When The Moon Is Void In Pisces Right Before A Uranian Full Moon

When The Moon Is Void In Pisces* Right Before A Uranian Full Moon…

You contemplate your past follies – fashion, lovers, fads, the year that your magical thinking got way out of whack – with wry, amused compassion.

You’re insanely sensitive to sound. The wrong music sends you into “stampede” mode.

It is as if you are waiting for a sign, a version of the bat-signal.

If you’re Neptunian enough, water talks to you.

Retro-Venusian Venom infuses this Void Moon. It also features skittish Uranus energy, and an abiding sense that you are at a crossroads. Of the psyche, if not of actual life choices.

If you can wait out the Void Moon without your mind meandering into strange cul de sacs or making a “do something” gesture, you get the signal with the shift into Lunar Aries at the end of the Void.

* See The Astral on the Daily Horoscopes page for the Void Moon times in Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, New York and Los Angeles.

Image: Boom – 1968

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It’s a crossroad. The combination of sudden relationship revelations literally sounds like it belongs on a bad MTV reality show. I can’t even believe the bombs my fiance just dropped after two weeks of being cryptic and fake af.

Hello, sinking ship.

Taking solace in small waves of detachment between crushing cortisol floods. Attempting no crying at work. Keeping social support tight. Now literally staring into a completely unknown future between this relationship scenario, ambiguous career options, and apparently scrapping relocation plans. Just wtf.


The astral says moon void in aries… still Neptunian?

Wish Upon a Star

I can feel the Aries moon, Awesome.


Neptune enough? Water talks to you? And how! Has an pure LSD experience at Maslins Beach in ’75 of being the first creature to breech land from the sea, draped in pretty seaweed-flowers, as it was a nude beach looking up at the cliffs whose colours and ridges spoke of the aeons. It was like a zap down the DNA to the very beginning.It is said where land meets sea is a magical place. Since then have a love affair with water. La Mer-the Mother? Believe water is the greatest natural healer available to all. Don’t we feel lighter after… Read more »


Oh my! Have you read Kim Falconer’s “The Blood In The Beginning”?! I have a hunch you may like it 🙂


LOve all of Kim’s books, but yes that one is excellent, hanging in for the follow up.


Natal Moon in Pisces, here, and more and more sensitized to everything lately. The noise pollution in this city is an ongoing set-back for me. It takes a lot of energy for me to just deal with the ambient environment that I am not progressing with anything else. I’m actively trying to move away, have been looking for jobs in other towns, smaller towns, not big cities. So grateful for woodland retreat over this past weekend, but anger came up yesterday, even while I was in a pastoral place. It’s going to take me a long time to unwind, once… Read more »


Haha, yes then Moon moves into Aries and the self recrimination begins!


Moon in Pisces sensitive to sound, light, noise every day. It’s difficult to be in public around people.
However, animals don’t seem to bother me in the same way.
I wish some days I could be less sensitive to everything.


Intend it! If it’s what you want I mean. I got to a point I could see myself becoming too sensitive to live! So I wound it all down. More boring but more bearable.


Wow, Sphinx. “Intend it”…You still slay me xx


I’ve moved from downtown to a much quieter neighborhood.
But, some days everything rubs me wrong and I need to hide at home.
At this rate, I’ll become Emily Dickinson!


Surrounded by crap energy… but keeping my cool B)


I decided, after extensive thought, that I will be pulling the plug on some people that have been bothering me for some time. I think I wasted too much emotional energy given how irrelevant they are though I cannot help but be angry. Bye bye.

Wish Upon a Star

The keyword is irrelevant.


It is all rather odd. Water talks to me. That figures. Was asking the oracle about what my next move should be and it said Go to the Ocean. I laughed because of course this is now my career path. And today literally just this second I have applied for a few other posts that are advertised. Although I have been asked back I am now putting it out there to see what arrives in the inbox. Fingers crossed something pings up that I simply have to run (or sail) with.


It’s been Moon in Aries for 31 minutes and I already find it refreshing.
(Yes I am Neptunian and with the Venus Retro Venom making me all sad and gloomy I needed a new week to kick in)


So. . Sound of people was fuelling my existential angst at lying on a beach feeling incapable of moving up a few hills to be under “my”tree. Nervous system fragile after a breath work session that took me from – “I’m not wanted” to feeling light flood my tetanized body that was curiously similar to jesus’s On the cross. I read this post – resonated with every word – and flip to check what time all this voiding is finishing – and it is 5.58 pm in Sydney – on my phone – and the exact time the moon moves… Read more »


Hitting repeat on songs, drinking water like its nectar, and crossroads? Waiting anxiously to hear about job application/interview. I have so many conjunctions now Jupiter on my natal S node 10th House. Neptune on Pars Fortuna in 2nd, mc is 1 scorps also a Taurus with aqua rising and wait for it…Natal Pluto and Uranus conjuct in 8th house. Queue dramatic music!

dark star

Explains the need for am shower (rare) and afterwards channeling art on magic rug. One secret nostalgic favorite guitar solo anthem on repeat. Striding around work on breaks feeling powerful and on the verge.
I loveee Liz such the neptunian at work. She’s not the naff Piscean archetype every(unenlightened)one bangs on about 😉

dark star

drinking a respectably sized bloody I’d wager



I’m in Maui on a yoga retreat

Feeling so fucking Uranian and out of place, looking for that one sign


geez, liz, that’s a huge drink!

i’ve been feeling this – past follies tumbling in this morning. spent the day grounding myself in my beloved and very spring-a-licious garden. feeling waaay better.


Neptune feels almost off mercury, just for a second. Saturns 5 seconds off the square to my moon Igot three rooms shifted into almost functional/ appease muggles but somewhat more energetically workable. Even if it isn’t going to make Saturn not be in the fourth house. I feel 15. I’m dressed like a five year old. I’m talking to ancestors and doing laundry. There’s no trying to control anything at least that’s for sure. Years ago I thought of myself as a thinking head with a string hanging off it Now I’m Whitman’s multitudes with a body that lets me… Read more »


I’ve been preoccupied with stuff and work and thought check out the site. It’s hot here in the Sun and thirsty. I get half-fridge water half room-temp water in a big glass. I start talking to the water and then nearly spat it out in a involuntary guffaw reading “water talks to you”.

Right on the first gulp. I’m such a Nep tune dog.

Nike Vk

Soooo sensitive to sound and light today, yes.


Wow. Yes. I’m definitely on a crossroad, I’m deciding if I go all in on writing and fulfill a life dream that has been dormant for years and now calling me, or do a more practical thing such as going back to uni to study midwifery. Ahhhh well…
thanks for this, Mystic


but Liz Taylor is on point, and I have been thinking of my past with just a little more humor and compassion for myself especially…


oh girl the cul de sacs are killing me

Wish Upon a Star

Yes I’m sensitive to sound.


Uimnngfhhh *this year* has been the wierd year. Now. It’s happening now. Just argh .

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