Post Pluto Transit Purchase Or Mid-Life Crisis In Disguise?


Post Pluto Transit Purchase Or Mid-Life Crisis In Disguise?

Hi Mystic,

I cooled off on a car purchase early this week because I thought I was being impulsive. but now I am having second thoughts.

Every single car I have owned in my life has been the choice of the man in my life. My dad, boyfriends, and husband. Now I am 45 and separated, with a 15-year-old car in need of repairs, I have been thinking about getting some new transport. 

Last week at work, I blew others away (and myself) at how extraordinarily capable I have become. Years of being highly sensitive and responsive to others are now equally matched by confidence. I have a high level of expertise, a capacity to get stuff done, and the ability to support and influence others. I feel humble and powerful. Thanks, Pluto transit! 

I thought it was appropriate to mark the moment with something symbolic. I want to choose for myself the vehicle in which I determine the direction I am traveling, where I stop and how fast I go.

 It’s not an outrageous purchase, it’s still a second-hand car. My questions are – am I being reckless with this realization of my own power?  Is this a mid-life crisis in disguise? Could I take some more time to reflect? Or is it an empowering time to mark this deep internal shift with a material/symbolic object and just go for it??


Newly Independent Sea Goat. 

New Moon – New Wheels

Hi Newly Independent Sea Goat,

You know what? I KNOW there is a school of thought about not needing a material THING to symbolize your independence or power. But i am FEELING this for you. Your reasoning resonates with me.  It would be a brilliant apres Pluto transit purchase and i think you should hustle down to the car place a.s.a.p. It’s like a ritual!

Optimally, get your new wheels ON the Solar Eclipse. And while we are at it – Uranus is in Taurus now. The planet of rad in the sign of money. Provided you can afford it without violating financial sanity rules, why NOT an outrageous purchase?  Why not make this super-talismanic, get numbered license plates & every desirable feature that you can fund?

Perhaps in the alternate dimension version of the Persephone story, she motors on out of Hades in a red Maserati or something.  Even if it were a mid-life crisis, so what? Crisis = Opportunity and all that. Get one with a fantastic sound system so you can roar around the place blasting inspirational anthems. Or Disco. Whatever you want. You earned this. Choose amazingly.

Whenever we’re making a move of this ilk, really crusty old demons seem to emerge. Their chorus is along the lines of “who do you think you are?” Or “you can’t do something vulgar and show off.” “If you’re going to be successful and independent, at least feel bad about yourself.

Fuq all that. You don’t even need analysis. Tune out those crappy and outmoded inner voices by blasting your new car stereo super loud.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Auto Evolution

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elfMM Member

Go for it. Don’t live with the regret of not giving youself what you have chosen as most desirable, and affordable for you. Nothing else will satisfy … and that is costly emotionally and is accompanied with lowered self esteem. xoxo

bossladyMM Member


babysinclairMM Member

I think there is enormous power in choosing something for yourself. I had a similar epiphany decluttering clothes that my mom bought me when Jupiter entered Scorpio – shedding the skin of other peoples perceptions of me that I literally wore for too long. Go for it! And cheers to your new independence! Btw – I totally screenshotted this letter. I’m inspired to make some affirmations!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

omg yesss dooo ittt

Newly Independent Sea Goat
Newly Independent Sea Goat

Thank you Mystic, and to all of you for your comments. Such affirming advice! I had been thinking about this puchase for a while, and had a car in mind. I did a web search last Fri and a car came up that ticked all boxes and more. I took it for a test drive, saw the impeccable service history, fair price, got a good trade in offer for my old wheels, signed on the dotted line… the ensuing panic came because i only looked at one car before deciding. One car. This is when the reckless/impulsive thoughts arose. But… Read more »


Yes! Congratulations! As a fellow Cap (and with many Cap family and friends) I always feel so happy to see someone doing something for themselves. Far too often Caps deprive themselves (a habit I have been happy to shed). Don’t forget to name your new car. Names have power.

GeminianMM Member

I say do it. I think there’s something in the waters. I just bought a new flute the other day. It seemed like an impulse buy but even before I’d been to the music shop, I’d done some checking out on-line and I kept coming back to the same instrument. When I got to the place I could even see it waiting for me in the display room. (There is something very Pan going on here––better check that asteroid in my chart I guess.) When I played it, it just felt so right. I tried a few more flutes, but… Read more »

GeminianMM Member

P.S. Turns out that Pan is conjunct my sun natally. Go figure.


