Halfway Through A Void Moon In Sagittarius

“I need solitude. I need space. I need air. I need the empty fields round me; and my legs pounding along roads; and sleep; and animal existence.”

—Virginia Woolf


Halfway through a Void Moon in Sagittarius, the soul begins to wander. It’s a strange blend of radically honest assessments, consciousness raising, and restless irritability.

And then even when you sleep, it’s as if the dreams take you further abroad than usual.


Image: Sunset Hunt

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I did a yoga/life workshop this weekend that required digging down deep into my most fundamental original trauma and working (wrestling) with it for three solid days with basically no way to take a pause. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I pretty much cried straight through. Pluto making its last pass over my Cap moon at 19 in the 9th, Mercury return, Venus retro on the north node. It’s been intense. Now back to work tomorrow!


YES! Felt this so strongly yesterday that I dropped everything & raced out of the flat to meet a friend. Tbh this is a forever mood.


Wild playful sexy dreams! hahaha. Sure beat being sick confined to the couch all weekend in waking life!


tbh i was probably also a bit frustrated at the I ching telling this little grasshopper to be still etc… virtuous and of superior conduct… i get it very clearly but man, pisces needs some freewheeling happiness etc etc


Void Moon in Sagittarius – a perfect day to tear stuff down? After many years of preparing we are building an extension/dual occupancy deal and today is Day 0. I am starting at 0 as it is not an active number lol.
Loooving this quote!


I love the idea that 0 is not an active number. Yes <3

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

It was SUCH a rad void moon and the dreams were super lucid <3


Yes, all of that quote yesterday; and also completely questioned the bold moves I have made this year as a Canerian, seeing them as grandiose , indulgent, presumptious and selfish and then last night dreaming of being with my ex partner as a sad case…yuk, yuk Yuk! Just horrible…However moon in Cap should help.
Spot on Mystic.


Feeling disillusioned. Even though I am focused on achieving more in academia, I’m realizing I really ought to take a break for my mental health. The burn out is real.


I was asleep in the middle of this Void Moon, and my dreams definitely did take me further! It was also a particularly healing sleep physically, after a tiring day. I am enjoying this Void Moon!


I was seriously feeling the ultra weird’s about my life this morning, like I can’t even make a prayer about what I want without quadruple questioning if the way I am putting the words together will somehow accidentally bring the very thing I really do not want. ugh and what do I even want any way, except to make a billion dollars and be able to travel at will to see everyone I care about while still doing whatever the fux I want without hearing anyone’s opinions about it?

Tami Norris

Wow! Talk about taking the words right out of my mouth! I could NOT have said any of that differently! Spot on!! (actually my “smart” phone corrected that to “spit on” which in my opinion is much more accurate!) Haha!


I get it , Resourceress…….


Try to focus your emotions, and intention, on what sensations, feelings, this vision would bring to you. E.g. the joy of reconnection with dear ppl in your life and shared experiences and happiness, freedom of movement and new sights and sounds, that kind of thing. Maybe new solutions will arrive to join in! You might not be able to stop others offering their opinions but you can devise inner ways to filter the wisdom (it exists) from the limiting projections.


Pi has anyone ever told you you’re Gold !


Radically honest assessments of my own life. Yes, very.


this explain a lot. natal sag moon. i don’t want to people even a little bit, and i don’t feel guilty when i don’t. i’m worn thin from the introspective self-analysis. so i have been binging netflix to disconnect and be mindless.


ive dreamt every might since listening to mystics dream rant




All of the above, yes, since I woke up this morning. I wanted to be social and meet my friends this afternoon but I need solitude.


Restless irritability,……yes.
I’ve been thinking Scandinavia all day. Even watched a Norge film that my brother had started when I got to his place.
I’ll even go in the dark.

Squared Virgo

yes. dreams featured many dimensions and various portals, stairways, roads, even falling into abyss and sliding (loooong and steep slide!) from one theme/dimension to another. crazy but never scary.

Squared Virgo

oh and a dancing pheasant with a funny hat and a pet alligator…lol.


Yes, Deep deep strange roaming dreams

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