Happy New Plutonic Moon

Happy New Plutonic Moon!

WHY Plutonic?” you may be asking, a slight edge in your voice as you tighten your grip on the rose quartz dagger or other New Age accessory of the moment.

Okay, it’s Plutonic as Pluto squares this New Moon at the Zap Zone degree of the Uranus/Pluto squares of 2015 and 2016.  And it’s a New Moon in Libra with Venus, the ruler of Libra, recently Retrograde in Scorpio, Uncle Pluto’s Home Turf.

There are many manifestations of this, and they’re all featured in this week’s Horoscopes, even if I am not directly fingering Pluto as the culprit for whatever I’m saying. It’s Pluto Vibe for sure, and those of you are Pluto-sensitive are nodding right along as you read this, I know it.

Even if your changes of the moment are emptying some bathroom drawer, deciding you can D.I.Y. something you’ve been paying someone to do, sending rage missives to political representatives, changing nutrition or freely using the ‘block’ function on your phone – it’s Plutonic. Also on the probability matrix; fury/awe re scenarios in 2015/2016 (especially August 2015 to Halloween of that year).

Authenticity is the only currency in Pluto-Town. Possibility: That you’re circling back to a goal or desire you had in 2016 but which you weren’t strong enough to fulfill at the time. But now, with Saturn blasting toward Pluto and Uranus in Taurus, you’ve built the bedrock for this, and you are not going to get distracted again.

Mars is also out of the Shadow Zone. But make no mistake about this: It’s a Plutonic New Moon. Trying to repress, eat, drink, snort or euphemize strong emotions away would be a tactical error.


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We had a death in my family, and the person and I had one serious psychic link. It was to the point where I was having weird shifts in my body while he was undergoing the last weeks of his life (colon cancer, how Plutonian, and he didn’t tell anyone and swore my mom to secrecy, so even more so). I knew something wasn’t right, but didn’t say much to not stir the pot. Of course, it’s been hard on everyone. I cry and feel bad, but my low-grade disdain towards my building has boiled over, and I find myself… Read more »


The 2016 desire is back in full force. Thought I was “Reaching” for something to revive but it looks like it just may be meant to revisit….


Any link to this and crazy dreams the past few nights?


I’ve never left the ZZ. I’m natally Plutonic. The past 5 years I’ve Pluto-Plateaued in a valve-bouncing frenzy of getting nowhere.
Greetings from Maralinga.

dark star

The idea of circling back to 2015:2016 goal(s)resonates. Post Saturn square post Saturn on ascendant, hard scrabble journey to underworld and back.
This psychic I went to then (2015) did say my person was “around” which I feel is true but I had some morphing to do first

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

OMG yes! It’s all about investing $$$$ for me! Pluto=money right?


OMG you have no idea how spot on this is. Yesterday I was contact by the hapless sucker who is currently dating the narcissistic alcoholic my ex (the narcissistic alcoholic sociopath) had an affair with from 2015-2016 ish. Give or take maybe another year. I live in a small town (too small I’ve realised. I’m looking at escape plans pronto) Anyway. This guy needed to know for certain (in capitals) if she had really had an affair with my ex while she was in a relationship. I was furious he had my number. More furious he lives literally a street… Read more »


Yikes, get a new number!


GREY rock
Poor bastard


Totally. Grey rock is my new way of life!


I was in a deep, dark depression August through Halloween 2015. All the tragic family deaths had piled up in 2014, I had been completely betrayed by the rest of my family and was desperately slogging through life alone with my 6 year old. Everyone else that I was close to was partying it up. The tables have turned now. I am the strongest I have ever been, have let go of the last of those toxic family relationships this year, and I am REALLY moving forward with a scorpio phoenix year. I took out a huge and stupid loan… Read more »


Go you !!!!


