“My Whole Family Are Air Signs”

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Like all the Elements (Fire, Earth, and Water are the others), Air Signs understand one another.

They may not necessarily get along as such, but they recognize one another’s essence.

Air Signs meeting is like cross-currents of wind; they breeze around one another. Or, okay, they sometimes whirl up into a tornado.

Sure, you can drill down to fancy aspects between people and the strange way in which particular astro-themes repeat over generations.

But you can detect a heap of nuance from simply observing which elements dominate.

A family full of Air signs with one Earth sign member can unintentionally ostracize the Earth person.

Broadly, Earth Signs prefer robust gestures of affection (sex, gifts of money, doing practical things together) while Air Signs like concept-conjuring.

They are like Wind, never still. They adeptly respond to atmospheric cues. Their go-to solutions mode is clearing.

Birds,  as in Air Creatures, are usually their totems.


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My mom is an Aries. My baby brother is an libra. My other brother is an Aquarius. My dad is a Capricorn. And I’m a Virgo. I don’t even get along with my dad though.

studentessaMM Member

I love this post! I always look for links and patterns in families I know… and now that I think of it I am the only water sign(sun moon and rising) surrounded by basically alllll fire in my family .. and one air sister .. significant other is fire sun/rising as well… I am always the crably stay at home one of the bunch (aka super loner lol) but the fire vibe is good for me as it puts me in sportier circumstances ..one of the most interesting cases I found with a strange blend is the actress Paz de… Read more »

VeronicaMM Member

my dad was Taurus aqua moon, Stepmama is Cancer with aqua moon, sometimes I wished we were a more conventional family when I was a teenager (Dad would wind car windows down and sing opera at the stop lights, and I would slouch deep into my seat) but I am generally really comfortable with Uranian energy as uranus intrinsically tied up with mars and pluto in my birth chart, in the 12th. My sister and I are very 12th house-ish. My Leo SO has uranus rising in Scorp. My birthmother is Scorp with Leo moon. SO’s birthday is the same… Read more »

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

How good is Jodie Foster, even in these short clips!

em priceMM Member
em price

Yes! I am the only air sign in a family of fire signs. Always felt like the outsider for sure.

FreogirlMM Member

Oh yes… My dad and I are fire and sister and mum are earth. Well, that was never going to work, was it? My dad insists I’m a creature of his side of the family, and my sister of the other side. Almost all of his side are fire (with a few air thrown in) and most on mum’s side are earth. I always enjoyed – found ‘soothing’ – my paternal grandparents’ company, and did not so much enjoy being with t’other side. Just didn’t ‘get’ them or feel ‘part’ of them. They even look different (shorter, slower and more… Read more »

socialgraffitiMM Member

Also — I keep on getting Three or Swords in the 7th house. What could that mean? I am not dating anyone.

LightningButterflyMM Member

Oh yes…my immediate family is Gemini (me), Libra (husband), Aquarius (son). I also have Aqua rising. My mom is Aquarius, so is my hubby’s mom, his dad and sister are Libra, my dad Gemini, uncle Libra.my grandpa Gemini and his dad too. My mom’s Father = Libra, hubbys grandpa and maternal grandma – Libra….it just goes on and on. Wild!

PiMM Member

What’s a houseful /family full of Libras like? Pros and cons? Genuinely curious.


All Earth. Grandpa Capricorn, Grandma Scorpio with Cap moon, Mom Virgo, Aunt Double Capricorn, Dad Virgo, I am Capricorn. The black sheep of the family is the Gemini aunt. Liar, grifter, raging alcoholic. The whole family has had to prop her up and take her shit for decades. The rest of us raised her children because she was always too busy drunk or hungover. She is literally alive because the Caps and Virgos won’t let her fall thru the cracks because “duty” and “she is family”. I absolutely loathe her. My husband is a Taurus and all my close friends… Read more »


I would be just like your poor Gemini aunt if I was surrounded by so many Earth people. I can just see the stern looks of disapproval from dry folks sucking the life juice out anybody that steps into their orderly environment. Oh my God *gag*!!


Lol. Just the response I expected. Being an alcoholic and a grifter is the best thing ever as long as you are a cool Air sign yayyyyyy. What a fucking disgusting attitude to have. Meanwhile her Scorpio and Libra daughters love the rest of us because we actually STEPPED UP AND RAISED THEM instead of laying in a pool of vomit every day.

Clavdia C
Clavdia C

I’m a Cancer and I spent a very tough day in the midst of a couple rough weeks with an old Cancer friend and yes it was uniquely soothing. Usually though I surround myself with air and fire signs. I hardly ever situate myself towards water signs.


