Ask Mystic: When You’re A Quadruple Virgo Author


Hiya Mystic,

I’ve been self-employed for eight years, mainly as a writer.

I’ve recently completed the first draft of a fictional novel, something I’ve always wanted to do.

A spanner in the works: I spotted a part-time job at an independent short story publisher and on a whim applied. I’m a great fit for the job description.

Apart from the childcare logistics, I feel like it’s going to take me away from the path of my “big deal,” my novel.

As a very Virgo, Virgo (I have Sun, Jupiter, Mercury & Saturn in Virgo, 3 of these in the 8th) it pains me to admit that I think I applied for this job to feed my ego, I’ve Leo North Node and all the recent goings on with Leo makes me believe this is the reason…

It’s not even like I’ve been offered the job or had an interview yet, and I don’t know what I should do if I do get to those stages!

Feeding my ego, or a distraction from the hard work I need to do for my rewrite??

I’d love a little insight 

Yours, a confused Virgo

Dear Confused Virgo,

Congratulations on the first draft!  And eight years self-supported writing! It is not so much coming across as a spanner in the works as a ghost in the machine. And the phantom is YOU! It is as if you’ve got to this perfect place in your life and a part of you is generating doubt.

If you said you had the choice of rewriting your novel and training for a marathon or becoming the first person to circumnavigate the globe on a homemade drone, yes, that would be a conflict. But a part-time job in a publishing house is optimal on multiple levels. Steady $$$, staying acquainted with the industry buzz and networking with publishers.

So even if you did get some pride out of being good at a part-time job as well as having a novel written, so what? You’re allowed to have a creative high AND the s**t together serenity of a part-time day job.

Did you read Future Virgo?  2018 and early 2019 is the bedrock for fantastic new structures in your life.  And seriously, I would argue that with the North Node in Leo, you need to nourish your ego. I mean why not? You may need just that to antidote the multiple Virgo automatic self-guilting mechanism.

What does everyone else think?

Image: John Alcorn

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I’m a quadruple Virgo! Rising, Sun, Moon and Venus how crazy am I?! Haha


Dear Mystic Medusa, I think you are absolutely hilarious and a pleasure to read!


As an aspiring writer with a Virgo stellium, mostly in the 8th – there’s a funny thing that happens on the way to following your path. Bright shiny things come along, and we are very often forced to make a focus decision. These distractions are there to test you – what do you really want? What are you more willing to put your energy into? Why? How hungry are you for the big ‘dream’ picture? If you’ve managed to be self sufficient for 8 yrs, and you’ve finally reached a goal, do you need the job? Do you even want… Read more »


Thank you, the door didn’t open. You are so right!!


It’s great you put yourself in the path of something different. Sorry that door didn’t open as it could have been a nice boost. I hope you are happier than ever with your work and choices 🙂


I hear you! As multiple Virgo (Sun, Mars, Merc) and a freelance editor/writer, I say take the damn thing if/WHEN offered! Sounds like you are the perfect fit! I’m about to apply for a receptionist job at film studio, which has cropped up, and I feel a little too much in your boat. So I’ll try take my own advice. I think too, being (fellow) EPIC Virgo, the Leo is gold here… Self-sacrificing/servitude/humble times o.v.e.r. I bloody feel it. You will manage AND it’ll get you in the scene: being around all of this publishing will spur you on!! Don’t… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Omg YES go for it.


I agree with Mystic! Congrats on your novel AND take the job!! It feels meant to be. <3


Also, unlimited kudos to you for the fictional novel write – that’s a dream of mine that i’d love to dust off and have a closer look at after reading your letter.


Of course you can do BOTH. Like if you are an artist and someone wants you to curate an exhibition, you say yes faster than quick.


A part time job in publishing sounds perfect! It won’t stop you writing your novel and may even inspire you.

I’ve also freelanced long term and I’ve been looking for a part time job for ages, to give me regular income while I continue my creative work and have some freedom (i.e. not being in a full time gig) as well.

Suzi E

I agree with you Mystic… it actually sounds like you are in a great place Confused Virgo. Relax and let go. And good luck… I hope you get the job. 😉


A little distance from a creative project can be a very fertile thing.

Different spaces and energies feed me and give me perspective. But then again, I have Mars in Sag in the 5th– I need to roam in some way to feed the creative spirit.




As in… Just do it ✔️


I have Saturn and my North Node both in Virgo, both in the 8th. I have a feeling your part-time gig is a blessing in disguise to help you climb higher in more ways than one.


