Soulmates And Astrology – Twin Flame Or Twin Fizzle?

Michael English

Soulmates And Astrology – Twin Flame Or Twin Fizzle?

I don’t remember when i first came across the term “Twin Flames” but i know i had been drinking. It was a long time ago, back when Neptune was still in Aquarius and i was a Love Zombie. The very concept of Twin Flames blew my mind. Everything was a fit. Meeting through a weird coincidence? Yes! Number 11 everywhere all the damn time? Yes! It is always 11.11. in the Love Zombie alternative galaxy. The mysterious other half of your self like Plato said? Yes!

Fuq reading any more of Plato other than that bit about being in a wondrous blur of amazement when you meet the person. What else? White feathers? No. But does a bird flying past and actually shitting on one’s head count? The same day he emailed? Yes! Clearly a strong omen of impending Twin Flame-Out rather than any sort of an avian commentary on one’s hair.

So are there astrological indicators of a “karmic connection”? Yes, of course. We talked about some in South Node Love Interests Should Come With A Karmic Health Warning. 

Soulmates And Astrology – The Links Are Legit But It Doesn’t Mean You Can Have An Amazing Relationship

For example? The strong synergy between inner planets and the other person’s South Node. And vice versa. Pluto-Venus links. Strong activation of any of these at the time of the meeting. Eclipses specialize in springing karmic connections upon us. Eros & Psyche, the so-called Soul-Mating asteroids. I did a book about those two in 2003 and it is still my most ripped off content.  Not a month goes by where i do not receive notice of yet another “Twin Flame” site having cut and pasted the whole thing. I literally do not have the time to run DMCA actions on them all.

The Twin Flame sites often have little animations of flames and nouveau naff new-age art to illustrate their fervent tales of time crossed loves. Plato is a fave. (For a more nuanced take on what Plato actually said and wrote about the “other half” see here.)   Wuthering Heights is also a perennial hit in the Twin Flame genre.  If we ran Heathcliff through any sort of contemporary diagnostic criteria, he would come off undateable, at the very least.

Wuthering Heights Is A Perennial In The Twin Flame Genre But Heathcliff Was Undateable

So if you have been hanging around here for a while, you will know that i think “it’s karmic” is the current “it’s complicated.”  The concept of ‘karma’ is used to excuse the most non-desirable of relationship and Love Zombie dynamics. “I know that Twin Flame relationships are always riddled with obstacles and that’s the karma. But my Twin Flame owes me $9000 and now he is sleeping with my sister.”  There is a distinct cross over with the sort of scene where your heartburn, headaches, and flatulence – anything really – are blamed on Ascension symptoms.

Maybe it’s my Mars in Virgo but i believe there has to be a solid, Saturnine grounding in basic stoic philosophical principles before we try to layer on the magic. If you’re solvent and hard-working but the other person with whom you might be in a relationship prefers to grift and manipulate to avoid work, is this viable? Obviously not. Even if you can picture your once-upon-a-time-villa in Pompeii so vividly. It’s important to not confuse the tedious deja-vu of crap patriarchal dynamics with anything profound.

Some People Wake Your Soul Up And Others Are The Spiritual Equivalent Of A Sedative

Is there really such a thing as a divinely ordained ‘other half’ who is our absolute lover-twin consort? A person we encounter and re-encounter life afterlife? I think not. I do believe in reincarnation. It has always seemed perfectly obvious to me. And of course, we would re-meet souls we had known before.  Just as you can sometimes be going about your business and encounter someone you literally spent a lot of time with a decade ago. And if there is strong synastry between people, there is always a super-relevant ping of Source Vibe between them.

But the actual concept of the “other half” itself seems rooted in the fantasies of historic males, wanting someone just like them. She (they were assuming opposite sex, it seems) would be intellectually nodding and going along with their every utterance. She would presumably know exactly what they wanted sexually because they were, you know, the other half. There would be no arguments or unpleasant will to do something other than what they wanted.  And it was kind of God’s will or whatever. It does not wash in this contemporary era. Why would you even want someone ‘just like you’ anyway?

