Rapid Onset Eclipse Genius Insights

New Moon Solar Eclipse energy is never relaxing. Psychically, they are tectonic. But wisdom inducing? Totally. Glide through the noise toward the signal. An HOUR to go till it is exact and there is still time for a Plutonic Power Purge of clutter – mental, physical, psychic, emotional, whatever.

The more crap you clear, the more room there is for the stunning incoming info of this Eclipse.

Think a la eureka flashes re ancestors, lineage, etheric heritage, learned behavior from family, eating, security and the core you. This is a therapeutic Moon with extra edge from Pluto AND – if you’re interested in the asteroids – Isis + Klotho, one of the Three Fates.

Reminder: letting go of what wants to go or needs to go does not diminish you or your powers. It’s the opposite. It’s not a contraction – it is an expansion.

AND hey who’s had irrationally super tight hips in this lead up to the Eclipse? Maybe we should all be in Frog Pose till Luna gets to Leo and then get drastic new hair vibes.


Image: Mario Sorrenti

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Yoga class — vinyasa and yin — tomorrow morning. Check
My hips are always tight — since childhood. I think I’ll do an epsom salts bath in my new spa tonight, did a fundraising sausage sizzle at Bunnings today for my art studios — made about $1,000 but it was bloody hard work…
Now to read ‘she let go’ again… 😀


My cat Schmeza, who is 17 and has kidney failure and hyper-thyroid disappeared two nights before the eclipse. I searched, put up flyers, sobbed, prayed but after two days of her being missing in the Texas sun I began to think Uncle Pluto took her away. She was found the morning of Friday the 13th and later that day I started bleeding, moon-style, even though my cycle has recently been on the dark moon, not after. Cosmic confirmation of my witchdom. Pluto is trining my natal Mercury, and Mercury was squaring my natal Pluto. You can’t make this stuff up.… Read more »


I pulled my hip flexor pretty intensely this morning, putting down the dog food bowl. Which, is ridiculous. And blew my mind, bc I was literally knocked over with pain from the simplist bending over move. Crazy especially bc
I’m in really good shape and flexible. Thanks to this post, it makes a little more sense…


What is the significance, if any, when the eclipses take place in intercepted houses?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

It has been sooooo ancestory


a frog pose after each pose during my yin yoga practice last night


Tight hips, health problems and I have never had such a painful urge to cut my long hair and return it back to its natural auburn colour. So much fear of death, but it’s becoming apparent that this fear is fear of death in life- the death of great love, the loss of perfect realities and facing hard facts that leave hope for things past behind. Fear can motivate or paralyse, sag sun/cancer asc/ cap moon: the three of us have to work out what we want I guess, but there is one thing certain- we will choose or everyone… Read more »


Every morning when I wake up, I’m stiff as hell, trying to grasp on the free-drug dream state (Moon conj Neptune). I decided that when I hit snooze I need to start gentle stretches instead of making myself even more rigid. This morning I passed a funeral procession as I left my house, on a road without churches or graveyards anywhere nearby. Metaphor in action as I wished them all peace as I headed to my own new experience. Went rock wall climbing with my daughter, had to remember to breathe and focus as I am a bit afraid of… Read more »


I went to my local spa & sat in the amazing wooden meditation sauna and Hamman just before eclipse then had a kahuna from the best kahuna masseuse I’ve ever met during eclipse.
Frikkin awesome.
Huge night of dreaming last night. Lots of material I can’t wait to work with my Dreamworker!


Wtf!? YES On the hips, been doing my Black Yoga ™ DVD this week, lots of hip openers and trance metal. Has been perfect on so many levels. Namaste bitches.


omg my hips have been so insane, could barely walk this week – and now released!


I’ve been having nightmares all week. I tend to get strange dreams around certain moon phases, it’s ok. In 1 scary dream I had a friendly woman suddenly turn into a whirling demon and she chased me down a crowded alley. Thankfully I woke up at that moment and cuddled my husband to feel better. In other news my house that had just been refusing to sell but finally sold a month ago is finally closing on the 19th and we can officially move on from that particular debacle. This weekend is going to be a flurry of selling stuff… Read more »


YES on the tight hips! Frog Pose ‘Til Leo sounds excellent. I scheduled an administrivia jag for Moon in Virgo, also. Think I’ll just eat greens that entire time.

