


Mercury sextile Uranus and Uranus sextile Pluto. Uranus conjuction with Neptune. I am constantly creating changes and if I can’t there is a lot of nervous tension. Usually I am the reformator at my workplaces, constantly offering New solutions. I have had lots of misundersrandings with fixed people. But I am quite fixed myself, I am fixed with the idea that I have to do the things my own way even if it seems inadequate. I have learned a lot this way tho. In my unevolved state this quality creates lot of chaos, but if I grow it is a… Read more »

Eclipse Tripper

What a legend… I have sun and asc sq uranus, and venus saturn trine, .chiron opp. and Juno conjunct. Not quite Freddie., but definitely identify with the invention/reinvention, need to be an individual and future zapping (which is frustrating as around muggles).


I have a sun square Uranus also. Scorpio Uranus conjunct AC square my Leo sun. Also opposes Chiron on my DC to make a t-square.


I have Moon square Uranus, Venus conjunction Uranus and Uranus conjunction Midheaven.


just mars trine uranu


Thank you for this. Freddie and Queen have always meant so much to me. I am loving this movie-inspired re-appreciation of him and the rest of the boys.

Seeing something about his chart that’s unusual and electrifying just confirms that he was truly a one-off, a magical rock n’ roll unicorn who made his own mold and broke it.


I’m Mars Trine Uranus and Pluto (exact) Boom! Gosh Freddy had some out there chart action. explains a lot. Node on Uranus? crazy stuff! and all of the presidents incredible


This was voted down?


Not so much as Freddie maybe but my Mars in Aqua con N. Node both trine uranus and Uranus is conjunct sun and mercury. I love change and have burned stuff to the ground and walked away more than once. I’m good at ideas. Boredom and stagnancy are my kryptonite.


Maybe not as super Uranian as my spirit animal Freddie but I was def struck by its energy at birth with a whole bunch of aspects all lit up at the moment with a transit Uranus opposing my natal Uranus which trines mars is opposite my sun & Mercury, bQ Venus, square my moon, oppose Chiron, semi* North node, trine my Asc and opposing my MC. I’m used to the sudden change and excitement this planet brings me, calm waters can be unnerving if I float too long, Uranian vibes soothe if that makes sense….

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