I was date-raped on Halloween of 2015 at a point where my life was really starting to pick up thrive momentum, so I repressed it. I clearly remember not wanting to be the victum. Been dealing with it ever since, even confrtonted him while he feigned remorse (for hurting me, never admitting to rape even though I could see that he knew what he had done in his eyes). Talk about returning with a fury, I will not rest until this sociopath is exposed for what he is. Anyone of you wise people have any advice for a woman determined… Read more »


Near where I live, you can get a free 15 minute consult with a lawyer where you can ask questions and get advice. See if there is something similar in your area. May be good to start with a hotline or women’s resourse center. Also if you’ve repressed it for so long, you should seek ways to self heal. I hope you find peace. x


Do get lots of advice and support before you act – this sort of strategy must be very clever to avoid fall out.


What a complex situation

I advocate that you stop repressing and tamping it down
Get therapy
I am amazed you didn’t punch him in the face when you confronted him!

Therapy will help you decide how much more of your energy and valuable head space you wish to give this fucktard.

You must heal yourself and feel your emotions and do whatever (within the Law to address the wrong)
Don’t ever forget spiritual law and karma

I personally would sic Hecate onto him x

All the best my friend


Got a call from Fulbright commission yesterday. Question about my personal statement. Very anxious.


Awesome! Good luck!


Congrats! If they are calling, that means that you either made the cut or are one of the people they consider a serious contender! Good luck!!!


well let’s see in 2016, I was in the midst of my master’s program in English, trying to be a professor and leave high school teaching. Alas I’m ready to break out of my day job teaching high school in a dystopian dying city and just make it with my adjuncting jobs at community colleges (now I’m up to 4 night classes on top of my day job teaching 6 high school classes a day). It’s scary to make that jump but I’m crumbling under all the work and pressure and demands. Only thing stopping me is being the primary… Read more »


august 2015- broke my ankle on a skateboard of a man who i loved but couldnt have, it set off a series of health and life challenges that i am still dealing with to this day. im aries sun scorp rising with mars in the 8th house so im very pluto/mars ruled. dont want to do anything as stupid as i did back then!! any signs to look out for??


Eliz… interesting. My son is Leo Sun with Scorpio rising and also has Mars in the 8th. Any advice for me in regards to him?


Very very fixed in certain opinions/behaviours (my SO is Leo Scorp rising). I don’t back down if i don’t agree on an issue but he can be quite formidable. I’ve noticed that eventually he comes round, and he says the exact thing I was saying but it was his own idea, or a man’s advice!

I would say encourage his sense of humour and love him a lot 🙂


Thanks! He is also a Cap Moon so he doesn’t show emotion either ha! Hard to figure out that is for sure.


acutely sensitive to how others treat him and regard / speak about him. will absolutely cut off anyone who is an ass towards him, or exhibits mean / disrespectful behaviour to others, and he’s listening. Likes honesty, quality, both inside and out. if he can’t slice something through the middle and see integrity from beginning to end, he’ll probably still party and whatever but there will be an important piece missing. appreciates nonverbal communication and deep seated steadiness even if the outside is a carnival. don’t let his reserve stop you from being loving, inclusive and awesome towards him so… Read more »


I’m a Leo with Scorpio rising and an 8th house Mars (Hi, Veronica!). We like things high paced and intense and sometimes we have trouble stopping to relax. We can appear abrasive at times but we are always listening and wanting a party after all is said and done. We give people chances, but will spew venom if our soft core is wounded. I have Sag moon so I may ‘get over it’ easier than some other Moon signs. It helps to have that optimistic bounce back somewhere else if the sun is poorly aspected (mine is).


Mindful of the Earth signs housing the Change Gods, and my 16 venus aqua, 18 saturn taurus. Fluidity not fixation is the key to true grounding that brings space for freedom. I am negotiating a happy healthy matrix among: bodywork that is about to next level; a super physical flash flutter emanating, i suspect, from my bodywork that just should inspire, lift out vestiges of last adventure, and not become a crush on my new bodyworker; my aim to maintain my workload while lightening my attachment to it for spirit and emotional health; my next level social foray plans; my… Read more »


Love this and it perfectly captures my current situation: “my aim to maintain my workload while lightening my attachment to it for spirit and emotional health”


Good luck to you, Q. I managed to un-crush overnight and use that to (a) get out of work mind mode 🙂 and (b) allow a cute man to lead me to…da-daaah…(not bed but) a new personal exercise coach and i START IN A FEW DAYS. I am not looking like a Pisces much, unless it is Catwoman.

