Mars Fatigue And The Via Combusta

Saturn Flu is SO last week already. Mars Fatigue is the current crazy bug going around and its hell. A reinventive and soon-to-be productive hell but still. And now the Moon is heading into a super long Void through the Via Combusta.

The Daily Mystic for Wednesday – which is being sent out in three hours time – will have the word on Mars Fatigue and the Via Combusta. Expect cures, strategies, and numbers. My natal Moon is IN the Via Combusta, so I feel I have the advantage here. And, I have been tracking the Mars movements like a deranged bounty hunter.

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Image: Henry Kuttner

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I was in shock when I read Daily Mystic e-mail… I haven’t been sleeping very well the last two nights… last night I had a visitation from my Capricorn grandfather in my dreams (he was giving me a very old check for the amount of $170 and I was kinda like doing a bank transaction for him) . This is not the first time he visits… but I find it curios he passed around 20 years ago and we were really not that close and he doesn’t say much in the dreams, but for some reason I feel very calm… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

How sweet.


I love learning something new about my chart and even more grateful Mystic put it in 21st century context. My sun and asc are both in Via Combusta so I’m embracing the next magical hours being present, still and and receptive. Thanks for making my life a little more “extraordinary” Mystic.


i have a lot of action in the via combusta, my sun, venus, neptune. fortunately, though close, both mars and my moon are not. my natal fourth is empty, but saturn, pluto and mars are all in transit there. i have been utterly exhausted. and no time off from work left. and having trouble sleeping. this crap really needs to stop. i’m a mess. you should see my hair too. i mean what the … ?!?!?!(**&%^%^%$#[email protected][email protected] what rules hair? venus probably. bleargh


As someone who is Aquarius Rising and Moon in Aquarius Rising I definitely feel like I’ve been in combat for months: Madly job-hunting to escape a toxic work environment & madly renovating to get my house ready for sale by mid-October. Am looking forward to a pay-off at the end of it all!

Wish Upon a Star

Just read a blog about some one born under a balsamic moon, did some research and it made so much sense to this Balsamic Moon Crone.

Wish Upon a Star

Now I know why I was upset yesterday. False friendships are just stripping away. I live in a small town, I’m a cultured city girl and this is a small town with a heart but the people are not my cup of tea. When I came here I felt awkward and made friendships not authentic Now my horrible neighbor is telling people my secrets, its painful. This other so called friend threw a barb at me yesterday. As soon as my head hit the pillow last night my dad and mum came to me in spirit. I was in tears.… Read more »

Sweet Sanity

Your comment reminds me of a beautiful book called The Mint Lawn by Gillian Mears.

Wish Upon a Star

Mmm will look into that.

Wish Upon a Star

I did look into that “her inability to make changes until she understands her past” was the comment that stood out. I was guided to this small, beautiful seaside town by my dear departed father. In many ways it reminds me of the suburb I grew up in as a child of the 70’s in a Northern Suburb of Melbourne. It has the same working class, oppressive silence dramatically contrasted with seaside views, nature and bird: something I didn’t have as a child. And yes it is still stuck in the 70’s, some would say the 50’s. Why am I… Read more »


I went to back to back yoga classes yesterday to try to get rid of the throbbing pain in my hips. It worked but this morning I feel like someone broke me and put me back together like an erector set. Mars closing my t-square again.


Slept 12 hours Sun pm – Mon am & still felt like hammered dog shit when I awoke. Cannot remember when I felt this waxed … (yawns, stretches).


Dreams becoming intense.Way more so than waking life. Featuring people not seen for decades, deceased peoples and generally supremely detailed scenarios. If i wake and the dream not finalised am tired for an hour or two from the interruption. Remembering two and three dreams a night, yet many peoples known to me recall none. Is this called ‘living the dream’?


I think it is,..cos you have time to recall everything in the dream. At some points of my life Ive had the space to do that.
If I’m working too often,(which is recently) i remember not much. And partner starts talking away early,which breaks my remembering!!


I had a friend colleague today who when I explained A situation involving my ex crush/love zombie object of affection, called me paranoid. And she kept repeating the word over and over again. I’ve been getting stronger at pushing back when people do that because I can recognise when they are getting a thrill out of me just accepting any label or insults they want to throw my way. So i stood my ground as I am convinced it happened and I called her out on her calling ne such a thing. Sure me choosing to hold onto the memory… Read more »

Sweet Sanity

Natal Mars in Aquarius square Uranus
Sun, asc, merc, mars all Aquarius.
September 15 – 22 I am to be in lockdown. This week I’ve had to give evidence in court, got drilled by the lawyer for what felt like hours. I’ve been sworn at and hung up on the phone twice by the same friend. Friends constantly telling me all that is wrong with my communication methods. Mother on guilt trip/power trip rampage. This is just this week.


