Retrograde Mars In Aquarius Is Provocative

A Retrograde Mars in Aquarius with Mercury in loud Leo is provocative. Despite warning everyone else about it, I got sucked into its vortex!

This batty atmosphere is not just Mercury in Leo & Mars Retrograde going down. We are in the lead-up to an Eclipse involving Mars and Uranus. A Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius no less. So every ‘drink’ is spiked with a hyper-weird shot of pure Uranus Vibe. The connections and pattern recognition alone is crazy. But the main cautionary prompts in the Horoscopes of late have been about Mercury in Leo & Mars Retrograde. Even so, I nearly got sucked in.

Resist Statement-Gestures and Lecture Rants

How so? To condense recent warnings: This is not the time to be tempted into assertive action by ego or the desire to make a statement-gesture. That’s the Retrograde Mars in Aquarius energy, amped by Mercury in Leo.  So I’ve been in this ridiculously stupid to and fro with Facebook/Instagram for weeks now. Basically, as many of you would know, to reach your full fan base/page likes on there, you have to pay them. So you boost a post and they show your post to more of the people who have liked your page. I have 150,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook so would need to pay about $90,000 for Facebook to let me reach them. Obviously, that’s not going to happen.

The latest spat with them is actually that they won’t let me boost any posts on Instagram/Facebook because they say this site has “adult content”. They won’t say which image or what words constitute such. I just get robotic emails back about how Facebook has high community standards. There was one email that said an image of Marilyn Monroe in a bikini on Instagram featured “excessive skin show.”  And another saying the planet Saturn was likewise “nude.”

So, of course, I have been going nuts with this. I’ve sent emails saying I did not realize that the Taliban had taken over Facebook. And that they need to stop the constant pushes for me to promote posts when they won’t let me. Also that I am sick of seeing Facebook’s virtue signaling bus stop ads all over my city when they’re obstructing my business flow without explanation. But I’m email ranting at an algorithm.

Mars In Aquarius Wants All Available Resources Allocated To Reinventing One’s Own System

And of course, if you dig deeper, the reason this stings is that it feels like judgment and unfair judgment at that.  During the Eclipse Zone, everyday frustrations (and more pleasant occurrences) are hot-wired straight into our psyche. So all of my advice and thoughts in the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic have been about not letting even a righteous sticking up for yourself lead you into inappropriate for the time action. Or mis-channeling of the Mars Vibe.

But yesterday I was once again my latest robot/Facebook person cutting and pasting me Vatican/Taliban style pronouncements. And I found myself asking for the name of their legal representative in my city (Lol) and also thinking about which small business media connections I could talk to about this. As it seems SO unfair to run a business like this. But then I thought NO WAIT – this is actually legit doing the opposite of what I am telling everyone else to do.

Mercury In Leo Is Like “We Should Shawshank Redemption This”

I pulled out, got some perspective and realized that it IS irritating and unfair. but that I can better deploy my Mars Vibe. Like working on my super-genius new project X.  But it illustrates how intense this current dynamic is.

If you visualize the planets as characters, Mercury in Leo stalks around theatrically with a cape and full make-up, saying ‘they’re laughing at you” and “this is a fuqing insult to all your hard work, my god, to your genre.” “We should Shawshank Redemption this.” Meanwhile Mars – thankfully Retrograde and in Aquarius – is admiring the jewelry on the hilt of his sword and watching the show with wry amusement.

This astro doesn’t really want to go all in on fighting a system. Retrograde Mars in Aquarius wants all available resources allocated to reinventing one’s own system. Not railing against that of another. But it’s so hard. Please don’t think that when I make certain suggestions, they’re coming from some sort of sanctimonious position. They’re so not. This IS challenging turf and we are all having to get our Mars on wisely.

How are you going with it?


Image: Gilbert Han

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Sally Wilde

Must. Restrain. Finger. Of death. On keyboard. Yes! So I used to write for this middling-well-known astrologer. I had to quit because of his creepy, victim-blaming views—I couldn’t have my writing associated with that. But I didn’t speak out much because I was afraid he’d attack me and out me online. I still am, a little bit. He’s got some cultishness in his following. Now he’s in the middle of a metoo, getting worse every day, every day I feel sicker and want to say something. But I’m not goin there. I’m working on a way to support the women… Read more »


This Mars retro is super tough, at least on me anyway. I have flashes where something or someone will piss me off or all of a certain I just all of a sudden feel like I am in a bad mood. I am trying to step back, take a deep breath and just let it pass without doing or saying anything even though everything in me wants me to blow my top and go apeshit lol


I am pretty over social media. Actually deleted the Instagram app from my phone after 2nd example of them “listening” to me while phone was asleep in my bag. Which is too bad, I was enjoying sharing my photography work with the world. But fuq them.


