Saturnine Directions – The Capricorn Conspiracy

Saturn Direct In Capricorn is the least of this. It’s not just Saturn Flu, nor even Saturn Neck, Saturn Knee or some other psycho-somatic Saturnine issue. Where are you tight and rigid? Attempt to stretch or release it and notice where your mind meanders.

But Saturn pulsing out reality-rays as he turns Direct is just the surface manifestation. Saturn has been in his home constellation of Capricorn since the end of 2017 and will be until late 2020. In December 2019, Jupiter moves into Capricorn, joining Saturn and Pluto. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be exact in January 2020 and the Jupiter-Saturn one in December 2020. There will also be Eclipses in Capricorn and a Mars Retro that pings off Pluto in Capricorn.  Uranus in Taurus augments the Capricorn energy.

Getting a grip on your Capricorn energies is thus vital. The sensibility you are founding now will be significant and formidable. Capricorn strengths? The ability to endure over time and methodically build a base of wisdom. Strategy, patience and work ethic. Capricorn is Old Magic, druid lines, Temenos, and the MerGoat, most mysterious magical creature of all. Capricorn is Anima Mundi energy, the World Soul.

“It is not our job to remain whole.
We came to lose our leaves
Like the trees, and be born again,
Drawing up from the great roots.”
― Robert Bly (Sun-Venus in Capricorn)

Even if you have nothing at all in Capricorn, tune in to this profound Earth Magic via the house that has Capricorn on the cusp, the threshold. Thoughts?

Image: Paolo Nozolino

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my actual heart, lol. i think it’s a familial thing, my family has a strong capricorn signature. working on it. hey, squares are forced challenges right? hopefully by the time that pluto and saturn and jupiter triple conjunction happens close enough to / on my moon, with any luck it will be transformative in a good way …….. i really hope. will just cram lots of life in between now and then for good juju

Unicorn Sparkles

Saturn is making me fat. At least I’m blaming Saturn.


lol i dont think thats the traditional effect hes supposed to have…but go ahead and blame him anyway…


I’m with ya on that – and here’s my take on it. Saturn restricts, but in a square situation or with Uranus involved, it can be an, “Oh yeah? Make me!” situation. And then you get in a two steps forward one step back position with monitoring your calories. Saturn is currently square my natal Sun, MC, and Uranus and I can’t diet right now to save my life. (shrugs, eats the thing anyway) Plus my back has been causing me fits – turns out it’s my psoas muscles, severely contracted and throwing all kinds of things out of alignment,… Read more »


I too find that Saturn transits tend to lead me to more weight, not less. I don’t get lean, I get…earthy. Natal moon in Cap, I guess. , google “constructive rest” for your psoas – and try it, it’s very helpful if you can find 15 or 20 minutes to do it every day. Xo


r.i.p. burt reynolds. didnt quite see his uranus return…


Feeling a bit pissed. Too much cap action in my natal. The Saturn retro was like me getting some clear air for once. I was getting lucky breaks, life felt easier and as soon as Saturn went direct I’m back to grind.
For a few months I got to see what a non Saturn influence felt like and it was good.


progressed sun! my progressed sun is here, 5 cap. but does it count….

dark star

Luv me some Robert Bly earth magic words.
My very short saturn return this fall is about being in my authentic voice according to mm(sat nep conj exact in 3h). I feel like I’m chipping away at it in all the ways.


Awesome picture by the way Mystic! I read about the mountain goats and how they can literally climb up straight rock mountain sides to get to the top where food is, it is literally amazing how they can do this!! Also have you seen the pics of them all sitting in the tops of trees, they litetally can climb up trees and hang out on the branches!


Reiki helps, I highly recommend everyone try it. It will release repressed negative energies from your charkas and help to get tge muck out. Also Himalayan rock salt baths work wonders on the aching body and mind.


Just started a new job and yes my neck has been killing me ever since, I thought it was because I wasn’t used to my new desk/chair plus stress of a new gig but it being Saturn makes sense now.


Transiting Second- Still. Lots of admin at work. Fighting for hours to do it all. worry gave way to grinding work.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

GOD I am LOVING Saturn now it’s direct! (Earth sensitive!) <3

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

“You need Saturn to wok Uranus vibe”–MM


I have triple Capricorn in my first house. This should be interesting.

Ms. Vervain

…..I wasn’t thinking of this as a *literal* flu, until mine arrived. Fascinating how I just cannot grasp and worry about anything/everything as I fever on…….not the way I was expecting to learn this, welcome nonetheless!


