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Whether this weekend is your Spring or your Autumn Equinox, it is a new seasonal moment. The night as long as the day, the Sun crossing Zero degrees of Libra and Gaia at equilibrium.

But let’s not get too goo-goo about it. Coming back into balance is not necessarily a harmonious process; an equinox can feel as evocative and emotionally turbulent as an Eclipse.

It can be like equalizing the pressure as you emerge from an ocean. You re-establish your relationship to yourself in Time, recognizing where your calculations are out of whack. Melancholy at the societal-environmental imbalance is more potent than usual. Notice the things or people that you now refer to in the past tense.  Sometimes you cannot rebalance without dropping a burden on one side or adjusting your stance. And then that simple shift makes you see other factors anew.

The old Pagan festivals are mostly agrarian, based around agriculture and rituals associated with successful harvests or the sowing of seeds. Even though many of us won’t be intimately related to such activity this Equinox, deep in our psyches, we assess what we sowed and what was reaped. The most straightforward but most challenging ritual to do around this? To sit with it, let the feelings rise and acknowledge. Only then can you access the profound wisdom.

An Equinox is a gate, and every gate has a guardian, invisible or not. Answer the riddle, crack the code of yourself, pay homage and pass through.


Image: Leonora Carrington

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socialgraffitiMM Member

Wow, really crazy. As soon as I saw the email for this I saw an ex-friend that I had a huge falling out with. Lower Neptunian, with a heavy dependency on all kinds of drugs, prescription and not prescription. Borderline was involved with assault. Deeply insecure. At one point or another I cut him off and he emailed me at my work email to talk to me since I deleted him on everything else. I remember we talked about setting up our own businesses and grad school, but now he is stuck in a dead-end office job. Meanwhile, I got… Read more »

PiMM Member

Im getting the seven and ten of swords in almost every reading at the moment. And the emperor, for some reason (although the triple libra is much younger) But also bizarrely lots of cups (mostly the good ones) and low-pip wands (ace, two, three) I just can’t quite grasp the tarot on my own. I think it’s saying “there’s a lot of bullshit going on that you don’t know about, this thing is dead do not resuscitate” also potentially slander but also monneeyyyy get it Can any Scorpio types please help me on the slander sleuthing, or lovely Leo’s for… Read more »


Emperor might be your boss? someone who is all about his work/ambition…

7 of wands, some guy getting away with something stealthy maybe

ace of wands is good to start something new and creative, 2 of wands is keep on your creative path (doesn’t literally have to be art making, but it makes you feel good), 3 of wands stay centred in your fire (you have merc- aries no?)

This what my scorp moon sees in what you wrote…

PiMM Member

Thank you V
scorp moon people are important to me xx
(aries venus, pisces merc)
today ive felt like i’ve been walking on an oilslick but as the afternoon has progressed i’m realising that i’m not in a disempowered position here, i don’t need to please or feel on the back foot with anyone
i kind of painted myself into a corner with certain disempowering thought processes but some littlebig thing has clicked this arvo


oh pardon me, I knew there was a significant aries placement!
Aries Venus, me too. be a bit selfish in going for what makes you happy (its what we are meant to do 🙂 )

*also I meant 7 swords above, not wands

PiMM Member

ohh the emperor thing
yes ok it fits
thanks x

dark star
dark star

my plutonic two cents for what its worth: ppl are talking shit bc they feel you disengaging from the scene. And you are :). No investigation or recovery needed, just boundaries. money on the way

LiliMM Member

Yes to all of this. And banish the faux gatekeepers. Retro Venus is fab for unwinding DNA coding to seek approval. Power is seized not given.

dark star
dark star

I feel oh so liminal. Crisp fall air + packing list for friends wedding, bonfires, letting out old grief for someone passed on, feeling on the verge of many things. I’m putting myself out there creatively but also grounding in my shuied home. Realizing
I am my own sphinx 🙂 Noting this past week who’s responding to my energy in an excited way and who’s snapping at the heels of my boundaries.

AstroGeekMM Member

Spent the weekend in Palm Springs getting some desert sun and wind with two girlfriends. Vegged by the pool with intermittent dips to cool off. Ate sumptuously … Healthy grilled stuff mixed with some decadence. Sipped wine, but also refreshed with teas and tonics. This morning, did a releasing and healing meditation and then got an amazingly prescient Tarot reading. Moving on from a five-year “karmic” relationship, embarking on the largest media/event project I’ve ever produced … So I was grateful to the universe for the transition time. A little melancholy, but feeling stronger and more grounded post Equinox. Definitely… Read more »

GemyogiMM Member

Lovely post Mystic, I am going to ponder the Equinox and start of Spring and plan what seeds I want to plant in this new season. Light a candle etc.

I had the impulse to paint my bedroom wall behind my bed on the weekend, I can’t afford the expensive wallpaper I want yet, but chose a warm blush pink, and I’m going to make myself a padded headboard… Cheap bedroom makeover!