The Concept Of Twin Flame Is Patriarchal At Base

Obviously, I am skeptical about the concept of the “Twin Flame” as it seems kind of vintage and patriarchal at base. And people can behave appallingly but it is all put down to “karmic consequences.” I don’t see why any modern person living in a democratic country needs to put up with it. The old “My Twin Flame cannot handle the intensity of our connection so he is taking some space” crap. Or perhaps he just decided to spend more time with his wife and kids because he doesn’t want to fund a divorce.

Having said all that, i wrote most of this post before i went to bed last night and then returned to finish it on Sunday morning. I had a dream!!

Karmic Connections Are Not Necessarily Benign

This was the weirdest and most intense dream. In my dream, I was flying around the place, landing on roofs or branches. I LOVE flying dreams. And i met a man. He said his name was Michael Venus. We got along immediately. Or, more accurately, I knew him instantly. This was more recognition than a meeting. It was the most beautiful simpatico energy vibe.

He asked me to look at his birth chart, saying i will know who he is once i look. So I asked his birthdate and he said “September 8 – 18 eighty-something.” And i was like “What do you mean?” He said “I can’t recall my exact last birth year. It’s been a while. We only meet on the dream-scape at the moment.”

So I woke up #SHOOK – as the Pluto in Sagittarius kids say. So what of soulmates and astrology?

I now think that there are soulmating links but that the actual concept of a soulmate as the ideal partner is flawed.


Image: Michael English

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To be precise about the term Twin Flames (ahem, Mars in Virgo), I think it refers to a split Incarnation, parallel lives, or Twin Souls. So Twin Flames are the same basic oversoul, incarnating at the same time in individual bodies. As opposed to a Soul Mate, a distinct and separate soul with whom you incarnate frequently. Through doing various trance type modalities for others I have had these cool glimpses into other people’s soul history – we are not set up all the same! For a Twin Flame it’s a bit like cell division has occurred early in the… Read more »


I love this !! I also love flying dreams .

12th House Virgo

12th house Venus in Virgo square Neptune in Sag here. After many years of love zombie study, the other is always you.


Hi lovely! How goes it?


The longer I studied the more I concluded that the woman of the myths was only ever the emotional stuff in the dudes writing it. The sacred marriage being within etc. I think I’ve stopped studying because now that I see the entire world has been using misinterpretations of people basically tripping I’m determined to just give zero fuqs ever again. In that vein I am excited to meet someone with whom I can share open projection with. The rare partner who shares my delusions, encourages my exploration of this nonsensical hall of mirrors and makes me feel pretty. I… Read more »


Fuq yeah. What Saoirse said.


This brings to mind a quote from William Burrough’s ‘Nova Express’ (don’t read it-it’s weirder than weird, especially for young minds) that said ‘love shove, they serve it up in slop buckets’. That phrase has been remembered for 50 years when perhaps it shouldn’t have been!


I dunno. Logically, I don’t like the idea at all. But neither my husband nor I can deny the connection we had when we met. We KNEW each other. The recognition was immediate and intense. And I’m an Uber practical, no-nonsense Cap Sun, who has no time at all for gaga stuff. Also we are a South node relationship. My South Node is Pisces, and his Moon-Jupiter are in Pisces in the 12th. Also his South Node is Sag and I have my Mercury-Neptune conjunct in Sag. His NN of Gemini is my Asc. I met him and I instantly… Read more »


Just out of interest check both your charts out at I expect you both complete the circuits. Makes sense to me.


Will do and will report back.


Ha, I feel the same as you.


This was so nice to read. It makes me happy that there is love like yours in the world. xxx


Mystic, his Venus is in Virgo.. maybe.


Hmm, so my North Node is in the 8th, which is supposed to mean something along the lines that I am supposed to merge with someone in this lifetime.. does that mean “twin flame” or something?


Nah. Maybe with north node in the 7th. The 8th is more like sex and power and death.


Ha. I’ve finally gotten over all those “signs” and meaningful coincidences. I’m not saying they can’t happen with a good person; I’m just saying they can definitely happen with the wrong person (and have: many many times).

I have a lot of soulmates, I don’t consider it a romantic thing. I just know that I know them, you know?

Always thought “ twin flame” business was delusional and silly.