Hi all, it’s been awhile…. I have Venus in Capricorn at 6 degrees so Saturn has been hanging out near me for awhile. Also, I have natal Saturn in Aries square Venus so now that square is being charged up by transiting Saturn, plus having Saturn square natal Saturn. I have Capricorn on my 7th house cusp, 10 degrees. So…….. anyway, I came in to say it was so timely to read your Instagram post today, MM, which said that Saturn direct is not the time to devalue your achievements or worth, nor let anyone else do so. Boom. I… Read more »


I have a Cap stellium in the 6th house (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Mars) and I have been having a summer of intense self-growth. I was feeling like maybe I was reaching some sort of stable footing with it and now this post has me terrified. I thought your saturn return was only like a year? I’ve been feeling Saturn for forever and it seems like hes gonna keep on me for the foreseeable future. Le sigh


I have a Cap stellium in the first house (Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) and mercury in the second (currently conjunct transiting Pluto). I went through Saturn in Sag over my Venus and Ascendant just a few years ago. This first Saturn return is peaking and I feel…… restless? Like I’m so close to a culmination of sorts but can’t quite drive myself there. Perhaps Saturn retro led me to this feeling. It’s like trying to run in sticky mud. I will say I’m one year in on a 10 year plan to absolve my mountainous student debt (Thanks Uncle Sam)… Read more »


I’ve been feeling this, too, for like, the past 3 years.


Do you also have a lot of Sag/Cap in your chart? It’s been rough since 2008ish for me, but the past 3 years have been the toughest. I hope to look back on this era and see tremendous personal growth, albeit even if I don’t see it now.


Not a lot of Sag, but a stellium with Saturn, Mars, Neptune, and Uranus in Cap in the 6th (with some major aspects to my AC and MC). I don’t think I started really feeling it until like 2012, and since then it seems it’s been an unrelentless storm of minor wins, major setbacks, and awful churning self-doubt, dysmorphia, lessons, etc, I hope to see some light soon, but alas, this post. Lol


I’ve got Capricorn in the 5th with both Saturn and Jupiter conjunct there as well so I’ve definitely got to do a deep dive into what this means! I’ve got an inkling of the physical manifestation — an appt with the dentist next week to discuss what to do about a sudden onset of acute TMJ (odd as I’ve never been known to grind my teeth) — but uncertain about how it will impact the other facets…

dark star

I got it earlier this year but it would only be at work (lol). Reiki helped. Also doing subconscious work to release anger. It went away though.
I hear botox inserted in the joint is a good temp measure too


I’m not sure Cap rules any particular house in my chart. The 4th house cusp is at 26 Sag, but the 5th is 0 Aquarius; Cap falls in between and so I guess this is a 4th house thing for me?

For a while I was following whole sign astro and that would put Cap in my 5th, but I never quite felt that was “fair” to my planets (Moon/Venus) in Aquarius, which I love having in the 5th. I’m 27 Virgo rising, I’d love to be more precise with this stuff but the intercepted signs make it annoyingly tricky!


We have exactly the same chart (off by a degree). How is saturn in Cap transiting 4th treating you? I haven’t felt it yet in terms of family. But career has been impacted.


Wow, yeah career has been an area of stress for me lately too! Haha maybe that’s a perpetual problem for Virgo rising? I feel like I’ve been saying that intermittently for a few years now and haven’t been able to make any changes happen. But I do think it seems a lot more likely that I’ll change jobs in the near future than it does that I’d move out of my apartment.


Cap sun, merc, venus in 4th with natal Saturn in my Cancer 10th house — phew! Saturn direct and Mars direct before it have felt like a LOT coming at me, but this combined with Uranus in Taurus has made everything work out beautifully, nimbly, and unexpectedly. Huge horizons that I never would have predicted are opening up. It’s overwhelming but in a really good way. I feel like years of work are starting to pay off and that this is the tip of the iceberg – REALLY looking forward to Jupiter in Cap in 2019!