I can’t decide whether my 3rd house or my 4th house is supposed to be affected but I am feeling no fatigue (Aquarius Moon) and, actually, the opposite – am on top of my sh*t like never before. It seems I morphed into an efficient Virgo during the New Moon or something – or maybe it’s just my Saturn Return making me very grounded and … well, doing its Saturn thing anyway. But then again, my Libra horoscope said that the return of Mars to an air sign must bring cheerier vibes – maybe this is how they manifest for… Read more »


I was lalala not me. Yeah not me except Mars is apparent jackhammering my 1° 28′ Aqua ascendent! This may explain the sudden over it all can’t I just have simple sleek black everything? I’ve never been much for froo but I did love a crazy pattern. Now, differing textures of blacks with a pop of neon and I’m good. Well, maybe a palm leaf print can stay, but like total change.

Anyhow… back to the email


‘Futility and resentment’ (as per the Daily Mystic) indeed. The Mars retro zone is in my 6th house, crosses my natal (retro) Jupiter, and I’m feeling it across the board – work, health, daily routine. A while ago, I chose to downsize my career, sacrificing pay and status to do so. And yet lately, I’ve been working so hard, while feeling alternately that it goes unnoticed or is taken for granted. It’s a constant, un-Virgo-like recalibration of my standards, to make it feel manageable. That the job has the potential to be enjoyable only makes it more frustrating. My recent… Read more »


I have been in relationship critique mode all summer long and now I finally understand why! My entire 7th house is within this degree range! There are no natal planets hanging around in there, thank goodness!


I have Mars & Jupiter at 8 Aquarius. When I distance myself and look at what’s been happening, I get an image: Cars ablaze, me running around doing it all- rescuing things and people as I also try to calm the fire and push the cars. Meaning, the energy I’ve poured into things is enormous and yet, it is all just a cluster-fuq. Fatigue is an inadequate word. [Aries Sun here, so fire is the obvious image]

Wish Upon a Star

Yes I am tired, overstimulated today. Regretting not knowing about my 4 year Neptune Odyssey, 4 years ago. I just discovered all this on my 1st Audio Zap last week. Thoughts: would I have done things differently making it easier. So instead of journalling I did a voice recording on my phone and listened to it. Then I had a major insight. Although it was difficult and I moved house, if I had known I would have stayed in that rut I was in. But under stress it brought things to a head and situations were forced and opportunities opened… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Woooo I’m in the Combusta void, should I stay awake and try and communicate with my crazy great aunt.

Oh yes she is laughing at me, too serious at the moment, I need to laugh more and be crazy again

We all should.


Am I the only person actually enjoying Mars right now? 😀 It is back in trine with my Sun/MC/Uranus in early Libra, and after that NM in Virgo I’m uber productive. Saturn square and barely moving is the pain for me.

Wish Upon a Star



nope I’m loving this Mars energy, the mars retro in my 12th + dark moon = ultra cranky and unable to motivate. BUT hey I also have Saturn in early Libra so maybe it’s the trine to that? agreed it’s lack of movement that is now the enemy


Sun at 21° Libra. Ascendant at 3° Aqua. Mars and Saturn have been Godsends (or Goddess sends) for me. My DH has been diagnosed with ALS and my intuition has been since Jan 2018 to Warrior-Up….and I have been. Healthy food, exercise, sleep, streamline life, embrace my authority…now I know why. Me and my husband will be living through a personal war of just dealing with day to day. The positive vibes here have been sustenance Mystic. Thank you.


So sorry to hear this, vikingwoman.


Sorry to hear VkW.


Same here. Throwing my love your way.


Much love to you and your husband.


Thanks for the love people! I appreciate it!


NFW. Esp now my natal Mars is being quinfunxed by Mars


Quinfunxed to the point i can’t even check my astro-phases. It’s one of those combat-prep bootcamps you didn’t even know were a goddamned BOOTCAMP (Pisces would have just slept in, knowing it wasn’t real deal – like, save your energies, girl). It’s ALL A QUINFUNX. Why am i not Scorpio with a Scorpionic Ego getting me through with a KNOWING smile at my own prevailing awesomeness?? …Eh, probs because i would put off the weirding Aquas and Taureans in my orbit, in a rather non-strategic way during this new Retro and new Direct…but fq still…THE QUINFUNXERY OF IT ALL. Wonder… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Pisces would have just slept in. I wish I did but I had an appointment, it all went down hill from there.


Pisces cops flak for sleeping in but also we don’t get the adrenal burnout and subsequent tantrum episode so yeah #choices Sadge influence is up for whatever though, most Sadges I know have been copping it lately


Oh your Mars insights have been appreciated greatly by this Mars-fuelled ascendant person. Do you have any thoughts about Mars crossing the Aquarius eclipse degrees this time round? i won’t forget that eclipse season in a hurry. That was massive for me, as natal planets or points were conjunct eclipse planets.

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