Hahaha. Oh so right about being pulled into unfair system ‘failures’ My gross professionals misconduct trial goes on a pace but I’m doing exactly what you suggest and what feels perfect. I’m sending a very brief I don’t give a fuq letter back to them and forging ahead with my new business sans “title” where I can literally be finally true to myself and therefore true to my clients. It feels like the biggest relief of my life to date.


Love this post, and yes via the astro . I massively admire the site for being an ad-free, non-page-viewing counting refuge of idiosyncratic posts and independent thinking on the web, and am grateful to be a part of it. Given all this, it could be worth thinking about cutting ties with fb which I think is a pretty evil and definitely scuzzy company. Here’s a really intelligent and pithy John Lancaster essay on the subject: This excellent Zadie Smith essay about facebook from some time back also holds up brilliantly — Jaron Lanier’s book which she reviews here is… Read more »


Love that Zadie Smith piece— it’s in her collection of essays “Feel Free”, which is an excellent read.

Sally Wilde

Yes! Bots don’t have ethics and can’t form relationships, and business is a human enterprise that (many appearances to contrary) requires both to thrive. (I’m a marketer irl and the first thing I say is stop trying to game the system. It’s like computer chess. Boring and worse—IT DOESNT GET RESULTS.) anyway Google has indeed invested some thought into real business and people and needs. FB is uniquely tone-deaf about relationships. (But another thing I tell clients is that the power of an app or platform is in its roots—see that Smith article and lots more for insight on FB… Read more »


Thanks for these great links embarkons7.
(You always post interesting links)


Hi Mystic, so understand were you are coming from. I’m getting slowly closer to that retiring day and of late have had enough off work!!!!! for so many reasons. To long a list to go into detail. Anyway, being one of the statistical older females with not enough super to live on when i retire, even if i work till i’m 70 ( large sigh), no assets, ect ect, i have been trying to use my super asset to buy a place that can bee my home in the near future. So lets talk to the current financial system to… Read more »


Bank lenders all seem to be stuck in the 1950s where the ‘little women’ staying home and looked after the house and children for their breadwinner husbands. I’ve tried to refinance my mortgage (which is a third of my apartment’s value) and they keep refusing to give me the amount I ALREADY BORROWED and am paying off each month on the income THEY SAY ISN’T ENOUGH to service the loan!! Catch 22.


I have faced the same issues. Incomprehensible!


AND look at what is now happening to the financial advisers who helped us all to make decisions for the past 20 years. It is criminal and obscene.
A 70yo friend of mine who has her own home has just met the Love of her Life after two marriages (long story which I hope she writes about one day) yet they won’t live together because it will affect her pension. Can you believe it? Driving back and forth at 70 because of the ATO. Yet monolithic corporations pay zero tax.


Cant wait for project X! Also mystic- you reach peoples hearts and minds all the time, like mine!! I believe those that are meant to find you will actively find you and look for you which i know doesnt make it any less frustrating but just wanted to add in some positive energy- facebook isnt as powerful as it thinks it is!


Ooh, your super genius new Project X … if it’s exactly what I think it is, I literally cannot wait. I am going to create an art journal devoted to everything about my chart – great, inspiring writeups that not only lift me up, but make me want to journal through the issues the aspects bring up, and of course, art all around this. But! I am not even starting, despite the fact that I’ve got pages and pages ready to deploy, until you get Project X off the ground. Because if it’s everything I think it is, YOUR words… Read more »


Ye gods i so relate to your frustration & the indignation of it all, Mystic. I’ve been heeding your advice re the retro Mars protocol since it started & believe me, this last week has not been easy. 3 incidences occurred. The first two involved bureaucratic fuq-ups by post office & Gas company. Yes, I refrained from loosing it to their faces (though i’ve lost a couple of hundred Euros) but it ended up damaging me as the cocktail of toxic chemistry produced by rage, frustration and the helplessness one feels against a system that no longer cares for individuals… Read more »




Aww, I just love a Leo stellium! “Broken glass, everywhere…”.
Glad the inflammation has gone chica 😉 and happy solar return for the birthday this month? Xx


Gracias, guapa!
And it must be for you too v soon Leo laydeh? 🙂 xox




twas a mars attack


i’m in awe!! love having a really good rant at a deserving arsehole! well done

Juse Grech

Good on you!

