* Mega Mystic Members Post – Future Virgo – 2019 To Infinity

Applicable to the next decade, Future Virgo is my must-know memo to Virgo Sun, Rising Moon people.

Avoid Dark Moon Fuqery by not living in the moment. Live in the Future. Zoom in for a clutter purge/edit and delete bender.  Zoom out for thrilling perspective.

Here it is.

# The New Earth Era has your back:

The New Earth Era is Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, but it is most potent from now until December 2020, as Saturn in Capricorn augments it. Regardless of what challenges come along – the usual suspects, no doubt – you’re stronger and wiser. The over-abundance of energy in your simpatico Earth element fortifies even the most atypical Virgo.

# Vox Virgo:

Jupiter into Capricorn from December 2019 until December 2020 in league with the Earth Vibe as mentioned above up-morphs Virgo romance, fertility, creativity, and general mojo. Everything that you have been maniacally working toward since Saturn got into Capricorn in late 2017 is the foundation for fantastic feats in this fortunate zone.  The Jupiter-Uranus trine of December 2019 is a brilliant once-off, the ultimate energy for a magical Virgo voyage or initiation of higher education.

# The Virgo Supremacy:

The Super-Aspects Of 2020 are rare and auspicious for Virgo. In January and September of that year, Saturn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. In December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct. Saturn-Pluto represents a new power base. The last time it occurred was in November 1982. Jupiter-Saturn happens every 20 years, the previous such aspect being in 2000. They’re traditionally triggers of mighty geopolitical shifts and the beginning of new reigns. For Virgo Rising, Sun and Moon People, see it more as the chance to solidly establish your own higher ground sanctuary. Or, to secure your niche in art or commerce. It is extraordinarily lucky vibe for Virgo Creatives And Enterprisers.

# Virgo Village:

Even if you are the most isolated Virgo on the planet (like in a light-house or a literal ivory tower), the North Node in your Social Sector from November 2018 until May 2020 pulls people into your life whom you were meant to meet. It’s a fantastic time to re-enter your community or to activate a more contemporary social matrix.  After that, the North Node will be in Gemini for 19 months, pre-paving the amazingness that will be Uranus actualizing career from May 2026 until August 2032. Pluto (in Aquarius from January 2024) will support Uranus in Gemini. It’s Air Vibe that maximizes prospects and vision.

# The Parallel Dimension Of Love:

Neptune is your core relationship influencer until 2026. It means –  you know it – vigilance against Love Zombie crushes, Crap Relationship Addiction, Relationship Repetition Syndrome, Rescue Romances and whatever you call it when you magnetize Qi Vampires and Chaos Addicts. Reminder: Channelling Saint Virgo vibes, while rearranging your resentments is not productive. It’s not 21st Century Virgo best practice.

Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Neptune and trine the South Node in Scorpio in April 2022 is one of your most potentially magical romantic phases ever. It is a once in a lifetime highly positive alignment for Virgo relationships.  In Feb 2026, Neptune moves into Aries and makes another rare conjunction with Saturn. Saturn and Neptune converge at the very beginning of the Zodiac. It is a metaphysical moment: think power, soul-bonding, intimacy, and an esoteric download straight from Source Vibe. Neptune will then be crossing the zone that Chiron is at in 2018 and 2019. So the maverick mind-bod-psyche health insights you’re musing on now are significant.

Voila the Future Virgo. Thoughts?


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Wondering if you will be updating the Virgo post as we get on since the timeframe is quite long till 2032! Mere mortal in astro stuff so I will need help making more sense of it… supposed to be good but that’s also scary… if you what I mean


Yes!!! 😀

Calli G

Yes, please! I’d love a Future Libra post.




Regulus @ 0 degrees of Virgo will add to the Virgoan Oomph 🙂


Does my Virgo stellium get a look in on this? There’s a big potential geographical shift coming my way. A literal relocation to a very isolated tropical island with the father of my son, in a platonic style. Potential to build an earthship all for me, adapted for tropical living. I’m excited and apprehensious at the same time. No specific date as yet. Somewhere between the next 18mths to inside 10yrs. Feels good and bad. Can’t seem to shake the bad. Feel like the stalled life is just starting to shift, or start traction like a massive freight train finally… Read more »


A oerson who l feel much gratitude for, identified that a natal Rx planet, Saturn, had finally gone SD, on my progd chart; after 59 years!. This has happened simultaneously as Saturn has gone SD on my final contact on my 2nd return. It appears the biggest influence of the Trans-personal planets, in the progd chart, is at the Stationary moment. It has been my biggest dilemma since opposing Neptune has done the recent job on my Virgo cluster. Yes, l hope l get some of this Virgo stuff. Of course, I’d like it to be human Virgo. Maybe my… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

As a Virgo this made me SO happy.