Unicorn Sparkles

Fury from 2015… holy batcrap so spot on


for me to!!


Oh shitz, I totes forgot the conjunction with this NM and my Natal Uranus. Now I get the “blasting” vibe of this past few days. “Possibility: That you’re circling back to a goal or desire you had in 2016 but which you weren’t strong enough to fulfill at the time”: well my wish in 2016 was about true love, but – you are right – I was too weak and ended up becoming a Love Zombie and obviously failing my goal. That was the last time I felt something that strong, sentimentally wise. I think it’s wiser for me to… Read more »


Gawd we are all love zombies out there aimlessly wondering. Maybe Mystic can write an article on how to cure being a love zombie or an antidote if you start to catch that flu? Also, why is is that we crave “love” and a “partner” soooo bad? Aren’t we all at the end of the day better off alone to ourselves instead of constantly having to have our “A” game on and burning energy trying to not be ourselves in front of said “partner”? Companionship is good yes, but why do we have this urge to persue these idiots that… Read more »


I hear ya, but it’s a thing of the past for me. after the sat/nept square in that same 2016 year I am done with Love Zombing. 🙂


ahh yes that saturn square neptune, how could one forget…?


New Moon on natal Uranus/Moon, Pluto still lingering in chart ruler Venus’ back yard…I’ve recently felt a slow onset quiet but complete determination to put health issues to bed once and for all, permanently break up with disfunctional financial practices, steer off course career plans back on track, and it actually feels doable…I love Pluto.

(Btw, did you know that “Cerberus” (Hades’ hound who guards the gates of the underworld) means “spotted”? :-DD Pluto has a dog called Spot… I find that weirdly endearingly 😀


Have pluto rising in my chart square my moon. My lilith, uranus, sun are at 14-16 Libra.
I’m LOVING this new moon, feel super-powered.
On/off love interest is a scorp with his N Node at 14 Libra so that could be ‘interesting’ too,


NN conjunct Sun is good synastry…a north node in libra person is on their way to new knowledge in relationships…


wow this is so on point, right down to the August 2015 callbacks. Without going into detail, my sun is at 16 Libra and conjunct my natal Pluto/BML/Moon in the 8th house. August 2015 involved ending a toxic long term relationship. Last week, around the time Pluto was stationing direct, I got drinks with a friend I hadn’t seen since maybe early 2016 and as part of the convo I found out the same person I had been with had been involved in several other love triangle/cheating/on the dl type relationships with people I knew peripherally. Up until last week… Read more »


Absolutely! Last night my 3 wk flatmate decided to dry his washing with way more and heavily perfumed powder and my asthma got aggravated big time so i had to turn off the toasty dryer (yep he had it on 2 hr + cycle). Then i texted to let him know instread of being pass agg about it and i got back excuses – he has astma and it doesn’t affect him, quantity as per instructions (he lied), I never told him he had to do recycling and he is not ecological bad guy (he doesn’t believe in recycling, threw… Read more »


Omg this has now escalated to him continuing to dry his clothes even though every time he does the flat smells incredibly strong of chemical fragrance and I just cough my lungs out. I texted him again today and he now threatens to bring civil suit and saying not threatening even though he demanded I open my bedroom door thus morning. Bring it on Argentinean machismo thinking or not thinking he is going to bully me. Ant advice ‘re NSW Ncat process or when this is going to go away? Really need some wisdom and astral support now

Crystallised future

Phew! I am a Plutonic person by 68 points from recollection. I left my husband in August 2015 after many secrets came to light that I could not accept. I have property settlement mediation next Tuesday. Today the bank ‘could not locate’ my name on a joint home loan until the manager of this branch contacted the manager of the original branch where our loan was taken out – I wanted copies of that home loan as I was never given access to it. The ex and that bank manager were mates. More secrets to come out soon???? Like, from… Read more »


strong feelings, strong feelings…ok ill just feel them and journal them instead….LOVE ZOMBIE noooooooo


YAAAAASSS! We need an antidote for when we start to feel that we are catching the bug, maybe we all need yearly LZ shots as a vaccine. Journaling is good, I am learning to write down my thoughts/emotions as well. I have a whole lot of Fire (both sun and moon plus others) and a fiery warrior mars marching in the 12th wanting out lol ..not good for love zombing.