Here’s the thing: When are people gonna stop being irritable/power-trippy? I really tried this week to respond with Libra-Rising smilies but mang. I just now thought: I am going to go radio silence until this is over…..but…when is it over? September? Do we need a primer from a Cappy or a Pisces on how to just slip by without noticing (as opposed to the total Aqua disappearing act?)


Ha interesting you should say this because donning the cloak of invisibility has been my strategy at work for a few weeks now. I visualise being behind solid, Maxwell Smart-type steel doors then draping the designer label coat of invisibility over all that. It seems to be working for me and helping me to navigate the exreme toxic situ that is my workplace right now. I’m a multi-planet Pisces with moon-Lilith conj in Cap and Mars currently retro in my 6th.


Yeah i just sort of shut them out. A quick internal check that I’m not doing something Officially not ok, if the shizz is directed my way, and then if youre all good and it just seems to be them & their own crap then you just kind of leave them to implode in their own time. Try to get good quality time with you and yours as well to reboot the personal qi Also if it’s not something you can swim around, then also what Chrysalis said. If it is officially bad vibes, then it can help to more… Read more »


Tight hips – totally! Was trying to massage myself as I noticed my sides were even asymmetric because some super tight-clenched muscle was showing above my left hip bone.
And hours after the eclipse I seem to be in the “flashes of super unpleasant truths re eating, ancestors/family and core me”.


I actually started yoga this week because all of a sudden my hip started hurting and felt really tight.


Yes with the hips. I don’t know about “genius insights” but I definitely feel a bit lighter this morning. Weird dreaming is still happening, been ongoing all week, yes I’m taking notes. Saw Mars and Jupiter last night and was in awe – Mars is super close right now and glaring at us like Sauron’s eye, lol. Love it though, and though we didn’t get to see the eclipse here I did enjoy finishing my little eclipse ritual under the stars at least, not a cloud in the sky. Looking forward to the shift to Leo later today.

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

I did an intense smudging in my house and had the windows open to let it air out. Before the New Moon, I made my list of things I wanted to let go so they would have the space to breathe and heal or resolve. I then got some bath salts from a tarot reader who was my bunkmate from a recent trip to New Orleans who read my cards around the time of the full moon… I soaked just before the New Moon. Before the soak, I burned the diary I kept from a recently ended and stressful love… Read more »


I tried the regrounding Uranus in Taurus mp3 last night. It was the missing link that I have been needing for some time. I had beautiful, profound and haunting visions during it. I cried . Slept really well. And today I am very present in my moment, I enjoyed peeling vegies. So grounded , returnef simplicity, space in my mind and around my body.
Normally I have problems sleeping but this worked a treat. Thanks Medusa

aqua leo

wow, you’re so on the money with the super tight hips – what’s up there?


The hips – YES! Last Friday I went to a concert and danced for hours, which knocked out my low back for the next couple of days. After some careful care I was back to myself but yesterday got cocky and wore espadrilles instead of supportive shoes, and now here I am, back with stiff hip flexors and lumbar. For me the lead up and now the new moon have meant channeling intuitive flashes of self care best practices, like little inspirations to smudge with mugwort (moxa) or wake up and ease into some yoga poses. While giving acupuncture yesterday… Read more »


Your “little inspirations” to keep building and working the flex and strength are something I have also felt very much in the body. After any realignment, be it self-care or practitioner worked, I find that I am easily brought back into some twisted pain when that initial freedom from pain has allowed me to be less careful. I have realised that I am like a physically newborn babe when I have done some work or had it done. Funny about your Earth and Water thing: all practitioners advise me to drink plenty of water, and tell me it’s ok and… Read more »


Yeah I never have hip pain but my lower back and hips have been stuggling today and have been at home with the flu thinking aboit all the great things I have done at work as one contract comes to an end and I wait for new opportunities.. its been quite lovely.. this is new for me ..