Wish Upon a Star

Hi, I just thought I would share this. Tissue salts a great way to get minerals into the body via chewing , then.into the bloodstream quickly. Good for older folk with weakened digestion. But just check with your DOCTOR to make sure it doesn’t interfere with. MEDICATION. If you google tissue. Salts and astrology you will find that each tissue salt corresponds to each astrological sign. My moon is in Taurus which is Nat Sulph, as soon as I took it I felt emotionally centred. It’s also a great liver cleanser for those that love wine like me. For those… Read more »


Mystic has done a post on this a couple of years ago.

They’re spot on. 3 of my fav singers are Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot.
All Canadians
All Scorpio
All have suffered major life-threatening vascular events. Joni a stroke and the 2 guys aneurisms.
The cell salt for Scorp does Blood Cleansing

Not that being Canadian is a health issue unless you count living in the snow for 9 months are a problem

Wish Upon a Star


Wish Upon a Star

I love Joni Mitchell, Neil Young sounds like a bit of a conservative cunt, don’t know about the other singer


The person who brought out, “Let’s Impeach the President” referring to Dubya. The person who has gone into battle for the environment and conservation and written songs about it. The person who was promoting Obama, in song, before most knew about him. The same one? A quote from Neil: “The fact that I said I was for Bernie Sanders and then [Trump] didn’t ask me to use ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ doesn’t mean that he can’t use it,” Young said. “He actually got a license to use it. I mean, he said he did and I believe him. So… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Sorry Jokerman, sorry I only relate on a musical level, I just heard on a tangent , that he was conservative. I’m Australian, probably lost in translation.

But always good to have a debate.

Scorpions, passions must live on.

Wish Upon a Star

I’ll never make that mistake again , must have been on a Neptunian tangent, God Bless Me!


No wurries, I’m just the resident a£$€hole. And Aussie too.

Wish Upon a Star

I knew I should have laid low tonite, but I didn’t. Did some research on Young. It wasn’t a phantom doco I was watching that showed his true colours. Oh yeah he comes across as an activist, but his weakness is that he over generalises. You know when I was much younger I did this but I was embarrassed and learnt by my mistake. Is Young too stubborn or bloody minded to do this. The way he talks about single mothers and middle eastern people is appalling. The feeling I got about him in that doco was this guy is… Read more »


You may need to read Micah Nelson’s response to one person’s offence taken about a song about Middle Eastern people, “Neighborhood”. It’s sung with irony, rather like Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”. I’d say he is stubborn though. Scorp Sun, Aqua Moon. The Aqua Moon is nearly always concerned about social equity in all of its guises.

I enjoy a robust chat and only think good of you.

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Jokerman. This is not about you or Neil Young, sorry. Something emotional is happening with me. And it feels a bit self destructive, related to trauma. Must practice self care. Will get my self to my trusted body worker. I had a Thai Massage, although good it brought everything up in my neck with no resolution. I think I was itching for a fight (all about my brother), so I was picking a fight. It was important for me as a child not to lose, if I lost I would lose my light, so I didn’t care about the… Read more »


No wurries. I’m very Neptunian, l love my music. Without music I’d die.
Funny how things on the surface are manifest of deeper stuff.
I haven’t really admitted much about Saturn Muscle Stiffness but it is manifestation of the deep, chronic and seemingly intractable emotional pain l feel.

Your presence is welcome.

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks and Bless.

If you do decide to do something about the muscle pain with a body worker make sure the person knows their stuff , specialises in Trauma and can hold the space. You have to feel comfortable with the person. I like cranial sacral or a good osteopath. Gentle but powerful body work.

If money is an issue you can get 5 subsidised treatments for Osteopathy through your Gp, if on centrelink


My Virgo Rising head is spinning.


Heavens I’ve just checked out my transits and found the new moon Sunday is bang on my 6th house/ DC Pluto Uranus conjunction. This is a huge outer planet aspect to everything for me and I await the outcome. I’m having to stand my ground with my captain and he’s obviously struggling with me ! It’s a bit like two cage fighters. He’s a dinosaur and I’m the most perculiar woman he’s ever met. He’s highly attracted deeply upset and finding the thing tough. Told me this over lunch today. I basically laughed and said comme si comme sa knock… Read more »


Just be safe please, you hear about weird things happening on those big yachts sometimes. An Australian woman died in Greece under dodgy circumstances


Thanks, yes I did hear. I think the high pressure of the industry gets to lots of staff. This seems way more personal for him really and I’m usually the catalyst for some major break through work for those I meet. So I’m watching with interest

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

This is very, very interesting indeed! I’ve had some opportunities crop up at the end of June which were the result of a very positive Saturnine manifestation, but I decided to let them simmer until all the retrogrades went direct. I did research and some soul mining, but made no definite decisions and identified the opportunity as an option. Specifically, the opportunity is for a doctoral program, and American universities have been pressed to produce qualified and underrepresented people in my field (which includes me, and the support surprised me considering our current political climate). The thing is I absolutely… Read more »


Bernie Sanders is a Virgo 🙂

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

Now maybe he won’t become president, but maybe this signals his **influence**? It makes me think of things I’ve read on what astrologers think that the star Regulus is now in Virgo.