The whole concept of Twin Flames (& to some extent, soulmates singular) rubs me entirely the wrong way… the idea that we are not complete in & of ourselves? Always felt like an excuse not to be whole, to put life on hold while waiting for a magic other. However, I have been kind of stunned watching one of the most powerful women I’ve ever met work through what seems like a seriously karmic relationship/Twin Flame experience. Kind of awkward for me to talk about, not my story, but she was not into the New Age when it happened, &… Read more »


I used to believe in this soulmate shit to justify truly toxic relationships and entanglements. I have/had a knack for attracting highly unavailable people and end up in a cluster mindfuq. I don’t buy it–soulmates, that is. “Karmic” relationships. Then again, I’m an asshole with Pluto in the first and mars in the seventh. I’m starting to think the secret to long term monogamy is amnesia, lowered expectations, and building a comfortable codependency. After reading this post last night, I thought on it. I laid out some cards (got a Thoth deck and just started working with it, holy hell… Read more »


I had a dream once, when I was fifteen, about this (then) boy. He felt so familiar, and his face was so clear, I expected to meet him in life. At one point in the dream we “had sex” (it was highly theoretical in the dream as I hadn’t even kissed anyone at that point in my life) and changed into mermaids and switched genders, then had sex again to switch back to humans of our original genders. A few years later I met my high school boyfriend who I stayed with for 6 years. He didn’t have the face… Read more »


How interesting! You’re obviously very calm about it all.


I had a dream like that as a child. There was no sex, but there was a clarity that made me feel like I would meet him one day, this man who offered me pure love, who I trusted completely and who showed me I could breath underwater. I’ve seen elements of him in the men I’ve since fallen in love with, but he’s not someone I think I’ll ever meet entirely. He was the promise of love, not the reality.



Mistress of Mirrors

I have found that weirdly enough – Sun Sagittarians with lots of Scorp going on in their charts are extremely attracted to this idea of Twin Flames. So attracted that they find multiple Twin Flames a year. I’m Sagg Moon, Sagg Ascendant and Gemini Venus on the South Node and I call BS. I completely agree with the South Node thing, I think with a South Node Venus I am easily tricked into dating and mating the same guy again and again and repeating the same mistakes over and over. My current guy has his Ascendant on my Venus and… Read more »


Ha! My sag sun multiple scorp ex has a twin flame. Not me, obviously. And to his credit, he is not with his “twin flame,” or at least not last I heard of. He said it was enough to know her.


<3 Demian


The twin flame thing is real, in the quantum sense that your perception creates your reality. From a philosophical perspective, I don’t think it’s an idea you should use to justify a co-dependent, abusive or otherwise harmful relationship or situation. It’s a tool that can be used to challenge yourself, grow, change, reflect, learn and move past blockages in your psyche.

Silver Huang

Used to believe in this… until I learnt about codependency haha. That was a bucket of cold water. However, if we were to strictly delimit the concept of “twin flame/soul mate” to the bounds of healthy psychological adulthood, one would think that having two people who support one another to actualising their shared and individual highest values would be the go. So am guessing that Pluto may factor highly, as well as the nodes, North to guide and South to temper. South Node influence I’m thinking need not be toxic by default if approached with conscious awareness, rather than used… Read more »


Yes to seeing the person first, and the chart later. We all have a tendency to layer over someone real our presumed understanding and our limited experiences of someone we identify as being part of any context. OK, sometimes that kind of works as shorthand, but what is shorthand in being with someone real? It’s a way to feed or allay fears from past “failures”. Nothing is a failure, it’s an experience. I love your self-amusement philosophy: it’s way better than pretzelling oneself to fit an idea of a person. May candour and radical transparency live in all loves! (Don’t… Read more »


This post is kinda spooky. I only just saw it after lunch today. While driving back from the organic shop this morning, I had this flash pass through my mind, a re-memory and a query, a ponderence out of no-where, about Twin-flames and my previous experience. I never knew about this concept of twin flame until one day I had a dream about meeting a person who was fire embodied (like literally, a burning fire in the shape of a human body). I too was fire embodied, and I sat on a small pier like jetty, looking into the water… Read more »

12th House Virgo

So much of this is familiar to me. The most in love I felt was when I was objectively alone. Love is love. It has nothing to do with another. Connection does not require romance. It triggers learning.


Connection is the key. You’re right, romance not required, just the expressions of love at all energetic levels.
I watched the David Attenborough doco last night about Jumbo the elephant.
I couldn’t help but be reminded of Mystic’s post while watching it, contemplating the twin flame energies that would exist between Jumbo and his carer/handler Scott something (whose name escapes me for the moment).


