Ask Mystic: House Witchery – Am I Being Cursed By A Doormat?

Dear Mystic, 

This is a House Witchery question that is not really astrological. I’m sure I’m not the only person haunted by hessian mats and pewter trinkets. My actual Ask Mystic question is:  am I being cursed by someone else’s doormat? And also by their little silver guardian angel, but suggesting I was being cursed by someone else’s guardian angel sounds weird –  like I have an infestation of winged harpies or something.

Just over two years ago, I did something I never thought I’d be able to do – I bought my apartment. The previous owners were friendly enough chaps, so I respectfully went about eliminating some of the aspects of their home decorating choices. I said goodbye to their carpets and repainted the beery brown walls with three coats of beautiful, bright, light-reflecting white. And I like living in it. It feels like home and is deliciously quiet seven days and five nights of the week.

But I stopped short of removing the silver guardian angel medallion (one of those cheap ones they sell in newsagents) they’d tacked to the front door. I feel they should have taken it with them, but I’m uneasy about getting rid of it. What would I do with it? And what if it’s the only thing holding everything together? This year has been one of pushing merde uphill – a job redundancy, abandoned studies and a promising courtship turning into a shocking case of Love Zombie. Is it the angel/doormat combination?

The doormat is chichi and has to go, but what to do about the angel? Should I replace it? Keep it? Somehow return it to its original owners? How much salt and sage-smudging do I need?

With thanks,

Cat Whisperer

(I’m Aqua, Leo rising – if that’s relevant to this dilemma)

Doors Are Significant In House Witchery

Dear Cat Whisperer,

You are asking a Mars in Virgo person if you should throw something out. My immediate instinct is yes, of course, you should remove it. The new broom sweeps clean, replacing doormats is a must, and that’s not your angel, it’s theirs! Also, what good energy are you worried about disrupting? It sounds as if it is has been challenging. If I were there, I would rip the whole door down or change the numbers – it would confuse people, but you have a postbox, right?

So doors are significant in House Witchery. They symbolize opportunity and what comes into your life. So, I think you re-paint that too, which means taking down the angel and the numbers. You can get a prettier five, and a two + paint the door a beautiful color or have it stripped back to wood. And, with the angel, why not just leave her somewhere on a park bench or under a tree, in an envelope with some cash?! Perhaps also a note saying, “from your guardian angel, a small token of prosperity to come.”  The right person will find it, and the jovial gesture will generate good vibe!

And by the way, harpies (the creatures with bird bodies and female torsos) get a bad rap in patriarchal mythology, but they are much like the Dakinis or Valkyries, according to my trusty Encylopedia Of Myths & Secrets. 

Anyway, what does everyone else think?


Image: Marina Abrahamovic

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Doors are so IMPORTANT! numbers are also important and 7 is not a “friendly” number. i read a bunch of stuff by numerologists western and asian and 7 (5+2) is a “lonely” number. I would take the number off and put on post box and paint the door a warm colour or strip back with cherry varnish so stamping your own qi on it. i know this sounds weird but when i walk down a street the vibe of a lot of houses echo their number

Cat Whisperer

Thank you, Mystic, for your advice, and thank you to everyone for their comments. I have removed the doormat and prised the angel off the door. The. Angel had ‘LOVE’ stamped on the reverse of the medallion – one of the things that hasn’t been coming through my door! I placed the angel in a sparkly fabric bag with a handful of shiny gold coins, and left it in a tiny indentation on a tree trunk in a local park. I was going to leave it on a park bench, but the tree seemed more appropriate somehow, and if you’re… Read more »

Cat Whisperer

Aaaaannnd… things have got worse! I’m going to take the number off the door tomorrow and see what happens.

Caterina senang

Yes to making the door yours and painting it, new numbers, new whatever you want for your new abundance and happiness and a new mat, jade plant etc. AND I understand your feelings about the Angel – it is a lovely angel, it’s energy is sad because it is stuck on the door. Those small talisman angels are protectors and it will be happy to be free from super glue and in someone’s purse or pocket bringing them protection and comfort. Leaving it as a surprise for someone as Mystic suggests (or carrying it on you until you find the… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

Well, they do say that if something is left behind from someone else and you want to start over… get rid of anything that reminds you of them. From a Feng Shui… ok House Witchery… perspective, get rid of it. It’s like a bad relationship that just ended. Remove all reminders. Now it is an Angel and I can understand the worry. Angels are good… but I wonder if the Angel had a deep meaning for the previous owner. They took that image with them even though they left the shell behind. The statue is probably with the previous owners… Read more »


Hello. I am not sure how far you want to take your cleansing/purging of the old energy, but…. I actually paid a lady from Sydney to feng shui a house that I’d bought in Victoria. I’d moved to a new town after the death of my husband, selling off the family home and wanting a fresh start in my life. She suggested things such as the placement of my bed, taking all the red objects out of my study and only entering the house through the south (garage) and using my (west facing) front door as little as possible. Now,… Read more »


P.S. the replacement needs to face direct to the person at the door and not sweep off to the side.