My mother has some type of link with Sagittarius. My great grandfather was one, my grandfather was one, my father is one and I’m a Sag Asc

Ms JeminiMM Member
Ms Jemini

I’m a Gemini (Libra Rising), Mother is Aquarius, one brother a Taurus, youngest brother a Scorpio and my Step Father is a Gemini.

dizzarinaMM Member

My family has representatives of each element.

However, they all have hard Sun-Pluto aspects, and I have a flowing Moon-Pluto aspect.

And yes… I feel ostracized!


On here you ain’t

dizzarinaMM Member

Aw— thanks Jokerman. Yes I am amongst kindred spirits in this lovely virtual space! x


I have Sag sun/Aqua moon, and all three of my kids (adults now) are air signs: 2 Aquarius and 1 Gemini. Everytime we get together they spend all of their time talking, philosophizing, and debating every possible topic. They possess seemingly endless facts and statistics.

inkaMM Member

Sister is an Earth sign (Taurus), my Dad and I are Water (both Scorps). We are often baffled by Mum who is Fire, who tends towards random outbursts of anger and peculiar jokes (Sag).

amaranthismeMM Member

Twin brother and I. Libra. Mum Gemini and Dad Pisces. Sista cuz pisces.
Pisces thinks they are getting their way. We let them think that..


Oh, but they are.

PiMM Member

we’re real jerks like that. it’s why we have to be careful what we wish for

woowoocappyMM Member

So interesting! My family is a mixed bag: Sagittarius Sun / Scorp rising / Virgo moon mom (we’re not sure of her exact birth time but the Scorp makes sense, sort of) triple Pisces dad (with some interesting 12th house action – he was closeted until they had been married 20 years, and though he is much happier now living with a husband, not being able to express that for so long is interesting considering he’s got his moon and mercury deep in the 12th). Brother is a Virgo, Scorp rising, Pisces moon and sister is an Aries, gemini rising,… Read more »


I’m an only child (Pisces Sun/Sag Rising/Taurus Moon) with two parents who are both earth signs and air rising (Mom: Virgo Sun/Libra Rising, Dad: Capricorn Sun/Gemini Rising). It makes me want to pull my hair out. I am ever so grateful for my Taurus moon to ground me. They make me want to scream with their emotional limitations and they don’t get me for being someone who refuses to take every single thing at face value or fall pray to easy flattery. Plus, I’m an artistic type and they are both super closed-system conservative types. It also doesn’t help that… Read more »

PiMM Member

Flipping tables because you can SEE their refusal to dig deeper and it’s like WHY PLS just GO THERE

KayMM Member

A poorly expressed cancerian mars runs through my family…three grandparents have it and my sister. Dad has a Scorpio mars and mom and I have a 12th H Aquarian mars…mars… the negative expression is what stands out to me most…

ResourceressMM Member

This is interesting to me because although we aren’t together anymore, my long time partner and I both had 23 degrees Taurus rising, which I didn’t understand until very recently. We are still deeply connected and recently at a wedding of mutual friends we were reminded by a number of guests we didn’t know about the particularly in tune we are when we move together. For years of our 20’s we danced together in clubs and festivals, often creating a spectacle for our unique connection. Oddly, the reason we aren’t together anymore is because he reminds me so much of… Read more »

HelMM Member

I am so sorry to hear about this. You know you can still get a lot without the exact birth time, right. If you have the year and date, you will not get the acendant, or houses, and the moon might be wrong, but all the rest of the planets and their aspects in a synastry chart will be right. Just set the birth time to noon.

RuizzoeMM Member

I’m super interested in hearing more. My dad was Pisces, mother Leo, brother Libra, sister Scorp, and I’m a Taurus. And whoa: we were an intense household, but boy they loved my Taurus zen calm.

ElectroMM Member

This is one of my favorite topics, it’s so fascinating to look at family dynamics through the lens of astrology.

My mom is an Aqua, my dad a Cancer, and my brother was a Cancer. I’m a Leo with Uranus on my Scorpio ascendant… surprise everyone! Leo and Scorpio energies are rare, even when you look at my extended family. Yep, I’m the oddball!

I married a Virgo and had an Aqua daughter and Taurus son. Our dynamics are much more enjoyable. My daughter has a Cap Moon which helps balance the earthiness factor.

seawitchmermaidMM Member

I grew up as the only water sign in my family (however, we all have Earth moons), as did my husband.
Now in our own family there is one Sag child with water sign parents and brothers.

BecinbootsMM Member

This explains an awful lot.
Two Earth and four Air signs.
Little Miss Fire and my Water grandpa used to be the loners. Loners often together as I was quite ostracised from my family, but often swimming around each other. In our together space even though we loved and complimented each other dearly. (Pisces/Sag).

CatMM Member

I have thought about this at times with family dynamics. I grew up with earth sign parents, a sister water and myself fire. I really connected with my Libran grandmother – a breath of fresh Air for me.