JESUS MYSTIC – sometimes I do believe you are my twin flame. Caught myself on a whim reading some strange SoulMate book last night and have been pondering the whole thing since- Friday morning, while leaving my client’s house after Yoga session, she had me pull a card and it was the Soulmate Relationship card. I laughed, as I am still stoically recovering from said breakup with the Aquarius I now only refer to as “The Robot.” My inner love life is rich! My outer love life – a bit quiet! The only thing I gained from this silly law… Read more »


I consider my partner my twin flame. Our ascendents are 2 degrees apart (in different signs), so our angles are very close together. I have sun in the 2nd, he has moon in the 2nd, and we have moon-mercury double conjunction, psyche and eros conjunct or something, lots of other synastry things, and the thing that freaked me out is our name asteroids hit each other’s north nodes. He’s like a best friend lover that can read my mind and loves me anyway. My ex had venus on my node and it ended up being really terrible, but I do… Read more »


Mystic, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the Twin Flame concept. Why be searching your whole life for someone you think you need to complete yourself? If that is not the most selfish idea of love going around, I don’t know what is. Also- cool dream!


I love this. Made me laugh so much. One of my Facebook friends follows a twin flame thing. The comments! Talk about justifying things so you can remain in a relationship with toxic Tony.


I agree the whole soul mate archetype is often just dysfunctional cover for fusional and abusive these days, and an easy outlet to defer individual destiny onto someone else. Unless maybe Pluto is on your North Node in Gemini in the 7th — maybe then your destiny is to search for a twin flame and be forced to individuate out of all that crap, or burn in the fusion. But a power anima dream sort of contrasting conscious opinions in process is kind of super interesting — but also, maybe that’s where our twin flames are? — in the unconscious,… Read more »


Don’t lots of issues get in the way despite really poor, or really good, synastry? Al la family, race, religion, culture, status and personal outlooks / attitudes. Race and culture ended my last really good synastry ‘event’. There were 5 overseas family members overseeing the relationship.


In the same way that no matter how well made the car is as a car, it still has to suit its operating conditions. Theory is one thing, application is the other.






I’d like to annoy the crap out of Skarab by wishing her a HB….but I’ve decided not to upset her.


(…2 days off but who’s counting?)


I can’t help it if you live 10 hrs behind me; lol.
How close is the sky to ya natal? Mine is freakishly on, re personal planets, considering Jup n Sat returns at same time. MM’s stuff for Cancer sound like natal discourses for me.
And, serendiptously, I just listened to Patti Smith’s “1959”!


ooh HB, JM/PF x


I was referring to Skarab living in Iberia. Mines not till late Cancer.


HB both of yas! Jokerman, your Sun must be near my Moon then (27 Can). Sup, homie.


27°. Same as Cat Stevens, Robin Williams, Ernest Hemmingway & Don Knots.


Could Michael Venus be a mirror image of you yourself, I wonder.


I hope to God I don’t have a soul mate. They’re going to be very lonely, if I do.


My sweet Gemini heart says “of course there are such things as soul mates & Twin Flames”. Whether it’s a viable & life-giving relationship is another thing altogether. Personally, I’m a recovering codependent tryna focus on myself right now & the naffness of the concept turns off me off more at the moment than ever. I agree that karma is NEVER an excuse even if it is sometimes the secret force behind awful behaviour & accepting shiz you never normally would. I have had the experience of being pinned in a relationship I knew was wrong & I didn’t want… Read more »


And also: I believe in soul mates, as in multiple & largely platonic. Idk if I ever found ‘the one’ I’d change my mind, but we’re having a human experience so it would still require work, I’m sure! My Mum & sister are soulmates of mine and each other – their Suns (libras born on the same day) conjunct my south node; I have several friends whom I feel are soulmates, & can commune with semi-telepathically over long distances. I am living an intensely karmic lifetime, lots of short connections & once they’re over I move on, the purpose is… Read more »


Pluto/Venus contacts: People say this, but everyone born in a certain GenX year will have Pluto opposite my Venus, likewise a certain amount of Boomers have Pluto oppo my Sun, which I assume is true for everybody. But then everyone goes off about how intense those connex are…but if I go down to the old man bar on the corner, pretty much everyone there is Pluto oppo my sun. Shall I fuck them all? One of my recent Virgo shitheads’ bday is Sept. 8, btw. (a boomer, Pluto oppo my Sun). Having said that, for both my Virgos I ordered… Read more »


OMG guess who JUST this second what’s apped me? Mars Retro indeed.