Siofra Lamb

That SUCKSSSSS!!!! It’s weird you write about Facebook like this, I have a small business, handmade goddess named natural skin care. I shared your blog post about Venus in Virgo, highlighting relevant parts and saying how your advice is in alignment with my products etc…. not one like!! This is unusual, I don’t post much but I always get at least a few likes (family & friends AT LEAST) but I am noticing more and more pushing from FB to pay for boosts – £15 to boost ONE post – seriously!!!!! And less and less likes on posts. I know… Read more »


I still haven’t pick up on this martial “i want to fight” vibe. Like at all. It’s obvious that is more strong to Aqua Sun/Moon/rising peeps: at least the ones I know personally. Some are currently planning an awesome strategy for the fall (and I am talking legal battle strategies so true stuff) and they are postponing any direct confrontation. But I have no idea what to do with it. I don’t want to pick up fight, I don’t have any long term enemy or angst. I am frustrated about my life and I am experiencing the lowest energy levels… Read more »


The bigger the Organization, the less likely they are to respond. A small company is keen. A large companies/organizations don’t care. The mouth business platitudes based on bullshit like algorithms. But to actually do the right thing; no way.


I have a couple of muggles trying to mess with my QI and power trip me. One thought he would do it through faceook messenger and add a couple of others into the conversation “block – fuq off from my social media without any reply to his shite and the other who i thought was a really close friend but it seems only when you’re taking her advice and living the life she thinks you should “nope not getting sucked into that this time around or ever again”. I’m no longer that Libra doormat muggle pleaser!!! Thank you Mystic for… Read more »


ugh this time sucks. I’m trying to secure employment that doesn’t make me want to cry or have a panic attack and time is ticking down before I must return and I have been applying applying applying and there’s just nothing out there calling me back


Good luck ariespilibra.


thank you for the good vibes! I’m feeling less maudlin today but the message is clear: I need to get out, asap. I have to trust I will


Thank you for this timely reminder Mystic –

Power plays left and right + I’m trying my best to stay steady. Yesterday was rough, found myself reacting all over the place after receiving several verbal jabs from coworkers/boss figures.

Love the imagery of Mars in Aquarius polishing the sword and smirking at the dramatics – this is going to be my go to vibe for surviving this week.

Lady Jane

I needed this. refreshing to hear I’m not the only – been feeling the sting of this transit – muggles and power plays. Has been great to channel energy back into projects – perfect timing and great ideas if you tune


Basically doing exactly what Mystic was doing…have been battling a client who dumped me without ceremony in June, after I helped him launch his new business. Eason being he ran out of money, which was legit, but I hated how he handled it. That’s just the background tho, not the actual dispute…he owes me money for work performed months back and which he wa pressuring me to not charge him for “as a favor to the company,” but when I added it up it was $900 worth. Too big an amount to just shrug off. Also, he had told me… Read more »


Mystic, I work in digital. You dont NEED social media, yes its nice, but YOU dont NEED it. So chill lovely. The quickest way to get the organic reach up? Get people commenting on posts on FB/Insta – not just liking. FB will naturally boost post if ppl comment on it, because FB wants ppl to be highly engaged in its platform, so it you’re doing that for them – taadaa natural reach goes up. Ask people literally to comment in the post on FB (‘keen to hear your experiences – comment below’, ‘Tag a friend who need to read… Read more »


And yes, consider making the newsletter free to act as a funnel to the other projects. Or create a second email list just for posts or something. Worth the effort.