Thank you <3

PegasusMM Member

This explains the unusual melancholy felt over the weekend, most un-Sagg-like. Totally flat and de-energised was I even though surrounded by Jasmin and Orange blossom. Just read a new fave author’s 3rd of a trilogy of a steam punk dystopian Japan fantasy novel featuring Thunder Tigers aka Gryphons and the girl that rode them and did nothing else at all! However to make my Monday, the early morn dream that i was with both my beloved Grandmother AND Mother ordering soda water at the beach bar mother managed. And what a fantastical sea it was with waterfalls from mountains in… Read more »

PegasusMM Member

Yukiko riding the thunder tiger did huge amounts whist I did nothing…

GemyogiMM Member

A weekend with a good book sounds lovely Pegs… we don’t always have to be ‘doing’ stuff <3

SMM Member

On Wednesday night I performed an exit interview with my then boyfriend. He pointed out the Octoroon on the train and all the pieces fell into place, this was south node complexity.
As Sexual Healing played through the sound system he asked if I believed in God and I replied “I believe faith is very personal.”
The final assessment being “Girl, get the faaark out of here.” There will be no down dating for you.

PegasusMM Member

So Marvin Gaye reminded him of God?

SMM Member

Well that does explain a lot. Thank you Pegasus x

The Maverick Healer is my next hurdle

Ms JeminiMM Member
Ms Jemini

I have been crying majority throughout the weekend. My emotions are all over the place and as a result I now have to face a truth about my mother.
It’s confronting, and I have to let my heart grieve to the truth that has been revealed.
Not only that, also old habits from past relationships grips at me and I have pushed away my love by running away because I’m also afraid of the intensity I feel, realising that this could very well be true love and I’m still not allowing myself to believe I deserve it.
So yeah.

AstroGeekMM Member

Hugs to you. Maybe this equinox’s gift may be the realization that sets you on your path to healing.

MutatisMutandisMM Member

dang so resonant! I’ve been doing a ton of pilates lately and had a bit of a meltdown over the weekend because I was unable to do a particularly advanced series. after melting down I spent a lot of time stretching and rolling and figuring out the pelvic balance issue that was keeping me struggling. today I’m newly inspired and focused (and sore lol) and feeling good but getting here was a battle!

AriesPiscesLibraMM Member

I’m trapped in that feeling of “this doesn’t apply to me yet but I know it will.”
Sigh. Thank you.

ScorpleocapMM Member

I LOVE your writing, Mystic! Great post. Saturday’s one was spot on too.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

As I type my house cat guest Smokey is giving birth to her 3rd kitten. It all started around midnight tonite.

Spring Equinox babies. So far identical to Mumma, how exciting. Librans, with Moon in Pisces and Ascendant Aries.

Mumma is a natural, so calm, happy to have me watch, making eye contact, so proud she is. She is purring, Purrfect !

I think she has one left to go.

syrynxMM Member

Ooh, will you name them? Tell us when number 4 comes along,

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

I think it’s just 3. Mum’s gone to sleep. No more contractions.
It took a while but they are all suckling milk. I have names in mind but will find out their sex before I do the honour.
I thought I would be nervous but it was a relaxed, surreal experience.
I’m off to bed now. Goodnight.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Yes its just 3. I haven’t slept much. Woke to the runt crying for a teat. Watched as it fought siblings, tried to help it. Not all the teats work, got worried then did some rearranging, then bub found one.

Thank Goddess.

I am open to suggestions about names. They were born just after
11 .55 pm, The Spring Equinox and the Sun just moved into Libra.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Oh my God, I just woke up and there are 4 kittens.

dizzarinaMM Member

How exciting!

RubentMM Member

An Equinox is a gate, and every gate has a guardian, invisible or not. Answer the riddle, crack the code of yourself, pay homage and pass through.” THIS I can still feel my gears clicking, the ignition so close to igniting, but it’s like there’s a message inbetween ‘stalled’ and go. Which is to still idle once my engine turns over. I feel like I’ve been spending so much time hunched over the wheel, begging, whispering, for things to start – taking naps and reclining back in the seat, exhausted from being unable to figure things out. Defeated, in accepting… Read more »

SMM Member

I resonate with your assessment and a delight to read Rubent.

While in previous breaks I might have speed off all hellfire and ablaze, this time I’ve allowed the signs around to help ease me out. Sticking to the facts and doing the necessary work.

Undoubtedly there is a war going on and I am a veteran of many battles. The difference is the side I’m fighting on is now “Team I” no longer lost to the “We Battalion”.

RubentMM Member

Glad to hear:)

JokermanMM Member

Happy Birthsignmonth to all the great songwriters. Bruce and Sarah today.

AlouettaMM Member

Today I happened to ride past my estranged husband just as he was getting out of a car following a young woman back to his apartment. Her head was down and she didn’t see me. She was engrossed in a plant she’d bought just like I would be and had the same hair colour as me. He and I made eye contact and I rode on. It was like I was tripping back in time to the start of our relationship, seeing it from the outside. Not subtle, universe! The rest of my day was a delight. I like my… Read more »