Happy Full Moon And An Oracle Story

Happy Full Moon Mystic!

I loved your Neptune/Dreaming audio zap! I get very excited by all your magic!!!!!

I wanted to share a little story with you!

Thursday 9/13, I asked the Oracle “what should my next move be?” And it answered something about me being introduced to my animal familiar.

I did not screen-grab to save it because I was convinced that it was incorrect and got the wrong girl.

That weekend on 9/15, I attend my assistant’s wedding solo. I have no problem attending events as my own date and don’t believe in bringing someone just for the sake of a companion especially if I know the couple is paying for a wedding themselves. Anyhoo…after the ceremony and right before the reception. I was sitting in my car and all of a sudden I got a sort of anxiety attack and found myself fighting the urge to just leave. I call my double Virgo sister for comfort and insight and before she has a chance to say anything. I announce to her that I am DONE being alone. I want a partnership, I have a great life, and I want to share it with my person in a committed romantically conscious relationship. Not I am sad being alone but that I am DONE with this chapter being alone.

That night I get a visit from my sister’s dog ( i get visitors at night and am a regular astral traveler on the cosmic highway) that passed away a year ago. Her name was Lucy; I saw a bright star at the end of my bed and then she jumped up and snuggled with me. I felt such an overwhelming field of unconditional love around me I started crying in my sleep.

Sunday 9/16 After a week off Instagram, a post pops up from a very insta famous/successful creative director influenced lady who is looking for a home for her two cats. Their names are Clash and LUCY.

Her fiancé is severely allergic, and they tried everything. I don’t even think twice, and I message her, she ends up living 10 min away from me. 

Tuesday my double Pisces Cat owning acupuncturist BFF came with me to meet the cats. Both cats came up to me immediately, and I took them home with me that same day. I have always been a dog person, and if you told me a week ago, I’d own two cats I would have said no way in hell. I am yet again reminded I know nothing. Lol

They are 6-year-old sisters and the sweetest most affectionate little darlings. My friends are all amazed at how quickly they are adapting to a brand new home and human.

I can’t help but feel like these little cats are a positive omen to what’s to come for the new era! I am being constantly humbled by confronting old beliefs that are no longer a part of me.  I see this experience as a sign of what’s yet to come. 🌸💞💕

Love, Diana

I LOVE this!  The sister Cats, that you have become a Cat Lady all of a sudden, that the Oracle is yet again proved weirdly correct and your astral travel bugging. Also, in general, the upcoming Venus Retrograde is fantastic for pattern shifting. So if your pattern is that you’re single and you want to morph that, you’re in the right year!

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This is wonderful and I am so happy for Diana and also for the cats. Yayyyyy. However this is making me nervous as well because I use the Oracle pretty often and at least 3 times in the past 2 months it has told me I have a Qi vampire in my friend circle. TBH I have ignored it because I don’t want to accept it. I have had many many many Qi vamps in my life (I’m an empath and my 12th house moon is a beacon for them. I also have a 7th house Sun that is conjunct… Read more »

Aqua-cap-GeminiMM Member

Amazing synchronicity!

I asked the Oracle what my next move should be, and it said ‘WEST’

I think the oracle has developed some funky A.I. Dark Matter sharp-as sarcastic humour.
I wonder if it’s related to Elon Musk smoking a fatty with Joe Rogan, and giving us all chilling nightmare about the future with A.I. You know, we’re all connected somehow.

Admittedly, everytime I think about the oracle’s advice, I hear that song in my head… ‘Go West’ lol

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

cats are my favourite animals

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is brilliant. Maybe your sudden sense of not wanting to be alone was your soul reaching out for an animal companion? SO BRILLIANT.

xMM Member

Wonderful letter, thank you for sharing with us.


Diana this is so awesome on so many levels! The universe totally sent those cats to you, now you are going to have a date with a veterinarian 😉

SMM Member

Previously I’d found the Oracle a little difficult to groove with. Today’s question was therapeutic and is helping me to focus towards compassionate closure.

A wonder post Diana and enjoy your furkins. I might be the reverse to you. Having been a cat person since the tender age of 2.

Friday night a beagle with an unknown past sensed my high anxiety and traumatic wounds. He kept me within the veil of reality while going through multiple traumatic flashbacks. I know I need an Assistance Dog to help me cope with my life’s daily requirements.

AlouettaMM Member

Happy catladydom! I was reading about pet ownership trends in Australia and apparently men are more likely to buy pure bred cats and women are far more likely to take in strays or are gifted cats.
I love my little stray. They are good little friends and they are excellent judges of character.


If I had a cat again it’d have to be a Burmese.
Their athleticism and joke-telling are second to none.

SamuelaMM Member

Let me just say, when the oracle tells me to see a dentist I pick up the phone and call for an appointmet right away 🙂

leolizaMM Member

Love this! I’ve travelled and met up with pets too! So comforting and I’m very happy for you 🙂

sooshyMM Member

Happy Full Moon Mystic and everyone 🙂

Diana, what a lovely story, thank you. I immediately asked the Oracle for insights as well 🙂 need some good juju right now. Bring it on!

MissDeeMM Member

Lol I did the same: the oracle says that my next move should be fall in love again.
So unlikely and yet I’ll let it play out.

fishgirlMM Member

I love this story! The dreams, the name repetition, that you are a regular on the astral highway… it’s so funny when we have these realisations that something is ‘done’ and WHACK we get the new life chapter zooming in. Enjoy your furry familiars (and that lovely, simple feeling of caring for creatures) – sounds like they’re enjoying their new chapter, too!

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

They are a positive omen of what’s to come in the era. When someone asked me if I could foster 2 very pregnant pussies my heart just opened up and I had beautiful visions. Smokey who had her 4 kittens last night after midnight looks a bit like the puss above. My first and only cat as a child was called Smokey and they are both special in the same way. Stone on the other hand is only 5 months and fiery, I’m pretty sure she is an Aries. She was making funny noises an hour a go. It’s a… Read more »

syrynxMM Member

OMG, is this litter two? Within 2 nights : )) Bless their furry socks, you are going to be busy! I remember trying to leave for school one morning and my cat was running down the road, following my bike, she was so desperate for company. So I went back home and she had her kittens within an hour.
May Stone have a smooth birthing.

birdMM Member

Syrynx, that’s beautifully loyal of you, to respond to her needs like that. I love animals so much. Your comment really touched me.

Blessings and love sent to little Stone, and space being held for a calm and peaceful birthing. xxx

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Thanks so much !

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Thanks. Stone hasn’t given birth yet.
Thank God, I needed the space. I was nervous yesterday as I slept most of the day and woke up out of sorts.

GemyogiMM Member

We had two Smokies when I was aged 3 to 9! Beautiful grey cats.

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

The oracle gives so much wisdom that sometimes doesn’t seem remotely related to the question that I now screen shot them for reference. The latest? I ask ‘is there any romantic potential with X?’. The answer was a close and beautiful friend needs me right now. I’m thinking WTF at first. Then I remembered that that answer has come up before and so I took note and checked in on a friend I hadn’t heard from in about a week and she didn’t answer. So I asked other friends. Nope, no one had heard from her. Rang her and she… Read more »

MissDeeMM Member

Holy crispy moly. We are named the same (my Dee stands for Diana) and I own 2 cats, the first one I adopted 3 years ago after finding him roaming on the street on a day I was at my saddest EVER.
He adapted to me so quickly I felt he had been living with me since forever.
I didn’t take him as a sign of what’s yet to come, but I have loved your story.
PS: second cat is a female I adopted as his younger sister because he was getting very lonely and they have been inseparable since day one.

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