My partner and I are both fire signs, and our kids are both air signs.


Pisces Pa – Scorp Ma parents (Aries Moons). Cancer (with Leo Moon), Aqua (with Gem Moon), Leo and Virgo (with Scorp Moons).
So us kids are one of each element to Water parents.
Cancer seems most familiar with the parents, calls them all the time. She certainly resented the rest of the siblings and was possessive of their affection and they allowed that.

LibraLilithMM Member

Everything else is mixed but we’re all water moons
My sis and I are cancer; mum & dad were scorp, ex is scorp, youngest son & niece are pisces only my eldest is different – he’s a detached cappy moon – luckily he’s a gemini with cancer rising so he can blend in (we call him the robot, only time he’s ever really cried was when hus cat died)
My sort of current fella is a pisces moon too

scorpiopieMM Member

I have 4 planets in Scorpio in addition to my rising sign. Now I know why my siblings always called me the black sheep of the family.


Scorpio Sun/Moon/Merc/Uranus here … SAME here. But, I’d rather be the black sheep than follow the herd. Plus, black is my color!

SyrenaMM Member

My dad and sister are both earth signs (Cap and Taurus, respectively), but they get along *horribly*. I think it’s because Taurus sister’s moon is in Capricorn (in her 4th house, no less), so when he comes in all logic-straightforward-let’s get down to business, she feels like he doesn’t care. That said, there’s a running thread of earth through the family. There’s my dad (earth sun), me (earth moon), my Taurus sister (earth sun AND moon), and my mom and other sister (both earth ascendant). I feel like that contributes to the fact that, when it gets down to it,… Read more »

PiMM Member

…. They really are lol. We all have earth moons too.

milleunanotteMM Member

That’s weird, Pi. You and i know the AquaMa phenomenon that is Parenting Pisceans, and so i never made the connection with your Gem Rising! So your major Air is Ascendant energy. Always rising, hon, may not feel like it, that’s the water part, but you are always ascending. Anyway, Pisces has to really feel that on a much more prismatic deep level. Doesn’t air/sky frame the prism? You have any light / fire?

PiMM Member

Fire is pretty well represented .. Venus, Saturn, neptune, MC, Descendant, Eros, all in fire signs. 🙂 Thank fuq 🙂
I probably wouldnt cope without a Gemini ASC tbh. But I feel its exact square to my sun mercury, a lot.
They’re all aquarius or aqua rising. God
The aqua love of verbal combat and being direct is easier for my Venus aries than libran (air) MO which still triggers me for multiple reasons, lol.

milleunanotteMM Member

Well there’s the fire, officer 🙂 You know, until i replied to you i forgot about fire = light. Pisceans often forget the shit they are wise to in the deep, and i know you will remember it, too. Do Pisceans s7ffer spiritual senile dementia??

ArielMM Member

We are Geminis & Libras – Mum & sis share the same birthday – next week! I was supposed to be born on my father’s birthday but came a week early (classic Aries Moon behaviour). In my own family, I’ve sometimes felt like the outcast because I am so Fire dominant. My parents are rather watery & my sister earthy, so my 6 planets/ points in Fire tend to be experienced as rather disruptive & shocking. I would say that Air dominance in a family does lead to a tendency towards mental activities & hobbies & not much dealing with… Read more »

aquafleurMM Member

My family full of air signs did not ostracise my Virgo daughter. We revere her. She has forged ahead from us to carve a fully fledged career at 24 is more successful than any of us.

joyceanncurryMM Member

WE are all cancers and pisces, Ex was a libra and couldn’t get it with us! Still to this day feels like he has been shunned!

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

My dad and I , 2 Gemini’s, we were telepathic, born 2 days apart. After he died I found out he had a Cancer moon, that’s why he was so sweet, a good cook and great with kids. Mum and one brother were Aquarians, born a day apart. My brother has a Taurean moon like me but 5 planets in Aqua. And the twins, Virgos, 2 peas in a pod. I could never really connect with them. Mum had a Capricorn moon which now makes a lot of sense. After my dad had a stroke, she looked after him and… Read more »

PlinMM Member

I grew up in a family of two air signs (my mother and myself), water (dad), and earth (sister). All strong personalities, given that we were all cardinal signs to boot. When I was little, my dad and I were very close (Libra-Cancer), but he died when I was twelve and, once all the teen drama was over, my fellow Libra mother and I were definitely much closer to each other than to my Capricorn sister.

So, definitely a mixed bag.