In my own little world, I have been ignoring your advice Mystic! The organization I work for is in the dark ages as far as admin goes. Paper everything-ugh! That’s just in the most basic level. I’ve been trying to infuse some modernity to the operation to no avail. Nobody wants to stand up to the old guard and it is infuriating! Buuuut after this post I can see my timing is all wrong and I should get my own game tight. Maybe tackle the organization with my jeweled sword when the energy is a little less four of swords… Read more »


I work for a super system and I am done. Finished with it. Not the right time to hand in notice but time to be clear, to hand over truth and simply bat away the ‘systemic responses’ that come back. My truth is a creative one, so any energy (gasp wheeze splutter) is spent encouraging that love to bloom. Also insites a plenty, even past life ones. Jeesus it’s tiring. As they say on the roller coaster of life: Scream if you want to go faster….. *self care self care


I work for another type of supersystem and I’m done too. Beating my head against a wall trying to rally for change.


Wasn’t there one LAST YEAR? Like, near the same degrees too?


Which, btw, I had to go against the Mars /retro advice Thurs. I met a friend at a pub in a small town to discuss schoolwork becase, fun! never in that town before, and when he left had time for a couple beers and some writing before the train. Of course, some old bar reg came to chat…kept hitting me in the face when he thought something I said was stupid…it was kind of joking, but getting on my nerves. Sorry, but when he went in for the third time, I told him “Do NOT touch my face again.” He… Read more »


The old lady warning you at the bus stop you were in a dangerous place is more sinister than a grabby douche


Thank you, APL. That is precisely what *I* thought–the offending gentleman had been kicked out for HOURS by that point and I had played a couple games of pool with other, more friendly locals to calm down (I do not mind admitting I was crying both at PTSD triggers AND at how nice and absolutely on my side the bar staff were being–the dude absolutely walked around admitting he’d hit me in the face “just as a joke, like!” so he dug his own grave, really. It–and as usual–was the WOMAN who was more troublessome to me; her subtext wasn’t… Read more »


I hacked off my hair last summer for many of the reasons you just described. It was freeing at the time, and so needed.


What gives him da right to do that? Ya shoulda splashed ya drink in his face. You know, a refresher course in manners.


Juts between us non-muggles, I was half-tempted to reach down into my jeans and smear his face with my menstrual blood. But I resisted. 😉 So that was my Mars Retro Compliance–I told the dude to stop, and let the bar staff take care of the rest.

dark star

So annoying! But lest we forget Facebook was born as a way to rank eligible women no matter how it was branded after

dark star

“Eligible” in ironic quotes obviously


Zuckerberg: that where only 9% of the corruption is visible.

dark star

i thought Saturn was indecent too during my Saturn squared transit life 🙂

But seriously, if you posted a picture of like Daniel Craig in his swimsuit would it have been flagged as a non swimsuit NSFW? JW zuckerberg


Jeeez my Mars in Virgo is losing it at the missing definite articles in that response

dark star

I prefer to write colloquially as it is more aligned with my authentic voice 😉


facebook is bad, it’s so totally opaque. their algorithms mess with people’s lives. I think this is going to be the next defining moment for tech – there are platforms that people get famous on, they change it slightly and it can make or break you. Yes the tech is more democratic and accessible than ever but it’s also more opaque and centrally controlled than ever, weird times. But facebook seems the worst to me – definitely in bed with the worst powers that be and treating the whole population like lab rats, doing god knows what with psychological profiling,… Read more »


natal mars in aqua lol


“Mars Retro in Aquarius wants all available resources allocated to reinventing one’s own system.” This is my new favorite motto for life after “never explain, never complain.” Thank you for the reminder. :). Can’t wait for the super-genius new project X!!!!!!!!!!


I tend to forget that I have natal mercury in Leo, it’s close-ish to my Saturn so I guess that’s the adulting influence. Current energy is super whacked but I like high energy times in general.


I reminded all the time of my Leo in Mecury (cj Uran and that sq Jup). I can be such an embarrassment.


Perhaps your Mercury in Aries is getting stung by the Leo vibe (with Sun in Leo incoming)? You need some water. Get thee to the beach, woman, stat! 🙂


Same. Redefining what a divorce looks like. And how to coparent. Tomorrow I turn my attention onto my biz processes


This is so exactly the kind of thing that I do normally that I’m amazed I’m not doing it now. Tomorrow is another day though. Love that you compared FB to the Taliban 🙂 Stupid censors.


