The New Earth Era And Infrastructure

The Astrology Of The Genoa Bridge Collapse

If the planet were a person, around about now would be when we told them to stop with all the nonsense. Never mind perpetual growth or the maintenance of a delusionary bubble. Just pull right back and re-ground. Reallocate some resources and fix the foundations.  It is not even ideological. It’s just basic sense. Like how if you broke your ankle, you would not prioritize a pedicure.

The new Earth Era is Uranus in Taurus + Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn.  It emphasizes our relationship with nature. See it as a reminder of the responsibility we have for plants, forests, animals, and the ecological balance. But it is also about infrastructure – bridges, roads, and tunnels.  A few years ago, I read an in-depth article about crumbling bridges and the problems funding their repair. It seemed unbelievable. You would think that maintaining structures that don’t just collapse is integral to society?

They’re saying it was because of ‘the storm.’ Or ‘the Mafia’ ‘The sand ratio when they built it.’ ‘Counterfeit rivets.’ If you are interested in the Astrology of the Genoa Bridge Collapse, the Moon squared Saturn at the exact time it happened. But whatever the eventual culprit turns out to be, this is more than just a single bridge issue. Or a one-off astrological flashpoint.

The new Earth Era is beneficial.

The new Earth Era is beneficial. In 2019/2020, there will be a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is in Taurus and the Royal Star Regulus in Virgo already. Ideally, this would manifest as a planetary-health-first just and peaceful planet.

The moment I saw the Ponte Morandi Bridge collapse news, I thought ‘the Tower.’ AKA Uranus. The sudden, shocking bolt of lightning that illuminates fragility, corruption, or worse.  It’s also Saturn. Infrastructure – the very roads and paths that the people travel – are like the bare bones of society. They need to be robust, safe, and capable of supporting all those on them.

Some of the saddest comments on this tragic and still unfolding tale have been from the Genoese residents. They are all a variation of “I never felt safe driving over that bridge” and “I held my breath the whole time as I drove over.”

These are citizens. Despite the fractures, vulgarity, and tumult of this era of politics, they should be able to trust the very earth of a human-built structure to not just collapse beneath them. There should be broad public input into the spending of taxpayers money – everywhere. We have the technology.



Image: Frieda Harris

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Now the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral…


Just another example of how we: the expendable masses, allow those in positions of power to prioritise the spending of tax payer funds. Yes we do have the technology – in fact we have all the “ologies” but until we take back our own sense of power: via self responsibility and authority – do our Saturn properly – we will remain in our collective roles as Lab rats, plebs and cannon fodder. We have a little time while Uranus meanders back towards Aries, we need (each one of us) to decide how we want to live and if we care… Read more »


I love how the statement was taken off the website of the group who said the bridge will last a 100 years


Saturn and Uranus trining my 10th Virgo Pluto- taking zero shortcuts.

lise lite

Of course taxpaying citizens must have faith and the right to feel safe when utilizing infrastructure they have paid for. This bridge was under maintenance but had also been called out with regards to potentially getting rid of it in 2016. Political stasis meant no big decisions were made and much discussion went on. I think Italy, a country of brilliant architectural and engineering minds, is shocked.There are 60,000 bridges built of this same material, same era containing 240,000 spans in the country. I think the architecture of this bridge is exemplative of post WWII mindset of modernity, progress &… Read more »


What is “female thinking”? I feel like the idea of consequences is not a gendered concept.


The bridge was built (started? Completed?) In 1967, which was in the middle of that era’s Uranus Pluto astrology (think of the significance of the year 1968 across Europe, at least). I wonder if the bridge is having a Pluto transit, or something like that. I guess you’d go from the opening / ribbon-cuttimg date?