Robert Mueller has Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury in Virgo, with Venus in late Leo conjunct Jupiter in early Virgo, straggling Regulus (where orange hitler has his mars/ASC). No known birth time but I would peg him as Virgo or Cap rising. He also has Sun conj Pluto in Leo. If he is Virgo rising, that would put his Sun/Pluto in his 12th house, making him stealth as fuq. His Moon is in Pisces opp Neptune in early Libra.


I have a Cap Sun, Toro moon and 5 things in Virgo. Grand Trines in Earth are very good for me. I’m very pleased.


My husband is a Virgo and has been going through a total renovation. He got a new job and the positivity and energy from the change is benefiting everything else. He’s one of those atypical messy Virgos (Leo rising, Pluto Merc Libra Moon) but is suddenly culling his wardrobe, organizing cabinets, and taking better care of himself. It’s fantastic. Psyche is my only Virgo placement, but I do have progressed Sun, Mercury, and MC in Virgo. There’s something about the Virgo, a large percentage of my close friends have Virgo sun, rising, or moon. I guess Psyche’s influence is pretty… Read more »


I thought Jupiter was moving into Sagittarius, not Capricorn? For the next year..via Vox Virgo. Loving this earth synergy even if it has a bit more gravitas


Yes, Jupiter will be in Sag starting in early November 2018 until December 2019. Then into Cap in late 2019 thru 2020.

Calli G

Yay Virgos! I have several good Virgo friends, and it’s nice to see the astrological environment will be looking good for them. As someone with a big ol’ Virgo stellium, I hope some of the goodness overflows on me, too.


Sounds like i’m going to be busy as the astro, consolidating, assimilating and recreating myself. What fun 🙂
Spring is my high of choice.
‘The winter garment of repentance fling’
Omar Kyham.


Thank you Madam M! Most welcome info and very generous as usual xx


My new birthday is 19th of Sept. Still picking a year.


I’ve met two of my husbands on 19th September !


What did you do on the other days?

Squared Virgo

wow – thank you! will print this and stick it next to my 7 year plan spread sheet above my desk. now off to power purge.


Sun 22″ Mars 19″ Mercury 18″ of Virgo – is it any wonder I’ve suddenly stared revving up with mental drive ? Ideas that had me spinning my wheels in dust suddenly feel like they have traction. Friction has to happen for there to be traction I guess. My Sag moon, Ascendant and Neptune have been so happily doing play time with the Sag sun, Leo rising, Scorpio moon boy for months and months now. The state of limbo/mars purgatory feels like it’s door is swinging shut and I feel the need to hole up and write. Going to meet… Read more »


Hey life has been happening for you Invicta, you sounding very wise and self aware, all that inner work is paying dividends.x


Hey Pegasus! Xxx yes indeed xx


Oh Mystic…this is fantastic. I would like to pay for this post for my Virgo friend. Actually good time for a gift membership. I have Virgo moon and really needed to read this. Thank you X


Amazing thanks, 4 planets in Virgo here including the Sun. I started writing a book late 2017 and set a target of having it published by the time I’m 40, which happens to be September 2020!
Thrilling reading thanks


Amazing! Thank you so much for this insight Mystic. I have struggled with anxiety for a long time but I am feeling a lot more grounded these days. I have found a wonderful relationship and I am moving in with him soon so we can make a home together – we had to have a garden in our place however small – I am really getting into gardening and my creature comfortsxx




Fuck yes mystic needed to read this!! This multi Virgo (Sun-Merc-Jupiter) has been through psyche hell since the 2014 zap zone! First Uranus conjunct moon in Aries kicked off, then massive Pluto squares and across IC. Next it was Dr Chiron opposite Virgo stellium. Chiron in 6th house was hellish toxic atmosphere at work. Currently mitigating Saturn retrograde back across the IC and square Moon. Major relationship ended (with my life partner according to the psychic.. but I chose not to “settle”), moved cities, quit job… Looking forward with glee to Jupiter entering Capricorn. Jupiter square Asc/Venus & moon sounds… Read more »


Though am an aries, am rather looking forward to it activating my 12th, which contains a tight cluster of plutouranusmars in Virgo


Happiness to you Ronnie x


thankyou Pegs, and may your days be filled with the smell of jasmine and the sounds of spotify! xx

Redlipstick Virgo

Yay for this great Astro! and thank you so much Mystic for such a detailed and future focused post! You are so magic – showering you with blessings lovely one. ✨⭐️✨✨✨


Virgo moon here (I do sometimes wish I had a different moon, the hyper-criticism of all my motives & emotions annoys me lol) however all of this is music to my Taurus Sun and Mercury. I always feel better with more earth vibe. Thank you Mystic xx


Ooooh, juicy!

And I wonder…. for people with a strong Mercury placement, or with Mercury as a Final Dispositor…. there could be some echoes here, too?


Would this then also apply to virgo ruled house 6 if it’s prominent in the chart?


Avoid Dark Moon Fuqery by not living in the moment. Live in the Future
-yes please!
I’ll take that over Saturn flu & the crank.

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