Dear confused Virgo As a quad Virgo myself let me help you. My take on your problem is this… You are your own spanner Just when everything is perfect… I am the Queen of procrastination I do my best writing when under terrible time pressure and I secretly enjoy the rush! If you get an interview, you can feed your ego and if you get offered the job you could say no. Ego assuaged I believe if you re read your own questions above and analyse your choice of words, and your use of want/need etc you will answer your… Read more »


That iz excellent. I’m a Virgo Stellium (Mars Pluto Vesta and Venus 1st Decan and Eros later on) and I can see this being very apt.


Hello Joker
Fellow Crows supporter
Virgo Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto
Don’t know where Eros or Vesta are…
We love to challenge ourselves
Perfectionism is a bitch of a Mistress
When ya not having fun anymore ya gotta dang STOP


Which degrees are they?
I’m into procrastination but I’ll tell you about it later.


Sun 17 degrees
Mercury 11
Venus 2
Pluto 4

We can indeed talk about the Procrastination later later later
Let’s schedule an appointment we can cancel later lol


Your Venus = my Pluto
Your Pluto = my Vesta
Your Merc 2° off my Venus
Your Sun widish to my 26° Eros.
I suggest we put off a meeting very soon; lol


Are you not flirting with me Joker Man lol

Good, bad or ought? The = bits?


Me? Flirt? What with Venus turning SRx -6° off my extremely aspected Nep/IC Cj.
Nah, not me, no chance. I can fall in love just ordering a coffee or the paper and it’ll be bigger than “The Bridges of Madison County” by the time I get back to the van.

So let’s go to the first Crow’s game nearest you.


Bridges of Madison County…
Get in the fuqing truck Meryl!!
It’s a procrastination date lol

I’m in Adelaide City of Churches and psychopaths


I came from SA originally. A woman writer, in 1879, referred to Adelaide as the “City of Churches” and it stuck somehow. I would tune into the cricket, stoned and drunk, and the commentators would say City of Churches and my mates and me would think they were on better drugs than us to come up stupid statements such as that. At last couple of censuses SA has come is as the least religous state, NSW is the most. Go figure. 5 months to the first game. I also wondered why she didn’t get in. But that’s great storytelling in… Read more »


Just a repeated post, duh


Oh my goodness this is so on point fellow Virgo! This is the conclusion I eventually came too, FYI I didn’t get to interview stage. There were hundreds of applicants! But totally YES regarding both the possibilities you mention, especially number 2 ❤️


Glad to provide clarity Susan
Sometimes us Big Virgos can’t see the forest for the fuqing trees xxx
I am a little blunt so sorry..
Won’t make a diplomat…
Write that book Sister xxx


Aw thanks so much!


I have Merc, Jup, Venus, MH, Pluto & Uran in Virgo with a Leo Sun. I totally appreciate Mystic’s advice to feed that Leo. All the Virgo can drain any fun from all attempts at flamboyant or ego-ness.

I also absolutely LOVE this advice. All the truth. Especially the revved up brain. Take on quality stress, not worthless stress.



Of all the Virgos I know-and I know a lot-my impression is they tend to shoot themselves in the foot totally overthinking rather than joyfully and without expections dip their fingers into various pots to see what happens.


Two very close family Virgos…Multi Virgo i know is most joyful doing exactly that but with full knowledge and skill behind them so they are also kind of practically limited in the true nature of scientific experimentation, which i think provides some lovely structural context for surprise regardless of the expected outcomes. The other Virgo i know does completely that joyful footshoot despite his grace because he is only two years old and even though he is busy busy busy handful in some ways, is fascinating to both watch and manage – of course his Cap parent does it beautifully… Read more »


Maaaa God you’re on point. Overthinking is my fulltime job. I can only find the time to PARTTIME my actual profession. *face palms*


I haven’t read mystics reply but I’m unclear how a part time gig at a publisher trumps making a living as an actual writer, which you’re already doing. Having said that, it’s only part time, but in my experience the desire to suddenly take on work/challenges relates to a Saturn transit. Maybe a little part of your psyche is fearful that success in the realm of fiction suddenly will mean you’re being frivolous(?), as opposed to whatever you were writing before that, and a “job” keeps you safely as legitimate member of society dealing with the ‘real world’ or some… Read more »


Maybe also having done the hard yards for EIGHT YEARS supporting oneself makes a humble hardworking Virgo wonder if taking on some paid time is just not good (self sacrificing) enough now so close to finishing, or could mean a compromise of self made standards in someone else’s work environment after all this time?


Yes! This!


Imagine how “driven” your writing would be with a set schedule around the part-time job, sounds good to me especially the contacts. I am also applying for a new job (promo) and I am super indecisive do I want it ??..Yes, but I guess I am scared of the emotional roller coaster of the whole process.


Thoughts on such ‘scheduling’ got me hot.. #multiplevirgo #caprising #earth

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