Hypatia And The Lake On Mars

The Lake On Mars Was An Ancient Sanctuary

Hypatia could not stand it. Centuries of peace and quiet to be suddenly wrecked by scientific scrutiny. Or more likely, she thought furiously, commercial exploitation. Caligula, she gathered, had somehow managed to reincarnate and rule on Gaia, not usually a simple stunt. How had he done it? She honestly didn’t care. Some of the people and entities Hypatia was living with were keenly interested. But politics had not been her forte since the 5th Century and she was glad of it.

So far as she knew the Bermuda Triangle Vortex had been recently shut down and nobody was getting through. Certainly not armies. The Lake On Mars had seemed like a good idea at the time. Unorthodox, even by witch standards, but peaceful and protected by Quintessence. She knew there was more to this ‘discovery.’ It had been made with Mars Retrograde and in the constellation of Aquarius.  She just needed to star-gaze, bathe in the lake and tune back into Source Vibe. Not fears. Nor fantasy. Just that one frequency she knew to be real and some simple logic…she stopped, mid-step, gazing at her lake. Holy Isis, Lady Of Heaven, could it be time to go back?


Image: Hannes Bok



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Firstly, Hypatia totally needs her own book deal. Secondly, that whole little excerpt has freaked me out ever so slightly. Thirdly, Trump is Caligula.. MAKES TOTAL SENSE. And now I’m wondering about my own Mars Lake void staring……

Stella Polaris

I suspect Camille is right about Mars https://youtu.be/_hvDvMk4S-o


I have mused and wondered to great length….. why did we stop hearing about the Bermuda Triangle ???
I feel like it was greatly talked about in the 70/80’s when I was a kid…… xxxx


The BT has gone global.


Maybe the advent of Landsat (in 1972 I just learnt), and installation of flight recorders (black box) in commercial aircraft removed some of the mystery. Also increasing general data gathering about the planet’s geography. Sort of like learning that the noise you used to think was monsters was actually just wind blowing through the cracks. Also general and really cool info, the black box was an invention by an Australian aviation fuel technician. He was totally Uranian – i.e. inventor, ahead of his time, blunderbusses in charge were a bit slow didn’t get the potential of his ideas – man… Read more »


The astro for Landsat in 72 was interesting too! My maths is probably way out but if it’s Saturn in Taurus (gather data about the earth), Jupiter in Sadge (to boldly Go…), And Pluto Uranus in libra (politically neutral space technology, for more knowledge and panoptic power / politically neutral surveillance over the dominion)


Oh Hypatia, how we’ve missed you. 🙂

Feeling sorry for Mars being earmarked for future human parasite colony.

Gotta love human arrogance. We can hardly look after one planet!

That news story of the Orca killer whale mother who can’t let go of her dead baby calf, keeping its body afloat for hundreds of kms, in a strong current, over 3 days, just really got to me today — symbolic on so many levels, especially as poor maternal nutrition (not enough salmon) is cited as the likely cause for the baby’s death: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/jul/27/orca-mother-carries-dead-baby-washington-canada


Thinking is overrated.


I hear you hypatia,


just want to say r.i.p. Lucy Helmore. v sad xx

Calli G

If Hypatia would be so kind as to come back and maybe scare off our current Caligula by showing him her used menstrual products (as she did with an earlier annoying man), I would be extraordinarily grateful.


I saw it and knew that we don’t matter

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