Pisces: Before & After This Weekend

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Above: Pisces Before This Weekend.

Below: Pisces After This Weekend.

Pisces: Your existential funk of the last four days was worthwhile. The Sun-Neptune opposition – in square to the mysterious Great Attractor – allowed you to see the true nature of many things. Of even yourself.


Keith Haring 

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Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

OMG…the transformation….I CANT EVEN.

HellaHekaMM Member

Do you ever know me or what. Last week I was having a nervous breakdown. Then it just fuqin evaporated.

PiMM Member

Assisted by I Ching existential acupuncture.


That Fishy fish familiar appeared to me back in 2010 Only In Sprit Form Not Flesh.., it belonged to a male psi vampire/house painter, great way for stalking his victims paint the rooms of your house then psi vamp U!…, To This Day Why A Ugly fish???

ChrysalisMM Member

My chart ruler opposite Neptune, which is still near enough to my sun stellium. It has been a punish. Virgo moons are always horrible for me, I get nitpicky at myself for every last inadequacy or failing. The level of dysfunction and toxicity at the cube farm has managed to eclipse even its own dizzying heights of fuqery. Navigating the sludge is so difficult it’s taking me most of my spare time to recover, let alone do anything else productive like finish uni. Uggh. Weirdly I am the calm one while everyone else is at Defcon One. I know it’s… Read more »

LotusFlowerMM Member

Mmm Neptune rising with my chart ruler in Pisces here is going yes to this. I went to most amazing exhibition yesterday of heartfelt compassion for our most messy emotional, primal, child-like, needful animal selves. Endurance and surrender trapdoor into the underlying reality that you were always good enough, you have nothing to be ashamed of or to prove. Death of the ego and relax into self-love and celebration. Ah it was a trip! A head and heart cleanse <3

CometMM Member

Firstly I’m a Pisces. Believe this or not- I went to my friends church over the weekend to hear her play a couple of songs she’s written. I’ve been praying regularly but not really keen to join a church. Also I have been trying to define my sexuality. With Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces this is no mean feat. So they ask toward the end of the evening if anyone would like to come up to the front for prayer and healing. Before I knew it I was up there receiving the Holy Spirit! And then I was baptised! No… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Oh yes, today I am realising the true nature of myself.

PiMM Member

I must have been doing the up side of sun in 3rd house opposite Neptune in 9th house… Drinking with friends in new places!

PiMM Member

But probably more pertinently, 10 hour conversations that start in daylight and end at 2am. It’s all very Before sunrise ish 🙂

jickyMM Member

love Keith Haring!

SoVeryGeminiMM Member

Pisces Moon. Finally had two days off in a row. Spent it de-cluttering, purging ill-fitting crap and broken sh*t from the house. Power cleaned the inside, mowed and weeded (now it looks like someone lives in my house!) and topped it off with washing the windows. Chateau Gemini is looking and feeling great! Now, a nap.

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

Gem Sun, Pisces Moon and spent Sunday (day before NM here in Oz) doing the same. Threw out old diaries, reading, weeping and laughing, then shredding; materials relating to something from earlier this year that was a really crap experience (also shredded and felt very good standing by the bin ripping the fuq out of those pages).
Sage sprayed where.
Alas no sleep last night (raw cacao apparently can do this) but I know sleep will come.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Me too sensitive and emotional. I saw the ugly fish and got upset, now I just read the after and saw the picture.

Emotionally I feel like a toddler right now.

I love Fish Girl’s Black Cat, beautiful, I want one.