OMG Get rid of that gigantic lettering stark box of 52 and thst wispy itty bitty angel. The yellow is a loud no!

Dear Aqua, soft. I hear soft and elegant. Quiet but strong.

How about a blush pink or deeply soothing muted aqua door? Brass calligraphy small small numbers and a cat head? (Like the cat heads in Gucci) or a cat sphinx Egyptian goddess head in 3D placed onto the door in a functional door knob knocker? Larger than their angel, too. Override it all.


New door, new house numbers and definitely new angel Couldn’t agree with you more Mystic.


Well, I have Mars in Virgo too, so I utterly concur with Mystic – it’s not your doormat or angel, but theirs. Ditch away, replace with whatever you see fit and let YOUR magic begin 🙂 Have fun!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Yeah, I think the angel trinket is cluttering up your door and is “non-you”.


I’d be buying an entirely new door and removing the angel and numbers in the interim. You need a door that makes u fall in love with your pad everything time u arrive. Solid timber stained, colour glass insert and perhaps a peep hole for extra protection.

cosmic fleece

Hello Cat Whisperer,
A search on Etsy for house numbers bought up some cool numbers ..
Best of Luck on your New Numbers Quest !

Violet Virgo

Definitely clear the entry door of others trinkets. Claim it as yours with your application of welcome from a Mars in Virgo also….


Definitely research Feng Shui and which color your door should be according to the direction it faces. I would completely overhaul that entry by those parameters.

My home is a sacred space. I got a doormat from Amazon for a reasonable price that says “Go Away.” Only specially invited individuals are permitted to cross the threshold. Leo rising/Aqua moon here.


Yes, it has to go. Someone else’s talisman also contains the energetic imprint of the reason they acquired it – their fear (they felt they needed protection). I like Mystic’s suggestion to pay it forward though and leave it somewhere for someone else with a new magical, healing touch added to it. This place is yours now; you should make it thoroughly resonate with you. Otherwise if you keep it out of feeling guilty about tossing it, every time you see it you will feel that guilt and unease and your guilt/unease will become the flavor of your new house,… Read more »


Yep it needs a total aesthetic makeover. New colour, contemporary and more ‘you’ numbers. That angel gives me the creeps. It’s like those Dr Who angel statues. Don’t blink!!


hi, I’m a Leo with Acqua rising so your post piqued my curiosity! That angel looks as she/he is guarding “inwards”, keeping things close to their chest,.That inward flow does not suit your “outwards” reach into the multiverse. The disintegrating worlds around you no longer suit either. Whatever does not connect to that has to go. Good luck! To free the angel in whatever way suits you is the right way.

Unicorn Sparkles

Yes my first thought was put the angel in a public garden somewhere. If you’re loathe to just dispatch it into your waste bin.

You made the inside yours… the door is too.

I’m getting a weird vibe off it just looking at the photo.


Funny, me too.

Wish Upon a Star

First impression, the angel has sadness attached to it, I would get rid of it. But it does draw you in so I can understand how you are conflicted.
As for the number I find it harsh and ugly.
The paint job is old and a bit sad too.

Congratulations on buying your house.
You can do whatever you like, make it your own.

Have fun.

Buckle (Aries Sun; Pisces Asc; Gem Moon.)

Yes to taking that angel and placing it in a park, like a little secret for someone to find — that’s a lovely idea. And the suggestion to paint the door and get nicer numbers — now you’ve got me thinking about my door! I can understand that in an apartment block, they might want all doors uniform, but I like the idea of even just repainting it the same colour. You’ll feel more steady and in control. Just thinking on that angel greeting you every time you come home, with it having the tiny reminder that someone else used… Read more »


No offence but this probably has been owned by some old girl from the 70’s. Replace it with some marvelously creative numbers that are more “you” (if you dress your AC, is that concept also beneficial for front doors). Yes to the envelope and cash hidden in some random place.
And MM I am marking HSC trial papers this weekend and am in full marking mode and noticed the spelling of color. Made me laugh that I got hoity-toity about it.

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