My former wife and me are both 1st Decan Venus n Pluto in Virgo. Different years. We were married 33 yrs. We had a Cezchoslavakian divorce; no-one died. We are still good friends.


That sounds like pretty intense astro, no? My new interest and I have his Venus/Jup conj my Moon/Uran in Libra (his 7th, my first.) It’s a really good sizzle? Like really clean acid. Remember really clean acid? And Pluto oppo my Venus cause…anyone born that year would. Anyone with Pluto in latish decan Virgo has it oppo my Venus. And then it gets into conjuncting my Asc. Good times. The split sounds very ideal. I never understand why people don’t remain (if even after shit’s cooled down) friendly. There was love, there should always still be some form of it… Read more »


I love flying dreams and I have an astral plane lover too, he’s amazing. We met almost three years ago on this plane but he lives far away from me and doesn’t write anymore, literally told me I was too much, but I still dream about him, and we only got to the holding hand stage… what? I have recently been secretly nursing a belief in this twin flame, but I also have a history of falling in love with dysfunction so I’m wary. Also, maybe I’m just in love with an ideal? I mean maybe the connection was too… Read more »


Thank you for sharing this link. I had never considered angles to the nodes as synastry before, but this would explain my previously unknown attraction to Virgo males (Sag/Gem axis myself).


You’re welcome! Gah, I just realized too that his Pluto is on my Asc, now that explains things.


This is a true thing. My last relationship her NN conjuncts my Asc. I referred to it above without reading this link.


“But the actual concept of the “other half” itself seems rooted in the fantasies of historic males, wanting someone just like them. She (they were assuming opposite sex, it seems) would be intellectually nodding and going along with their every utterance. She would presumably know exactly what they wanted sexually because…other half. There would be no arguments or unpleasant will to do something other than what they wanted. And it was kind of God’s will or whatever. It does not wash in this contemporary era. Why would you even want someone ‘just like you’ anyway?”

Exactly! Thank you Mystic!


My other half currently is my other half and makes me whole if you look at me as an electrical circuit. He has the other bridges to link my circuit. And I’ve had a few like this. When you meet you get that electrical jolt, you know them and it’s bound to happen on one level or another. But as with any relationship it can be fleeting or long term. I never use permanent as I’m cyclical with Uranus on my DC. if you want to see your circuit you can find it at Get your chart section. It… Read more »


Haha! Are you my twin fizzle?

It’s such a shame how the the true essence of something very real gets watered down and trivialized by pop-culture romanticized b.s. on the interwebs thriving on love zombies and co-dependency.

I appreciate the disdain as I share it too…but I also have a twin…so I keep my mouth shut and go about my day. It’s the most beautiful/painful/profound experience and not faint of heart.

I love that you had the dream, Mystic!


*not for the faint of heart!


After 4 years of on and off again dating the Sag with Cap rising who floated his co on the ASX in 2017, I get a text tonight from him that says ‘I’ve always liked being around you – you soften me and make me feel warm”. WTF? He seems to have awakened in the last 24 hours in a first class flight over Dallas from his success fever dream and figured out that dosh doesn’t buy a life. OK – I’m an optimist. Agreed to meet him at his mountain mansion in the Kangaroo Valley at the end of… Read more »


This reads like the opening to a novel – one I’d like to read! Can’t blame you at all for going – I’d do the same. Report back…


Certainly will – IF it actually happens. He has a track record of not following through but uses the phrase ‘time poor’.


Hahaha ‘time poor’ – such a Cap phrase. I bet a Cap or Cap rising invented it!


Yes. Yes. Yes. Go in with eyes wide open, no expectations, but enjoy it (and him) and see what comes of it!


Thanks for the cheer!


Think of him for you now: “You … me and make me feel … , and that is why I am here.” You may or may not say it in words to him though I hope you eventually express it for your skin-boundary’s sake. It will be a great mantra to repeat to strengthen your own resolve and sexual will on your way to meet him. Let him best the best. After all, who is going to meet whom? All power to you, Snakey Woman. Give it, don’t surrender it …yet. Take, give and love …. let him surrender first,… Read more »


Whoa, that’s insightful advice. Yes, I will do that. Thank you!