And something else, imagine if the Sydney Harbour bridge or golden gate bridge needed to be closed for 8 months at a time. Or in Melbourne, the West gate bridge almost permanently has at least one lane closed at any time for maintenance. Even if there is a need. People will always have a problem with it. Why is it taking me 10 minutes longer to get to work. Why do I have to go around the long way for 6 months while you idiots build a new bridge. Maybe that’s a reasonable concern for someone’s daily life, I don’t… Read more »


Microcosm case in point: Our local two way mile road numbered 13, heh heh, is getting new sewer pipes laid. In the 1980s they’d have closed the road but for residents. Now, passenger cars zip along, mere feet from serious machinery and deep caverns. This double Saturn return driver gladly takes the long road home. Our Dem candidate ran on #fixthedamntoads as lacking decent public transport potholes wreak havoc on chariots of mid-western suburban life. Locally, substandard concrete caused a sinkhole- multi million dollar fix and houses swallowed up- set up when mobbed up pols gave chums sweetheart deals. So… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I was started in 1966 and completed iin 1967 (June which is the Summer of Love in the Northern Hemisphere). The music of this time is very special for me. I’m a Taurus moon.

I must investigate Uranus in Pluto.

Wish Upon a Star

Wow mystic, I just read a whole lot of info and realised I went thru my 1st Chiron return between 2010 and ending last April. It all makes so much sense now. My dad(passed over) guided me to move to a quiet seaside town. I wish I took the ” I want to be alone” vibe more seriously. If I made my boundaries strong it would have made life less stressful with nosy neighbors, and low energies. Oh the healing side I came to realise,(mostly in the final stages that I had the capacity to heal a lot on my… Read more »


I wonder if Chiron transits, by way of being so intensely personal and deep, make us extremely particular about how we choose to heal, or who with. Only we can truly know our own pain (or weaknesses, or vulnerability, and needs)… Chiron transit as need for or experience of solitude is an interesting idea.


Chiron return No one said it would be easy !

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Pi & emg, You know I really wish I knew what I was in for before Chiron happened. Being a Gemini if I understand what is happening it somehow makes it easier. On the upside the lessons I learned are so invaluable. My resolve is so steely. Much strength is gained. I just had a flash of the psychic vision I had of myself when I was in the thick of it.(Chiron) : it was the hanged man in the tarot. At first I found it horrible then I found it freeing, just let go. Surrender. The hanged man… Read more »


Not Italiano, I’m Portuguese but I feel most of the South Europe countries share some things around politics. There is a reason parte of the population loved the dictatorships that all these countries had in the last century: they were good at structure and safety. They were also horrible and controlling. But what came next were oportunistic people disguised as politians. For as what I can see there is only one way now, we need to be super super conscious and interventive and out spoken citizens. We need to guard and watch as if there was no one watching (most… Read more »


I was standing in line mindlessly staring out the window/towards the TV screen and it was the bridge collapse that snapped me to attention. (because most everything on the runnity-talking head news is about something violent I tune it out so that I’m not zombily tuned in, being de sensitized.) The collapsed bridge, the images, sent a shiver down my spine. The only place my mind went to was the story I had just finished reading two days before – Thornton Wilder’s The Bridge of San Luis Rey. Set in Spain, 1712, the beloved, -never-thought-it-would-collapse-bridge, collapses, killing 5 people. One… Read more »


This made me cry so much, thank you for sharing thank you ❤️


I was looking at radar pictures of weather over that area and into France. My daughter had left Genoa the previous afternoon into choppy seas and I was heading off soon. And I watched this very big storm cell right on Genoa and was thankful for my daughters not being there. Odd as I’m normally oooo Lovely a thunderstorm how fabulous but this one felt different. It was just an alert on my phone from a news source that hit home about it all.


Another great earth-era story: Bon Appetit’s restaurant of the year. You have to read the story to truly understand. It’s in Oklahoma City, USA, the least-likely place to have such an establishment, but this restaurant, according to the reviewer of all the restaurants in the world, has the most amazing food. The attention to every flavor and detail is above-par. But the best part: all the ingredients are indigenous to the area. Locally sources organ meats, herbs, vegetables, cow colostrum, etc. And hardly anybody in the city knows about them. I hope they make it!


