When The Moon Is Void In Aquarius

Everything interests me,
but nothing holds me.

—Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

When the Moon is Void in Aquarius, genius insights about your life and times come easy, but you can’t decide whether or not to have a sandwich or a shower.

We are just over half way through this thing now  – see your Daily Horoscopes for the time it ends in your Zone.   If you’re doing it right, you’re like some sort of secret shaman.

Sure, you seem vague and unfocused on the surface and the only ideas you’re interested in researching are the technically impossible ones.

But the realization flow is an Event Horizon all of its own. You could run a 360° review of your everything with the most stunning objectivity and emerge with practical, actionable recommendations by the time Luna gets to Pisces.

Invent, audit, curate and create at Warp Speed.

It’s just probably going to look disengaged or random from the outside.


Image: Paris, Texas.

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Just read a long-ish bio of the ‘little fellow with a big head’

“Pessoa drew up horoscopes not only for himself and his friends, but also for many dead writers and historical figures, among them Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Robespierre, as well as for his heteronyms, a term he eventually chose over pseudonym because it more accurately described their stylistic and intellectual independence from him, their creator, and from each other—for he gave them all complex biographies and they all had their own distinctive styles and philosophies.“



This post is hilarious and poignant because I feel like this about all of the time.


TOTALLY was searching last night for how to take advantage of the Aqua void moon in my goal to overplan the coming Venus/Merc Rx. Even searched the archives here. LOL! Thanks, Mystic!


I’m not sure wtf is happening
I’m looking at this full moon on my moon Pluto opposition. Chiron on my moon, sun Merc on Pluto square Saturn.
Are the aspects exact.
All exact, all the time.

I remember a quote about a natal placement,
“A period during midlife will occur that
The native survives
They will gain greater vitality.

9 more years til Chiron return, Saturn’s heading to square Venus and sun next.

If what does not kill you makes you stronger


I’m also llovingg the Mars’s in Aquarius vibe coming through, must be Merc in libra too now
It’s like my personal coach is not in anyway a mystic
They’re straight up a coach that demands the next 50 yards.
“If you’re not your own best friend
You’re your own worst enemy”
Put that s*-! On a motivational calendar with s power smoothie recipe


TM ®️ 2018
Kirke can openers unltd


Mars back in aqua for me is more like the eight of cups vibe right now. Four of swords. I’m so done. Taking as much space as physically possible.


It’s my mars return. I was born done. May all the space open up new vistas pi. Walking away from one thing and towards another.


as a native moon in aquarius… this feels like home to me

and yes, i am debating whether or not i should eat something or go take a shower


Combine the two, eat a 12kg watermelon




I am so glad to finally be on the other side of this! I looked up the Sabian Symbol for 20 degrees Aquarius. It’s “A Disappointed And Disillusioned Woman Courageously Faces A Seemingly Empty Life”!


oh my god that totally sums up my yesterday and also my dream this morning…


Oh dear

dark star

When the moon is void aqua you float around your Aquarius ruled 4th house apt mugwort smudge and make a music vid. Then eat ice cream


Void Moon triggering Venus in Aqua says maybe the sandwich AND the shower is bourgeois: just get it on in mad prof mode in my own time then clean up the trimmings for when i have to face the masses, or the few who love me. Deep cleans always look and feel like random stop-start-recalibrate patterns. Aqua Venus conjunct Circe and IC.

Trine Uranus in Libra 11th. Love the fresh once it all zaps together, and i know when i take it out there, it vibes xx

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Gawd , so truuu


Omg can’t believe how true this is


I just started a Natural History Illustration course online and completely curated/copied the entire thing (for this week), 20 pages including a groovy contents page. The family are giving me sideways looks and thinking, “there she goes, obsessing again!” I’ll leave the drawing activity until Sunday or maybe when the footy starts.


I’m always random. I have to run a comb thru my brush to do my hair which, 5 minutes later, will be back to the electrified professor look.


I bet you rock that look !


I try to tone down my Uranity but it keeps seeping out. 4 weeks after a haircut it reappears.
“Why is it so?”.


Answer lies in boiled egg zoomping down neck of milk bottle experiment:
toning down your Uranity creates a vacuum, Dr J.


Is that good or bad? Or indifferent?


It was just an experiment. But filmed and broadcast,and Dr J SumnerM seemed pretty enthused by it all, so i think GOOD.


I thought you’d get my P.JS-M reference. My Virgo Stellium couldn’t get enough of him.


For some reason alls I can see in my mind’s eye now is Juan Epstein.

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