Can Mercury Retrograde Influence Time?

Dear Mystic,

The weirdest thing happened yesterday – which makes me question – can time change as a Merc RX side effect?   I was drilling down my inbox ahead of prepping to dash to an early meeting, with one eye on the (laptop) clock. The radio announcer called 7.40am, yet the time showed 7.50am. So I ignored the discrepancy until the 8.00am news chimed in at 8.10 so checked my phone. 8.10 also (not connected to the computer so no syncing).

The analog and digital clocks in the kitchen both mirrored 8.10. Then I left for my meeting at 8.40 vs. 8.30 …… only to discover via radio and iPhone I was 10 minutes late! Googling ‘what is the time in my city now’ confirmed I was late and had been duped by some weird time warp.

Is this a side effect of Merc Rx? Can time actually warp? Or is a house spirit letting me know they’re around lol? Whilst phone & computer times from there on were accurate – analog & digital kitchen clocks remain 10 minutes fast. Can time change or is Merc Rx fuqing w me?

The (Former) Libra Rockstar Publicist

Dreams Play Out Across Multiple Lifetimes

Dear (Former) Libra Rockstar Publicist,

Mercury Retrograde Time Slippage is for real. It happens. And any house spirit, entity or random electrical spook can fiddle with a clock. But this is more to do with the Saturn and Uranus synergy, I feel. In a post from last year, we discussed Saturn Time Versus Uranus Time. AKA Newton time (rational, linear) versus Einstein Time.  Time slips and warps. Everyone has experienced limbic moments when a sound (usually a bird) or a scent evokes a time long gone. Or a premonition of the future.

Dreams are set all over the place and across multiple lifetimes. Future You can inform your past self. Maybe you are your angel.

Time, said Einstein*, was an illusion. “…“…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”

Anyway, that Saturn and Uranus are currently trine to one another is an automatic Time Warp.  And it is ongoing until late September.  That’s right. There are weeks more of this heightened time consciousness. The determination to maximize one’s schedule co-exists with an intense awareness of the past, almost as if it were currently an alternative dimension running right alongside.

But to answer the original question. Personally, I think clocks playing up like that is just a bit of paranormal activity. Could it be time to time to check your psychic hygiene?


*Einstein had Saturn and Uranus quincunx FYI.

Image: Madame Satan

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I received a text yesterday with a time stamp of 2:48 but my phone said 2:47. I thought i was crazy and it would not let me screen shot it, making it even weirder.

Kim SMM Member
Kim S

Rovelli ‘the order of time’ or the youtube lecture is quite accessible on some these ideas–for me stillness and silence has become key to a more generous present moments that dilate rather pop and disappear

davidlMM Member

Time is the space between me and you

I love this line. And I do think that’s all time is. Somewhere outside of time we are all one.
My other ‘time’ favorite is from my then 8 year old son who remarked .. Dad, we don’t need to build a time machine because that’s what our bodies are…

JacquiMM Member

Dr Joe Dispenza has an interesting viewpoint on time, yesterday is a chemical memory, present moment as eternal now and the autopilot past turning into the future. VERY interesting…but his voice in his meditations may take meeeee sssooommmmeee tttiiiimmmmmeee to get used to.

Secret SaggMM Member
Secret Sagg

It sounds like your son is a wise old soul.

RitaToctaMM Member

Please tell me you already comment that same thing that you said about what your son said, because I already read that comment here by you a long TIME AGO! Or is this post under some dejá vu influence ?


Deja vu, I’ve seen that sort of thing before.

davidlMM Member

Yes x mentioned it about 7 years ago ? Thought it was worth mentioning again. Good memory you have Rita.

ElizMM Member

omg mystic can you do an einstein post if you haven’t already? he seemed magical.

rachelMM Member

Albert Weinstein

GwendolynMM Member

Mystic wtf insight…my goosebumps have goosebumps and they have goosebumps!
Shivering with truth and delight
“The past an alternative dimension running alongside “
Yes, yes yes
You understand
Dreams across multiple lifetimes yes yes yes
Future you advise current you
Yes yes yes

I agree about the trickster time spirit

Perhaps you needed to be late to avoid an incident
It feels protective to me

CalidorMM Member

Sounds strange but I sometimes send my past self as a child messages of encouragement and validation. I like to think the messages played a part in getting me through my childhood. The weird thing about it all is that I just do it occasionally and can sort of know the time that I need to send the messsge to. Unfalsifiable, I know.

scorpiodawnMM Member


HellaHekaMM Member

Omg I do this too! But for me it was having visions of my future self that helped get me through

RitaToctaMM Member

I do this too! It all started with me writing a letter to my future self and then I found an old diary and I decided to write directly to myself on the past and it was like time healing! I am so happy to read your comment 🙂


I do this too. I’m sure I remember feeling the messages as well.

JacquiMM Member

I thought my classroom clock (compared to watch and computer) was more than five minutes early so I found a stool and climbed up and put my hand on the little dial on the back and thought, ” hang on? Someone check their phone, what time is it?” There were three different versions 3:05, 3:07 and some one yelled home-time! The clock was accurate my watch was accurate. So I was fooled. I also feel that I am gaining a few minutes driving to work, usual traffic, usual caravan flat out at 60km/h in the 100 zone, usual delays crossing… Read more »

ShazberryMM Member

I often have times where I either gain time and lose time, quite frequently. It’s a strange sensation.

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