And during Mars Retro… classic. Watch carefully, and see what happens when Mars goes direct in late August with this one. Go in but don’t unpack your bags just yet. <3


Yeah – ain’t it just. (the classic Mars retro) I’ve had good solid practice the last 4 years with this wild Monsieur Centaur and your advice is spot on. As an Aries lass with Libra rising, I have finally mastered the art of playing naked in a passionate fire – solo or duo or trois. Love the wisdom courage that flows from the stable hormone state of being over 60! 😉


My last relationship was all that: south node synastry up the wazoo, met by accident during a Venus/Pluto conjunction. I don’t recall any 11s but there was the ‘obstacles to be overcome’ (i.e. he moved to the other side of the world), and plenty of mutual wowing out of a clearly spiritual connection. But I’m good with money or try to be, while he found money ‘bourgeois’. Meaning I made sure the bills were paid on time. And there were other earlier signs of differences in our temperament that almost led me to break it off, but I didn’t because… Read more »


Oh no the “bourgeois” tag in an ‘adult’ male… a friend of mine tossed that around quite early on, to the point of even flinging it at me. I tried to tell him i don’t have Taste, just my own idiosyncracies, but the best course was icy silence, punctuated with a specific question back to things he had earlier mentioned about his family of origin, which he had to uncomfortably answer in the interests of keeping up his candid, dgaf truth facing persona (Aqua, right?) Friend is still friend and definitely loyal enough to me, but my godfather will I… Read more »


Yes I’m all for critiquing capitalism but money is real because it’s a social compact that the majority of the world believes in. Pretending that doesn’t have power isn’t the way to deal with it.
I like your suggestions regarding re-entering the dating pool. Maybe I can spreadsheet the questions I’d ask.


Oh sheesh the Triple Toro was a bit like that with money. (Mars in 2nd opp Neptune in 8th, uggh). In serious amounts of debt, yet wouldn’t curtail his lifestyle because he didn’t want to be ‘boring’. Would routinely hire acquaintances to do work for him and get ripped off, blamed his ex for ripping him off, etc etc. I said, dude, boring is a 55 yo man one paycheck away from homelessness. It became a huge issue between us because I am the polar opposite with money. Spreadsheeting is defo the way to go. I should do that actually.


Love how you just SMASHED astro-stereotypes and assumptions about money and organisation. Pisceans are always underestimated and undermined by those not on the deep wavelength. Definitely one of the reasons I find Mystic fascinating as a Piscean: supportive, real to the point of no bs, esoteric, guided by goddesses and a complex blend in expression (art, words, design and zeitgeisty tapped insights along with ancient wisdom for the now,) You’d best believe that i see that in YOU, Chrysalis. Probs because of all you go through, vulnerable in the mind and heart, and fearless in the soul xoxoxo


Cap moon helps, as does Mars in Virgo in the second… plus, regardless of my astro I learned the hard way xx Your Cappy Mars in 2nd would be a wealth generator too xx


Cap Moon and Mars Virgo, for sure! Look at what Mystic’s Mars Virgo (MC?) has done for her since we have been here, and she is an esoteric to the maximum. I get it in some way with the Cap Mars and also Pluto Virgo (tho 11th, i think) and Saturn Taurus 6th. Apparently my private lair just impressed a Taurus. Mind you he is too young to have achieved real estate unless he were a young mogul/stick in the mud, which is definitely not my preferred energetic style of person for love. Also Mars 2nd house is big spend,… Read more »


Ahh ffs i’m also 2nd house Mars…i know the binge and external help hire, even if good…empty 8th but in Kataka…THANK YOU learning learning thinking


My parents fight about money still after 48 years of marriage, which has made me very sensitive to my own money handling (I’m Aqua so infer what you will) and understanding of it’s idiosyncratic appearance to others. Still, I think it’s okay if one person is better with it than the other….One person will be better at cooking or cleaning too. As long as the arrangement is agreed upon and clear. After the one marriage I doubt I’ll ever collapse finances with someone again. If I fell in love and it really became a “team,” and the other person needed… Read more »


Yeah I get that. Unfortunately he didn’t want us to be a team and would hide the debt he was racking up. If he’d been able to swallow his pride we could have figured something out between us, but the money issue was symptomatic of more fundamental differences.
Our composite chart had Neptune at its highest point. Love is a beautiful bubble.