The new moon is minutes away. I’m just going to have a good cry and let this go.

fishgirlMM Member

Thank you, lovely. I’ve been emotional too. My little black panther passed on the first day of Winter, but i still don’t want to let her go from my visual… she was my little familiar…

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

I’m so sorry about your cat. x

GwendolynMM Member

I am sorry about your fur baby too.
She is beautiful and I understand that loss
They still visit occasionally and I feel the light feet on the bed and feel so
Loved and grateful and know they wait on the Rainbow Bridge


little Black Panther Sorry To Hear And Yes they do a visit strange that I Remembered my my orange little tiger when he left us.

dizzarinaMM Member

I’m so sorry about your panther. I have one, too… he is magnificent. He’s got stage 3 renal failure, so I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ll face it when he’s gone. He’s been my noble familiar for 16 years.

emgMM Member

Hmmmm well just got attacked verbally for being negative toward my ‘boss’ all the time ! I have actually never been spoken to by anyone not even a husband in this manner I was absolutely astounded and turned and walked away after it was obvious he was not about to back down or retract his attack. Really bizarre behaviour !

emgMM Member

I merely asked which bar are we going to ??

VeronicaMM Member

testing out whether you are going to put up with his crap…

saggenieMM Member

truly brutále couple of days

AllyxanMM Member

Yes, i realised i suck at relationships with the opposite sex, i’m proficient at choosing the wrong man, love zombie idiocies and backing myself into vulnerable corners. The true nature is not seeing it as it it but how i think it should be/want it to be – oi ve

Virgo EllieMM Member
Virgo Ellie

oh Lord I hope so!! Sorry I had to miss my Consult with you Mystic because of my car accident. i am lost AGAIN! Since January 2017 I have been dealing with health issues being away from home. Returned home and thought I would heal… nope! It got worse but manageable. THEN 9/4/2018 showed. I got into my car thinking all was good and BAM! I hit a highway guard rail, blacked out waking up to my windshield smashed in and a girl telling me not to move. Broken wrist, 6 ribs and a hair line fracture in my left… Read more »

emgMM Member

Oh good grief I do hope you heal quickly and find the end to these awful problems. Sounds really Chiron Uranus mars to me !!!

Virgo EllieMM Member
Virgo Ellie

I will check them out and Thanks for your well wishes.

quintileMM Member

shivers Ellie that sounds horrendous – do take care and heal well!

GwendolynMM Member

How terrible
What a shock for you
Obviously wasn’t your time and your angels protected you
Heal first sweetie and do the figuring out later
Sending you love and violet light xxx

milleunanotteMM Member

VE, that is terrible news. Though your rescue and care are good things. Heal well, and rest well. Sending good clean peaceful wishes your way xx

Virgo EllieMM Member
Virgo Ellie

Yes, I am grieving so much right now. The car is in unimaginable condition. Yes, God and my Angels were there saying “You can’t go now!”. The emotional torture is the hardest part. Thank you to you all!

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

OMG. I have just had a forced couple of days of doing nothing but think after a truly insanely busy 3 or so months of administrative bullshit and dealing with throwing off/out an extremely obsessive/possessive lover of on and off for the past two years. It was heavy, many things shoved aside to keep up with instant demands on my plate blew up to the surface and I was forced to confront the ramblings in my head. I know what I need to do now to save myself from the current level of ‘busyness’ I can’t ignore. I have been… Read more »

HermeswitchMM Member

God. What did you put into google to find that gif? Lol

quintileMM Member

isn’t it fab!! (pisces moon and rising)

BrightbrowneyesMM Member

Aahhh that’s why I’ve been feeling nuts.

SojMM Member

It’s been a heavy couple of months. Today it was a spectacular Spring day so I decided to have a little ocean dip as a ritual to wash away the old. I definitely felt as though I left something behind that I no longer need to carry.

fishgirlMM Member

Yes. Yes. Yes! Rather massive four days.

quintileMM Member

so massive I slept through most of sunday lol …

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

yes yes and yes. Can’t wait for the new moon makeover!

ShazberryMM Member

So much to wade through but the heaviness is lifting..


This Pisces moon has been drowning in angst since February. Ready for it to f**k off already.

AnkhRising8.0MM Member

(Pisces asc) Yes many truths became clear! An ultimately transcendental experience. Cheers 🙂