Ask Mystic: Mars Retrograde Shadow Zone Narcissistic Vampire

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Mars Retrograde Shadow Zone Management

Hi Mystic,

The other half and I tried to withdraw from the orb of a Qi-vamping, Chaos and hoochie-juice-addict boss to set up business on our own in mid-May. The timing was pre-Mars retrograde but in the shadow zone. We openly offered to buy him out of his share of a side-hustle we’d been doing most of the work on but he went Troll. It’s been ugly. And scary. And expensive. (Thanks for Mars Mastery. Spot On. Wish I’d downloaded it much earlier).

I know Mars is direct next week, but is there a lingering shadow zone we have to brace ourselves to endure at the other end? I’m itching to take some decisive (legal) action to get us (and our share of the shared $$$) the hell away from him but don’t want to jump the gun & I’ve lost my download to re-listen and check.

On a related note, we are not the first escaping “business partners” who he has pulled this kind of stunt with. There are at least two others that we know of, but we were so in the dazzle zone that we believed his spiel that they deserved what he did when he was doing it to them. Cue remorse. So once you’re “woke” to this rubbish, when does it become a moral obligation to “out” this kind of behavior? He’s scared all of his victims into silence before. And can you “out” someone in a situation like this without it looking like sour grapes? Do you reckon the other Mystic members might have some sage advice?

With many many thanks for your lovely website and hard work,

(One of) A Pair of Gems

WOW. I would say take appropriate action from next Tuesday, which is Mars Direct. Just don’t expect resolution or redress until October 9, which is when Mars is out of the Shadow Zone.

Regarding outing his behavior, leave it until Mars is out of the Shadow-Zone for sure. Mercury in Leo is square Jupiter in Scorpio at the moment, prompting the desire for large-scale statement gestures and perhaps even some garish revenge fantasies.

Even if he is the most hideous narcissist on the planet, the astrology suggests that you take action with Mars Direct to recover money or intellectual property owned and then think on any form of publicity or outing of the guy over the more considered Mercury in Virgo vibe of September.

That’s the astrological break-down, what does everyone else think about the situation in general? And yes, always beware people overtly bagging out their ex-employees, business partners or love interests when you first meet them. First, you get the “but you’re not like the others” and then you become ‘the others‘.


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DasamaMM Member

Hi Mystic I am planning on the opening of my new yoga studio on 10/11/18…will this Venus retro and Uranus zap zone be tumultuous ? Kataka here

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

So I was about to send an askmystic plea for help on exactly the same topic. Only for me it’s too late. I wish I’d had a mars retro intervention team to subdue me. I currently have a middle management co worker who has spent the whole of mars retro angry at everyone and coming close to getting a punch in the face from several other managers. He has an enabling 2IC who basically acts as his wingman. It’s all ego and tantrums and he’s gotten his way so now there’s an expectation of getting his way and a sense… Read more »

GreenWitchMM Member

Dear Unicorn Sparkles
Sorry I’m a little late on the block but I just wanted to say that in my experience an angry woman is frequently regarded as a crazy one. (Probably because we can seem so scary to weak men). Use your head to hold your heart on this occasion and may Athene, the Strategist, be with you!

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Sounds like you have put up with way too much. And all you said was no : big deal. If there are people that want to punch him in the face then they will admire you and if they have any balls they will support you. The fact is you are worrying too much and he doesn’t give a shit. Think on that a while. I am having the same issue with a egotistical , nosy, weird neighbor. I live in a small town and me being a helpless defenceless woman (ha ha) and not accepting his protection has made… Read more »

PiMM Member

Having said all of the below, if the guy is truly a self-serving and destructive jerk, there’s no reason why a nice healthy Uranus square to whatever can’t translate to some choice truth words with mutual acquaintances over Friday drinks. Never know what will come up? I’m saying this from a Gemini viewpoint …

LedaBMM Member

Could I add, even though you identified below in comments that at the moment you may have a ‘revenge’ emotion; I still hear you are also driven by a sense of justice. That is a beautiful thing. When you are in a safer position, I think it would be great to report to authorities, or a journo etc because this is how we create a good world. good people must speak up. Of course you can’;t fight every battle, but later down the track, I pray the Universe sends you the perfect opening to facilitate justice for others, and this… Read more »


Thanks heaps for the advice. Part of the motivation for outing him is that a lot of people in the industry know about the bad behaviour already but don’t say. E.g. When I mentioned we were working for him to mutual professional acquaintances when I was back under the glamour, there would be an “oh yes…” and then a funny silence that I wish I’d listened to harder. But I also wish those people had just said plainly “he’s a “/&;@/&, steer well clear” but perhaps they couldn’t because he’s such a litigious so-and-so. So I have another plan which… Read more »

LedaBMM Member

OMG, that replicates the exact dynamics and question I have on my mind right now too. A bully boss who has ‘won the narrative’ and convinced others I am the problem, to cover up his own errors. He has gone psycho destroy mode. I am wondering whether to fight or wait too. I am praying other forces will reveal the truth and karma will also play a role. He is clever, he is powerful, he is without ethics, he controls all the levers etc, a hard match to realistically fight. My thoughts are to wait, and let him get over-confident,… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