No tight hips (I think) and I totes forgot to Feng Shuei my Vag. I was out with a girlfriend during the Dark Moon and it felt great. No hermit this time.
I did the single tarot and it was so “Why do I get this card?” and one second after “Oh shit this is why”.


I don’t know about genius but I finally got the paper work for a case brought against me and 299 others in my profession by a body of… actually I don’t know how to describe them? Any how after 31 years of practice and not one complaint from any of my patients I face a me v them full blown trial about a piece on my website that they don’t agree with. Gross professional misconduct! So today I will be writing my response and defence! And frankly I can’t seem to raise the energy to bother with it. I am… Read more »


It appears that some people are self-appointed arseholes. They think part of their job description is to meddle in other’s responsibilities and bring them down by jumping to delusions. Idiots.


I knew you would understand! It is pedantic semantics at it’s best. And what I wrote is honest. Would they prefer me to lie to tick the boxes???? Oh honestly the sooner I can move on the better. Here endeth a career chapter.

Silver Huang

Not getting any hip issues myself (though I’m stiff as a board these days anyway) but had a flip through Louise Hay out of curiosity… Hips— Probable cause: Carries the body in perfect balance. Major thrust in moving forward. Balance and motion, it seems, which makes sense I suppose if one considers an eclipse being the conjunction of Sun and Moon (hips = left and right, Sun and Moon = yin and yang etc.) as well as balance between old and new in order to move from past to being in the present/now, hence the theme of letting go of… Read more »


I have felt like my heart is in my throat and my head is about to burst all day. Super intense emotions. Totally exhausted too.


what is causing the tight hips?! I’ve definitely had them, I’ve been in pigeon pose like half this week lol

dark star

They say it’s a holding on to old emotions thing- I get them too.

Also probably from running/ soccer youth


I’ve had bad hips which ended up putting my back out. I’ve been doing mat Pilates twice a week for the last 10 months to strengthen my core and work through some of my hip issues.


yeah, I do pilates with a trainer and lift weights multiple times a week so I kind of always have something aching. Mystic’s comments above about it being a big emotional relisation week and everyone’s comments about storing their unprocessed emotions in their bodies/hips really resonate. Wonder what an astrological bodywork calendar would look like? I could really get into new moon and full moon specific workouts. I already keep an eye on my mars transits and increase frequency but maybe I could focus on moon/pluto/saturn activity as well…


All of this is so spot on… But the hips! What is going on with the hips?!!!


Filtering through old photos, notes and journals. And burnt a list of old wishes. Let it go. @Nowendoc going to Forster


~~~”Think a la eureka flashes re ancestors, lineage, etheric heritage, learnt behaviour from family, eating, security and the core you”~~~~

Exactly what has been happening last 24-48hrs organically during a catch up with mum – realising, releasing, recapitulating, recalibrating, recognising, rethinking and rejoicing. And laughing. Yes… half the sky is also retro so it’s a different kind of forward momentum.

Out of the dark into a deeply foggy morning and now clear skies and sunshine. Couldn’t be a more perfect stage for a new moon and Friday 13. Loving the way the day is unfolding.


The lady in the bedroom is experiencing the late stages of progressed moon in cancer, lol. Do like the letting go as an expansion idea though. It’s wierd as I am still in a phase of reworking identity that is taking a super long time and hampered by personal events that make/made certain kinds of change , even if positive, hard to cope with or go through with. Even as others seem to be able to flip it within a year, really?? So it happens at a kind of one-cell-at-a-time alchemical pace, ok. Nevertheless I’m having more ideas pouring through,… Read more »


OMG seriously? MM you know things.

I have had this weird chronic hip thing for three weeks that the osteopath has been amazing for but it’s been full on!! I didn’t sleep for the pain and am now only waking once a night. Which is OK, definitely improving. Apparently this was ‘building for years’.

Eclipse is 1 degree from natal mars in 2H for me.

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