Do it! If the pang of regret is coming from the gut or a place not anchored in egoic-proving something or someone else wrong or inferior, then I would has this pang to be an energetic thing. A car is a mars thing (at least to me). I remember not long after my dad died I realised I really needed to get a new car. My little 2 door lancer that I had for 16 years just wasn’t going to be able to cut it for the next chapter of life. I had a 3 year old child that I… Read more »

Suzy Watusi
Suzy Watusi

Yes Sea Goat, get that car! It sounds like you’ve truly earned it, and will gain so much joy and meaning from it – who gives a stuff what anyone else thinks (because you know that deep down, the knockers are just envious anyway)? Trust your instincts and burn rubber into your beautiful, bright future! You’re an inspiration (as is Mystic’s response to your question)!

PiMM Member

Newly independent sea goat, it sounds like everyone wants you to have new wheels, and as a cap moon I’d add that (despite my comment below) a key motivator here is the potential expense of ongoing upkeep of your current car (my first awesome set of wheels was 14 yrs old when I bought it, but I did a trade off of maintenance vs cost of a new ish car, and I also really liked this one for practical reasons, and I had an awesome mechanic who I liked working with (side q: is Venus in aries lucky for mechanics?)).… Read more »

dizzarinaMM Member

Re: Venus in Aries: I’ve had the same mechanic working on my old Volvos for 17 years… a right wing nut but he saves me a ton of money! But before him I’d been royally screwed by another. My Aries Venus is retrograde though.

Melissa MelitaMM Member
Melissa Melita

Buying a car during Mars retrograde? Is that not exactly what you should avoid?

RubentMM Member

Yaaaaas Sea-Goat, get it!!!! Ride these Plutonian ecliptic waves then screech off on a new set of wheels once you land. There is a marked difference when purchasing something that is not just consuming or a more mundane at need basis. There’s something palpable to it. It sounds like you’ve done all the work behind being in a place to not only choose this new vehicle, but also to afford with no worry of financial hemming and hawing. Treat yourself, indulge yourself, and grin like a goofy kid as you drive for the first time, letting those memories of when… Read more »

AquaAurusOrpioMM Member

Mid-life crisis???
Go for it – you deserve good things.

MoonstoneMagnoliaMM Member

Yes to eclipse purchase! “Get your motor running” (Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf). You’ve earned it. Every time you crank up the stereo and plant your foot on the accelerator, you’ll remember and be proud of your journey. As a former leadfoot, I’ve chosen my own motorbikes, then cars (no regrets) after falling in love with “Easy Rider” Peter Fonda, Denis Hopper and THAT music! (preferably not British Racing Green, even with Uranus in Taurus, could be a Thelma & Louise). Look forward to hearing your decision.

dark starMM Member
dark star

This is fire <3


What an amazing question. Go for it, Sea Goat! Get the most amazing car you can get. Get something that makes you oh so happy, (but is also reliable), get it in your favorite color and give her a fitting name. (My favoritest car was named Hilda and she was a bottle green, big bum Mercedes station wagon) And drive it with joy!


Agree!!!!!! Do it. Enjoy it!

ChrysalisMM Member

Dear NISG, congratulations! Your new-found self-confidence leaps off the page. If you’ve just had a Pluto transit that included a divorce, then you will most definitely have done the numbers and the research. So I reckon you should go for it! It’s so interesting as I am sort of in the same place. I’ve had my beloved little car for 18 years and am thinking of upgrading to a flash SUV. I will need to replace the car soon, good quality second hand cars are now very cheap where I live, and it will set the tone for the next… Read more »

ChrysalisMM Member

On a side note, the cube farm is completely imploding in what appears to be a textbook pre-eclipse dark moon clusterfuq/ego driven war. I am cool as a cucumber and people are starting to comment on how calm and measured I am compared to everyone else.