The Truth: So funny it hurts. Or hurts so much it’s funny?


There is a NZ tennis player called Michael Venus… he’s currently at Wimbledon Mystic!


Myst is ex-journo so this must have filtered in to her conscious somehow. And why not with such poignant angel names? (I’m including Lucifer the Lux Angel as patriarchal angelic Venus guise.) No doubt contemplating this post brought her in dreaming to some Source archetypes that exist. I do know when in some of my lonelier times, drifting would always be like this, i had some very Supra connected experiences. They guide and hold, but you have to guard the boundaries that your opened energy could let in. Had some sneaky elemental type breaches on the battlements after that.


I freaking love this it speaks volumes across so many decades, so many loves & losts
, so much “growing up”


Whatever we push down comes ROARING UP! Whether it’s romantic longing for an ideal or “that man is not a soulmate – he’s a c**t who owes you $9000”. The balance is a life’s work. And according to Estes a little dog who runs between the underworld and the real world to make us whole.

Nike Vk



HAHAHAHA! Brilliant, hilarious post. Am not sure what I think about Twin Flames – have definitely been guilty of using that term as an excuse to stay seeped in dysfunction in the past – but am currently mid experiment (psyche-eros conjunct – one degree orb – in one direction and loosely in other) so will report back when have a strong opinion. Current tactic is to run in the opposite direction and see what they do – a twin flame would miss me as much as I miss them. Fun times! #experiment.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

HA HA HA HA. Brilliant. Yes, I can’t deal with the concept of “twin flames” or anyone who excuses bad behaviour with karma. I simply don’t believe in it.

Anyway, isn’t karma a Hindu concept? If people start throwing around the word karma but don’t worship any Hindu deities I switch off.

Redlipstick Virgo

When I was tarot reading every second person who had love questions about when, why, what with a guy who was their unavailable “twin flame” – I can’t talk I threw money hand over fist to find out when I was going to be with this terrible Aqua guy who was just breadcrumbing me. Love Zombied to the point of madness! So embarrassing and actually pretty insane when I look back on it.


Breadcrumbing Aquas! Sorry, Aquas reading here, i’m Aqua Venus and adore your Aqua beauty, but by goddess does this ring a tone and word that PIABs should know! Second person i thought of was actually AquaMa, in what she thinks is full detective mode (not too nuanced for a Pisces, AquaMa, nor even the witnessing others who resonate with me deeply.)

Can we add it to Hunky Doorstopping?? #YesWeCan

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Ohh breadcrumbing! That resonates!


Right!? I’m like, omg is that a thing? I’m assuming it’s just as applicable to Aqua moons? This dude just pops up every once in awhile, just when I’m starting to think I’m free, and I’m suuuuuuucked back in. Ugh, I just want to be over it. His Mars/Venus is conjunct my Pluto, which feels like Love Zombie addiction central.


So just realized my kindred spirit (and yes, using that deliberately instead of soulmate) and babydaddy and I had our first date on the unfortunate date of 9/11….so, wo – 11! But then also 9+1+1= 11! Our son’s birthday is 2/9…another 11! Speaking of weird dreams….this isn’t a kindred spirit scenario but maybe just a random empathic moment? Dreamt last night very vividly of a much younger guy I briefly worked for. He annoyed me a bit at the time because he was so competitive and would check in with me to “brag” for months afterwards and I was like… Read more »


YES! I’m in the South Node Waiting Lounge right now. Hello Eclipse Season.

Me: Mars conj S. Node conj Pluto (in f’n Scorpio)
Him: Venus conj my natal Mars/S Node/Pluto (again, in f’n Scorpio) (exact to the minute on my Mars)

Me: Venus/galactic center/Sun/Neptune (In sweet Sagittarius)
Him: Mars/Neptune/Jupiter conjunct it all (Sweet Sagittarius) (Neptune exact to the minute on my Sun)

It’s totally irrational but I can’t stop. I think I’m the one doing the south node, however. He’s on Neptune.


I don’t know, I’d be all-in with that kind of synastry 🙂 it sounds like fun!