It sounds painful. Just lick your wounds and try and learn from your mistakes. Its hard advice to take especially if it has left you stinging. You sound like a nice reasonable couple, I think this is a very valuable lesson in discernment. A vital quality in business. Did you have any gut feelings about this man when you met him. Instinct: another valuable quality in Business. Maybe its a muscle you need to develop. Just be careful you don’t become too cautious, its a fine balance I know. And I agree you should take action at the right time.… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

When you go through the legal stuff you will find strength in each other.

virgo risingMM Member
virgo rising

If you want to take legal action it would be a good idea to contact the people from the past that you mentioned suffered the same fate at his hands, by his behavior. With several witnesses, it makes your case stronger and not just, he said, she said. Above all contact a good lawyer. If it were me I’d be looking for a female with a reputation for NOT being intimidated and NOT backing down. The opposition will necessarily underestimate her and give you another advantage. Good luck.

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

Another reason to contact those earlier people is to understand what was the actual outcome because it may not be what he has told you, tactics that did and didn’t work.

currentMM Member

I was in a similar position a year ago (Leo eclipse season). The feud was all about dodgy share allocation. Said director/ boss/ narcissist/ scammer went TROLL. Wasted money on legal action, complaints to Government watchdogs. There is no justice unless your claim is over $100,000 (or under $10,000). The fury it unleashed in me t-boned my health and well being. I say cut and run, don’t look back.The best revenge is success.

redondo.bleachMM Member

To quote the oracle, “slowly slowly catchee monkey”

Don’t act on impulse with this one ☝️

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles



Thanks for the advice everyone. I really appreciate the support of the community. We’re blessed with a good lawyer and I’ve got a slew of planets in Virgo. I was thinking the outing was in the nature of de-fanging him so he couldn’t hurt us any more but if I’m honest with myself there’s an element of grandiose revenge there. I’ll try and park that and vibe uncle Saturn more

kriblackMM Member

Other than your need to vent your feelings about this person’s abuse, is there a reason to out him at all? Are there others that need warning? Because if not, in my experience, it’s better to just get out and leave all the drama behind. Yes, of course, pursue any legal and financial actions necessary to get away from him but does there need to be loud recriminations and outing of his behaviour. That’s just giving him fuel to gain the sympathy of his next victims. Get your money, get out and leave him behind as the insignificant rodent he… Read more »

SamMM Member

thank you so much for this! I am in the final stages of finalizing my divorce ( 3 year process) and as Mars retrograde started to draw close and things started to unravel (reached an agreement Feb 23rd but he kept dragging out the signing) I got nervous and my control freak took over trying to manifest it to a quick resolution. Heeding the advice of Mystics Mars retrograde dos and don’ts, I slowed my roll and even though I am frustrated by delay tactics on both side (him and my attorney) I finally have my answer as to why… Read more »

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

I love how the truth is showing itself and coming out in your favour.

Siofra LambMM Member
Siofra Lamb

This was so helpful! Not a boss situation for me, a Scorp ex-step father sitch … Jupiter in Scorpio outed his slippery, lying, pretending, cheating, psychopathic behaviour mid-May, he’d been hiding behind the mask of a gentle , reliable, smart, thoughtful man…. Anyway I can see a lot of paralleling themes in what you’ve written, I was thinking of sending him a raw voice note but I think better not to feed his narcissism. Where empathy is inept, best to keep your truth and the magic of your pain away. These things happen to awaken us to the gold there… Read more »

LedaBMM Member

” outed his slippery, lying, pretending, cheating, psychopathic behaviour mid-May, he’d been hiding behind the mask of a gentle , reliable, smart, thoughtful man….” EXACT description of my y boss, and what happened in May too.. I can’t stand his image of being such a ‘good bloke” reminds me of those Church Priests who were pedophiles. They seemed such upstanding members of the community,….

PiMM Member

I’m sorry I can’t offer much for the legal IP stuff, but yes agree with MM tread warily around people who can only ever bitch and backstab and shit talk and roll their eyes about Other People. It’s corrosive. Re the shit colleague/boss guy, his reputation will catch up with him, eventually. People know what he’s like. Is the outing a defensive or an offensive move? If you can just drop it all, except for the core issue, cut ties with a hotknife and move on with freedom, to me this is a much better move. Don’t get caught up… Read more »


Agreed that there’s not much we xan offer on the legal side, and not simply because of state/country legislation and precedent, but also…MARS DIRECT ALERT…it’s not just about feelings, facts or anyone else’s battle… You are only as good as your lawyer on a court case. What you have thought to detail or keep records of does help, but ONLY IF YOUR LEGAL REP IS WILLING AND ABLE. And if that good, good rep thinks you have a case, they might even contact others for a bigger case, but ONLY if that rep feels there could be enough data. Juputerian… Read more »

LiliMM Member

Check Mystic’s Sun Tzu oracle ! Lots of strategic advice! Virgo details and bad strategy hasten many a tyrant’s defeat.

LiliMM Member

And my Mars retro realization- you may contribute to a downfall but may not be the sole instrument of it. Tsunamis are a combination of pressure and churned smaller waves…