Seriously wtf all I can think about is sex. Moon Neptune escaping reality with kinky daydreams. Good lord.


Second that 🙁 Been scouring my gem stash to shut that down. After I spoke my piece though. Response from him or not I’m done leaving stuff unsaid.


I’ve been thinking about sex since 1965


Wow radical shift in vibe. This morning the whole world was in literal and figurative fog. Everyone was dazed and out of it.

Feeling quite a bit lighter.

Taurus Moonlight

Wearing black all day today. This new moon is right on my natal north node. Came across some inspiring literature in a bookstore in the city on my lunch break too.


Literally holding ph w one hand and new about to be installed glass door with the other. “Just hold that steady while I get the timber from hardware store, are you alright?” “Yes just give me my phone” fuqqin hilarious. Applying for promo that was waved in front of me since end of 2015. Where’s my broom so I can say giddy up. Ps autocorrect not helping


Finally made the decision to leave the toxic cube farm that is sapping my energy, ruining my sleep and getting in the way of my achieving anything else. Much as I’d love to do a grand Leo storm-out with hair-toss, I’ve made a plan and am executing it with the laser precision you’d expect from a Pluto-Uranus conj first-houser. Simply making the decision has been so freeing and made more mental space available for my bigger priorities.


Fantastic Chrysalis!! Good for you, I know you have wanted to for sooo long.
Love a precision plan !!

I have also been considering how I effect this type of transition and have come to the conclusion I haven’t got enough put into place yet.


Fabulous and well done – sounds perfectly thought through and timely!


good one Chrysalis. tick. “best of luck for your future endeavours”, as the friendly colleague you never really spoke to much write on the farewell card. The current job is same for me. On paper it should be fine. In practice it is not. fixed-sign over-functioning anxiety colleague sets my teeth on edge a little too often. pisces cap moon nope. jupiter sq neptune boss will never change. a small change though, which means the virgo-mercury colleague has taken over a thing that caused the most disarray and needs a virgo mercury type to manage. Living location does not help… Read more »


Pluto-IC new moon – yes your location has been a theme of late… easier said than done to move. Pluto won’t go quickly but he will make a thorough job of helping you make the best and most authentic decision. x You haven’t said much and obvs no need to share if you don’t want but I’m wondering if there are opportunities with uni to study in other places/institutions, at least for a while? (Of course you will already have thought of that, soz, Mars in VIrgo can’t resist ‘helping’ lol) Astro at work is a much better way to… Read more »


didn’t mean to grizzle on your good-news post.
yes, the study escape plan is a thing. am needing major change early 2019.
good luck. sometimes just the knowledge that you’ve allowed something new to happen is enough to flip you into a great place.


I didn’t read it as a grizzle 🙂 more like ongoing musings x

Stella Polaris

Actually leaving on your own terms is very powerful and making the decision does mean letting go of all that and pointing your feet in a new direction of travel.
Not to say that there is anything wrong with a Leo storm-out with hair-toss and sometimes it’s warranted. But cool, calculating timing to your schedule is good. How long to freedom day?


Intend to be somewhere new by the start of next year. I’m about to have Saturn on my moon (this is after Saturn spent years in my huge 4th house) so unfortunately for my Piscean self, there will be no shortcuts! x

Wish Upon a Star

Oh My God/dess. Its like all engines are running. And I’m sitting in the cockpit, bejewelled and adorned in makeup and fine perfume oils, with my trusty White Persian feline upon my lap. And a black cap tilted on my head. Ready, set ……….Take Off. !


I feel the same way! Woke up this morning, went to the gym, got some writing done, had a fabulous breakfast and then headed off to work. Am now at my writing club— and though I am tired I still feel this tremendous energy running through me.
I can’t remember feeling like this before-not quite sure what it is, but I’m grateful for it.!!!


Thank God/Thank Gaia. Phew.

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