OMG! Thank you for sharing, I have not heard of this! I am in Oklahoma!!


In cricket, it’s called placing a fielder there AFTER the catch has gone begging.
Also too much emphasis is placed on aesthetics to the detriment of function.
A very sad Uran in Taurus story.

An engineer, in 2016, declared it sub-standard. Not only in maintenance but also design.
I use to teach design, as well as timber n metal, and there are many 50 yr old bridges that look sus.
Yet bridges from the 19th C look to be still serviceable, in Australia from my own observations..

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Building bridges over time gaps, as it were, Isambard. A stroke of luck.


We have the technology, but not the politics. No one listens to engineers. Ideally , drumpf’s space-violence efforts fail because he does the same. Surprise, mf’s, gravity is a force and you can measure it with science.


I am Italian. My parents have their holiday house inear Genova. I crossed that very bridge the day before it broke down, but I was (wrongly) feeling safe, while heading toward my Uranus in Taurus horse riding + country farm + great food and wine + feeling more grounded every day and peaceful holiday. I have no words for what happened. Genoa and most of Italy north west commercial and civil traffic is broke in 2. We are all in shock, and unfortunately pathetically led by politicians that are, if this was ever possible, the worst and most unprepared we… Read more »


“Though right now i would settle for non-corrupt.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement – at least a government could build from this premise. The next step would be to have *competent* politicians. There’s been concerns over this bridge for decades, but the work has been postponed by ALL the previous governments – not just the current governing populists. It’s been shunted around & delayed for years with just perfunctory (& now clearly) incompetent or pointless maintenance. There’s been an unwillingness to do the right thing and build a replacement bridge because of the traffic chaos this would cause… Read more »


We have come through almost 20 years of Berlusconi era – with brief interruptions of some democratic / leftist alliance.
Said alliance has done some pretty good things bureaucracy wise (before that it was really hellish), but infrastructure rebuild require time, money and yes GUTTS to become unpopular while creating some temporary discomfort. Which now here in Italy I hope it will be chosen over death.


It is so sad. The photos are intense.


So glad you made it over. Freakish.


I’m glad you are safe MissDee, and i do understand the rage you must be feeling at the politicos. It seems that citizens come second to money; and our safety & welfare mean nothing – we are simply pawns in power games. My heart shrank as i saw the images, as we’ve driven over that bridge many times as well and know people who live in Genoa – all safe too thank god.


Glad you are safe MissDee!


I honestly thought we learned our lesson after that huge bridge collapse in Ohio or some other Midwestern state a decade ago. But here we are now still putting almost nothing into our infrastructure.




SourPatch I think you are referring to the bridge collapse in Minneapolis several years ago. Several people died. I lived there at the time and was not more than 2 miles away at the time. For that incident there was heavy equipment on the bridge at the time that was a key factor in the collapse. I’ve read that the Genoa bridge’s foundation was under repair at the time of the collapse and I can’t help but think that was a factor. Regardless, infrastructure is crumbling–or about to–all over the world and things are getting real. Dark before the light… Read more »


I was there at that time too. 13 people died. So sad.


My new earth era evolvement has been to stop eating red meat
Feels good


Years ago, with the rapidly widening infrastructure deficit in mind, and allowing for around a 10% design redundancy for safety, I calculated that much of it would crumble in 2018, or that an acceleration of that process would begin around that time. For the record, I am a building designer, not a structural engineer, but the principles are the same.
So much infrastructure is now well beyond it’s design life that sadly such an acceleration is inevitable. The US regularly receives a D- rating from its civil engineers.

…but reducing taxes is apparently far more important…


“….the latest symptom of Italy’s infrastructure woes. More than 2m homes across the country are unstable, according to figures from the national statistics agency, Istat, and more than 156 school ceilings have fallen in over the last five years.

The Morandi Bridge, considered an engineering jewel when it was inaugurated in 1967, was the 12th bridge to have collapsed in Italy since 2004. Five of those were in the last five years.”
From The Guardian.

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