Hi Mystic, I have natal Mars in Aquarius so I feel like I am experiencing the Mars retro vibe by being even more ponderous of how to transform/reinvent myself. I am literally consumed by it. I am also having some intense insight flashes about life, the world, the universe, and how things work. And where I fit in to all of that. Its quite a cool moment. Regarding Mercury in Leo, I am definitely amping up and enjoying the more theatrical side of communication. And as a former drama teacher, I appreciate an audience more than usual 🙂


Yes, thank you for providing clarity! I have had an insight into some corporate/political behaviour last week that really turned my (somewhat delicate) stomach. After days processing it, I realised that I’m not here to play their game, I’m here to play my own game. I don’t have to participate or even care two hoots about it. Freedom!


To yield is to be preserved whole.


In Mexican Badlands voice, “what can we do for you..stranger?”


Forgive – the strength to bend so that you don’t break


Hey! Glad you’re still around. <3


Yay! Glad you’re still around!


Form a Mystic FB Group. Invite your 150k likes to join via messenger?


Pretty sure we’d all pass the word around, faster than FB can blink.


This would definitely be one of those if-you-build-it-they-will-come situations


I have a business with a FB page and fledgling Group. I’m using the Facebook Page App to manage the page. Our 1030 likes are visible and contactable via messenger from this App. Obviously reaching your 150k fan base is a Herculean task but for now Facecrack seems to favor Groups. You could leave the page for random videos? Which also seems to be rewarded atm. Anyway a Mustic Facebook Group would be fabulous ❤️


For a triple V, I am just going with it and laughing on the ride. FB is somewhat of a net nanny, but I see nudity on Instagram all the time.


I know, right? And so much hate on FB. They really need to get their priorities straight.


Yeah, I am Aqua…. withdrew a complaint from Human Right Commission, have also decided to take leave to get away from a dipshit at work, more time to do my own thing though…


Being able to next-level my grievances to (a) get what I (think I) want and (b) not have a massive ranty tanty about it, feels right.
mars in aqua is kind of good at gaming the system from outside it. It’s kind of bloodless. Tbh, glad Leo is still bringing the heat though. It’s a compass direction.


Gahhh why no edits any more


Yes it’s disappeared! Is it just me? Lol x


Me too. My typos have no repose.


Really. Me n Pi have soething in common. YippeeYiAy


If I could see the edit button I could fix that something


Well, we’re white (presumably) Australians native language English, born in the latter half of 20th century, tertiary educated, can drive, interest in cars and astrology, water signs, visit the same blog. We have more in common than you think, you just need to take a couple of steps back ha ha


You know l love ya, just me ratbaggery looking for bite.


I can’t see it anymore either.


I logged out and logged back in. Still nothing.


No, still can’t see it after logging off & on again – which is weird because it used to be on a few days ago.


Same. Well, I don’t feel so alone now anyway hahaha





Original Scorpsta

Guilty as charged. Lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Tax Office after 18 months of being right royally effed around. Realised immediately that I’d effed up Aqua Mars Retro Protocol. It’s true what they say that nothing brings out the rage in a middle-class white woman quite like being mildly inconvenienced. And yet the time is clearly also not right to channel my sense of injustice into something more noble. Excuse me while I get back to decluttering and plotting my revenge – seems to be the only safe zone right now.


Mystic, you really know Aquas…i absolutely love this: “Aquarius – is admiring the jewellery on the hilt of his sword and watching the show with wry amusement.” I could laugh over Aquarians i know. Mind you, Piscean prismatics demand i carefully examine own Venus in Aqua with its Uranus natal trine and square to transiting Uranus in Taurus (natal Saturn). I really am this energy, in lieu of lz-ing over a lover…i will never find out the birth time. Ye g9ddesses it m8ght be Kataka Rising. Along with what i know: Mars Saturn Scorpio, Taurus Venus Merc Sun. But whatevs,… Read more »


Definitely a time to choose your battles. If you’re not angry, you’re not listening… but beating your head against a brick wall is not effective. I went to a protest yesterday about refugees in prison camps, donated to the refugee help organisation and had a march shouting some highly satisfying slogans (‘lock up Dutton/Turnbull/Shorten, throw away the key, we wont stop until we free the refugees’) but have found myself just blocking idiots and trolls on twitter, because it’s not worth arguing with them… I will fight wisely, never give up, but not get drawn into stupid arguments. I was… Read more »


2 things – bleeding Girly Lego. Is this 1950 with a “you need social media to have “friends”” stereotypical marketing sh!t?. What the fuq? I was ropable and I was buying the boy a gift and pointed out to the poor 9yo what crap this is. No go gettem adventurous strong powerful girls provided for, Cinderella syndrome alert. Grumble grumble.
And on a brighter note I am reading Dr J Dispenza and did two awesome self guided meditation sessions with lovely results. I “accidentally” bought 3 of his meditation mp3s too. Bliss out peeps ♡


Turned news off to listen to footy. And I don’t like thugby!