Cripes yes I think that I would too


Jesus take the wheel, honey! Would love to give advice but truth be told, if you aren’t advising yourself HEAVILY and ALL THE TIME, then i would be surprised. Heheh as much as i would if you weren’t checking out the envelope to those boundaries by pure loving experimentation, anyway. If it’s a fall sometime, you know the community here will have your back. If you manage to navigate it, and if he does too, then we also have your back and your bliss wishes xxx


Well, the thing is I’m a total Love Zombie about it all. I’m married to a really wonderful Leo and have two kids. This guy literally lives in another country and has a girlfriend. So. I’m thinking this is more of a makeover prompt as well as a beautiful Neptunian daydream. Literally our story is a rom-com plot. Also partly it’s me individuating from my family. My personality got completely sublimated after having kids….. now I’m getting super fit, taking care of my skin and hair and eating so clean it’s ridiculous, so thanks Love Zombie Potion. OH! And this… Read more »


Oh right! Hahaha yes well maybe inhale the sweet sweet vibes and use them to leverage your delicious self into a new level of Life, right where you are now 🙂


So jump to Neptune, sister, and give that sitch a ride! Sounds “written in the stars” to me. Where are your Moons though? Mars and Venus are fun for a while but to me, the Moon seals it.


I’ve got an Aries moon and his moon is in Scorpio. No idea what his rising sign is. Libra Sun. I’ve got Libra Rising and my NN is in the 7th house.


Can you please put the timing Love zap mp3 back on the shop?


If he’s someone with a Wikipedia entry, you can see who was born on September 8, 1880-something here:


This is funny. I have been having wack dreams too. I dreamt of a friend dropping in who i haven’t seen in years on Friday night, and then she texted me out of the blue, yesterday. She is a Scorpio, they love doing that.
BTW, my brother’s birthday is Sept 8!

Oh and off this topic completely but in praise to you Mystic, thanks for never being scary about eclipses, I just read a really scary astrology thing about the July 27 one, and had to run back to your blog to calm myself down. x


Love, love, love flying dreams, it took me a while to conquer electricity wires though, over? under??around???now through. So Husband dearest has Mercury and Venus exact in his natal Leo 5th house, this explains a lot. Nodes don’t really match up, and My 2,8,10 are full of significance but his empty also explains a lot (my 8th His sudden income- selling our reno houses/homes tick)
BUT question MM, MC is always mentioned but what about IC (my Jupiter his IC)?


Yes to all this. Absolutely brilliant takedown of twin flames BS, Mystic. I am on the realist-pessimist spectrum now, after getting burned in my own sitch in which he decided to stay with his wife. We had synastry up the wazoo and met when the NN was on Pluto/ his sun-Venus/my moon or something, but it came to zilch compared to the pull of rather less cosmic concerns such as children, school fees, mortgage and a business. And no doubt a strong love for his Toro sun/Mars in Cap wifey. But I am a 7th house multi-Pisces sun. I would… Read more »


The descriptions (link to Plato discussion) are hilarious: round humans with four legs and two faces, chopped in half by Zeus to keep subordinate, and the threat of chopping insolent man further to “hop about on one leg” !

Tres romantique inspo for Twin Flame idea 0_0 >_< i'm dying


I’m my own twin flame… lol. Well I am a gem sun 😀 😀


Heheh “i’m my own two fish, find another pond, matey” 😀
Check out the Plato link and wow out at the description of a whole person. Bit like those drunken sailor Jenny Hanivers. You’ll never want your twins to integrate!


Yes, have always distrusted the whole ‘soul mate’ meeting ‘the one’ twin flame BS…. hello? how can one person, one relationship fulfill all of my complicated multiverse personality? no way. Have always valued friends and my ‘chosen family’ very highly, and been sad when they prefer to spend all their time and energy on a romantic partner (which to my jaded eyes, isn’t even that great, or treating my friend very well). It’s L Zombie-ism, IMO. Platonic love is wonderful.


Perfect post! Just on a whim checked out a vintage L Goodman Love Signs chapter, and was appalled by the extreme stereotyping. Stereotypes of gender, signs, character traits etc. She was important and groundbreaking in a way for her time, but boy were the attitudes of those times. My young teen self really absorbed a lot of The One crap, weaponised by mother to disapprove of my Venus-Uranus relating style/behaviour.

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