Nothing at all in Cap (or any earth sign really, save my MC in Taurus) but Capricorn is on the threshold of my 6th house. This would seem like a daily triple espresso-type shots of adulting is going to be the thing to do, yes? I’m already feeling some of that, mostly because life is not giving me other choices anymore, but so far those have mostly been like daily cups of a moderate Americano. Guessing going ahead and pro-actively doubling down will make this easier? Sort of?


i like this and yet i feel like its the hardest thing i will have to do and yet it is the only thing that i think will turn me into the “adult” i need to become in order to live the life of freedom and service that i want. i have basically no earth in my chart except uranus, neptune and my north node which are all in capricorn. IM an aries sun, pisces moon, scorp rising so settling into a work ethic is so hard!! any tips on how to get started!


I’m Cap-rising so Saturn is going through my first house right now, and Saturn rules my 10th house and is at the MC. I’ve had huge career and self insecurities in the past 6 months but I can feel a stronger self and career foundation emerging, but boy does Saturn put you through the wringer! I’m also a Pisces so I’ve been trying to reconcile being a Pisces in a corporate world and being true to that whilst managing my Cappy ambitions and tendencies.


I’m fixing my back finally, I think, after about a year of trying various things. I’ll know soon, but physio and regular exercise willing, this Saturn direct may bring me the solution I need as it finally drifts away from opposing my natal Saturn. Begone! Does everyone with this transit start doing Pilates and changing the way they stand?


i’m doing the first saturn square after the first return and I can confirm that i started doing pilates and weight lifting Very Seriously pretty much as soon as Saturn got in wide orb of the square


Cap MC, 9th/10th, Saturn in Pisces 5 degrees in 11th square moon and mercury in Taurus trine Venus in cancer. Tightness in jaw, glutes and belly for decades… time to let go?


I’m Saturn ruled (Cap asc, Leo with Saturn in Aries in the 5th, Aqua moon) its taken most of my life to pry myself out from under Saturn so that I can truly own it, respect it & love it. My time is now. My now is timeless. Thank you Mystic for your infinite wisdom on this x


Ooo, Saturn in Aries in the 5th! I have that, though Saturn is Rx…curious to hear your experience of the discipline master living in that house…I’ve certainly learned the Saturn basics over the past few years with that energy moving through my first house.

Crystallised future

Christ. My 7th house is Capricorn ruled. I hope with so much happening that is in good aspect means Saturn will be kind to me. Saturn is a bitch for hard lessons


‘just’ my mc…..need to foundation a new career….slowly i guess…


OFF TOPIC (sorry): I can’t edit my comments. Is it just me?


I did some research on planets going Stationary in the progd chart. I didn’t need to understand the astro to know things are very shit atm. But l am having Saturn turning direct right on my natal Saturn. I am also having Saturn turning Stationary Direct in my progd chart. Jupiter thru Pluto, their biggest affect on the progd chart is when they go Stationary. With Mars turning SD opp my Sun, Pluto for ages in the 7th/Cap. I am so shit. This Saturn Capricorn is killing me. (I had no idea about Saturn’s 1st return other than l cut… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Dear Jokerman, You know I was going for a walk along the foreshore and you popped into my mind, this is true. The thought was I wonder if Jokerman is going through his first Saturn Return. And yes you confirmed that you are. I remembered mine, At the time I was not even aware of Saturn Return. I felt like I disappeared. I was so despairing, I didn’t fight it like you. I just sunk: so much pain and muck, so much exquisite, sensitive awareness. But I did not feel.that I was worthy of getting help. So I didn’t. I… Read more »


Sorry, my craziness mislead you. I’m going thru my 2nd. I knew nothing about the astro on my first. I can only recall changing my diet caused of a digestive difficulty. My Saturn is 2° / 6H. So l was saying this like my first in a way. I’m a slow learner on life lessons. My Dsc is near 9° Cap. I’m going through a huge self-loathing phase. Too much Saturn, too much Stationary Direct, too much Capricorn. Continual rejection is killing me. I know what women want! What l ain’t got. There’s two types of ppl in this world.… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I know ONE thing about life: it changes.


Neither, just don’t get it. Except now it seems Venus in Aqua square Saturn in Taurus could be a factor in a way it never was. And my recent-ish Taurean Escapade seemed to trigger a bunch of stuff. I would love to delineate if it helps but am still kind of working through, but also not really, as i have work aspirations that i’m fqd off the Taurus shit (i.e. BS) often takes my energy away from good good vibes of Cap 2nd house Mars, and Saturn 6th House Tau, and the Pluto Lilith Virgo. Yes i have also definitely… Read more »


ThanX MN. I appreciate your thoughts. See there is good ppl born on the March the 18th!