I see your Facebook posts MM. I AM however a heavy user.


And PS– actual LOL on calling Facebook the Taliban! Your site is where I come when I am trying to avoid FB.


I accidentally paid full price for wine during a happy hour, when I thought I was ordering the wine that was on discount. I was SO. MAD. It wasn’t that much in the scheme of things, but it was unnecessary waste. I was wondering which planets have been working on me. I thought it was Uranus in my NN, which could definitely be part of it. But sh*t has been weird lately. My regular mojo seems to be working, but also possibly updating.


Shit i paid extra money for deli items and was ROPABLE! Only stayed home with the purchases bc really it would have cost abput the same fuel money to go back. Hope you got your Happy Hour 🙂 (rather than grimacing hour)


My gorgeous friend said to me this morning “is there something going on with the planets, or what?!” LOL. Uh…yes.

Love your personal anecdotes, Mystic. Thank you. I feel like I am restructuring my everything at the moment. The feelings of dissatisfaction, restriction and frustration are intense.


Wow. Once again, so relevant. I read the post and I stumble onto this: I don’t go on FB anymore but that’s just fucking vile. I’m glad the images thing is resolved, at least it won’t pester you mentally anymore 🙂 Mercury’s conjuct my Venus and Mars’s not far from my Uranus and on my Neptune rn. I literally am the vision you described. I cannot stop myself from going on rants about how culture has just evolved on a superficial level. Like, I see my Pluto in Sag bros and sis just taking stuff from past decades and… Read more »


Bait them with that $90k ad spend, that you won’t go through with of course.


Next level as in slash a path without having a meltdown, not “take this to management” because there are no hierarchies in Aquarius lol


Oh shit this was meant to be an add on to my own comment up there


Would love to see the meltdown if you sent them each image on this site individually with ‘is it this one?’ attached. You might break the internet.


In a similar but not quite the same issue… the missing daily Mystic email blip of May is not resolved either but it is with the ombudsman and I am getting at least some sort acknowledgment of the glitch in process that leaves a consumer in a perpetual loop, if not actual investigation (let’s not hold our breath shall we). I have set my compass to, well, success naturally…..hehe but basically steady waters that guide me toward my designated port. Calm? Absolutely. Resolution? If I have my way, yes. Adjusted strategy to manage Mars? You betcha and my Mars Cap… Read more »


Wondering if anything astro, tarot, New Age is considered “occult” hence “adult”? Anything 8th H related, by Puritanical middle American filterers at FB….


So basically I feel really wonderful 90% of the time and then absolutely mad the other 10%. And it’s during these periods of madness that I really need to chill out and space out or exercise or something. Today I took a nap which I think was by far the most productive use of my time: I dreamt two seals came into my house and they needed something, I was trying to figure out what it was. And when I woke up I didn’t feel crazy anymore. But if not channeled correctly this 10% of madness can erupt into all… Read more »


You’re my heroine Mystic


If its so adult content perhaps you should be using LinkedIN – then again, maybe not….

Feathered Fish

Hey Mystic, my first intro to you was from a tweet by Danni Minogue, I tend to take the suggested posts by FB with a grain of salt. I agree that you don’t start a fight now just because something is unfair, we all need to look at how to get what we want without aggro and confrontation just to prove a point. We can do this!


This is so relevant.


OH MY GOD! And yes, I need all the shorty capitals. This perfectly explains everything lately, I’ve been running around in a tizz grumbling because there aren’t enough protests and campaigns for me to join on the myriad social issues I’m angry about. And I feel hopelessly inadequate when seeing what other people are doing that is slightly aligned to my work. So then I start running around wondering again whether I should invest mucho dineros to get that high flying boring AF MBA preaching shit Imdont believe so I can have the same level of authority as people sitting… Read more »


“They sentenced me to 20 years of boredom for trying to change the system from within.” Leonard Cohen

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