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

I thought it was just me… seriously today I was wondering if everyone’s water was spiked

LiberatingVenusMM Member

Do ***NOT*** do this with Mercury about to go retrograde in 2 weeks!!! Mercury has dominion over cars, and we’re in the shadow period now even though the Rx doesn’t officially kick off until the 26th. You may wind up with buyer’s remorse and what could possibly be a worse feeling than taking your first crack at automotive autonomy only to have it blow up in your face? There’s a higher degree of likelihood that a vehicle purchased during the energetic influence of Mercury Rx might have mechanical issues/weird “quirks”, that you’ll think you’ll love it only to turn around… Read more »

PlutoMoonMM Member

I agree, get the car. It’s your old inner doubts, and possibly fears of biting off more than you can chew, that are getting to you. Perfect time to let go of all that tomorrow night so, yeah, I think you should get the car tomorrow on the eclipse. You should even plan a road trip over the weekend. 🙂

AlouettaMM Member

Get the car. Life is short. Get it! Get license plates that speak to you. I’ve been seeing some great ones lately: MASTER, 666NAG, OKBYE (my personal fave). ECLIP5?

syrynxMM Member

OKBye!! Love it.

virgosunMM Member

I always bought my own cars, trucks, houses anything. Never thought it was anything ususal.

PiMM Member

I think if you want a new car, get a new car, even if it is second hand, and don’t overthink it. Cap knows at heart when an upgrade is needed. It sounds like it as simple as you not being used to making these decisions. A new car is like a new haircut, but better. You’ve driven that car all through your marriage ending and driving it after fights in a shitty mood, whatever. Upgrade your Chariot. Love pi xx

PiMM Member

And I bet as soon as you make the decision, someone will come along to buy the old car from you! X

redondo.bleachMM Member

I think you should go for it. Most people argue that cars lose their value as soon as they leave the lot but, for that exact reason, I think you should go for it. You’re going to spend a fortune repairing that guy when a new car — an exciting symbol of independence and a visible, tangible object that will make you feel new and fancy (cars are an accessory! I got a new car and I feel so much more put together now compared to before in my used junker) — will come with a warranty and no existing… Read more »


The car in picture has a Porsche badge on it but it is not a real Porsche. A real Porsche has 6 bangers horizontally-opposed in the rear. And buying a Harley means you are not really into bike riding; just posing. Real bikes have names like BMW, Ducati, Yamaha, so on..

But go buy the car you want…..and not what others think.

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

My friend bought a car yesterday. Me in typical Debbie downer mode texting her what she needed to check, how much she should get off the price etc as she sat like a small woodland animal in front of the car sales wolf. Then she declared she’d signed. Too late to get any more sage (haha my ego) advice and you know what, I was proud of her. She works hard. She’s had her car for 20 years and I have no idea how it’s still capable of starting, let alone getting anywhere. She deserves a new car. She always… Read more »

emgMM Member

Oh for heavens sake, go get the car. You are obviously really feeling it and wanting it and by all accounts it is perfect timing. Sounds like there are a few demons still lurking in there that question you and your validity about taking something for yourself but you are now at the point when you can hear that, take it for what it is and move on past it. This is your life to do with what you wish.

emgMM Member

And and what is a mid life crisis but a turning point in which we inject the new. It is about taking all we have learned and mixing it all up for the next section of our life. Does a toddler have an early life crisis because he or she learns to talk or wants to climb the railings or opens the door to outside? No. they are simply increasing their understanding of themselves and the world. It doesn’t change. When we hit 40 or 50 we are still doing just that. We still have a long way to travel… Read more »

JacquiMM Member

The only choice is which colour. Back in the day it was reasonable for men to “mid-life crisis” with a new toy (Harley, Porsche, Mistress, Scuba diving excursions with mandatory equipment) and others (men) thought it was a sweet move. Now we all know better. I am not man bashing but I guess I am talking about my Dad and his submissive wife (my Mother). Not mid life…I say Fuq it! Well deserved reward! bells and whistles, why not? mmm my car is 18 yrs old? Food for thought 🙂

emgMM Member

Ha I’m about to get my scuba qualifications ! Prompted by loving a fire fighting course I did in March and it proved I can handle breathing apparatus in the most dire of situations! Mid life crisis ??? Nah just new found freedom from old life and stepping into the new !!!!

LibraLilithMM Member

Hey N.I.S.G
I’m 46 and just past a Pluto square transit myself (Libra Stellium) – I finally learned to drive during that transit. I’ve had 3-4 years of questioning whether its a mid-life crisis and decided if it is I’m going to enjoy it.
I agree wholeheartedly with Mystic – rock that ‘new’ car and appreciate yourself – don’t let all that stuff Mystic mentioned that ‘society’ says put you off. xx

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