Wish Upon a Star

I feel all light and fluffy after absorbing and processing my very first Audio Zap from Mystic. I am in such a good space! I never really took astrology seriously, always oscillating between oh I won’t give my power away to it and but why do some wise astrologers words ring so true. Then Mystic’s direct and to the point words set me straight. I need to pat myself on the back. I’m coming to the end of a 4 Year Neptune Odyssey. Neptune transiting my Pisces Ascendant, Saturn squaring Neptune. Then Neptune Squaring Sun in Gemini in the home… Read more »


I LOVE this! “It’s not our job to remain whole…”.
Cap rules my 8th House, home to the disassembling nature of the Phoenix.


And then you realise you don’t think of a tree as not-a-whole-tree without its leaves; it’s still a tree, but without its leaves you sense even more the deep root system that has found its way among other subterranean things, built and organic. It is still a beautiful tree in another shape of itself, and it prevails.

Capricorn 2nd house, home to the body and the basic sense of worth 😉 Thank you, Bly and Sphinx xx Yah and Mystic xoxo


That’s lovely! My friend just had a beautiful baby Virgo girl and told me the midwife called the placenta ‘a tree of life’, the umbilical cord being the tree trunk. The baby is the great root system in this analogy, but they grow together until the placenta is like leaves shed, falling away to be replaced by, I suppose, the Elements!

Your Cap 2nd House makes me think about that connection 😉


I was born with Saturn in my 8th and Mars in Cap my 12th… Talk about a shitstorm lol


Be gone random sore shoulder than started in mid April. And what will Jupiter Saturn conj be like?


*that and I meant Jupiter Pluto


I feel like and engine that is stuck on the wrong gear. My mind has started running faster, picking up on the Saturn Direct and Mercury in Virgo, but I my body wants to stay on holidays.


Same! So much is coming at me but I feel like staying home. Hoping it will lift as Saturn goes direct and the New Moon happens!


Robert Bly! Just perfect, mystic, you do know what the time needs (it can’t just be me!)


My chart ruler Venus is in Cap so it seems I have an unexpected affinity for Cap values …After years of Saturn academy I was so relieved when he finally vacated Sagg and stopped aspecting (inspecting?) all my charts delicate points….but…after the first few weeks decompressing it kinda lost its shine. To the point that I have scheduled a complete life overhaul between now and next Feb when I plan to take on a pretty hefty post grad study program ( Cap on cusp of 9th house no less!)…all spreadsheeted and Gantt charted in Excel. Hahaha. After 9 months of… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I couldn’t be feeling this more. Magical chats with my dentist about paternal memories. Can it get any more Saturn? As he drilled my teeth. I’m feeling this on SO MANY LEVELS.

Tres tres magick (and YES patience, strategy and work ethic and becoming a Time Witch appear to be KEY).


Saturn is drilling down right on my Moon in Cap at the moment and has been back and forth over it a few times. This station is a bitch though. I’m over the hardcore emotional shizz fest this has brought with it, trying hard to learn the lessons from it, not sure if I really am getting it. I’m looking forward to some sense of levity once the bugger finally moves the hell on.

Leo-Scorp Grrrl

Thank you for saying that. I have a Cap moon at 8 degrees. What’s up with the emo shizz fest?!? Every time I think I’m over it- wham, another round. I think I get the lessons then seem to just get another serving. Levity, please come for a visit.


you have moon conjunct saturn til xmas ish! better next year. let your Leo things hunt for the upside.


We Cap moon people need a club. Mine is a little later in the degree but conjunct Lilith, Eros and Juno. Ever since Saturn got into Cap I’ve been having no end of post-Chiron return reproductive system fuqery. Saturn will hit my moon next year and I am not looking forward to it!

Wish Upon a Star

Well I’m getting my first Thai massage tomorrow. It will find and stretch those stuck points so I will watch where my mind meanders.

Wish Upon a Star

Had my massage. Was amazing, at one stage the little lady was walking on my back. its also like assisted yoga. Works on the Meredian lines and acupressure points. Slept like a baby last night, feel emotionally robust. Will make it regular. Is a necessity not a luxury for this Taurus Moon Woman. Realise it’s better to live in the body, not too much time in the head. Or more aptly a fine balance between the two. The mind can create problems that aren’t really there. Just did the instant 1 tarot card: Quin tessence. Awakening some part of me… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Yeah went back to bed and slept all day, woke at 5.30 pm. Amazing the effect stress has on the body/mind.
Everyone deserves a Thai massage. x

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