Trine & Align – 120° Degrees Of Awesome

African appearing mermaid holding the hand of a little African girl who has swum down to meet her

Saturn Trine Uranus Has Fabulous Benefits

“Chaos is supposed to be what we most fear but I have come to believe it might be what we most want. If we don’t believe in the future we are planning, the house we are mortgaged to, the person who sleeps by our side, it is possible that a tempest (long lurking in the clouds) might bring us closer to how we want to be in the world. Life falls apart. We try to get a grip and hold it together. And we realize we don’t want to hold it together…I did not want to restore the past. What I needed was an entirely new composition.”

Deborah Levy – The Cost Of Living

There are currently two major Outer Planet Trines in operation. And a snazzy Grand Fire Trine involving asteroid Ubasti aka Bast, the Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt.

Saturn is trine to Uranus. Jupiter is trine to Neptune.  Chiron + the North Node + Bast are all trine to one another in the Fire signs.  A trine is an alignment of 120° between planets. It’s harmonious and flowing. You can zoom along in their cosmic slipstream to make faster progress than usual.  Outer planet alignments are the big ones that tend to provoke ready-or-not evolution. But when they are as beneficial as this, the growth comes easy.  You’re ready, the times ripen, magical helpers appear and deep in your psyche, you know what you are doing is right.

Mars is going be Retrograde and in the Shadow Zone of that retro until October. Venus is going to be Retro shortly and for most of the remainder of 2018. Dystopian geopolitical scenarios exist. Resistance and anti-Qi Vampire maneuvers need to be deployed. There are other factors in play, obviously.

Rare And Auspicious Astral Alignments

But the Outer Planet Trines of August and September 2018 are distinctive and rare. Jupiter is in synch to Shamanic Neptune in its home sign of Pisces. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter reigned over the realm of Pisces. Their trine is significant to Sagittarius and Pisces people but also Scorpios. Saturn in his sanctuary sign of Capricorn for the first time since the late Eighties is in trine to Uranus newly in Taurus. Capricorns, Taurus, and Aquarius people are most influenced by this energy.

The Fire Signs are the It People of the Chiron, Bast and North Node synergy, newly ablaze with creative vim. Regardless of your sign or rising sign, this is now an era of elegant evolution, as opposed to the sort of personal growth that gets court ordered or feels like someone just flung you out of a warm morning bed into a cold shower.

Read your horoscopes for the more nuanced and unique sign/rising sign take on how to tap into these beautiful aspects.  Meanwhile, if you’re feeling faith resurgent despite the vicissitudes of Mercury/Mars Retro, you’re right. Magic is Real. And this particular magic is potent.


Leo & Diane Dillon

Temple of Edfu

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So as Pisces with Capricorn rising am I in for a treat or will I be pulled in two directions?

Wish Upon a Star

Mmmmm, how do I find out where Ubasti is in my chart. I love felines and they love me. And in my perimenopausal state I am nocturnal like a cat.

When I was attuned to Seichem my face morphed ( yes I temporarily had high cheekbones) into a cats face. Before I even spoke my lovely teacher put a small statue of bast before me.

It was a very powerful and surreal experience. And yes I do relate to Bast.

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Mystic, I found out Ubasti is 24 Lib 20′ 45″. And in the Venus box it shows a square and -4 ontop of S.

Can any one tell me what it means

I am Sun Gemini, Moon Taurus, Rising Leo. I know I have Jupiter in Leo in 5th house direct, if that helps

Appreciate your help.


Mystic, I just read todays daily email and I read this: “(If you know your birth chart, the most pertinent degrees for the opportunity & magic are 15° Scorpio & Pisces + 2° Taurus & Capricorn.)” Does this refer to current transits?

dark star

Hahaha yes genius leaving all “court ordered evolution” in 2014-2017. This month does feel extra something special and triney. New apt + car and now I’m excited to bring in new tribe, man, creative works and prosperity. My sun is in league with the Jupiter Neptune trine acc to Mystics zap


feeling some magic would be wonderful because right now I feel ground down to a nub and completely exhausted.


‘Elegant evolution’ ……yes! I’ll take it! Thank you! The ambient energy has felt this way to me ever since Uranus got into Taurus. The Uranus in Aries period was such a trial by fire for me and this feels like the reward for showing up and surviving through that period. Aqua Sun, here, feeling all of this acutely…

Silver Huang

I only just realised that I have Mars retro in 6th conjunct natal Mars opposite AC… whoa. And here’s the funny part… of course Saturn is conjuncting and Uranus is trining my natal Sun and Mercury while simultaneously opposite, Saturn is trining and Uranus is conjuncting my MC. Now THAT totally makes sense all of a sudden, for this entire retrograde has been about radically redesigning my business work load and flow to be more authentic to my physical and mental health needs by challenging accepted norms and status quos around entrepreneurship, and towards that end, I’ve been working non-stop… Read more »


Jupiter is on my Venussssss 😀 and Saturn/Uranus are in league with my nodes (SN at 1 Vir/NN 1 Pis) = GOOD TIMES


wow so both my sun and progressed sun are being touched by these transits…yay


I was driving around yesterday for my job and had a “what are you actually doing?” bolt. As in, what’s up with this job, with where we are living, what my spouse does for work, etc. Tired of it all, ready for change but unsure how to proceed. I hope I will be given a clue in the days to come.


So strange ..had a reading for the first time in years today.. and I couldn’t say to the reader that I wanted to know about relationships.. am married to a very unwell man who I haven’t been happy for a long time. So was wondering if other flirtations are possible.. as have been having a few. Anyway the reader just went on about what I could do to help my husband get well.. and it will all be better.. so still my life experience is all about him.. which is what I am so over. Guess we will have to… Read more »


Faith resurgent: yes. That is the theme of this eclipse season, for me.


Last night I dreamt I was in a Paris cafe – upstairs on the first floor. The room was taken up with a designated play area that was filled with black cats with short hair and stunning yellow eyes. When I entered the room I lept into the pen bundling up armfuls of black cats. The cafe crowd ignored us. Awoke feeling delighted! (Pisces Sun, Chiron, Jupiter, Mercury, you name it). X


Lovely dream!
I’ve just read how there’s a job going for someone to look after 55 cats in a cat sanctuary on a gorgeous Greek island overlooking the Aegean Sea….if you’re interested:


That’s fabulous thanks for sharing

Wish Upon a Star

How Gorgeous.


Lovely, lovely! Lots of synchronicity in finding practitioners of healing paradigms came in today for my baby boy, music and craniosacral. As a fire sign I am feeling a lovely new flow since the last full moon. I don’t consciously know what has shifted. But it feels like a new beginning after years of ‘gah’.


Lots of fire here, and I totally agree! Last full Moon was a reset. I’m even glad my laptop died: new Operating System in effect.


So great Sphinx – i always think that the right healer(s) turns up at the right time if you keep looking. A good osteo-craniosacral practitioner is like a modern shaman – worth their weight in gold and they’re especially good for kiddies’ probs.
As for the fire sign thing – thank the astros & hallelujah!


Thanks gorgeous ones. That’s great to hear re the craniosacral, I am interested! The odd part was I had made call to the wrong number in my book. The woman I ended up speaking to not only had the same first name as the one I was seeking, but was also an OT!!! Oddly she happened to be qualified in the same healing modalities I am and also ones I want to get training in!! I would never have consciously called this clinic as I wouldn’t be funded for the bulk of what they do as it is mostly energy… Read more »


What absolutely lovely synchronicity, sphinx! Magic at work.

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