PegasusMM Member

Looked into this family sun sign biz many moons ago. It was a mixed bag, but the one thing that caught my attention was my Kataka grandmother always wanted to live by the sea and my Capricorn grandfather wanted to live in the mountains, so they compromised and bought a house on the cliffs of beach. It was too steep for her to walk to beach, and he could only look at the mountains in the background. Neither got want their heart desired. But they were The Best grandparents to me whatever their unfulfilled dreams and it was a stunning… Read more »

lisa.astroMM Member

We are 3 fire-signs, all sharing an Aqua moon. 3 peas in a space pod : )

Year of the Phoenix
Year of the Phoenix

Hmmm interesting, my whole family are Earth cept Mum who is a Gemini. Weirdly she had twin Virgo daughters and two Caps born on the same day 4 years apart.

I guess as my twin and I share the same planetary ruler we get each other.

There was heaps of “locking horns’ between my elder brother and sister and our Taurean Father, growing up, my brother says when we came along the family dynamics changed to one more harmonious.

MutatisMutandisMM Member

My mom, stepdad and I all have Jupiter or Moon at 25 Libra. But our Suns don’t have any real obvious link (Libra, Taurus, Aries). Our house vibe when I was growing up was really harmonious though! I should look at my mother’s siblings and grandparents charts, my mother and I have similar or echoing aspects (she has uranus on the asc, i have aqua rising, we both have mars-saturn and sun-pluto stuff) and I suspect there are some with my grandmother as well.

SoVeryGeminiMM Member

Pisces Mom + Scorpio Dad = Gemini me and Leo brother. My Aquarian spouse also had a Pisces Mother, so we were totally Trained similarly. Another dimension: my mom, dad and brother are all the youngest, I am the only oldest. Growing up was rough.
Now as an adult, I collect Scorpio ladies and will cross burning coals for my Leo sisters in my life. My Libra ladies are also fantastic, as my life would be so dull without them!


Hmm, we are 2 Gems(one June, one May) and 2 Oct Libras in our immediate family…I’ve often wondered

UniversaliMM Member

Not re family but I once worked at a film/ vid post prod & equipment place that was dominated by Aquarians. I loved it (Aquarian). finances were a mess, pay was lousy and generally late but the Aqua owner sponsored all kinds of environmental idealists and gave free gear and facilities to peeps who filmed birds, fish, made docos on saving sharks, earthworms etc even gave me gear for my own project on indigenous spiritual connection to earth.
I’d work for another Aquarian dominated biz anyway, even if it means lousy $$

BlancaMM Member

My Libra mom, Gemini Father, and Gemini sister definitely ganged up on this Capricorn first born for a good portion of my late childhood and early adolescence. Or at least it felt like it. As an adult, I am more the mom/dad of the family than my own parents are.


My family: three Virgos, one Pisces (my mom). Dad and brother have Leo Moons, Mom and. brother have Scorp rising. Dad is Aries Rising, I have an Aries moon. My mom is definitely different than the rest of us, but it’s my dad nobody can handle. (A significant portion of my extended family are Virgos as well, including several of us with the same birthday or birthdays right next to each other. And my brother married a Virgo. It’s a thing. We out-pedant each other for fun, then my Mom gets really excited and says something completely random, and then… Read more »

socialgraffitiMM Member

Many Leos in my family, which is very annoying to me, a Scorpio

AndyMM Member

I’ve thought about this too! IM a babysitter and meet lots of families there seems to some recurring compatibility and not just the standards. Aries and cancer for one! Also I’ve notices air and water signs in families and that Aquarius + Libra couples can’t stop wont stop, but I wish they would.

Here’s some fam examples I know of 🙂
Fire + Air = water + fire
Water + water = air + earth
Air + earth = earth + water
Air + Air = air + fire + water

SheRatMM Member

I was raised by an Awua/Libra couple that can’t/won’t stop. I’ve been in a few myself. I concur. Thankfully, I stopped.

dark starMM Member
dark star

I’m more in personality like my aqua dad (we both have aqua merc + taurus mars) but I love that all three of us siblings have Pisces moons. As much as we as soo different it makes for very harmonious couch time hang outs when we’re all together. And enjoyment of arts culture etc

A_J_MM Member

I’m the black sheep Fire sign in a family of Air. One of these things is not like the others.


My husband is a Leo, I’m a Sagittarius and our son is an Aries. Interestingly our Taurus daughter is the one we all like best.


Must be nice to have some grounding solidity in the midst of all that intensity.

LaFemmaMM Member

I love this stuff, I find it such a valuable avenue to explore for family issues and patterns. My family (8 children) has a very strong Scorpio/Pluto presence (most of us have Scorpio moons), and a lot of Neptune but our sun signs are spread out – Pisces dad, two Pisces kids, mom’s a Sag, two fire sisters (Leo and Aries), two earth sign boys (Cap, Virgo), and Gemini twins. My son’s a Gemini like his dad and they have conjunct moons in Libra (and my moon is conjunct both of theirs but I’m a Scorp moon), and his sister… Read more »

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